tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 03

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 03


'Wow, just look at this place, it's fantastic,' gasped Laurel Thomas as she stepped out of Rodney Blackstock's car at the swanky hotel outside Harrogate. Laurel had won a luxury spa break in a magazine competition and had chosen Rodney's daughter, her best friend Nicola King to join her.

As Rodney drove off the two girls looked at each other and said in unison, "the fun starts here,"

Their room turned out to be a suite, pure luxury on every level. Laurel seeing the king size bed said, "you don't' mind it being a double do you? I can always ask for two singles if you would rather."

Nicola laughed and replied, "its alright, you are not likely make mad passionate lesbian love to me in the middle of the night or anything, are you?"

Laurel looked at her friend with a cheeky smile on her face and said, "You never know your luck."

After unpacking, the girls were given a tour of the facility and a programme of the spa treatments they were to enjoy.

Back in their room after lunch, the two changed into swim costumes, put on the hotels white cotton robes and made for the sauna, aiming to relax before a treatment at four.

On their way to the sauna they discussed the hunky looking instructor in the gym. "God did you see him? Just looking at him made my panties all wet," said Laurel.

"Laurel Thomas, that is no way for a vicar's wife to talk," laughed Nicola.

"Alright, how about, did you see the body on the guy in the gym? Just one glance made my under garments go very moist."

Nicola laughed and linked her arm through Laurel's, "you are funny sometimes."

They found their way to the sauna and on entering were surprised to see two naked women in there. Not only were they naked, but they sat very close to each other on the wooden benches, one of them caressing the thigh of the other in slow undulations of her fingers.

Hi," said the one doing the caressing, "come in, don't be shy,"

Laurel and Nicola sat opposite the two other women, who like them were in their middle thirties.

"I'm Kate and this is Lois," she said

Lois didn't speak.

"Laurel and Nicola, nice to meet you," replied Laurel.

"Not seen you around, is this your first time here?"

"Yes, I won the break in a magazine competition, couldn't afford it otherwise, you been here before then?"

Lois broke her silence with a laugh," been coming for a few years now. We are both golf widows, while our men are playing with their little balls, we play with each other, you know a bit of girlie fun."

Kate then came in, "how about you two, are you more than just good friends?"

Laurel stammered an answer, "no, nothing like that, I'm a vicars wife, what would the parishioners think?"

"Look it's alright, but we can both tell you, you don't know what you are missing, right Lois?"

With that Lois leaned into Kate and the two women kissed. Laurel and Nicola watched as their lips parted slowly and the two tongues gently probed into the others mouth. Then hands moved onto breasts and slowly slid down until each woman's fingers were buried deep inside the others vagina.

Laurel and Nicola were speechless.

"See it's beautiful and satisfying and you get incredible orgasms, go on girls give it a try, you will love it." Said Kate, finally breaking away from her friend. "Come on Lois, let's give them some privacy." With that the other two, after putting on robes, left Laurel and Nicola alone in the sauna.

"Well that was different," said Nicola.

Laurel just looked at her and smiled her mind in turmoil as what to do next, in her heart she knew that she wanted to make love to her best friend, but how would Nicola react?

She decided to make a move." Nicola, can I kiss you?"

Nicola reacted by sliding her arm around Laurel's shoulder and placing her lips on her friends. Their mouths moved against each other as tongues slid inside. "I thought you would never ask," whispered Nicola, pulling Laurel into another kiss.

This new experience for both girls was rudely interrupted when a party of rather loud and slightly obese women came crashing into the sauna.

"Later?" was Laurel's only comment as the two of them made their way the treatment rooms. Nicola smiled and just nodded. Both were privately looking forward to a new sexual experience.

Kate and Lois were in the treatment room, so the four of them exchanged room numbers and arranged to meet up for dinner later.

After the treatments, they made their way back to the suite. As soon as they were inside Nicola wrapped her arms around Laurel and pulled her into a long, slow and very sexy kiss. Then Nicola's mobile phone rang. She recognized the ring tone as her husband Jimmy's. Nicola pulled away, but Laurel held her tight and kissed her again.

"It might be important, Angel might be ill or something," said Nicola.

"Fuck him," replied the vicar's wife.

"I was intending to do just that to you, until the bloody phone rang, replied a frustrated Nicola, this time managing to get away from Laurel, pick up her phone and disappear into the bathroom.

Laurel sat on the bed contemplating what was going to develop from this turn of events. The sight of the two women kissing and caressing in the sauna had certainly aroused her to try lesbian sex, something that had been on her mind for a while. She was deep in thought when the room phone rang.

Laurel picked it up, "hello," she said.

"Laurel, it's Kate, can you meet me, I'm at the stairwell at the end of your floor, two minutes, ok?" with that Kate cut the call.

Laurel was bemused, what could she want? There was only one way to find out. She called to Nicola, who seemed to be in a bit of a domestic with Jimmy. That she was just popping to reception for five minutes.

With trepidation she quickly walked along the corridor, then after a check that no one was watching, opened the door to the stairwell. Kate stood against the back wall. She stepped forward and took Laurel into her arms. Their lips met. The kisses that followed were like nothing Laurel had ever experienced before. Kate's hands were on her breasts, nipping at the nipple until it was rock hard. Then down into her pants, her fingers finding Laurels wet pussy.

Laurels head was spinning; her orgasm coming fast and strong thanks to Kate's expert digits. Neither had said a word as Kate kissed her lightly on the lips and exited the door onto the landing.

Still in a daze, but very happy and satisfied, Laurel made her way back to the suite. When she got there Nicola was in the bath.

"Where have you been?" asked Nicola.

"Just had to nip down to reception, apparently there was a mix up with this afternoons treatments, all sorted now"

Nicola reached from the suds and took Laurel's hand, "want to join me?"

Laurel stood behind the bath, sliding her fingers around Nicola's neck, then down slowly until her hands were covering Nicola's breasts, the nipples hardening under her palm as she caressed another woman's breasts for the first time.

"Better not, we are meeting Kate and Lois for drinks in half an hour, plenty of time for pleasure later; I'm going to take a quick shower.

Nicola watched as Laurel stripped off her clothes and eagerly looked forward to making love to her later.

Laurel let the hot spikes of water pound her body as her mind was filled with images of Kate and the wonderful things the woman had done to her earlier. Her fingers reached between her legs and she masturbated until she climaxed, images of Kate and Nicola flashing across her mind.

The girls had a very good evening with Kate and Lois. Laurel was surprised when during dinner she felt Kate's shoeless foot slowly rubbing up and down her leg. The other woman sure had the hot's for her.

They made their way back to their suite, feeling a little squiffy from the wine they had consumed. They had exchanged very chaste kisses with the other two, and then hand in hand entered the suite.

Both were nervous about what was about to take place and Laurel suggested they change into their pajama's to relax.

They sat on the large sofa in front of the large plasma TV, a glass of wine in hand and comfortable in each other's company.

Nicola seemed enthralled by the programme on the TV, while Laurel was more interested in her friend.

Casually she slipped her left arm around Nicola's shoulder. Nicola reacted by snuggling closer. They looked at each other and smiled.

Laurel started to play with the collar of Nicola's silk pajama jacket, before moving first her fingers then her lips onto the soft skin of her face. Placing tiny kisses on the neck, ears and chin of her friend. Laurel then undid a button on the jacket and placed her hand on Nicola's chest while at the same time kissing her very gently on the lips.

Nicola had now lost all interest in the TV and concentrated on placing her lips and tongue on Laurels. They began to kiss with more intensity. Then their hands found the breast of the other and began a slow caress.

Nicola slid her hand down the top of Laurel's vest type top and for the first time felt another woman's nipple harden under her touch. Laurel reciprocated by placing her hand on Nicola's side and moving to cup her left breast. They caressed each other; mouths locked together, tongues slowly sliding against the other.

Laurel undid the rest of the buttons, exposing Nicola's left breast. As they kissed she eased the silky jacket from Nicola. Then easing back, removed her top, both were naked from the waist up. They kissed, breast crushing against breast, hard nipples rubbing seductively against the other. Their hands were sliding over the soft skin of each other when Laurel loosened the button on Nicola's trousers. As she did, Nicola lowered her head and took Laurel's nipple between her lips, licking the hard nub and sending shivers of delight through Laurel's whole body.

Laurel repaid the favor, covering Nicola's breast with her mouth, before moving up to kiss her again.

Nicola then eased Laurel back onto her back, Laurel's head resting on the arm of the sofa. Nicola, her hands holding both breasts as she kissed, licked and gently bit the extended and sensitive nipples of her best friend.

Moving her mouth down Laurel's body, Nicola softly kissed the smooth skin. On reaching the navel, Nicola pushed her tongue into the puckered hole and ever so gently probed with just the tip of her tongue, as Laurel ran her fingers through the blonde hair of her, friend who had now become a lover.

Rising up, she pulled at the drawstring of Laurel's bottoms and eased them over her hips. When the bottoms were around Laurel's ankles, Nicola took her right foot and rubbed the sole over her left breast. Then the toes of the left foot were individually sucked into Nicola's mouth, her tongue probing as she covered them in her saliva. Next, Nicola took Laurel's leg and slowly licked and kissed her way up. As she approached Laurel's inner thigh she placed her hand on the white panties Laurel was wearing and moved it slowly over Laurel's vagina.

Both were in a place sexually they had never been before. One to receive, one to administer oral sex.

Nicola positioned her head between Laurel's legs. She placed her lips on the white lacy fabric of Laurel's panties and began to lick. Soon the slit of Laurel's pussy was clearly visible through the moist cloth, as Nicola increased the pressure.

"Take them off," whispered Laurel.

Nicola took the waistband of the panties and eased them from Laurel's body. Her friend was now completely naked before her.

Smiling, Nicola gazed at her friend. Laurel laid back, breasts slowly rising and falling, her hands caressing them. Legs apart, her pubic hair formed a perfect triangle to frame the pink lips that Nicola knew she would taste in a matter of seconds.

Without hesitating, Nicola placed her mouth on Laurel and for the first time, she penetrated another woman. Nicola covered every inch of Laurel's pussy, inside and out. Initially just using her tongue, she soon found that Laurel liked to be finger fucked. So, firstly just one then two and three, Nicola's fingers slid in and out of Laurel's now extremely wet pussy, whilst her tongue flicked at the clitoris of her lover.

Laurel came, she came long and loud. Nicola eagerly lapped up the bodily excretions Laurel produced and shared them with her in a long passionate, tongue infused kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Laurel asked. "Where did that come from?"

"Don't know, don't care, just kiss me."

So she did, over and over again for what seemed an age.

Nicola then got up and removed her pajama bottoms and stood naked before Laurel.

They kissed again. Hands searching for a piece of flesh to caress as their mouths merged into one.

Laurel re-paid the sexual favors Nicola had provided. Pushing Nicola back onto the sofa, she covered her mouth with her own. Lips moving slowly and sensuously against the other, parting briefly before one of them eased her tongue between their lips and the other slid her own against the most sensitive flesh.

As she sucked hungrily on Nicola's plump breasts, Laurel eased her hand between Nicola's legs. Her fingers brushed through the triangle of pubic hair before encountering the wetness of her pussy, the lips quite large and fleshy under the touch of her fingers.

"Oh my god, that is so good," moaned Nicola as Laurel inserted a finger into her friend's pussy and began to slide it between the lips and into the smooth inner flesh of Nicola's vagina.

Planting soft tiny kisses along the way, Laurel was adjacent to Nicola's pubic hair. She swirled the coarse brown hair with her tongue, her saliva matting the hairs together in an erotic wetness. Then with a sudden surge, she buried her face into Nicola. Her tongue probing as deep as it could reach. Touching the clitoris with just the tip of her tongue, brought squeals of delight from Nicola, which were repeated when Laurel sucked the fleshy vaginal lips between her own.

As they kissed, Nicola tasted her own pussy on Laurel's lips as they kissed, they each had several fingers in the others pussies and masturbated until a mutual orgasm raced through them. Their first true lesbian experience was memorable.

Neither spoke as they climbed, still naked into the king-size bed.

Laurel reaching over pulled Nicola gently towards her, they kissed, hand's slid down to their vaginas, and fingers were inserted. Their second lesbian experience had begun.

They both slept soundly and next morning made love again, before showering together.

After breakfast they had free time and decided to have a swim. Making their way to the pool area they were surprised to see it empty, the only person there was the instructor that had given Laurel the damp panties the day before.

They completed effortless lengths in the large pool before they climbed out and made their way to the changing room.

"Hi ladies," came a call from the gym area. "I hope you enjoyed your swim." The instructor was in his mid-twenties and in addition to his good looks, was built like a Greek god. "Can I interest you in some gym work?"

Nicola noticed the distinct bulge in his shorts. "No thanks, we only do sexual workouts." She said with a seductive tone in her voice. "What time do you get off?" she asked.

The guy replied, "2 o'clock, why?"

"Suite number 9, we'll be in, it will be worth your while,"

The young man laughed and turned back into the gym.

"Nicola you minx, what if he turns up, what will we do? Said Laurel.

"Give him and us an afternoon we will remember the rest of our lives."

The two of them enjoyed another luxury treatment and after a light lunch, retired to their suite to see if the instructor would in fact come.

Just after 2.15 there was a knock on the door.

"Oh my god, he's here, what shall we do?" cried Laurel.

"Let him in and fuck him of course." said Nicola.

Laurel opened the door and the guy from the gym entered the room. "Hi I'm Adam."

"Make yourself comfortable, we'll be right back." Said Nicola, pulling Laurel into the bathroom.

"Are you up for this?" Nicola asked, "don't back down now,"

Laurel smiled at her and said. "I've never had a threesome, let's get it on."

Both quickly undressed and hand in hand walked naked into the bedroom.

Adam was laid on the bed. His rugged good looks brought a smile to the girl's faces as they climbed onto the bed. He was stripped to the waist and wearing a pair of white boxer shorts.

Nicola started kissing him, her tongue seeking his, the stubble of his beard rubbing coarsely over her face as their mouth melted into one.

Meanwhile Laurel had pulled down the waistband of his shorts and exposed a very impressive penis. Not yet quite fully erect a kneeling Laurel took it into her mouth and began to slowly suck on the fast hardening flesh. Taking him in her hand, she licked his balls, then up the full length of his shaft before taking the entire length back into her very accommodating mouth. The only blow job's Laurel had ever given were to her husband Ashley, but this was different, not only was Adam much larger, the sinful nature of the act was really turning her on.

Adam stood and went to the bottom of the bed. His cock was standing hard and rigid from his groin. Nicola and Laurel lay on the bed as Nicola took him into her mouth. Laurel looked up at Adam, who had a look of disbelief on his face, then over to Nicola. The sight of eight inches or so of Adam's cock slowly being sucked between her friend's lips was the most erotic sight she had ever seen.

Nicola took the cock and passed it over to Laurel who was only too willing to suck on it again. As she did so, Nicola was slowly wrapping her fingers round Adam's balls. Then Nicola took over again, then Laurel. In between sucking the girls found time to kiss each other. Adam was in heaven as Laurel slowly rubbed his cock, while her tongue wrapped itself around Nicola's.

With Laurel still holding, the both sucked and licked at the bulbous end at the same time. Their lips meeting as they continued to drive the younger man wild.

"About time one of you ladies got fucked" They lie back on the white pillows and spread their legs. Laurel placed her arm around Nicola, her left hand caressing her breast, the nipple hardening under her touch.

Adam chose Laurel. Taking his cock in his hand, he slowly rubbed it around her pussy, teasing as Laurel waited for the moment he would enter her.

Nicola, witnessing this had her fingers deep inside her pussy, while Laurel's hand continued its magic work.

Finally Adam slid into Laurel. Slowly at first then built up a tempo that sent tremors of extreme pleasure to the vicar's wife as she found her clitoris and began to manipulate the nub of sexual joy with her finger.

She removed him and then took great delight in inserting him back into her very wet and welcoming pussy.

Nicola looked over to see the sheer joy on her friends face. Laurel turned her head to the side and kissed her. As she did so, Adam bent forward and took the nipple of Nicola's right breast between his lips and began to suck and lick the firm flesh of her breast.

Then holding Nicola's pussy lips apart, he finally entered her. Sliding fully inside with long thrusts, bringing Nicola instantly to the brink of an orgasm. As he continued to fuck Nicola, Laurel began to suck on Nicola's breast, bringing double pleasure to the blonde.

Then as Adam withdrew, Laurel moved her mouth from Nicola's breast and began to suck his penis again. The taste of her friends juices, coated on him, sent her mind spinning in delight.

Adam switched Nicola to a kneeling position and started to take her from behind, gripping her hips as he drove his flesh deep into hers. Laurel was sliding her hands over as much flesh as she could, while kissing Nicola with a passion that was overwhelming.

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