tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters Ch. 01

Encounters Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Webcam

He was having an ordinary night, sitting at home scanning the internet to see if he could find anything interesting. Out of the corner of his eye a title caught his interest. It was a site for dating. He thought, why not, might as well give it a go. He signs up and starts to go through the ads. After an hour he is about to give up as no-one has caught his interest until all of a sudden there it is. An ad for a girl with a pretty sexy pic attached. An email is sent, to his surprise she replies back. They decide to start chatting and find they have a lot in common. They have caught each other's interest. He would like to see her better so requests that they chat using webcam, she complies. She does warn him though that she's not fully dressed but he doesn't mind.

The webcam goes on; at the other end is a very attractive girl, only wearing a blue and white floral bra and camisole. The camisole hugs her body tightly showing the shape of her body and also pushes breasts up even higher and the contours of her firm mounds can be seen. He starts to wonder what else she's wearing and asks. The only other thing she's got on is a lacy g-string that is part of the outfit. He asks if he can see. She stands up and slowly turns around to show him. Shapely buttocks with just the thinnest of material between the cheeks are seen. As she turns to face the camera it is shown that she is clean-shaven underneath the lace of her g-string. He feels himself getting aroused and tells her. She is pleased.

She asks for him to turn on his webcam. He lets her know he has nothing on at all. She is very pleased with what she sees. She asks to see all of him seeing as it was only fair. He slowly stands up; she can see his smooth chest and her eyes travel down past his belly button to find out just how aroused he is. She finds herself pleased and getting turned on by the sight of his hard, throbbing cock. She starts to touch herself, first by slowly stroking her neck with long nails, all the while he can see what is occurring. She asks him to tell her what he wants to see her do and she will comply.

He starts out by telling her to slowly move the straps of her bra and cami off her shoulders.

She pulls the straps down one by one and ever so slowly to reveal the creamy flesh of her shoulders.

He tells her to pull it down even lower to her stomach, all the while fondling herself as she goes. Slowly her bra and cami lower for him to slowly reveal her firm full breasts and round perky nipples. As she does her hand starts to gently stroke and knead them. She gets the bud of her nipple between two fingers and softly rolls it to make it into a firm peak. A finger is lifted to her mouth and moistened with her tongue to knead the other nipple. She can see just how much this is arousing him and asks him to start stroking himself while watching her.

He starts to stroke himself, softly and gently at first using long even strokes. She licks her lips at the sight before her and wishes that she was there with him.

He tells her to take the bra and cami off and move the camera so he can see further down her body. She does as asked and moves so that he can get a better view. Eyes travel down from her breasts to the contours of her firm, sexy stomach. The camera moves so even more can be seen. He spies the top of her g-string and asks her to slowly take it off. Hands move down her body, all the while stroking. Fingers hook onto each side of the g-string and slowly lower it down over her thighs. Then she sits back down and legs slightly part for him. Slight glistening can be seen from her being excited. He starts to stroke himself more firmly and can see the effect it is having on her.

He tells her to spread her legs apart wider so he can see her moist lips even better. Legs are pulled further apart and fingers start to run across her stomach, slowly moving them down inch by inch. She takes one hand and holds herself open so that he can see just how wet he has made her. A finger is licked and starts to slowly rotate on the hood of her clit while the hand spreads her lips apart as far as they can go. His arousal is starting to heighten and he can feel his cock throb with the desire of wanting to feel him inside her.

Fingers start to travel lower; legs lift up and open wide to provide a better view. She starts to slide one finger in and out of her glistening pussy, starting off slowly then moving faster and faster, then another finger joins the first and then another. She is starting to get excited and he can tell that she is moaning to herself. Her head is thrown back and her face has a look of pure ecstasy on it.

He starts to stroke himself faster and faster, harder and harder. He watches as her body starts to twitch with pleasure. Fingers start to go faster and her other hand starts to rub her clit harder and harder. She is just dripping with wetness. Her body starts to twitch more violently. His engorged cock is near the point of exploding. He strokes himself even faster and faster until he's about to explode. Her fingers move in and out in rapid movements, breathing gets shallower and then her body tightens up and does a great big shudder. At the same moment he feels himself explode.

She gives him a sexy smile when she sees this and lets him know that the next time it happens, he won't be on his own.

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