tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnhancement: Experiment Ch. 01

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 01


Author's note: this story has lots of kinky sex. It's also fantasy. Watermelon sized breasts that produce gallons of aphrodisiac milk simply do not exist, and there are sex scenes in here that would frankly be incredibly painful if they were to occur in reality, but are a regular part of much fantasy erotica. So I advise you to suspend your disbelief, and if breast enlargement, bondage, milking, futanari, huge cocks, tiny cocks, alien sex, alien impregnation, massive semen production, gang bangs, triple penetration and tentacle sex is not your thing, then read no further. Cheers!



Tonight was the night. I'd found the right mistress to help me perform the operation. The price was one I was more than willing to pay as well; willing submissive servitude and twice daily milkings of my new assets for 3 months. I would have my breasts enhanced. They're already a lovely C-cup, and I've been working them with suction cups and massages. My nipples are like long erasers now, pink and pointy and I could sometimes even squeeze a few drops of milk from them. With the enhancement, there's no telling how large my boobs would become as they filled with what I hoped would be cups of genetically modified, aphrodisiac milk. It seemed like the process created different results for each woman.

I'd been following some of my favorite celebrities--called milk-maids-- and they develop mammaries from a D-cup to water-melon sizes. Their pillowy mounds could produce up to a gallon of milk a day, more if they were being sexually stimulated. So of course they were. It was a lucrative career, as not only could the milk produced be sold at a premium but men and down both paid to have sex with them. All humans, of course. Interspecies sex wasn't forbidden except for with milkmaids, as the aphrodisiac effects were mild on humans, but could cause adverse reactions in other extra-planetary species.

My new mistress, one of the rare natural futa that had started being born with increasing regularity in past couple centuries, is a renowned researcher in various sexual modifications. She has a new serum she's been experimenting with and now she is exploring administering it in various ways. I'm test subject number 4, codename kitten.

I waited on a kneeling cushion in the corner of my mistress's dungeon room. The floors were bamboo wood scattered with cushions around the various props set up in the corners and by the walls. There were 3 or 4 people going about various quiet activities. I wanted to look, but after I'd been led to the cushion I'd been instructed to keep my eyes lowered. I was naked, my arms folded behind my back and my nipples hard and pointing from my round breasts. My shaven mound was already soaked from the anticipation I'd been feeling all day. I was afraid I'd start dripping on the lovely red silk beneath me at any moment.

A pair of shiny black heels stopped in front of me. My mistress. I recognized them from earlier. A crop under my chin lifted my face to look at her. My eyes raised, taking in her pin striped pencil skirt and deep blue blouse. She'd also added a lab coat, opened and flowing around her to her knees.

"Lovely!" she exclaimed, as I met her dark eyes set in a chiseled face. "You'll be a perfect first test candidate for my new theory. Good proportions- slender waist, large buttocks, average boobs. And such a pretty face, with those big blue eyes...a shame your matching hair had to be shorn. A legacy of your mother's? A renowned courtesan in her time. Well it would have fallen out during the procedure, but it will grow back in about a month. Come now, up! I'm eager to get started."

With that she tapped me on the buttock with her crop, using it to steer me across the room to the contraption that stood in the middle of the floor. My eyes puzzled over it. On a slightly elevated platform there was a box made of steel rods to support various straps. There on the floor before it was a cushion to kneel on. Two medical bags on either side of the box held electric blue viscous liquid. Tubing ran from the bags to a couple of suction cups positioned upright on the floor inside the box frame.

"Here you go, kitten. Let's get you set up," my mistress directed me to kneel on the cushion in front of the box.

"First, in goes the gag, which will also help us monitor your levels of pain and arousal. Red is pain, blue is arousal, purple is a good mix of both." She held out a short thick phallus, and pointed to the base where a large light glowed white. She put it in my mouth-- it stretched my mouth almost to the point of discomfort and curved slightly downward as it slid over my tongue and to the back of my throat-- not enough to cut off my air completely, but uncomfortably close. She adjusted the straps to keep it in my mouth. "There we go! Glowing a nice lovely blue already, I see. And glowing brighter by the moment, too -- you like having your mouth fucked by a big cock, do you? Gagging a bit as well? Oh yes, that definitely got quite a bit brighter."

My eyes started tearing in humiliation, but I arousal swept over me as well.

"Next, let's keep your arms out of the way, shall we?" With a deft bit of ropework she tied my arms to stay where they were crossed behind my back. She did something to tighten the rope and my breasts jutted forward even further than they already were.

"There's a lovely girl. My good kitten," she petted my hair and tweaked my rock-hard nipples. "After tonight you'll be fitted with a harness and all procedures will be carried out in a proper lab, but I like a little bit of showmanship. The first experiment is always recorded, you know. So, I think you'll enjoy this quite a bit my dear. Now bend over this strap here," she bent me over the first strap suspended in the frame box and tightened it so my hips were lifted and buttocks exposed. More straps held my thighs open. Now as I looked down I could see my boobs were almost directly over the suction cups I'd seen earlier. She settled my shoulders into another strap so I was fully bent over and partially suspended above the suction cups. My chin was held in yet another strap to keep my face looking forward and my back arched. My breasts felt heavy below me and the only thing I could see was the floor and wall in front of me. The straps allowed me to move a bit forward and backward and side to side, but the shape of the box meant it wasn't a lot of movement.

"Let's go ahead and get the blood flowing. We'll want your mammary tissue ready to accept the treatment as fully as possible." She fitted the suction cups over each breast entirely and flipped a switch. The phallus in my mouth muffled the tiny shriek I gave as both breasts were sucked into the cups. I groaned-- it felt like both of my boobs had been engulfed by a great sucking mouth!

"Oh yes, lovely--is that a tiny bit of purple showing up? Very good. And getting so very wet." I felt a hand follow some of the wetness from my thigh up to my pussy. I wriggled and tried to spread my thighs further as I invited her hand to play with me. I felt as if my pussy was already gaping, hungry for a thick cock to fill it. Her hand dipped into the wetness at my center and I groaned, trying to thrust myself onto her fingers. She spread my fluids upwards and around my asshole.

"I'm also going to add a monitor here, my kitten." Her fingers played with my puckered hole, "You can't expect me to be watching you from the front the entire time, now can you?" A hard smooth shape replaced her fingers and started pressing into my back door. She wiggled it back and forth and fucked me in tiny movements, slowly inserting a gradually widening object. A tiny bit at a time it stretched me more and more until my anus burned. Abruptly, the toy narrowed so quickly it popped in. I moaned and shifted, feeling the buttplug's heavy weight stretching out that delicate hole. My juices were flowing down my thighs for sure now.
"Wonderful, my dear. You're doing so well. And a good bit more purple in the mix now-- your anal monitor is definitely doing both it's jobs well," she chuckled.

"First we need to calibrate your pleasure threshold. Let's go ahead and give you an orgasm, shall we?"

I moaned and shifted my hips back. My boobs felt swollen and deliciously tender from the suctioning. My pussy ached to be filled, gaping and waiting for a big fat cock to push into me and fill me with sperm.

"Aziz! Come over here and fuck my experiment for me, there's a dear." I heard a man's tread and pushed back again in anticipation as I felt someone come up behind me. The smoothness of a cockhead rubbed itself up and down my slit and then slid into my entrance. Instead of a fat cock, though, I felt a finger, or something the width and depth of a finger. I felt thighs and balls slapping me, and groans as the man behind me pumped away at me with his tiny cock. I groaned, needing more as my pussy desperately tried to suck in whatever it could of that small dick. I could barely feel him! Still, his balls were slapping my clitoris and I could feel an orgasm approaching even with the tiny extra stimulation he was providing. I whimpered behind my gag, desperate for more to push me into orgasm.

"Hmm, far too much blue right now," my mistress said and suddenly the suction at my breasts increased. I moaned against the gag as my breasts felt like they'd ballooned. Aziz, the man frantically pumping me with his inadequate cock, started gasping. He came, growing just a tiny bit harder and thicker, just enough to push me over into orgasm. I squealed against the thick plug in my mouth and my anus and tits throbbed while my pussy sucked and sucked at his sperm rushing into me. I sagged, momentarily replete.

"Good, good! We got a nice pure bright blue there. Aziz, clean up your spunk from her pussy with your tongue and then go back to scrubbing the bathroom. Now on to the next phase." Aziz started lapping and sucking at my pussy, providing a tiny bit of pleasure from the mounting pain that was starting to center on my swollen and abused breasts as my orgasm faded. My mistress turned off the pumps and removed them from my breasts. I groaned as I felt relief from the suction cups.
"Now, before we get to the main event, we need to test your pain threshholds" my mistress explained as she held two smaller suction cups to my aching nipples and breasts. "I can tell by the faint pink glow coming from your monitor that you've tipped out of arousal. Your breasts must be hurting quite a bit. Don't worry, dear, they'll be hurting far worse when I'm through with you." Oddly, her words aroused a tiny spark in me and I groaned. She chuckled again.

"Well that's interesting. You just flickered from pink to blue and back-- no purple at all. Very interesting."
She turned on the pump again and a slow sharp pain started in my nipples as they were sucked into the cups, elongating then as they filled the cup.

"Oh yes, my little kitten likes having her nipples sucked. It hurts so sweetly, doesn't it?" I groaned. My nipples felt like someone was running a match over them. The mistress reached over and with one finger wiped up a bit of drool running from my mouth. "You're a very messy kitten. I think you need punishing." She moved behind me and I felt her smooth hands cupping my buttcheeks then running her nails along them. She alternated, grabbing and squeezing, then smoothing them again. The pain in my nipples receded as my focus switched to her handling of my ass. She separated my cheeks and I felt a tongue dip into my snatch and lap at some of the juices once again overflowing me.

"Very, very dirty", she said and spanked me sharply. Once. Twice. Then smoothing with the hands. Then more spanking, followed by a light caressing. Again and again she alternated between soothing and spanking, each time spanking a few more times and a little harder until I was losing count. It felt good-- my ass felt warm and my pussy was dripping again. Each spank jiggled the buttplug and made my breasts bounce and my nipples ache in pleasure and pain again. I arched, trying to get my buttocks higher, inviting her to spank me and touch me. Which she did. Over and over. Soon, though, the pleasure reached its peak but the pain kept building. I started wriggling my ass away from her hands instead of seeking them, as I tried to lessen the stings and distribute the pain to less sore parts of my cheeks.

"Oh yes," mistress said between smacks of her hand, "the purple is fading fast now and your ass is looking almost as bright a red as your monitor." She gave one final hard "WHAAP, WHAAP" on both cheeks and I squeeled and gave a small sob. She soothed my cheeks with her hand.

"Good girl. You did excellent. Much better than I had hoped. With that kind of pain tolerance, we'll be able to enhance you close to the maximum. I can't wait to see the results." I whimpered quietly around the cock in my mouth.

"Amilia! Come take care of my new pet while I make final preparations." I heard a soft murmur and then felt someone position themselves under me and between my thighs. Adjustments were made and that someone, Amilia I supposed, started licking at my clit and pussy.

"That's right, eat up all her sweet juices. Bring her up slowly and get her close to her peak, but don't let her go over. Tongue only--no fingers in her snatch. That will be for me," my mistress gave a soft laugh and moved away, doing something with the tubes and bags. Amilia was very skilled and slowly the soreness in my ass faded. The suction on my nipples started to become bearable and was easing back into a pleasurable sort of pain as well. As the mistress did various incomprehensible things around me, I started moving more insistently against the mouth below me, trying to aim Amilia's agile tongue more firmly against my clit or to penetrate my achingly empty cunt. Vaguely I was aware that my mistress had moved beside me. She unsnapped my gag and slowly removed it.

"As delightful as you look, my dear, I find I need a bit of warming up before I fuck your tight snatch. And I simply can't wait to see your mouth stretched around me. Open wide."

My mistress moved in front of me and I gasped as I saw her huge semi-aroused cock. I marveled that she could have hidden its bulge beneath her skirt. If Aziz had been disappointingly small, then my mistress made up for it by being intimidatingly large. I wet my lips and she lifted her cock to my mouth, feeding me just the head at first. I moaned as I flicked my tongue into the slit and tasted a single drop of her cream. I started sucking in earnest, wanting to taste more, my tongue swirling around the plum sized head. She gave a small sigh as her fingers cradled the back of my skull and pushed in deeper. My mouth stretched and my jaw ached as I fought to take her width. She held my head still and started fucking my mouth, a little deeper each time until I could only breath between strokes. Her precum was flowing into my mouth now, and she started hardening even more, stretching my jaws wider than I'd thought possible. Each time she drew almost out I flicked my tongue against her slit, sucking out a little more of her sweet jizz. She moaned when I did this and I rolled my eyes up. Her head was tossed back, framed by her melon sized tits and proudly jutting nipples. She glanced down and caught me looking. She smiled.

"About time I think. It sounds like Amilia is about to drown in your juices, my pet. And you are far too skilled with that mouth of yours!" She thrust her now rock hard cock as deep as she could and held my head there. I fought to keep from gagging, and then fought the growing urge to breath as she choked me with her fat cock. I started to wriggle and she finally relented, pulling from my face and trailing a long rope of jizz and saliva. I gasped to breathe.

"I told you the rules about where to keep your eyes, my dear. But please, feel free to break them any time," she laughed, and strapped my monitor back in place. After her cock, it was a welcome relief. My attention turned again to what was happening to my own body. My nipples ached in a delicious fashion as did my anus, but my pussy ached with emptiness as Amilia maintained her teasing assault on my clit. I moaned and writhed in my bonds.

"Oh yes, you are a bright violet now. Perhaps a little on the blue side but that will change before too long." She flipped a switch and the pumps at my nipples worked harder. I gasped and moaned, the pleasure and pain mingling as my nipples were abused.

"Now my pet, I'm going to fuck you good and long and hard and deep until your monitors are glowing mostly with blue and then right as you're teetering into orgasm I'm going to press the button in my hand. That will trigger the needles in the suction cups to pierce through your nipples and deep into your mammary tissue. From there the enhancement fluid will start filling your breasts. If we've got your pain and pleasure meters calibrated correctly, this should cause a long hard orgasm from you. Are you ready my kitten?" With that she rubbed the fat head of her cock up and down against my soaked slit.

I tried to show my willingness by groaning and rocking back against it, attempting to force that plump, slick cock into my aching pussy.

"Good girl. Amilia, hold off your licking until I give the word. Then I want you to suck and flick her clit as hard as you can. Now my pet, let's see how tight your pretty pussy is."

With that she pushed into my opening and I pushed back, my tight vagina slowly giving way to her slick thick cock. I gasped around my gag as she finally popped the head in. It felt so good! So amazing. I'd never felt so full, with my mouth and ass and now pussy stretched to bursting as she slid in further and further. She was so big!

"Oh yes my dear. So hot and tight. That's a good girl, take my cock. Suck it down with your hungry pussy." She hit bottom and began pulling out. She teased me by leaving just the head inside. I tried to rock back to get her to fill me again, but she wouldn't let me. Soon I was sobbing and rocking in my bonds, my pussy fluttering as I tried to suck her cock back into me.

"You want this my dear? Then you shall have it." She slammed back into me and I screamed in ecstasy around my gag. She fucked me. Hard and fast and deep. I wailed against my gag as my tender breasts bounced, held in place by the cups sucking hard at my nipples. Each bounce caused a little more pain which my body just added to the pleasure, along with my burning anus as the butt plug was jostled by each movement. I felt myself approaching orgasm as her thick cock stretched me almost unbearably, reaching far into my depths, stretching me wider and deeper.

"Now Amilia!" My mistress cried in a strained voice. My clit was suddenly attacked by a vicious mouth and I screamed in my throat as I felt myself sent toward the edge. A click, and then excruciating pain as my nipples were simultaneously pierced. Everything turned white and I pitched into orgasm. Waves of pleasure and pain washed over me as I felt my mistress roar and let loose her massive load deep inside me, her cock pulsing larger until I felt like I'd break... If my boobs didn't burst first. My boobs felt like they were on fire as each pulse of the enhancement device sent blue liquid rushing into them. While each pulse was excruciating it still caused a wave of orgasm over me. They were swelling and growing heavier. Each tiny movement from my mistress and Amilia's mouth sent another wave through me. I could feel my pussy pulsing as it drank in load after load of my Mistress's sperm until it started leaking out and running into Amilia's eager face, still lapping at my swollen clit.

The last of the blue liquid was drained into my heavy swollen breasts and with that the orgasm finally stopped. The needles and suction cups retracted abruptly and I sobbed around the cock in my mouth with the sudden relief. All parts of me throbbed -- my pussy with the last waves of pleasure and my nipples in burning pain.

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