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Enema Initiation


There were six of us in the main room of the sorority, looking very pleased but also somewhat apprehensive. We had been selected to pledge a House everybody called Theta Sig, the most selective and prestigious sorority on campus. We were pleased because we'd been anointed, chosen to join this very elite House. But apprehensive because we knew that pledging meant initiation and that was what we were gathering here for today. Theta's initiations, we also all knew, had a reputation along sorority row of being among the most extreme and unusual.

But we agreed it was worth it. To be a Theta Sister was to be at the very top of the campus pecking order. They were the cream of the crop, the elite. Theta coeds, the sisters of this sorority, were held in awe, but also envied and resented. They were the ones all the good-looking guys (or girls!) on campus went for first, the first to be invited to elite Fraternity functions, the ones who got all the intense looks when we crossed the campus quads. They were among the most beautiful on campus, had the best figures, were among the most athletic, often the richest, the ones with the snazziest foreign cars, the plums, the creme de la creme, the high school homecoming queens, the ones all the high school girls and college freshman all wanted to be like. They, the members, all knew it. And we, the inductees, eager to pledge, knew it too.

Suddenly the door was flung open and twenty or so of the sorority's members, led by Penny, its president, sauntered into the room like a pack of supremely self-confident goddesses.

"Okay, I want to see the six of you strip," Penny ordered in a smooth, commanding voice.

"Strip?" Jessica, one of the inductees, a girl from my dorm asked, a little amazed.

Penny walked right up to Jessica, like a Marine drill sergeant, and glared at her.

"What part of the word strip don't you understand? It means take off your fucking clothes," Penny barked, then flashed her gaze over the six of us, "All of you! Right now! Strip!"

And so the six of us began to take off our clothes. It didn't bother me; I'm not especially modest and I have a great body which I like showing off. Some of my girlfriends have even accused me of being a little bit of an exhibitionist. The fact that I'm bi also didn't hurt. All the sorority sisters were cute as hell, and so were the inductees.

"Take everything off?" one of the girls asked when he were down to our undies. This was Arianna, a striking foreign student from Greece, her father supposedly a fabulously wealthy shipping magnate.

"Every last thing," Penny said, smiling smugly. I pulled down my panties just as Arianna pulled down hers. And now I saw why Arianna might've asked is we had to strip all the way. Unlike me and four of the others girls, who were all shaved or trimmed down below, Arianna had a full, thick and very untrimmed patch of pubic hair.

"Why look at that," Penny snickered, gazing down at Arianna's crotch, "One of you seems to have quite a jungle growing down there."

"Yeah, I bet it's a hot, humid jungle too," Jill, another sorority member whom I had met and talked to once, added as all the sisters laughed.

Arianna blushed, looking over at me as I tried to reassure her with a smile, a smile which said that I, for one, liked furry humid jungles like hers. I had just started to trim my own pubes and had to admit I found something erotic in a nice bushy 'V' like Arianna's. I'd say from the way some of the other sisters and inductees were eyeing her dense tangle, I wasn't the only one.

A few moments later the six of us were stark naked, our clothes forming six little piles by out feet. There was me, Arianna the stunning and furry Greek, little Jessica who was so astounded when Penny asked us all to strip. Jessica was a perfectly proportioned pixie, but tiny, hardly five feet tall. She was a state high school gymnastics champion from her home state, Ohio. Her mom and sister had been members of this same sorority, and so she was really eager to join it herself. Then there was Sue, a tall shapely beauty, regal and haughty. The stately Texan was a homecoming queen from a suburban Dallas high school and made sure everyone knew it. Deb, a cute button-nosed blonde was her high school valedictorian, school president and, according to the gossip in the freshman dorm, was a real pussy hound. The 'muff diving queen' is what some of the other freshman girls called her behind her back. And finally there was LuAnne, a sleek, lithe black girl, her skin a lovely mocha color and her face gorgeous, as gorgeous as a model's. And she was sassy and funny. Very funny. And being funny always gives you an edge when you're pledging a sorority. Especially when you're also as cute and sexy as LuAnne was.

That was the line-up, six of us, standing there, as naked as on the day we were born.

"Follow me," Penny ordered as we followed her down the hallway and then down another into a room, with the other sisters trailing us, whispering and snickering, making comments about our bodies and our bare asses, which were in full view of their eyes, sizing us all up, no doubt, as girls are apt to do with one another when they see each other naked.

We entered the room and our eyes went wide. It was a big bare room with a few chairs and an old couch, and a sink in one corner. And hanging from six hooks on the wall were identical rubber bags. They looked a little like the rubber douche bag my mother used to hang up to dry after she used it, a very vivid memory from my childhood. My mother was this great looking woman and when I finally looked it up in a book and learned what douching meant it amazed me, that my mother used that to clean out her…. her cunt!

"Oh my god, enema bags!" Arianna gasped. Maybe because she was from Greece she was more familiar with this kind of apparatus.

"I never saw one," Deb said.

"Me neither," Jessica added.

Sue just stood there, staring, her jaw hanging slack.

These red rubber bags were much larger than the bag my mom used for her douches. But like that bag, there was a clamped hose dangling from each bag, and a nozzle attached to the end of each hose. Except the black glossy nozzles were larger and longer than the one on my mom's douche bag.

"Yes, girls, those are enema bags," Penny started to explain in a crisp voice, with just a touch of mockery to it. "And this will be your initiation. Soon each of those bags will be filled with exactly two quarts of warm soapy water. And each one of you girls is going to be given one of those enemas. And after you've taken it, you will be expected to retain it, to hold it inside yourselves for a full half hour. If you succeed, then you will have our congratulations, and we will move to the next two steps of your initiation. And if you then succeed at those ordeals as well, you will be welcomed as new members of Theta. If you cannot hold your enemas, however, and ask to use the toilet to shit and empty yourselves, then you will be allowed to do that and you will be shown the door. And never be permitted into this house again. If you somehow lose control and leak or spill, then you will be asked to clean up, and then shown the door as well and told never to return. Does everyone understand?'"

In shocked silence we all nodded that we did, gazing at those bags and the big scary looking nozzles.

"Is there anyone who would like to leave now, before we begin with your test and ordeal, and give up pledging?"

No one did; no one moved, although all of us were obviously apprehensive.

"Very good," Penny said, turning to one of the other sisters, "Nikki, please proceed"

Nikki stepped forward. Less glamorous and less obviously 'feminine' than the other sorority members standing there, Nikki nonetheless was quite a looker, lean and athletic, with a short 'punk' haircut you didn't expect to see in a sorority woman. But here on this campus even those you wouldn't expect to join one of the Greek houses, girls or guys, often did. That's because the only other choice was spending three more years in one of the awful, cramped high-rise dormitories.

"Each of you stand in front of one of the bags, backs to us," Nikki ordered us in a firm but not unfriendly voice, "feet planted wide apart, bend over, hands on your knees."

We all assumed the position demanded of us, Sue, to my left, blushing terribly as she did so. The haughty homecoming queen wasn't accustomed to bending over, naked, in front of other girls and no doubt found doing just that quite humiliating. She was probably much more accustomed to humiliating others. I had heard enough about enemas to know that there were probably much greater humiliations yet to come. But that was part of what a Greek house initiation was all about, humiliation, obedience, helplessness, submission.

Now the reason I'd heard about enemas is that I was rather anal in my sexual bent. With guys and girls I often enjoyed anal play. My ass had been licked and fingered by guys and by girls, and my tongue and fingers had eaten and felt a few asses. A couple of guys had fucked me anally, and a few girls, especially this one I was seeing right now down the hall in my dorm, loved using toys in my ass. So going online and stuff I'd read about enemas and how some women who liked anal play got into them sexually. So I decided then and there that I wasn't just going to see this as a sorority initiation, but as a sexual experience as well. That would make it both easier and much more interesting to endure.

Then we all turned to watch Nikki take hold of a large plastic beaker and squeeze some liquid soap into it from a container. Next she turned on the faucet and gauged the temperature of the water with a finger, filling the beaker.

"Exactly two quarts for each of you," she said as she filled the beaker. Then she reached up to pour the soapy water into the first of the enema bags, the one in front of Deb. We all looked up, some with dread, some with fascination, some with a mix of both, as the bag began to expand and bloat as Nikki filled it. She repeated this until all six bags were filled with their load of soapy enema water, the bags menacingly full and heavy above us.

"Oh God!!" Jessica gasped in a whisper next to me as we all stared up at the full bags.

Now Nikki put down the beaker and picked up a tube of lubricating jelly, the same kind I use when I have anal penetration. She squeezed out a dab onto her finger and worked it between Sue's cheeks, into her asshole.

"Oooooooh, easy!" Sue groaned and I wondered if she'd ever had anyone else's finger stuck up her ass.

I was next and actually looked over my shoulder at Nikki as she lubed my asshole, my anus perfectly relaxed, enjoying it. The smile Nikki and I shared said we'd be friends if I ever made it into the sorority, very close friends. I'm sure Penny had chosen Nikki for this task because Nikki had no problem sticking her fingers into other girls' assholes. In fact Nikki probably begged to be the one to do it, to prepare the girls and the enemas, and to administer them. I could tell. I could tell these sorts of things about other girls.

Soon all six of us were lubed down there. Next Nikki smeared a little more lube over each of the nozzles. And then, one by one, she worked the six lubricated nozzles into our six lubricated assholes Six naked inductees bending over, each with a nozzle planted in her anus, full enema bags hanging above us.

"Okay, release the clamps," Penny ordered, as Nikki went down the line, unclamping the hoses. Immediately I could feel the warm enema squirt into my ass. It felt sort of strange at first, but kind of good, nice and warm. And, as I said, I'm one of these girls who likes to feel things in her ass.

"Jeez, that feels weird," Sue muttered. This was a new experience for the Texas homecoming queen.

The bags were hung high above us and so the enema flowed into us at quite a pressure, injected into us more than flowed, actually. I'd taken an enema once, but it was one of those little bulb enemas when I was constipated. A nurse in a camp I went to had given it to me. I think she enjoyed sticking the nozzle of that bulb into my ass. But this was different. This was really filling me up, filling me up fast. And I knew it was filling up all the other girls in just the same way.

"Oh God, I'm starting to feel really full," Deb announced.

"You're going to feel fuller, a lot fuller," Arianna the furry Greek said knowingly, and I guessed that, of the six of us, she knew something about enemas.

We stared up at the bags to see they were still swollen and heavy, even though it seemed as though so much had already flowed inside us.

Now I was really starting to feel full, uncomfortably so, as though I would've been very happy to pull out that nozzle, dash to the nearest toilet, and shit out the enema.

"Shit, I don't know how much I can take," Jessica groaned as the sorority girls laughed, enjoying themselves as they watched us endure this ordeal.

"Hey, you can leave anytime you want," Penny said, pointing to the door, "there's toilets behind that door."

But Jessica just closed her eyes and bit her lip. She was the sort who most desperately wanted to join this sorority, so she wasn't going to give up too easily.

Soon a sharp cramp shot through my bowels and at the same moment I saw LuAnne clutching her tummy. She was such a slim wisp of a thing, so she must've really felt that enema filling her.

"Oh fuck, it hurts!" she said, grimacing, holding on to her swelling tummy.

Now, looking up, I could see the bags were pretty much deflated, most of the two soapy quarts inside each of us now.

"It's so much, I can't believe how much," Arianna moaned, clutching her tummy too.

"Okay Nikki, you can pull out the nozzles," Penny said a few minutes later, seeing the bags were finally empty and deflated and that each of us had taken the full enema. Nikki clamped the hoses again and pulled the nozzles out of our assholes, the six of us grunting and sighing, trying to find comfortable positions. Penny meanwhile took out a timer and set it to a half hour.

"Okay, girls, now your job is to hold those enemas inside yourselves until the timer rings thirty minutes from now," Penny told us.

I needed to shit so bad now that it seemed unbelievable I could hold it in for a full half hour. But I was determined, as were the other girls, the six of us glancing at each other, our eyes like the eyes of frightened, desperate animals. I was starting to break out in a sweat, and I could see beads of sweat form on the foreheads of the other girls as they gasped and groaned and grimaced.

There we were, six really cute and naked eighteen and nineteen year olds squirming and groaning, writhing and moaning, breaking out into sweats. And watching us were twenty of the sorority sisters, laughing, laughing almost mockingly. It was like we were animals in a zoo. This was the moment when the animals start showing signs of distress, signs that they really need to shit and the visitors wait to watch and laugh. They were only one or two or three years older than us, but they were dressed and we were stark naked. They were relaxed and comfortable, while we were bloated with huge enemas and desperate to relieve ourselves. They were sitting or standing, hands on hips, arms folded, cool and casual. We were sweating and grunting and enduring painful cramps and clutching our gurgling tummies. It was so humiliating, the moans, the pained grimaces on our faces, our utter helplessness. And yet if we were to successfully pledge the sorority, we had to – we absolutely had to! – remain in control of our sphincters. We couldn't let go, we couldn't let it spill until we were told it was okay.

When Deb, the little blonde, starting shouting, "I gotta go! I gotta shit! I gotta shit! I can't stand it another minute, I really need to shit!" she spoke for all of us and only made it worse, mouthing what the rest of us were trying so hard to conceal and deny -- our extraordinarily desperate need to shit out our enemas! The sisters all laughed when she spoke out like that, but they were laughing at all of us, not just Deb, knowing we all felt the same way.

We all have experienced those desperate moments when we have to pee or shit so badly and we're at a party or something and someone's in the bathroom and we'd do anything to get in there, slap our bare asses down on the toilet seat and pee or shit or both, but we can't. And someone starts talking to us but we can't pay any attention because all we can think about is how badly we need to use the toilet and relieve ourselves. Well that's how I felt then. Except about a hundred times as strongly as ever before. And I'm sure that's how all the girls felt. I had a two-quart enema inside me, and it was soapy which made the urge and the need even worse. Plus, I probably had needed to take a shit anyway when I got to the Sorority house, earlier but was too nervous to ask where the bathroom was and disappear from all the others, worried that I'd miss out on something.

Suddenly LuAnne, the cute little black girl, clutched her tummy, her faced screwed up in a look almost of agony. She dropped to the floor, looking so distressed. Though I could hardly move or bend, I leaned down and softly caressed her tummy, hoping that would soothe her somewhat, relieve some of her anguish.

"Very nice," Penny said, pleased, "we like to see a sister helping another."

I felt good hearing that and LuAnne, between my caresses and Penny's words seemed to feel better. The petite black beauty and I gave each other a meaningful look, even managing weak smiles, despite our agony. Arianna looked at us both and smiled as I reached up and patted her tummy too and she reached down and patted mine gently.

Meanwhile the others girls continued to hiss and howl, looking over at the timer, trying to will that hand to move faster to the mark, ending this dreaded half hour of enforced enema retention.

"I can't, I can't! I can't! I can't! I can't hold it anymore!" Sue the Texan announced, hobbling towards the toilet. I would've thought it would've been Deb, who was groaning minutes ago about how desperately she needed to shit, who would be the first to give out, but it was Sue.

But she couldn't even make it to the toilet, couldn't even hold out that long. Halfway there, suddenly, her bowels gave way and the enema gushed out her perfect cheerleader's ass like a dirty brown waterfall, a look of total stunned horror on Sue's face. She couldn't believe what she had just done, covering her face with her hands, sobbing, sobbing and shitting, right there in front of all of us.

"Oh my god! OH MY GOD!!!!" she gasped as it came jetting out of her ass, the enema and her shit too. As distressed as the others of us were, we couldn't help watching spellbound as Sue suffered through her terribly humiliating accident. Not only was she losing control of her bowels in front of all of us, but by doing this she failed to complete her initiation. She would never be a member of Theta; one of her great dreams had been shattered. The sorority sisters of course all howled with mocking laughter while we initiates, while still suffering terribly, clenching our sphincters, enduring our cramps, clutching out tummies were at least slightly distracted by what was happening to Sue.

"Get a mop and a pail and some rags," Penny ordered one of the others who retrieved it and brought it to Sue, forcing her to pull her hands away from her shame-wracked face.

"Now clean up your shit and get the fuck out of here," Penny barked as a naked, mortified Sue mopped and wiped up, averting her gaze, unbelievably debased and embarrassed by what had just happened to her. But at least she was no longer suffering; at least her bowels, unlike our painfully bloated ones, were now emptied.

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