tagErotic HorrorEnglishman In New York Ch. 04

Englishman In New York Ch. 04


Seth Bean came from school the same time he always did. His mother noted that as she called out a welcome to him and listened to his heavy footfalls as he jogged up the stairs. She smiled. Seth was such a good boy; a godsend after the contentious divorce she'd had to endure. He would graduate this year, was a straight A student and loved to play basketball with his friends. Best of all, he cleaned up his room without asking and helped her whenever she needed it.

In fact, she needed to ask him to do a favor. Their neighbor, Mr. Greenwalt, needed a trunk brought down from his attic and Myrna had volunteered Sean for the job. She wiped her hands on her apron, turned her chicken rigatoni down and went to the bottom of the stairs.

"Sean! Can you come down here, please?"

Myrna waited but she didn't receive the normal response from him. Maybe he had his door closed or was listening to music. Since she'd bought him that MP3 player, she'd sometimes had to go all the way up the stairs to his room to get his attention. She sighed, mounting the stairs. She'd have to do it again and her bunion was complaining.

"Goddammit! Sean!"

She climbed the stairs, favoring the injured foot and rested on the landing, wincing at the pain. She heard music. She knew the band well; lately, he'd been obsessed with Franz Ferdinand and played their new album over and over again. Under the beat of drums and screech of guitars, she heard something else. Something without a rhythm; something that didn't match the music. It sounded like ... creaking bedsprings.

"Sean?" She didn't call as loudly now. Sean was eighteen and well on his way to becoming a man and she knew that he masturbated occasionally in the shower. She didn't want to disturb him if that was the case but her special mother's sense told her that something wasn't right. "Sean, I need you to do me a favor."

She stepped closer and closer, the music growing in volume and the sounds increasing in rapidity and pitch. Her shaking hand reached the doorknob and she grasped it, giving it an easy turn. "Sean?"

The sight that met her eyes was one that Myrna Bean would never forget. Her son's room was in its usual state of disarray. Posters of Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba were taped on the walls along with half-naked anime women. And her son was on the bed, naked. His strong legs straddled something, his hips flexing and his back muscles rippling. Myrna took one small step sideways, her eyes widening. Underneath her son's body were a pair of perfect breasts and he was holding them together as he thrust his cock between them.

Myrna Bean screamed.

* * * * *

"Are you serious?"

Sutton and Fusco pushed the station doors open, heading outside and skipping down the stairs as they headed for her car.

"I wish I was. She called five minutes ago and said that her son was fucking a pair of tits and to come and get them."

"Are we sure they belong to Tania Briars?"

"No, but I can't really think of any one else that's missing a pair of tits, can you?"

There was no further conversation until they arrived at the brownstone, buzzing for entrance. Myrna Bean was in between anger and disgust and her son was obviously the brunt of both.

"Mrs. Bean? I'm Detective Sutton. This is Detective Fusco."

The woman briskly shook hands with them, her angry glare returning to the young man that was trying to make himself smaller in the chair. "I taught him better than that. He knew better than to bring that filthy thing in the house."

Fusco ventured a question, wary of further raising her ire. "Mrs. Bean, are you sure they're ... real?"

"Oh, they're real, all right." She snapped angrily, then turned to bark at her son. "Go show them, Sean."

The young man didn't speak. He led them up the stairs to his bedroom and pointed to his bed. A perfect set of breasts rested near his pillow, neatly carved and trimmed for portability, one nipple pierced with a bar that had a dangling bee on it. Sutton pulled a set of gloves from her pocket and carefully examined the flesh. "They're hers."

"How can you tell?"

Sutton lifted the left breast and showed him the tattooed letters. <i>Tiny B.</i> "It was her street name." She stripped off the gloves with a snap and turned to the young man. "Where did you find them?"

"In the dumpster." He stuttered. "On my way home from school."

Sutton paused in thought, pulling Fusco to her side. "We'd better work fast. I'm afraid of what he'll do next."

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