tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 02

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 02


Eric Pollard had been on a real downer after his wife Valerie had left him, taking the contents of their joint account with her. He was ignoring his Bed and Breakfast business and drinking far to much scotch.

His eighteen year old foster daughter Amy Wyatt was in despair as to what to do to shake him out of his despondency

She had been fostered to the Pollard's for a couple of years. The relationship had been rocky as Amy was a bit of a rebel, culminating in her having village bad boy, Cain Dingle's baby. The boy, Kyle had been adopted, a decision Amy frequently beat herself up over.

Eric had been very supportive of Amy during those traumatic days and she was very fond of him. That night as she lay in her bed an idea crept into her head. Sex, that was the way to a mans heart, guaranteed to revive his spirits, yes that was it, she would have sex with Eric Pollard.

Thinking about it further, she warmed to the idea. He was a lot older than her of course, what some forty years or so, but to Amy age was just a number. He was not fat or anything, in fact quite attractive in a mature way. Yes, Amy was going for it and sod the consequences.

They lived in a large barn conversion, away from the B&B. Eric had the bedroom that he had shared with Val, which had en-suite, with a very large walk in shower. Eric used the shower every day before going to the B&B, that is where Amy planned to strike.

Amy had gone on the pill, so there was no chance of a pregnancy as a result of her plans. But she wondered how Eric would react. Then re-assuring herself that he was a man, she knew just how he would react.

The day arrived. Amy could hear Eric in the shower. She stripped of her clothes, picked up a container of Eric's favourite shower gel, took a deep breath, opened the shower doors and stepped inside.

Eric, facing the jets of hot water did not hear or sense her enter the shower.

Amy took some of the gel and made a foam in her hands. She took a step over to him and gently began to rub the foam into his shoulders and back.

Startled Eric spun round, before him his foster daughter stood, naked as the day she was born.

"Amy, what the hell are you doing?" cried a very startled Eric.

Amy smiled at him and with her soft Geordie accent said, "I think you need cheering up, this seemed as good a way as any."

With that she moved over to him and placed her arms around his neck and pulled his head to hers. He hesitated slightly before placing his lips on hers, his moustache tickling her as her lips moulded to his. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and was more than grateful when he responded in kind.

They kissed as the hot water cascaded down over their bodies, then Eric pushed her slowly away from him, holding her shoulders at arms length he looked at Amy's naked body.

She was attractive, rather than pretty. Her breasts, enlarged after giving birth, were large and delightfully suckable, was the phrase going round in his mind. Her belly was flat and at the juncture of her thighs a dark triangle of pubic hair.

"Oh Amy," was all Eric said as he pulled her to him, their lips locking once again. As they kissed Amy's hand reached down and was delighted to find him not only erect but quite a size as well. No wonder Val was always smiling, she thought to herself.

Amy trailed her tongue and lips down over Eric's silver hair covered chest, pausing to lick around his nipples. Then dropping to her knees was faced with the erect flesh. She firstly took him I her hand, sliding her fingers over the soapy wet flesh. Eric thought he had died and gone to heaven as his foster daughter stroked his cock with professional expertise.

Eric did not want to spoil the mood by begging Amy to give him oral sex. He needn't have worried as the eighteen year old took the bulbous head between her lips and began to suck. She took him out again and licked around the head before again taking him in her hot mouth.

Amy sucked him like a pro. Alternating between licking and sucking round the head to taking the full length in her mouth until the tip touched the back of her throat, causing her to gag.

She altered her technique, licking down the shaft to take his saggy balls into her mouth and sucking on them, before returning to kissing and sucking his now rock hard cock.

Eric was loving every second of Amy's blow job, but felt himself building to a climax. So he gently lifted Amy to her feet and placed his lips on hers in another very wet and erotic kiss.

His hand found her breast and after teasing the nipple, moved his hand lower. Over the flat belly, through the soaking pubic hair, his fingers finally finding her slit.

"Oh," Amy said as Eric's fingers found her clitoris. "Oh yes, yes, make me come." she screamed.

After the orgasm had subsided, Eric slowed things down by washing her body. With long sweeping movements his hands moved over her body before concentrating on her substantial breasts.

They kissed as they mutually masturbated the other, lost in their own world of lust.

"I want to taste you," said Eric as he eased Amy to face the wall of the shower, her pert backside facing him, to do with as he wished.

He began by kissing the twin orbs of her arse, covering the smooth soapy area with great swirls of his tongue. Then he licked around the lips protruding through her thighs. Amy again yelled out in delight as Eric's tongue, then fingers found the smooth inside of her pussy.

Then while caressing her right breast, he pulled her round for a kiss, as his penis entered her from behind.

Amy had never been fucked from behind. She was delirious with the penetration Eric was able to achieve as he pumped his penis in and out of her. His hands on her breasts, tweaking the nipples, he made her come again. She screamed very loudly as her orgasm raced from the top of her head to the tips of her toes..

Eric withdrew and turned Amy to face him, again they kissed.

Amy with her back to the tiles, raised her right leg to the wall of the shower to enable Eric to slide into her once more. The kissed long and deeply as Eric fucked her as he had not fucked anyone for years.

Eric was amazed that he had managed to hold back for so long. But he was still to enjoy Amy's body with her riding him, then on the floor of the shower, her leg raised as he fucked her from behind again.

Finally he could hold out no longer. "I'm coming," he said.

"Hold on, I want it in my mouth," Amy cried frantically as she disengaged from him and struggled to her knees.

A little splash of the cum went onto her cheek, but with Eric resting his cock on her bottom lip, the rest of the white stick fluid squirted into her eager mouth.

She took the tip back into her mouth, extracting every last drop, before swallowing down the whole load.

Later that morning, after serving the breakfasts at The Manor. They were making love again. This time they were in Eric's bed. The sex was just as good, though slower as they explored every inch of each others bodies before Eric came again, this time he planted his seed deep inside Amy as she came again at precisely the same moment.

As they lay back exhausted from the exertions of the lovemaking, Eric smiled at Amy and simply said "thank you".

"It was my pleasure, you horny old sod." she said laughing. "It was nice to see you happy again, Fuck Valerie, you have me now."

"It was great," said Eric, then laughing added , "perhaps you could get Victoria to join us next time."

Amy thumped him hard on the arm. But he had planted an idea into her brain.

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