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Enema Discipline


"Francine come in here please, it's time for your enema."

Francine whined from the other room, but emerged a few minutes later, wearing only a pair of black stockings. Tom had the enema bag full already, and placed it on a hook above the bed. Francine laid on the edge of the bed, nude, with her legs drawn up to her chest. Tom inserted the nozzle, and opened the flow of warm water from the bag.

Francine furrowed her brows and began to whimper slightly, her bowels filling up steadily.

"Tom, please don't make me too full, oh please..."

Her Husband Tom laid next to her, kissing her softly, and played with her nipples.

"Shhhh, Francine, I want your asshole nice and clean too play in, you know that, now be a good girl while I finish filling your asshole up."

Francine was very accustomed to her enemas, it had been a ritual for sometime. Francine Had become able to hold large amounts of fluid in her bowels, and had learned to retain it, if Tom wished her to, for a period of time up to a half an hour, or sometimes a little longer.

"Ok, ok, I'm full now.... Tom, I'm Full.... Oh Please....Tom, I want to please you so bad, but I'm so full.!"

As Francine whimpered, Tom stopped the flow, and removed the nozzle.

"Ok, Francine, let me see those little titties bounce."

Francine began to jump up and down gingerly, her overloaded bowels aching, as she clenched down her asshole to avoid expelling the fluid.

"Very nice Francine." tom said, watching her intently, as he stroked his 10 inch cock shaft. Now come over here and get your spanking." Francine laid across Tom's lap. His cock pressing against her swollen abdomen. Tom slapped her ass cheek with his hand, leaving a bight red mark. Francine shrieked as the spanking intensified leaving her ass, and the back of her thighs bright red.

"You have to be disciplined Francine." Tom explained as he continued her extensive spanking. "Tell me what you like to do, you naughty, nasty, girl?"

"I'm a nasty girl, and I like to get fucked in the ass by really big dicks!" Francine gasped in-between slaps.

"And what else?"

"Oh God," Francine wailed. "Like to put things in my ass when my husbands not around."

"Like what kinds of thing, you nasty, dirty girl, do you put up your ass while I'm away."

"Anything! the last time, it was a 16 oz. water bottle."

Francine's ass was glowing red. Tom reached down and fingered her pussy. He let her get up.

"I think we should go out for a walk while I think up a punishment for your greedy asshole."

"Please Tom, let me get rid of this water first, don't make me walk around, so full, I can barely keep it in while standing still."

"Francine," Tom leaned over to kiss her. "You know that holding the enema water is one of the best ways to tighten your spinster mussels. You want your asshole nice and tight for me don't you?"

Francine loved the feeling of a huge cock splitting her asshole.

"Yes, ok Tom, put I'll have to walk slow."

When Tom an Francine returned from their walk Francine's body shuttered in visible waves. A fine mist of sweat on her forehead, and her breathy voice was evidence of her struggle to retain the enema.

However, Francine told Tom that the discomfort of the urgency, had given way to pleasure, and she was prepared to hold the enema like a "good girl", until he was ready her let her expel. The spasms came in waves across Francine's body heightening her sensitivity everyplace on her body.

Chapter 2 coming soon

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by Anonymous12/23/17

“ spinster mussels”?

So the female character has mollusks in her rectum? I can’t even guess what spinster is referring to? I’m usually easy-going when it comes to composition errors in erotica. Perhaps the authormore...

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