tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnhancement: Experiment Ch. 05

Enhancement: Experiment Ch. 05


Author's note:

Sorry for the short chapter... I need a bridge for the next story arc.



I was gulping down Jerome's thick delicious semen, my mouth stretched around his massive head as he unloaded his half gallon of sperm into my stomach, when I heard the mistress walk in. For a week, this was our routine, except the mistress didn't let him fuck my mouth much anymore, just jerk himself close to completion before emptying himself in my mouth. There were usually some variations, but if it wasn't Jerome's jizz, it was the jizz of a dozen strange men instead. The mistress needed replications for her research. I was still trying to decide if this was something I could put up with for the rest of my career. It was pleasurable but very routine. I wondered if I ended up as a milch-cow -as Amilia had threatened -if my employers would let me listen to audio books.

The mistress was speaking as she entered.

"Here's my latest and most successful experiment. She's quite unlike the standard milk maid. Not only can she be milked continuously at an above average rate, but when I give her a regular dose of semen her rate increases by half for thirty Earth minutes, and by another half when she's orgasming. Usually a quarter increase is the most you can hope for. But that's only the beginning! When I give her Jerome's semen her output triples! Watch, it's happening now."

And it was. As I finished sucking the last few delicious drops from Jerome's cock I could feel my breasts swell achingly where they hung between the harness straps. I heard the pumps increase, sucking harder at my elongated nipples. At that moment the ever present device between my legs switched on. The dildos in both holes inflated rapidly and started fucking me in the pussy and ass while the mechanical mouth at my clit hummed rapidly. It didn't waste time any more. Its sole purpose was to bring me to climax as fast and often as possible.

"Delightful! And how long does she produce at this triple rate?" This was from the guest who had entered with the mistress. It's voice was silky and deep.

"Unfortunately, it still only lasts for about a half-hour. Jerome usually takes 3 hours to recover full sperm production, or I would try dosing her every thirty minutes to see how long she can sustain tripled output. I have started milking Jerome of sperm regularly though, and will soon have enough stored up to try that experiment. Amilia! She's about to cum, be ready to increase the pumps if her output increases. Ser Oresk, this is the third repetition of this experiment, to confirm that Jerome's sperm and her orgasm will increase her production rate by a factor of 4."

The mistress was right, orgasm was creeping up on me. I'd been slightly distracted listening to the mistress's dialogue, but now the intense sucking at my swollen breasts and the rapid pounding of my pussy and ass overwhelmed me. I shuddered and bucked in my restrictive harness and screamed around the huge semi-hard cock in my mouth as waves of pleasure blew through me. The relentless dildos kept pounding me, lengthening the sweet pain of orgasm. My pussy and ass sucked them in as I came. Each wave sent milk gushing from my nipples into the ever hungry suction cups. After a minute or so my body could take no more and I hung limp and whimpering as the dildos kept working at me, urging me to my next orgasm.

"Time! Lovely, it looks as if production increases during orgasm still, although not much past. I will have to read the literature to see if milkmaids can be trained to prolonged orgasm. Unless you perhaps have some insight Ser Oresk...?"

'Oresk' gave a sibilant laugh, making me think it was probably an Edemsa, one of the thin elegant red reptilian-like species of the Clothos system.

"Indeed not, mistress Ahm, you know I'm in supply and demand not research and development. Tell me, have you tried symbiotic pregnancies yet? I hear Ploidians feed a very strong hormonal fluid to their captured symbionts while their eggs are gestating, and their reproductive cycles can go for days. My own species can use humans as our reproductive hosts, and I've heard rumors that our gestational hormones can have quite an effect on lactating humans...Perhaps you'd like to include me in your experiments? I'm sure I could even find an eager Ploidian with no trouble..."

The thought of being a host for alien pupa filled me with horror but also sent a spike of lust through me that sent me into another brief orgasm.

Dimly I heard the mistress give a throaty chuckle. "I would love to include you in my experiments, dear, but you know treaties forbid interaction between aliens and milkmaids because of the dangerous aphrodisiac properties of their milk to other species."

"I hear the black market for such can be quite lucrative, though..."

"Oh Ser, I'm sure it is, but in order to continue to receive funding and publishing rights, I have to stay firmly on the right side of the law. However, if you are nearing your reproductive time, I can offer Amilia here to attend you for the duration of your visit. Although she desperately desires enhancements, she is free of any such genetic tampering and thus legally allowed to be surrogate for your offspring."

I could see Amilia from where I hung on the milking platform. Disgust and hatred soured her pretty face before being quickly suppressed.

"Hmm, she is comely for a human. I believe I will take you up on your offer. I have been delaying my cycle for an uncomfortably long time."

"Excellent. Shall we continue our tour? Amilia, you know the routine. After kitten is finished Jerome can escort her back to her room. You can clean up and then meet Ser Oresk in his rooms. This way good Ser..."

I heard a door swish open and closed. Jerome was still languidly fucking my mouth with his semi-hard cock.

"Well, Amilia, how do you feel about giving birth to a litter of snakes this time tomorrow?" I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Fuck off. I'm sick of how the mistress abuses me. An entire year of service and nothing to show for it. She lets a bunch of common men use me as a cum dumpster every time she brings them in for her milch cow experiments and now she wants me to fuck an alien and birth his slimy babies? I've had it!"

"You volunteered for this, Ames. What were you expecting? You signed on as a sub but have yet to act as one. Of course the mistress sees that. Sometimes I wonder if the mistress isn't trying to get you to break your contract."

"Well, I'm about to. But I'm not leaving empty handed." Amilia slammed home a drawer and stormed out.

"Bah, she's full of it." Jerome looked down at me and smiled as he caressed my fuzzy blue scalp. Then he grabbed the back of my skull and thrust deep down my throat. "Mmm, you tempt me to disobey the Mistress's orders. I want to suck and fuck your enormous tits so bad" he thrust again and I gagged as his cock hardened and lengthened while he held me immobile against him, choking me with his length. He pulled out with a sigh and lightly slapped my cheeks with his wet dick. "I'd better go find Amilia and bring her back to her duties before we both do something we'll regret."

He left and so I hung there alone, bound immobile and shuddering with intermittent climaxes as I waited for my handlers to return.

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