tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 16

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 16


It was about 4:00 Saturday afternoon and John Wayne still had over 24 hours to spend with Diana Maitland trying to get her pregnant...he knew it was the only thing that would make her stay with him. She had told him that, though she's loved him for so many years and fantasized about him desiring her, she had never believed he could love her...she felt unworthy of his love because he was such a big star and she was nobody. They were reclining again on the double chaise lounge on the patio after their last two hot encounters.

He was trying to show her that she had let her low self-esteem during her painful adolescence affect her ability to believe that she was worthy of his love. He told her to close her eyes and remember herself as she was when she was about 14, before she ever knew about him. He asked her to imagine how she would have reacted during that time if boys had been more interested in her as a person and had not just treated her as a sex object. She thought about it, and then told him that she probably would've hoped that she'd found a steady boyfriend to stay with all through high school, because she would've needed only one boy's constant affection to convince her that she was loveable.

He asked her if she would've given herself to that steady boyfriend. She immediately said no, because her mother had convinced her that nice young girls just didn't have sex until they were married. She reminded him that she didn't get curious about sex until after she was attracted to and became infatuated with him. Then he told her that it didn't mean that she wouldn't have loved and been as attracted to her steady boyfriend as she was to him, and that she still probably would've developed her strong sense of sexuality, so she might very well have changed her mind any way. She conceded the point.

Then he asked her if she had gone to see one of his movies with this steady boyfriend that she loved so much and was so attracted to, would she have still been as enthralled with him. She immediately started to say yes. But then she stopped and really tried to imagine what she would have been like if she had found some boy who she loved and was so attracted to, and he felt the same about her. It dawned on her that she probably would never have even looked at the movie screen, and if she had, she didn't think it would have made a difference. She had so craved the attention of a male who was not her father, that a steady boyfriend would have been her whole world.

She frowned and opened her eyes to look at him. She admitted that she probably wouldn't have noticed him at all...then she looked more confused than ever, and asked him why he was making her think about these things. She started to believe that he was trying to prove to her that she loved him for all the wrong reasons.

He looked at her sadly as he explained to her what he had realized when she told him about her past and why she had become so infatuated with him; she would never have sought him out if the right guy had come along in high school. He would never have gotten to love her, and he would never have experienced the powerful emotional and physical feelings that he has, and will, with her this weekend. Then he added that, even if it doesn't end the way he wants, he would never trade what they have and will share to not experience any pain he might feel in the future. That was why he'd said he'd never regret knowing her or loving her.

But, she still didn't understand what the hell he saw in her! She started to explain her confusion and some of her fears to him, gaining speed as she went along, and her voice rising in pitch and volume as her worries spilled out, then staring off into space as she envisioned the headlines. "I, apparently, am still a confused woman who's letting painful memories of rejection and my self-doubt rule the way I live my life...which I had decided, after that last bastard rejected me, would be on my terms and no one else's.

And I am still scared to death at the thought of having my life pried into and splashed across the entertainment papers if I stay with you. How many of those one-night stands I had would be only too happy to sell their story to those papers about how they'd fucked the Duke's new wife?!! And if I'm pregnant, then all they'd say is that you married me just because you knocked me up! I'll be seen as nothing but a tramp and wouldn't that just be a wonderful boost to your reputation!"

"DIANA!" he roared, as he grabbed her chin with his left hand and forced her face toward him, since he'd been trying to stop her by saying her name a few times but she hadn't heard him because she was lost in her fears and talking so fast. He looked at her with a mixture of anger and regret as he started to present his arguments. "First of all, I understand why you still feel so hurt and full of self-doubt. You grew up feeling rejected by men, except for your father, and all I can say is that those boys in high school and that last bastard were all fools because they couldn't see in you what I do. And, if I have to keep repeating it until you believe me, then I will...you are beautiful—inside and out; you are smart; you are funny; you are generous and kind; you have a beautiful soul and you see the world with so much potential for hope, despite your own painful past—how could I not love you?" he said softly.

Then he began again, angrily, "And secondly, I don't give a shit what those rags write about me, but I do have to say that I tend to take it personally when they pry into my private life—I don't like it any more than you do, but I have learned to make myself ignore what anyone thinks when they read about something that is seen as improper or embarrassing. I already have a somewhat tarnished reputation, as you should know, and anything you did in your past can't hurt me. But I can see how it would hurt you and your family, and I wish I could give you the courage and strength to get past whatever damage might be done. But ultimately, as you have been trying to point out, it is your decision as to what you can accept and live with." He sighed heavily as he finished, then moved his hand from her chin to her right cheek to stroke it gently as he stared into her eyes with a slight frown.

She stared back at him; she finally believed he really loved her, but she still didn't feel strong enough to survive a scandal if her past indiscretions were to come out. He had said it wouldn't hurt him, but how could he know? There was no telling how the rest of the people in the industry would react to something like that; they would probably believe that she deliberately seduced him and got pregnant and they might ridicule him for getting trapped! She closed her eyes and frowned as she turned her head and pressed her cheek firmly against his hand. She had no idea what to say to him.

He saw in her eyes, before she closed them, that she finally believed he really loved her; but it had done nothing to allay her fears about what would happen if her past was discovered and how it might affect his reputation and her own sense of self-worth. He really didn't care how it might affect his reputation or career, but he was worried how it would affect her and their life together. He knew the press could be brutal, and he couldn't stand the thought that she might suffer since they would hound her just because of her connection to him. He had no idea what to say to her.

She slowly looked up at him; and almost at the same time, they said, "So, here we are—now what?" They both stopped and smiled wryly at each other. Then she reached up and put her hand over his, nuzzling her cheek into his palm as she said, "I still owe you a lifetime's worth of happiness, and I intend to give you that every second that I can! I will do whatever you want or need—please tell me what you want!"

His deep blue eyes darkened with passion as he stared down at her, and he rumbled in his soft, gravelly voice, "I just want to love you...forever..." as he leaned down and kissed her tenderly. The kiss gradually deepened until they were both clinging desperately to each other.

She had her chin on his right shoulder and her arms wrapped around him as he clutched her tightly against him, and she whispered passionately, "Take me to bed. Make love to me... forever."

He slowly loosened his hold on her and looked at her with his eyes smoldering, and rumbled huskily, "Your wish is my command, little girl."

He stood up from the chaise and leaned down to pick her up in his arms; she always marveled at how he scooped her up like she was light as a feather. He carried her into the house and up the stairs to the master bedroom. He hadn't been lying when he said the bed was big—it looked big enough to sleep four people his size comfortably! He walked over to the side of the bed closest to the wall of glass doors covered with shear curtains on the ocean side, and set her down to throw the bedspread and top sheet back and to the other side out of the way.

Then they laid on the bed on their sides and kissed tenderly, as he roamed his left hand over the right side of her body to caress her, then moved to her right breast, and then down to her crotch to rub his fingers in her soft, wet pussy, making her moan softly. He was fully hard again and his dick was pressing against her thighs, and she took her right hand and wrapped it around him and gently tugged his cock toward her as she opened her legs. He propped himself up on his right elbow and lifted his right side up and she slid her left leg under him at his waist and put her right leg over him, positioning the head of his dick at her wet opening.

They were staring at each other with their raw desire burning in their eyes, and she moaned, "Take me hard! Impale me on your beautiful, big cock! Then fuck me slowly, like you want to do it forever..."

The fire in his eyes blazed hotly, as he laid down facing her, slipping his right arm under her waist and his left arm over her right hip to grasp her ass and shove her onto his thick shaft just as he thrust his hips into her hard, groaning deeply at how tight she felt in this position. God, how he loved the feeling of his big, hard dick being squeezed by her soft, wet pussy. His cock was throbbing with pleasure...or was that her pussy throbbing on his cock? He couldn't tell...so tightly was their flesh joined together.

She gasped as he entered her roughly; it didn't hurt, but this position made her feel even tighter and the hugeness of his cock made her pussy throb with pleasure. She moaned deeply at the excitement and ecstasy that coursed through her from feeling her soft body impaled so suddenly and so tightly onto his hard male flesh...she thought that God really knew what he was doing when he invented sex. Then she fleetingly thought as he started to slowly thrust in and out of her that, if it was this good for everyone, no one would ever get anything done...everyone would be fucking all the time!

He wrapped his arms around her as he started thrusting into her slowly and deeply, kissing her the same way, as her hips matched his rhythm; and they just slowly kissed and fucked as they lost all sense of time and awareness of anything else around them. It was just them, their bodies moving together, their hearts beating and their souls joined...as one.

That force of nature in them finally whispered that they needed to, once again, attempt to fulfill their hope of creating a life together. He rolled her onto her back with her legs lifted up and started thrusting harder and deeper into her as he lifted up on his forearms so he could watch her face as he ground his hips into her to try to make her cum before he did. He used the leverage of being on his forearms to help give him some momentum on his forward thrusts and made his hips roll a little more. She closed her eyes and her back arched and he knew she was close as she moaned deeply, so he ground his hips against her just a little harder on the next several thrusts and she clamped her thighs to his hips as she opened her mouth and uttered, "Ohhhhhhhhh John!!!!" with a slow, deep groan as her pussy squeezed his dick with slow, throbbing pulses.

His orgasm seemed to go just as slowly; his dick throbbed with each slow pulse as his seed was implanted in her, his hips thrusting his shaft into her as deeply as possible with each pulse, and his eyes burning into hers. He groaned deep in his throat as he gave one last hard thrust into her, then smiled sexily and panted, "By the time we're through this weekend, I'm going to be one hell of a gardener!"

She smiled and laughed softly, then wrapped her arms around his neck and said just as sexily, "You can plow into me and plant your seed as many times as you want, big man! Then pulled him down for a quick, deep kiss as she braced her feet on the mattress with her hips tilted upward. When he raised up, they smiled at each other for a few moments, then he sighed and backed his hips away from her, pulling his cock out of her slowly as she groaned softly.

He knew how she hated to feel like such a mess, so he got up and went into the master bathroom and got a small towel to put under her so she wouldn't leak onto the sheet and then brought her a warm, wet washcloth. She smiled knowingly at him as she took the washcloth and wiped the wetness from between her thighs as she kept her hips rolled upward, then watched him as he went into the bathroom to clean up, which only took him a minute.

She glanced at the wall of glass and saw the ocean through the sheer curtains, so she asked him to open them and, when he did, she saw there were doors leading out to a balcony over top of the patio below. So she asked him to open one of the doors so she could hear the sound of the surf. A soft breeze blew in through the door and she could smell the salt air as it wafted into the room, and she took a deep breath and sighed. He walked over and sat down next to her on the bed, facing her.

He saw her looking toward the ocean with such longing again, and he remembered he had asked his friend to bring his boat around in the morning, but he didn't know if she liked going out on boats, so he asked her if she had ever been on a boat. She became very enthusiastic and said she loved boating...all kinds. Her father owned a fishing boat and they went fishing a lot on the Chesapeake Bay and many of its tributaries. By the time she was 12 years old, she had done all sorts of fishing—saltwater, freshwater, surf casting, even deep-sea fishing once when she was older. She had gone crabbing, digging for mussels, and shallow diving for scallops. She even learned how to sail because some days the wind would blow too hard for decent fishing, so she wanted another excuse to be able to go out on the water. She ended by saying how much she had missed all that since she'd been living out here without any access to a boat.

He smiled; he hoped she would be really excited to see his boat tomorrow morning. He was impressed at how much she had experienced, and also excited to see her enthusiasm for something that he loved to do as well. He put his hand on her thigh and caressed her as he realized how alike they were and wondered how much more they had in common. So he asked her if she had any other outdoor activities that she enjoyed doing. She told him that she loved horses and riding, but she hadn't been able to do that in years—since her late teens. She tried to go hunting a few times with her father and brothers, as they were all avid hunters, but she just couldn't bring herself to shoot at the animals because she'd had pet rabbits as a little girl, and had always fed the squirrels in their yard and considered them pets as well. And she thought the deer were just too pretty; but that didn't stop her from eating venison, squirrel and rabbit when it was served for dinner!

But when her father taught her how to shoot guns, she was hooked. She did a lot of target practice with small handguns and .22 rifles, and then she learned to skeet shoot with a shotgun, so she made herself go duck hunting once, just to see if she could hit a live target. She shot both ducks she aimed at and that was good enough for her, so she quit and took her ducks home for dinner and she never hunted again. But she has kept up with her target practice since she keeps a .22 in the nightstand next to her bed for protection since she lives alone; she said it would be foolish for a woman to have a gun for protection and not know or remember how to use it, or not be able to hit what she's aiming at! Then she finished provocatively, "And I can definitely hit what I aim at!"

He grew more amazed with everything she told him; my God, she was perfect for him! She enjoyed doing almost everything he did—except for the hunting! He wanted to find out just how much she knew about fishing, so he started asking her all kinds of questions. What kind of gear and tackle had she used for saltwater and freshwater fishing, what types of bait, and what kinds of fish had she caught. As he asked her those questions, he laid back down beside her on his right side with his right arm up and his head propped on his hand while he listened to her.

She had used mostly rods with open-faced reels and double bottom rigs for saltwater fishing, with bloodworms, minnows, squid and soft crab for bait—depending on what kinds of fish they were after. Bloodworms would attract most any kind of fish, especially smaller ones like spot, croaker, trout and black sea bass. Flounder usually preferred minnows and squid, and larger trout and rockfish would go crazy for soft crab. Most of her freshwater fishing was done with just a cane pole and a single hook on a line with a cork, using worms, minnows, crickets and meat scraps for bait to catch small crappie, perch, bluegills and catfish; and she had used a rod and reel with different lures to cast for large mouth bass and pike. The only type of fishing she'd never done was fly-fishing.

She started to smile as she recalled the one time she had gone deep-sea fishing on a chartered boat when she was 17 years old. They had gone trolling about 30 miles offshore of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the Gulf Stream. They had used larger rods and reels and heavier tackle that was on board the boat, but she hadn't paid much attention to it since the first mate handled all the gear and tackle. All they'd had to do was land the fish when something took the bait on one of the lines. She lit up when she said she'd helped land a small sailfish, which was the one fish she'd hoped to catch on that trip—she thought sailfish were the most beautiful of the billfish. She fought it for about 20 minutes and then had to turn it over to one of her brothers because her arms were getting shaky and she didn't want to lose the fish.

When it was finally landed and the first mate pulled it into the boat, she saw it was a little longer than she was tall and she would have sworn that the thing weighed at least 80 pounds. So, when she asked the mate how much he thought it weighed and he said about 30 pounds, she was stunned! She knew those fish were strong, but she never realized just how strong and she gained a new respect for them. She briefly thought about keeping it to have it stuffed to mount on a wall, but when she realized how small it was and how young it must have been, she couldn't bring herself to end its life so soon, so she told the first mate to let it go.

She went on to tell him that they ended that trip with 3 tuna—1 big eye and 2 yellow fins, and a few dolphin fish. When he furrowed his brow at dolphin fish, she said "mahimahi," and explained that on the east coast they call them dolphin fish. Ah, then he knew what fish she was talking about. He realized that she knew a lot about fishing and obviously missed it, and he hoped they would have decent weather tomorrow so they could do some fishing.

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