tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 01

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 01


Declan Macey looked out of his bedroom window. As far as the eye could see, the land was his.

He had come a long way from the small village in Ireland, making his fortune in Singapore, before buying Home Farm in Emmerdale as his corporate hub.

Looking over to his king sized bed, where his girl friend Katie Sugden was asleep, her blonde hair spread like a halo on the black pillowslip, he had a thing about black bed clothes. Her small but perfect breasts, tipped with adorable pink nipples, rose and fell as she slumbered, a smile on her face. Perhaps, he thought, she was dreaming of the lovemaking they had shared last night.

Yes Declan Macey, had it all. Beautiful house and estate, equally beautiful girlfriend, millions in the bank, successful business, but still he wanted more. He always wanted more, and what he wanted now was Nicola King, his PA.

As he perused the sunrise his mind wandered back to his first PA, Kim. "Ah Kim, you were a very special lady." he whispered to himself.

Kim, a petite but striking Malay girl, had started working for him straight from secretarial school when she was sixteen. She soon fell in love with the young Irishman, struggling to make his mark in the financial jungle of Singapore. But her love and any other desires she felt remained hidden, Declan was married and therefore off limits.

She hid her feelings for two years until the day Declan made his first million. The 25 year old had gambled on the price of a commodity going up on a given day, risky but with a potential to make a lot of money.

Declan remembered pacing his office floor, waiting for the prices to be set. Kim making endless cups of coffee and trying to calm him down.

Then the news came through, he had got it right, his bank balance had just increased by £1.2 million.

Kim rushed over to him and through her arms around his neck. He had never even contemplated anything intimate with the girl, but when her mouth came close to his, the kiss was inevitable.

Their mouths came together, lips parted and Declan felt the soft tongue of his young PA against his.

They kissed for a while, his hands under her blouse caressing the soft skin of her back. He then unbuttoned the blouse and kissed the valley between her breasts. Kim reached back and undid her bra, exposing the small firm breasts to Declan. He took one of the dark nipples between his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

After two years of dreaming of this scenario, Kim was anxious not to waste the opportunity. Her hand reached down and felt Declan's penis was already stiff and ready. She pushed him back onto the sofa and undid his belt and pulled down the zipper. Her small hand dipped inside his shorts and withdrew the throbbing cock. Although she had not sucked a cock before she instinctively moved her mouth over the bulbous end and slowly sucked on the hard male flesh.

Declan's head was spinning. He had just made a million pounds, plus. His PA was giving him a blow job and then to compound matters, his wife Ella walked into the room.

"Well, what do we have here?" said the tall willowy blonde. "Little Kim, shy little Kim, sucking cock like a pro."

Declan was speechless. Kim released his cock from her mouth, waiting for the full force of Ella's wrath, but no.

Ella calmly slipped out of the summer dress she was wearing. She was naked, apart from a tiny pair of white panties, which she removed as she walked over the sofa, where her husband and the Malay girl were still laying . "Mind if I join in?" she asked calmly and bent to take Kim's breast into her mouth.

They made love in a threesome until Declan could hold back no longer and ejaculated over Kim's face. Ella licked off the white sticky fluid and then shared it with the other girl.

Declan crawled into a chair. Ella and Kim carried on, treating him to a sensual display of lesbian love.

Katie stirred in the bed breaking his recollections of that sensational night in Singapore, so many years ago.

"Time is it?" Katie asked sleepily.

"It's early, go back to sleep." replied Declan

"Come back to bed and make love to me again," implored Katie, throwing back to duvet to reveal her naked body.

"I have to shower, I have got early morning calls to the Far East to take," said Declan. Mention of the Far East brought an image of Kim and Ella eating each others pussies in a classic 69.

Katie watched him walk across their bedroom towards the en-suite bathroom. She opened her legs and placed her hand over her pussy and slowly inserted a finger, using the other hand to pull at a nipple.

"Declan, look what you're missing." she said in a very sexy voice.

Declan stopped, turned around, smiled and made love to her.

Later, he was again at the window. This time watching Katie ride past on her superb bay stallion. She handled the horse so well, it appeared as if they were one, "that girl was born to ride," he said to himself. An image of Katie riding him to orgasm a couple of hours ago, brought a cheeky smile to his face.

So why he asked himself, "if I have got all this, why the hell should I want Nicola?" It was a question that tormented him, but one he could not answer.

Nicola arrived about 10 o'clock, an hour late. "Sorry Declan, but I had to take Angelica to nursery, Jimmy was late back from an overnight delivery." Jimmy was Nicola's husband, he and his brother Carl ran the local haulage firm. Angelica was their daughter.

"Well there is a pile of messages to deal with, just get on with them," snarled Declan, annoyed that she was late, but at the same time he wanted to rip off her panties and fuck her on her desk.

Just as that thought entered his head, the phone rang. Nicola answered and said "Joe Chung from Singapore." just the mention of that city brought images back into his mind. He was being sucked by Ella while his tongue lapped on Kim's pussy.

"Ok I will take it in the office." he said as he left her, looking very annoyed . "I need to get in his good books" said Nicola, to no-one in particular, " especially if I need to take next week off."

As Declan slammed his office door, Nicola's mobile rang, it was Laurel Thomas, wife of the vicar of Emmerdale and Nicola's best friend.

"Have you asked him yet?" asked Laurel.

"No chance , he's in a foul mood and it didn't help that I was an hour late this morning." Nicola replied.

"Well you will have to get an answer today, I have to confirm with the magazine by tomorrow at the latest."

Laurel had won a spa break for two in a magazine and was planning to take Nicola as her guest, provided she could get the time off work.

Nicola replied, "The mood he's in, I have more chance of winning the lottery,"

"He's a man isn't he? Try your womanly charms, and if that doesn't work, try fucking him, that usually doe's the trick."

"Laurel, a vicars wife shouldn't be using language like that, sorry, got to go, here he is."

Nicola switched off the phone and got back to work.

She looked at Declan. He was fit, not bad looking and Jimmy had been very tired recently, she hadn't had a good shag in ages. "Why not," she thought to herself. "I could really do with that spa break."

She had no idea that Declan was looking at her and imagining her naked, spread-eagled over the desk begging him to fuck her.

Later, after lunch and making sure that Katie would not be around, Nicola entered Declan's office.

"Can I have a word?" she asked.

Declan looked at her, lust in his eyes, wanting her so badly. "Well?"

"I would like next week off," she blurted out. "Laurel has won a spa break and wants me to go with her, please let me take the time off." she pleaded.

"Not a chance, far to busy, no, no way." he replied.

Nicola didn't respond, just walked slowly to the door, then swallowed hard and turned to face him.

"If you let me go I will make it worth your while, if you get my drift." she said as sexually as she could.

The next few seconds could get her fired or fucked.

"What?" he responded.

"Let me have next week off and I will have sex with you," Nicola could not believe what she had just said.

Declan could not believe his luck, his dream was about to come true.

"Lock the door then come here to earn your time off," he said with a large smile on his face.

He was still sitting in his large executive chair, when Nicola sat on his knee, wrapped her arms around his neck and her lips on his.

She was supposedly a happily married woman, so how did she explain the pleasure she was feeling from his kisses, when she thought the exercise was supposed to be, just going through the motions.

They kissed for a while, each savouring the new taste and sensations. Tongues were exploring new territory, lips finding the sensitive areas of lips, hands wandering, his finding Nicola's breast and gently massaging it between his fingers. Hers sliding down into his crotch and to her absolute delight, finding him already very hard.

Declan eased her off his knee and said "strip for me, slowly, seductively make me want to beg to make love to you.

Nicola had the reputation of being a bit of an "Ice Maiden" slow seductive strips were not a natural part of her make up, but for time off for the spa, she would try anything.

She stood in the middle of the room and slowly unbuttoned the jacket she was wearing. Underneath was a white blouse, sheer enough to show the lacy white bra that contained her breasts.

Unzipping the trousers, she let them fall to her feet. She was wearing white lacy panties. Stepping out of the trousers, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and her hands clasped her breasts and seductively began to caress them.

"Take it off, show me your breasts," ordered Declan.

Nicola, getting turned on by her striptease was only to happy to oblige. She reached behind her back and unclipped the bra, removing it with a flourish. Then with hands on hips, displayed her naked breasts to his eyes and simply said, "well?"

He was pleasantly surprised. They were not a pert and firm as Katie's, but he could not wait to attach his lips to those hard nipples and he loved the very large aureoles on which they sat.

"Now the pants," he said breathlessly.

Nicola slowly rolled down her panties and stepped from them.

He had a quick intake of breath, she looked sensational. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and he could make out the oh so inviting pussy lips beneath.

"Come here," said Declan

Nicola slowly walked over and sat on his desk.

Declan's gaze was focused on the perfect pussy lips inches from his face. Slightly puckered they gleamed with the first moisture emanating from within.

"Eat me, suck my pussy," ordered Nicola, now eagerly anticipating the sexual delights to come.

Declan moved his head toward her thighs. His lips softly kissed the skin on the inside of those thighs. His nostrils taking in the muskiness of her scent. His head spinning, he slowly moved his mouth towards her most intimate place and finally his tongue found the outer lips. Then the organ slid between those lips, causing Nicola to jump, "Oh yes, O god, yes," she said out loud, as Declan's lips and tongue continued to explore every square centimetre of her now soaking pussy.

Nicola placed her legs around Declan's shoulders, causing his face to come even closer and his tongue even deeper inside her. She was very moist, Declan's lips and mouth were coated in her secretions, it was an incredible taste, one that he had dreamt about for weeks.

As Declan's tongue continued to weave its magic, Nicola began to rub her own clitoris, bringing closer the orgasm that was speeding toward her. When it arrived, Nicola's whole body seemed to shake as she filled Declan's mouth with copious amounts of cum juice.

Declan popped three fingers into her soaking pussy coating them with her juices. He then pulled her back into a sitting position and lifted the cum coated fingers up to her lips. Nicola opened her mouth and took the digits into it, tasting her own nectar, she came again.

Declan stood. Nicola reached for the belt on his trousers and unbuckled it. Her fingers traced down the length of his erection. She unzipped him and reached inside. Within moments his erect penis was in her hand. Her fingers slid smoothly over the hard flesh, savouring the joys this object could bring her.

Declan lowered his pants and boxers and stood in front of his desk. The naked Nicola, slid off the desk and onto her knees.

Instantly she opened her mouth and tasted Declan's cock for the first time. She was not disappointed.
Her hot mouth sucked on the head of Declan's cock, her tongue swirling around the engorged flesh. Opening her mouth wider, she slid the whole length in until the head hi the back of her throat and she gagged.

Then taking him by the tip with her hand, slowly traced down the pronounced veins with the tip of her tongue, before taking each of his balls into her mouth and sucking gently on them.

After retracing her route back to the tip, she again swallowed his full length .

Then standing and kissing him with passion, she lay back on the desk, spread her legs and calmly said, "I think its time you fucked me Mr Macey."

Declan stared down at the wet lips of her pussy. Between them he could see the pink flesh inside, so inviting. He took his penis in his hand and slowly rubbed it against her pussy lips. The feeling was so sensual, so near to entering her most intimate place, yet he continued to resist, teasing her, until she could take no more.

"Fuck me now, ...please." Nicola begged.

He obliged by prodding his cock deep inside her with a single thrust. He was buried as far as he could reach.

She shouted out in pure pleasure as he began to slide his rock hard penis in and out of Nicola's now soaking wet pussy. Nicola wrapped her legs around his back, trying to force every centimetre of him inside her, she had never known such intense sexual pleasure as her boss was dispensing.

Declan continued for a while, sliding effortlessly into her, while she lay across his desk, but wanted more.

He withdrew and pulled her off the desk, then turned her around. With Nicola now bent over the desk, he rubbed his penis around her arse, before pushing it back into her, probing deeply into her very wet and deep pussy.

Holding her hips, Declan increased the intensity of his thrusts, before withdrawing again and shouting out, "turn round , I'm coming," Nicola instantly spun round, dropped to her knees, mouth open to receive his ejaculation.

Declan rubbed his penis hard and within moments the white sticky fluid erupted from the end, splashing over Nicola's face. She took as much as she could into her mouth, then used a finger to scoop up as much from her face and hair, and looking up with her big brown eyes, sucked the sticky goo off her fingers.

Declan fell back into his chair. Nicola climbed onto his knee and wrapping her arms around him, simply said "Thank-you, I haven't come that hard, or that often ever, you were amazing."

Declan smiled, returned the kiss and said "enjoy the spa."

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