Broken down on a deserted street late at night was not a situation which Danni pictured being in before leaving the club. Her situation wouldn't have been so bad, except her cell phone is dead and she was dressed rather provocatively, having just come from the nightclub. She'd gone to dance and drink and have a good time and to her dismay she was on her way home- alone- when her car broke down. Danni knew she had to get to a phone, but there were nothing but strip malls and industrial buildings and the only phones to be seen were outside sleazy looking liquor stores, surrounded by crowds of dark looking men...

Danni had never wished to find a police officer more in her life. She debated whether to leave the car or not, but when she couldn't take it anymore, she screwed up her courage, gathered her belongings and, locking the door behind her, she started down the street.

Danni remembered- or thought she remembered- another shopping center a few blocks back. The lights were out on the street and her "come fuck me" boots clacked as she walked, breaking the cool evening silence. The moisture lay thick and heavy on the air, muffling the sounds of the night- the few passing cars, the whistle of a solitary train in the distance...

Looking down at the ground, Danni didn't see the car come around the corner in front of her. All she knew was that, in an instant, she was bathed in white light while an authoritative voice called out behind her. "Hey, come here!"

As she looked up, Danni got the distinct impression that she'd done something wrong. She saw the outline of a police cruiser and inside at least one officer, shining his spot light directly into her eyes. She started to walk toward the cruiser, her hands over her eyes, letting her jacket spill open....

"That's far enough. Turn around."

Danni did as she was told, of course. She was never one to resist authority. She placed her hands on top of her head, interlocking her fingers like she'd seen in the movies. It wasn't long before the light switched off and she felt hands on her flanks...

"A little late to be working, isn't it?" The officer asked. His voice wasn't as gruff up close, just calm, professional, stern. He began frisking her, first outside her petty coat, then up underneath...

"Excuse me? Working?" Danni turned her head. Before she could complete her inquiry, he barked back:

"Eyes forward!" he accentuated this with his right hand firmly grabbing the nape of her neck, forcing her neck straight, while his left hand slide across her ass cheeks...

I shouldn't have dressed this dirty tonight. He thinks I'm a hooker!

"Spread your legs." He ordered. Danni nodded, and tried to split them shoulder width apart, her eyes closed, waiting for this to be over. He would be sorry!

This is why you don't go to the club alone, Danni Girl!!

She felt him kneels down, his hands sliding up and down her legs, then going up her skirt...

"HEY!" She shouted, startled. The balls on this cop were just too much. She spun around, only to get a blast of light to her eyes. The cop had her blinded, and Danni found herself being taken by the arm...

...away from the street.

The flashlight shut off and she found herself behind the store on the corner. Her body was pressed up against the wall, the only light now spilling in from the moonlight outside the alley...

She felt cold steel on her wrists. Her first instinct was to resist, but his hands were too powerful. She felt her face rub into the wall, and at last, she was cuffed. Danni had frequently used handcuffs before...for purposes less criminal, though requiring the same degree of restraint... so she knew to relax now. She was cuffed and without ripping her coat, shirt and bra completely off, there was no way for her to be un-cuffed.

Danni was breathing hard, legs spread again, trying not to get excited. Her hormones were betraying her even as she prayed for the ordeal to end. She could feel a warm, tingling sensation in her crotch as the blood flowed to it, while the cop behind her searched her bag. He chuckled and Danni could only assume he'd found her condoms. Now he was sure to think she was a whore.

"Alright... I've got you on solicitation and on resisting arrest." He said, sliding up behind her. "But I haven't seen you around in this area before, so I'll give you a warning this time. As for the resisting part....you need a lesson on respecting authority, don't you?"

Danni knew better than to scream. She knew better than to resist. She could only shake her head as she felt him wrap his arms around her, his belt buckle pressing into the small of her back...

Her body betrayed her....the night of drinking, dancing and grinding, the terror of being stranded and helpless, the elation of finding a police car...only to find out....

A hand slid down her waist and underneath her skit. She closed her eyes, hoping he wouldn't notice...

"Wow...you're wet. I wonder if I'm doing you a bigger favor than I thought..."

His breath, hot and cruel on her ear excited and terrified Danni. She tried not to, but she had to moan. He started to grind his crotch into her ass, his fingers finding her clit and pressing her into him. She could feel his penis stir under his uniform trousers...he positioned it between her cheeks....

"No underwear tonight, sweetie?" He cooed. "Yeah, I was right. What a slut."

He released Danni's clit, stood back and, keeping a hand on her cuffs, unzipped himself. Danni heard the sound behind her, wondering what was next, trying to cry, trying to scream, trying to be something other than turned on...

She shook her head again, but this time all she could manage was a weak,


"That's the wrong attitude," the cop snarled. He grabbed her hair and lowered her slowly to the ground. Once on her knees, he reached inside her now wide open coat and began to fumble with her shirt, lifting it up over her breasts...

Danni's body betrayed her excitement. They way the damp night air felt on her breasts, the way he pulled her bra up and over them without regard for her, it was all very hot. He was taking what he wanted and Danni couldn't help but feel it....

...it was what she wanted. She loved being controlled and dominated. He knelt down beside her and began massaging her breasts roughly. The thought of his hard cock violating her increasingly wet pussy made her quiver...as he spoke again, his voice so near to her ear made her clamp down on her lip so hard, she feared it would draw blood.

"You need an attitude adjustment, bitch. You're going to learn to respect authority, if I have to slam it down your throat."

She sat, handcuffed, on her knees, while he stood before her, looking up and down the alley, stroking his stiffness just inches from Danni's face. She was totally given into his power now, and in her mind she raged at him. He could see it in her eyes and the look of death with met with pitiless satisfaction. She hated him and he loved it.

She could at least make him work for it.

He pressed his tip to her lips, sliding it along from one corner of her mouth to the other. Danni tensed and swayed, and her nipples tightened, but she didn't open her mouth. The cop reached down and grabbed her hair, yanking back hard and forcing her jaw open. He smacked her firmly across her open cheek, making her eyes water a little, before ordering her:

"You little cunt. You're gonna suck this cock, whether you enjoy it or not. Stick out your tongue..."

Danni did as she was told, and was soon rewarded with the taste of a warm dick sliding across her tongue stud. Like a good girl, she pressed it up and into the vein on the underside, for the first time noticing how large it was. She could easily fit it in her mouth, and it was wide enough that she could wrap her lips around it comfortably....which she did.....

At first, the officer began sliding it in and out, his hands on her head, his fingers intertwined in her locks. Before long, it was Danni who was bobbing up and down on his cock; her eyes locked upward trying to see a face that was obscured by the darkness of the evening. As she focused in the darkness, she could feel his cock swelling up in her mouth. Danni strained against her handcuffs, wanting to touch herself so desperately, or to play with the balls slapping her chin each time she took him in deep. She moaned- or rather tried to, around the large dick about to coat her throat with warm, sticky cum...

The cop grabbed Danni's throat. "You suck this cock like a good little slut, don't you? You like a hard cock in your mouth??"

Danni nodded, her eyes never leaving the shadow above her.

"That's a good little bitch....." He rolled his head back, pumping her mouth faster and faster, slamming into her face. Danni started to feel her own crotch tingle as she tasted the first warm spurt of semen shoot across her tongue....followed by four more thick heavy loads. It was sweet and thick and almost made her gag if not for him pulling out and slapping his pulsing cock across her lips, smearing spit and cum all over her lipstick.

"Ohhhh, that was great, sweetie." He said, a menace to his voice. "You're almost done..."

Danni closed her eyes, hoping it was over, but a fire burned in her...she needed to get fucked. It was part of the reason she'd gone dancing that night, to get some. She never expected it to happen this way.

She felt cold on her exposed chest, wishing he would cover her breasts again, but it wasn't to be. The officer pushed Danny over, still kneeling, feeling the hurt from the concrete. He pulled her skirt up and tucked it under her cuffed hands, exposing her ass to the cool air and her dripping wet snatch for the world to see. Danni expected to feel his warm cock head on her lips but instead, she shivered when she felt him stroking her labia with what could only be a nightstick...

"Mmmmmm......please........" she moaned, just wanting to be filled. The cop didn't keep her waiting....the shaft was hard and cold, and made her crave his cock all the more. "Please fuck me...." She begged....

"You can do better than that," He hissed as he grabbed her shoulder, getting closer...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, PLEASE fuck me, sir....please fuck this pussy with your big, hard cock. I didn't mean to disrespect you, Officer!"

Before she could finish, he yanked the nightstick out and thrust himself to her. He paused at her pussy lips for a moment, sliding a hand under her cuffs and up her back before plunging himself deep into her waiting wetness.

She could feel his head hitting her G-spot, making her scream out with every thrust. He felt like she was gong to fall face first into the ground, but one of his hands held her handcuffs while another reached around and squeezed her breast. She moaned as he got bigger inside her, and as his own moaning started to match hers, he moved a hand down to her crack and started to tease her ass.

"Yesssssssss" the words barely escaped her lips. And he obliged, licking a finger and placing it every so slowly down her ass while furiously fucking her taught twat.

Danni felt it first, a little tingle on the top of her ass that spread through her body. She was finally going to cum. She tightened her grip on his cock, trying her best to offer some resistance before she came. And when she did, she felt the vibrations go up and down her walls, gushing fluid down her thighs to her boots.

Biting her lip to stay quiet, she was nearly screaming as he kept on fucking her....

"Fuck me like you hate me, you fucking bastard!" she screamed.

And it worked. He kept on pounding until he was about to explode, then pulled his cock out and started jerking it feverishly over her ass....

Again, Danni felt him cum on her. On her ass cheeks, on her hands, and surely on her skirt. She felt his breathing normalize, and he un-cuffed her hands. Standing, he zipped up his pants and snarled, "Don't let me catch you in this part of town again."

Danni fell to the ground, her hands now thankfully in front of her, her ass covered in drying cum, resolved to find herself in this part of town again.

As the sun rose over the ocean, Danni walked to the payphone a block away.

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