tagInterracial LoveEncomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 03

Encomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

William had been avoiding meeting his cousin Big D for he was not allowed to fraternize with gangsters. However, two hours after he left Karen's, Big D parked at a dark corner and William slid into the car like a shadow. They hugged and drove around a bit. William got what he wanted.

Then he drove to Karen's. Karen was very happy to see him. Her friends, Judy and Amanda were also there and would be sleeping in. Amanda asked if he had brought a gun and he said no. She rolled her eyes like WTF! But Karen said absolutely no guns. William was surprised when Judy winked at him. He knew she had a gun. Amanda too. He smiled. Bryce better not show up a while.

Judy and Amanda slept over for two nights. The three women shared Karen's large bed and he had a guest room, though Manda and Judy were saying he should join them. He was like, "If you insist!"

But Karen was like no way.

Nothing happened for the next two nights.

Judy and Amanda went away and said secretly to William that if he thought shit was going to pop off, to call.

For a week, he slept in the guest room and Karen in her room. They would hang out at night, chatting, sipping something, massaging each other's feet and shoulders, or watching something on TV. There was a strong, erotic attraction between them, but Karen did not let them get too cozy. Then she told him she was just scared Bryce might burst in and find them making love and things might get out of hand for she had a feeling he wasn't over her yet.

She said with that fear in her mind, she couldn't relax enough to make love.

He nodded.

Then Karen called him at college and told him that Bryce had called. She said he was sounding unusually calm. He had asked her if she had rethought selling the house. She had said no. Then he said,

"All right. I am leaving town. Probably wont see you for long, if ever."

"Where are you going Bryce."

"Don't worry honey. I will be just fine. I will miss you. Please forgive me."

Karen then told him that she thought he was finally starting to crawl out of his hole and maybe a change of scene would do him good and help him find himself.

William grunted in agreement, but he thought different. He got Judy and Amanda to meet him at the cars after classes.

He told them.

"What do you think?" Amanda asked nervously.

"He is going to hit her."

"How can you be sure?" Judy asked, very calmly.

William told him about sending Big D over and what had transpired

"He needs the money. Probably too broke to even skip town. There is only one month left in the week."

"If he kills her now, its not like he will have the money inside a week."

"first of all, he is on drugs. Second, Karen's will states that he gets everything. He can use that to borrow money. Someone will give it to him"

"Why haven't you told Karen She would finally open her eyes and call the cops," Manda asked.

"She wont open her eyes. She wants to save him. She sees what he was, not what he is," Judy said firmly. "We have to help her. Do you need a gun?"

"I have one. Wow! Judy. I am really surprised. I wasn't even sure getting you involved."

"oh, everybody thinks I am so sweet and soft. I grew up on a farm, picking off coyotes and thieves. And I used to hunt our meat. Had to take shots at several two footed coyotes too. Thieves. You know, with the sheriff miles away, sometimes a girl has to find very convincing arguments to convince a hot blooded man that no means no.

"Have you shot anyone?"

"Not fatally."

"You, Manda?"

"I was in the army, with full military training. I studied through the army. I was never in combat, but I know how to fire a gun."

"They untraceable?"

"Of course," Judy said. "We are not dummies."

"Who did you get them from?"

"My dad is a weapons freak. Has a secret basement full of them, unregistered, of course. Much folk do back home. He is the one who taught me to shoot. I took a few when I came up. This is a big city. You never know."

"All right. You coming over?"

"Yes. My husband will just have to look after the kids."

"Wait a minute. Shouldn't we call the cops?"

"No!" Judy and William answered in unison. William realized that just like her, if Bryce tried to kill Karen, Judy wanted to shoot him dead.

Chapter 2

Karen was surprised when Judy and Amanda turned up. Other than that, the evening went by without event.

They ate and drank wine and chatted. Karen seemed to be genuinely relieved, choosing to believe Bryce had left town. The others told her she was right.

When they wanted to turn in, Karen was surprised when Judy and Manda said they were taking what had been William's room and he would sleep in hers.

"Don't act shy now, you been all alone with him for three nights. Don't tell me you didn't use that opportunity. Don't make me have to spank that ass, white girl!"

"But why Don't you and Judy just sleep in my room, like the other night?"

"maybe we Don't wanna disturb you when we spank each other's asses."

"Say, is something going on between you two?"

"Don't worry about what's going on between us, worry about what's not going on between you two..." Judy said, kissed Karen on the lips, kissed William, lingering on his lips, and then Amanda did the same. The two women took each other's hand, interlaced their black and white fingers and climbed up the stairs. There was something intimate about them.

"Look at them. I think they are fucking!" it suddenly burst out of Karen Judy and Manda stopped at the top of the stairs, turned, looked down at the two at the bottom, smiled and then kissed languidly, deeply, a nice, wet, long, black and white girl kiss.

"If you will please excuse us," Manda said softly, her eyes all dreamy, as she cupped a big, soft breast. Judy purred and stroked Manda's big, brown ass in her short skirt.

Then they made off.

Karen felt kind of excited. She nuzzled up to William and hugged him. They kissed and stroked each other, but she noticed he was tense and not in the mood. She was kind of surprised. She had always thought he would jump at the first offer...

Still, she felt happy as she lay her head on his big chest and he stroked her hair while he read something.

Karen was holding on to him and smiling as she fell asleep. He read a bit, stroking her soft hair, enjoying the feel of her soft body on his, her face on his chest, her hot breath stroking his bare skin. He liked the way she her thigh was draped over his and the hot pussy in her silk shorts was pressing softly against his flesh. She was wet. He wanted to fuck her. He was sure Manda and Judy were fucking. But, someone had be awake and attentive, or Bryce would have too easy a job, if he did try.

When she was deep in sleep, he went and got something from his bag and put it under a cushion on the table on his side. Then he fell asleep but left the light on.

Chapter 3

"What the fuck! You are cheating on me with a Nigger!" an outraged, anguished voice screamed waking them both up. Karen started to cringe and whimper. William blinked his eyes and said calmly

"Back off man. Its over. Bye bye. You are out of her life. Don't make me have to get up and whip your ass."

Bryce, a thickset white guy in his early forties was unkempt and reeking of alcohol. He wore a shirt and trousers that had seen better days, with an oversize, hooded sports jacket thrown over his shoulders.

He looked like a mad man. And he was high as a kite and pissed off as hell.

"I Don't think so!" Bryce snarled, pulling out a pistol, a heavy caliber one. Karen started to scream and he pointed at her and gave her such a hateful sneer, her voice withered off. "Shut the fuck up. I hate you! You bitch! How can you hurt me like this. You cheated on me all these years, didn't you?"

"No! I didn't Look, we are dressed, Bryce!" Karen said, pleading. "Weren't you supposed to leave town honey?"

"Thought you would get rid of me that easily, huh. And cheat me of whats mine!"

"Listen Bryce, lets talk about this when we are sober. Just put the gun away honey."

"Are you crazy? I came to finally finish it all off. I was gonna make it look like a break in. Only now there will be two bodies. How about, the two of you were taking cocaine, then you got into an argument and bam!"

"They wont find any cocaine in our blood, dummy!" William responded.

"Fuck! Thanks mate. Very nice of you. Are you serious, that you didn't fuck?"

"Yes Bryce. We are not lovers. I was just scared..."

"And this Nigger is gonna help you? Fuck, I was you, Karen, I would be real scared too. Coz you know what? He breaks in, you wake up, grab your gun. He shoots, you shoot, both die. Ha ha ha. Ain't that neat! I have a perfect alibi too. My bags are packed. I have been visiting a friend that lives alone on a farm for three days. And never left the place."

"Someone will see you car parked outside."

"Oh no. Its down the road, a mile east, in a dark car park. I thought of everything."

"You are not really going to kill her are you?"

"Of course! She is dead. I hate that bitch! She ruined me. This mean, evil slut! Stole my life..."

"You fucked up on your own, ass hole!" Karen exploded.

"Get out of the bed! You die elsewhere." Karen screamed and he aimed at her. She started whimpering softly, bracing herself. Then he moved his gun to William.

"Get out of the bed. Don't fuck up my crime scene. Up. Get up! Or I will shoot you right there..." he cocked the hammer, his eyes murderous.

"That wont work either. They will find my hair in her bed. Plus my stuff is in the house. My fingerprints everywhere. You better try and make it like a double homicide. Like I killed her and killed myself. You have to kill her first though."

"No!!!!" Karen screamed. "Are you crazy, he will kill us..."

"Yep!" Bryce said. "You first though. But I gotta get the right angle and distance on him.. bye Karen."

William hopped that he had remembered to remove the safety. Fast as a blur, grabbed his pistol from under the cushion as he dove to the floor. Even before he landed on his knees he was taking aim. Bryce squeezed off a round hastily and hit the wall, the bullet ricocheting around the room. William gave him three to the chest. Bryce jerked and staggered, then he fell against the wall, groaning, his shirt front becoming bloody. He slid onto his ass and croaked and groaned for breath. Karen was screaming hysterically. William smacked her hard across the face and she caught herself.

"Oh Bryce. Are you all right?" she moaned and climbed to the edge of the bed, a hand over her pale, perplexed face.

"You fucking bitch! I am taking you with me..." he slowly, with all his effort and hate, tried to raise the pistol. It was rising slowly, very slowly. William passed his pistol to Karen.

"he came huh!" a scared Judy asked, standing in the door way with Amanda. Then her eyes opened wide as she saw Bryce struggling to raise his pistol, with his last strength. "Shoot him Karen." Judy immediately raised her pistol to aim at Bryce.

"I cant kill him," Karen cried.

"Then he will kill you!" William said.

Bryce almost had the pistol leveled at her.

"Shoot him Karen! Kill him!" Amanda shouted, also aiming.

"Shoot!" Judy added. "My goodness shoot!"

"Die bitch!" Bryce groaned hatefully. His brow knitted in concentration. His eyes blazed.

Then Karen screamed, closed her eyes and emptied the gun in him. Judy and Amanda fired too. The room was filled with sharp thunder and Bryce's body jerked violently as it was pierced. He closed his eyes. He bled from the corner of his mouth and his shirt front filled with blood.

The women all screamed.

"Cut it out," William shouted, scaring them but getting them quiet. "make sure no blood touches the floor. Put some plastic under him."

Amanda was cool. Judy went to calm Karen and Manda put some pieces of cloth under Bryce. William moved fast. He went to his car and got the thick, long, black plastic bag he had bought. He had come prepared for both eventualities, either he would scare Bryce off or if it was his life or the other guy's? Damn!"

As he returned, Karen was crouching over Bryce who was now dead.

"He wanted to kill me! He did!" she whispered sharply. In utter disbelief. "But you were planning on killing him too William"

"I was prepared for anything. And I was faster! Now its over. Get yourself together, Karen."

"Cant we call the cops. It was self defense?" Manda asked.

"Don't be stupid!" Judy sneered. "He is an ex con, that happens to shoot her ex husband dead in her bedroom, at two at night. With an unlicensed gun with the serials scratched off. They will fry his black ass."

Karen was numb as she watched Judy and Amanda help William put her ex into the black bag. William tied it up tightly. Then they carried it to the basement and placed it on top of several plastic bags.

Then they cleaned up the crime scene, mopping up the boarded floors and collecting the shells.

Shit. Some blood got on the floor. If they search for blood and DNA. We are fucked. Better make sure they have no reason to suspect foul play."

"What shall we do with the body?" Judy asked Will.

"I have friends who will take care of that."


"The less you know the better. If they know its for Karen, they will black mail her. If she knows who they are, she could finger them out one day. I will take off with the body."

"But not now. A black man all alone in a SUV in the middle of the night? You will get pulled over and searched. It has to be in the day."

"Yeah. You right. He have many friends that will miss him? Get yourself together Karen."

"Not that I know of. He now hangs with low lives and is constantly moving, skipping out on rent."

"Good. Just act normal. Say you wouldn't give him money and he said he was skipping town, running from dealers."

"Lets fix the holes in the wall. Do you have the same paint. Exactly the same?"


"Then go and get it. Judy and Amanda, do you his car?"

"I know it," Karen said.

She described i to the two women and William told them to find it, drive it to some spot where he would pick it up the next day and take it to some chop shop where it would be made to disappear. They took off in Judy's car.

"This is all too much for me." Karen sobbed, as they were alone.

"Chill," he hugged the sobbing woman and then they smoked a fat joint and drank some shots.

They plastered the wall and painted it, the entire side. It was almost five when they were finished.

Amanda and Judy returned. Successful. He noticed that the women were excited, about being part of a crime, and Amanda and Judy thought Bryce got what he deserved. SO did he.

Judy and Amanda left at seven, after breakfast.

Karen came and sat on his lap, hugging him, on the living room couch.

"Thanks hon. How did you know he would want to kill me."

"Simple. The house and all your money. That is motivation enough. But he was really dumb. They would have gotten him in a second. Dummy! Drugs do that to you. Make you stupid and make you believe you're smart."

"I cant believe it. Thanks."

"I wont let anything or anyone harm you."

She reached out and stroked his cheek. He reached out and stroked hers. She purred.

"At least now I don't have to fear him barging in on us."

"Yeah, he cant stop us fucking."

Suddenly, they were kissing and falling all over each other like animals. They tongue kissed and rolled around the couch frenziedly. They ripped off their clothes and he slammed her to the carpet, pushed her legs up and rammed his dick into her. She was dripping wet. They fucked like wild animals in heat. Their passion was fiery. They were like two erupting volcanoes joining and erupting together, making the earth melt.

She came three times in a row and then he exploded deep inside her and she came again. They collapsed in a heap, after 15 minutes of strenuous, hard core through fucking. They slept on the carpet for an hour.

Chapter 4

William woke Karen up with a cup of coffee. They both got dressed and parked her car at the back, then got the body bag inside. They covered it up with some stuff, and drove off. He dropped Karen off near her work place and drove to the hood. He had it all arranged. He wiped the two weapons and tossed them in the trash.

Then he met up with Big D and told him he had a body to incinerate. He just told him some fool tried to hold him up and got it. They took the body to the funeral parlor. Big D said they had someone to get cremated. He passed the guy ten thousand bucks. They put the body in a coffin and took it inside. The guy in charge told them to wait outside as he got rid of the body. William wanted to see it done but the guy insisted and said they could take the body with them if they expected him to let them witness him commit a serious crime.

They went out. Then he called them back in after two minutes and said William should push it in if it made him happy. He did.

Chapter 5

"You got the body in a freezer, Noah? Good. Keep it there. Make sure no one else sees it."

"Man, a white man full of bullets in my place. 50 gees Mo."

"No problem."

Chapter 6

They lay low from each other for two weeks. Then they all met at Karen's. AT first they avoided the subject. Then after dinner, they drank and smoked and talk moved to it.

Karen informed them that nobody had inquired about Bryce with her. She asked if she should be seen to be making efforts of contacting him. They said to wait another two weeks.

Judy and Amanda left together, quite early, for Judy broke up the meeting saying she had to go home, one of her kids was not feeling well.

Chapter 7

As soon as the others left, Karen and William fell over each other kissing, feeling relieved, thinking they would get away with it. William started stroking Karen's pussy through her shorts as they kissed. She fucked back his hand and then begged him to stop.

She said she wanted to go out and eat something first.

They drove to a nice bar on the beach where there was a mixed race crowd. They sat in the setting sun.

Karen gazed at her young companion eying her hot body like a hot cake. She smiled over her cocktail glass. She gazed at him, in fact, she now watched him with greed and anticipation, licking her lips like a hungry cat about to pounce on a fat, juicy mouse. She liked the dark, handsome very African face, and the almost clean shaved head. He was wearing a tight, white muscle vest and beach shorts and sandals. He was of medium height, his body lean and muscular, his muscles powerful but well defined than bulging. His abs looked like they had been sculpted by an artist.

There was something else about his body she liked, which unfortunately, his beach shorts didn't quite show. It was the nice, long, thick, black cock she had felt against her pussy the other night, when he had eaten her. Karen felt such strong urges to throw herself on her knees at his feet and suck him.

Her mouth watered and her pussy got so itchy as she imagined that she would later unpack his meat, and feast on it, feeling it grow, taking it down her throat, and driving him mad, for she loved to play with a man's meat and make him lose his mind.

William smiled back at his PO.

She was looking hot, her ruby red hair combed open, her face looking pretty, with the sexy, arched, trimmed brows, dark, mesmerizing blue-brown eyes and the full, pouting lips that were a glossy, alluring pink.

His eyes roamed down her long, graceful neck, to her nice, round tits that were pushing out of her sleeveless, armless thin, transparent lace white top. Underneath he could see the cups of her white, frothy lace bra that squashed and pushed out her huge tits. The top ended above her navel, leaving her toned belly and the silver glistening, diamond studded brooch in her navel in the open. Her white, frothy, lacy thongs that were showing through her thin, short, sexy, semi transparent white skirt. He had enjoyed walking slightly behind her, with his hand on her ass the small of her back, gazing at her perfect, round butt rolling in her tight skirt, with her white thong showing sexily. Mmmm.

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