tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersEnchantment of the Shadow Realm

Enchantment of the Shadow Realm


It was a enchanting night. The moon was full. The street light reveled an other worldly stream of fog through what I could see of the dark forest. Unfortunately I was having a hard time appreciating all this beauty. I was stranded. I had missed the bus and had no way of getting back to my hotel. I had no one in this place I could call to be picked up. No car. And there are no train or, bus services this time of night.

To make matters worse, all that time to my self gave me time to think about my life. Not about college or my future, but about my failed sex life. You see I have erectile dysfunction. No matter what my girlfriend and I would do I could not stay hard inside of her, or any woman for that matter. This was not for lack of desire. In fact, as I was thinking about her wet slippery pussy my cock slowly formed into that shape I've all ways been so proud of.

I've all ways loved my cock! So much that it once inspired me to try having sex with a man, but men are so ugly. I've all ways liked stroking my cock, looking at it, and plunging to put it in my lips on it and, feel the precum ooze into my mouth so I could taste it on my tongue.

I love cunt but my autism is a social disorder that makes it hard for me to bear the responsibility of staying hard. I have faith that I would fix this problem eventually. I only wish that in the time being there was something else where the responsibility of maintaining an erection was lifted.

Suddenly I see a black limousine with a gargoyle hood ornament emerged from the fog nurtured darkness and pulled up in front of me. The window rolled down and at that moment I was penetrated by a pair of dark beautiful eyes owned by a slim yet curvy Latino woman. There was no doubt they were the eyes of some one who intended to fuck.

My first intention was to say no. Make an excuse and let her down easy with out having to tell my embarrassing secret, But that was before she said "Hey beautiful stranger what are you doing out heir by your self." Ignoring here question I smiled, offered out my hand and introduced my self. "Drake." I said. "Orchid." she said. There was something in her voice and in the way she flirted that sent electricity through my veins. From then on my actions no longer felt voluntary. Every move I made felt like an order being carried out. An order given by the electricity I was now enslaved by.

She was wearing a black leather dress with fishnets on her arms. There was a silver cross with a red jewel in the middle of it. It was placed right in the center of her cleavage, witch was barely contained in her black leather top. She was at least a D cup. Probably bigger.

"In case your interested my eyes are up here." I quickly tilted my head upward so my eyes meet hers. She giggled at how fast I reacted. "It's okay baby. I don't care where your eyes wonder as long as there on me." I chuckled sincerely but said nothing. I never know how to flirt with a women when I first meet her. Thank God this one was so straight forward. "Listen good looking. You look cold. My home isn't far from heir. Why don't you jump in heir with me. There's food warmth, and well...(Giggles with her finger in her mouth.)...me."

I felt a tingle in my cock and I swear for a second I saw her eyes flash red, but I ended up blaming it on my imagination.

I took the strange women up on her offer. I don't know if it was the full moon or that look the women gave me but some thing wild inside me was awakened. Something that wanted out like a demon rattling the gates of hell.

We drove through green forest through a thick veil of fog, and before long we were at our destination. It was a giant stone castle. And by the looks of it an authentic looking one at that. "It's big isn't it." she said with a subtle sensuality. "Do you like it?" "It's breath taking!" I said.

I was now noticing her beautiful legs which were all so covered in fishnets underneath her knee high leather skirt. I examined her body up and down as we rode. I decided to breech my comfort zone and say something flirtatious. "I really like looking at you!" As the drawbridge opened for us to enter she giggled and gently patted the bottom of my chin. It was obvious this women had plans for me.

We entered the castle courtyard and stepped out of the car and as it drove away I saw something that had to be a hallucination. The driver of the limousine was nothing but a skeleton wearing black hooded robes. We walked through a wooden door and entered a long stone hall illuminated by torches.

"Nice ankh!" she said pointing to the metal silver colored symbol in the center of my solid black shirt witch was hanging from a necklace. I was also wearing an unzipped black trench coat and black cargo pants with a looped silver chain hanging from it. All of this matched perfectly with my long black hair.

I let her get ahead of me a little for reasons that I think where obvious to both of us. I just had to see the round leather bulge she seemed proud to call here backside. "Tell me hansom, what are your thoughts on immortality. Do you think you would want to live forever." This was such an enchanting women. Every word of her language, and every curve on her body made me want here more. My cock was thickening to the point where it was showing through my pants, and I wondered if she had noticed. "Yes I can." she smiled. I felt an erotic shiver through my body as my cock grew to full size. "You haven't answered my question." I answered. "I suppose so. I never thought about it. Well that's not true. Sometimes I day dream about being a super hero or a vampire. Especially a vampire. A powerful being with the wisdom of living through the ages. Plus I would never feel cooler in a trench coat." "what about drinking blood." "Well when ever there is a cut in my mouth or my hand I can't keep my mouth away from it. I don't think I would object to it, as long as I wouldn't have to kill anyone for it." "Have you ever cut yourself on purpose just to taste blood." I didn't even hesitate. "To be honest yes."

We entered the dinning room witch was decorated with portraits of dark forests, Battles fought, ghosts and vampire orgies. These works of art were brought into vision by candles. The candles were placed in black medieval candle holders that held 3, 4 sometimes six candles and were cursed with the territorial webbing of vicious spiders. Two places were set by the throne by a beautiful black women in a standard maid out fit who I could now see was just as full chested as orchid. "Thank you Elisha that will be all." Orchid slapped Elisha on the ass and, Elisha smiled back giddily.

We sat down ate and began to talk. It was around this time I became certain there was something mystical and all together supernatural about Orchid, because I was so mesmerized and overwhelmed by her presence I had to answer her every question true fully. I wanted nothing more than to obey her every command. "Do you desire change?" she asked. "You probably already know the answer to that don't you." "So quick to accept the paranormal. That's defiantly a break from the modern mind set. However I'm afraid I can only read your most potent thoughts." "Yes but I have a feeling you would not have asked such a question unless there was something you all ready knew. "Clever boy! But I'm afraid I don't know all. I can only see pain and the obvious fact that you want something in your life to be different. And that that something happens to be of a sexual nature." "All right." I said submissively. Then with out further delay I told her the not so pleasant details of what was my sex life. I was surprised that none of it shocked her. I was also surprised to see that she had a very warm compassionate look on her face that was easy to talk to.

We talked for a while and I eventually mentioned a couple of ex girl friends I had that were all way on my ass for being to nice. Orchid rolled her eyes and stated that she recognized and despise such behavior in women. Then she shared an interesting thought. "You know in medieval times knights were to maintain a code of chivalry. This meant they were to be as kind and considerate on the battle field as they were ruthless and bloodthirsty in battle. I think that same rule applies to the bedroom. Have you ever thought about being with a man." She asked. "No. Men have very unappealing body's. But..." "but what honey?" "Where's the bathroom?"

We got up and, she led me to the bathroom. I unzipped my pants, pulled them down, and sat on the toilet but did not go.

I just wanted to be alone with my own anxiety. I could not believe I had just said all those things to a complete stranger. I all so could not believe that I was condemning my self to sexual humiliation, by indulging in pleasure every one else takes for granted. But most of all I could not believe how good my cock felt against my hand. Big, hard, long, smooth. I squeeze just bellow the top so that the head bulges. I bend over and make an attempt to suck it but as always, licking the head is as far as I make it and, it hurts my neck and back to do that. It's pointless. I pulled up my pants and, and left the bathroom to dive into a world of pleasure that would probably end in embarrassment but I didn't care. This women was captivating in the sexiest way possible. I had to taste here.

I went back into the room where we were eating and there was no one there. On the table there was a skull with a rose sticking out of one of the eye holes. It was being used as a paper weight for a note that read "If you want pleasure that exceeds the joys heaven. Fallow them into our room." "Fallow who?" I thought.

I turn around and to my aw and wonder I saw what appeared to be a living breathing angel standing next to a gargoyle. While maintaining his warrior looking pose the angel gestured me to move forward and fallow them. I did so and we walked through a series of rooms until we came to a door witch the angel and the gargoyle stood on either side of and turned to stone. I opened the door and stepped into a dark paradise.

Elisha and orchid where on a bed with satin sheets making out. Elisha was wearing some sexy red lingerie, and orchid was wearing a black bra and panties. There passion showed in there moans, and in how they would lather each other tongues in a way that made it obvious they knew I was there, and that they wanted me to watch. I had a good view of Orchids creamy back and round spank able ass.

The two girls turned their heads towards me with lustful smiles, and Orchid gestures me over with her finger. As she does this her eyes and that jewel on the cross between here perfect breasts glows red. I don't hesitate. I began to passionately and sloppily kiss both of them at the same time. Then Orchid pushed Elisha away and pulled me into her, shoving here tongue down my throat. I slid my hands up and down her sides while I sucked on her tongue. This would not be the only thing I would enjoy sucking tonight.

Orchid pulled away and sat back down. It was just then I noticed that since Orchid had turned to face me she was wearing a purple blanket over her lap. I thought nothing of it.

Elisha crawled behind orchid and carefully unsnapped and, took off here bra. They were amazing and she knew it! Perfectly round with big yet pointy hard nipples. I went down to taste them but she grabbed me by the hair furiously and said "No! I haven't ordered you to do that yet." My mouth was watering for her breasts and I needed some relief.

Orchid turned my head in the direction of Elisha I saw her supple naked chocolate tits. Orchid then forced my face into those beautiful black pillows of human skin. I kissed them. I licked in the center of her chest and then stuffed her tits into my mouth. "There you go baby." said Orchid in approval. Elisha began to moan. "Yeah baby! Stuff them in your mouth like that! Yeah baby! Oh baby! So warm! Your mouth is so warm!" I bring my mouth up to her's and suck on here lip, squeezing her melons and feeling them reform while I do so. After that I press my face against her chest and slap her tittys against my face. "Oh! Bad boy!" I shoved more mouthfuls of Elisha's tit's between my lips and sucked as she moaned uncontrollably.

"I have good news about tonight, for you won't have to worry about staying hard. I will." She removed the blanket from her lap and to my surprise I could see the bulge of a nice big cock. Not giving me time to react she grabs me by the hair, pulls and rubs my face against it, and even through her under where it feels so good! "I want it in my mouth!" I said desperately but she was a merciless god. "Lick my leg you slut!" "But I want to taste it." She slapped me in the face and, I fucking loved it! "No! You can only have it when I say so!" I slid my tongue up and down the soft skin of here long legs. "Now kiss my boots if you want to defy my wrath."

I hear a click and feel steel around my wrists. Then I feel soft heavenly breasts pressed against my back, and Elisha's voice say "It's all in play baby." I bend over and kiss the boots of the one I serve. I say "Yes Mistress." "Good servant. I think you deserve to be fed. Get on your knees."

She pulled out here bare glorious cock and let it fall on my lips. "Cock!" I thought. "Finally! Cock!" I started slow by sucking the head ever so slightly, than licking and pressing my tongue against he scrotum. I stick my tongue into the cum hole a little. "How appropriately nasty!" says Orchid. As I took more of her into my mouth. I noticed Elisha sliding the grip of here hand up and down her fat black cock. She watched me suck Orchids mammoth sized cock and played with her own while doing so. I slid my tongue up and down her shaft and got it nice and wet. I smiled at the glistening of my saliva all over her slick savory cock. Elisha took the hand cuffs off so I could stroke her cock while I lather her balls. "Oh God! Yeah! I need that! Keep doing that! I need it!" I continue to lather her for a while. Before long I take her balls into my mouth and suck. "Oh God! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck Yeah! Now stand up." I do so and both shemales press there pillowy breasts against my face from both sides. Every where I turn my head I feel breast. I come alive and switch between stuffing Orchid's and Elisha's tits in my mouth.

I get back on my knees to have two cocks in my face. They starts slapping me in the face with them. "You want cock? Huh? Well you're the bitch now. And bitches have to beg for there cock!" They continued to hit me in the face with there beautiful dicks. "Please let me suck your cocks. I want your dicks in my mouth. And I want you both to cum at the same time.... In my mouth!"

They rewarded my plea with a cock on each side of me. I squeezed Elisha's cock to watch the head bulge, then firmly sucked the precum out of it. Then I got my mouth stuffed with two leviathan cocks. The pleasure was so intense I wanted to be fucked in the mouth for ever. I grabbed both dicks and I squeezed the heads together while firmly sucking. "MMMMMM." I said contently. I rub one cock while licking another up and down, alternating functions so that neither cock would be any less licked or caressed with my face.

I pulled my cock out of my pants. "What do we have here." said Orchid descending to her knees. She began caressing my ever so thick member and, said "So this is what all the fuse was about." The surprise and embarrassment must have shown in my face or my mind because the next thing she said was "That's right! We heard your thoughts in the bathroom from all the way over heir."

Orchid assigned me to sit in a chair with Elisha slapping her cock against my lips. Orchid got on her knees and gave me a good lick up my shaft and continued to stroke me off. With my mouth I made a serious attempt to polish Elisha's erect yummy knob. I grabbed here squeezable Black ass and took here cock in and out of my mouth. Mean while something wet and soft wrap around the head of my cock. It felt exquisite. I looked down and I see Orchid looking up at me, slowly taking me into her mouth. She had the look and technique of someone who wanted to savor every inch of me.

Without warning Elisha began to thrust. Her giant black cock was violating my mouth and, the head was caressing the back of my throat. Orchid was sucking harder and harder. Taking me in deeper and deeper and, slithering here tongue up and down the bottom of my dick. I don't remember witch part was happier, my cock or my mouth. At this point Elisha was fucking my mouth like a savage. Orchid took my cock out of her mouth and slide here tongue back and forth while moving down my dick, all the way to my balls. Elisha's balls were slapping against my chin. I felt Orchid lather my balls the way I lathered hers, only better. She was an animal. I thought it seemed no one who lived just one life time could ever have this much experience. "Your right." she said smiling maliciously between licking the throat of my cock in circles. Then her eyes glowed with sinister lust as she was taking my hole dick into here bottomless pleasure hole.

Elisha was about to explode. "Ah God! Oh my God! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" I didn't even see Orchids hand as she grabbed Elisha by the cock, and squeezed angrily. Eyes still glowing red she screamed. "I didn't say you could cum yet. Bend the fuck over!" She spanked Elisha's perfect ass with rapid fire intensity. Even though I wanted noting more than to swish Elisha's cum around in my mouth, Orchid was a tyrant that neither one of us could challenge.

After Orchid was dune punishing her sex slave the two girls got on there hands and knees and begun to crawl towards me. I felt a genuine rush of electricity because I knew the part that was going to happen next. There hands slid up my legs as they approached my genitals. Elisha lifted my cock and I could feel two tongues licking up and down it. "One minute I'm being dominated and, the next I have two shemales goddesses worshiping my erect cock." I though and, orchid responded " I can play nice when I want to." Orchid used her tongue to attack my scrotum with sizzling slippery pleasure, as Elisha licked up and down the top and the bottom of my dick. Elisha cushions' the top of here teeth with here lips, and bites down on my head licking my cum hole while doing so. I still felt the passionate lapping and, swirls of Orchids, tongue against my balls. Before I knew it my cock was sliding in and out of Elisha's mouth, occasionally rubbing it against the inner walls of her cheeks. "Thank you mistress!" is all I could say. Two warm lusty mouths were thoroughly polishing my privates, and I was overwhelmed. "You welcome slave." She said while sliding her tongue up my cock to meet Elisha's lip's with pressure and exhilarating passion. Than Elisha stuck her tongue out and, they explored each others tongues and the tip of my dick at the same time.

Then they excitedly reversed roles. " I love it!" Elisha said as she rubbed her nipple against my balls, then pressed here hole breast against it. Elisha pressed here oh so flexible tongue against my nut sac. I felt jealous to see Orchid was blissfully sliding my smooth hard dick into her wonderful mouth. My cock was tensing up in all the right ways. I was about to cum, but not just cum. Explode!

However that's not what happened. Orchid commanded us to stop and walked towards a drawer, taking out two spiked colors and two leashes, witch she strapped around our necks. "It's time." she said. "Time for what?" I asked. "The ritual." Elisha said as she gently kissed me on the cheek. She seemed anxiously giddy. "But only if you agree to it." Orchid assured me.

Orchid pulled the leashes and drug us through rooms that were decorated with weapons, shields and armor. We eventually made it out side and not a moment to soon. We walked through a gate and into a cemetery.

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