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Enterprise Ch. 01


This is for all the woman that love Star Trek – be it the first series, the latest series, or any in between. I tried to write this as ‘clean’ as possible out of respect. I loved the show Quantum Leap and I think that Scott Bakula is doing a wonderful job playing Capt. Jonathan Archer. Connor Trinneer (Comm. ‘Trip’ Tucker), whether he’s running around Enterprise in his underwear or not, is just plain cute! Enjoy.


The maiden starship, Enterprise, has been on its exploratory journey for 2 years now when it comes across a fatigued “rocket”. After closer inspection they find it is not a rocket, it is a “cryo ship”. A few members of the crew decide to go inside and take a look around. Inside they find a bunch of beds with humans sealed inside. T’Pol taps into the onboard computer and finds the information they are looking for.

“Captain, these people died and were cryogenically frozen. They were placed into these bio chambers to monitor them until the time came when the disease they “died” from was cured. At that time they were supposed to be revived.”

“Well, then why the hell are they way out here?” asks Commander Tucker as he wipes off the glass and peers into one of the beds.

“Apparently the navigation system failed and they broke from they’re orbit around earth.”

“Are all of the chambers still functioning?” asks Captain Archer.

“None that I’ve seen so far, Cap’n”, responds Tucker.

“From these readings, there is only one still operating.” responds T’Pol.

“Got it.” Tucker says as he wipes the bed’s glass.

“Well,” Captain Archer starts, looking around, “Contact the doctor and send their records to him. If he can ‘cure’ them, I guess we’ll have a new shipmate. Then we’ll decide on what to do with the rest of these people.”

“Aye, sir.” T’Pol says and goes to work.

Captain Archer walks up next to Commander Tucker and says, “What do you think?”

“I think she’s beautiful.”

“What? Well…..”, he looks down, “Yes, she is, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Sorry, Cap’n.” Tucker says with a grin.

Archer smiles back and says, “Do you think you can get her out of this thing, Trip?”

“Shouldn’t be a problem, sir.”

“Ok, well, I guess we’re waiting on a response from the Doctor…”

“Sir,” T’Pol starts, “Doctor Phlox says that from her records, he can ‘cure’ her.”

“Well…. Ok, then…… Trip, get to work.”

Trip gets you out of your cryo bed and over to the doctor. Captain Archer decides that all the computer’s information should be downloaded to Enterprise. When they have finished, Archer and T’Pol return to the ship. After reviewing the information and many discussions, the Enterprise crew decides to ‘dispose’ of the cryo ship. All the information collected is sent back to Earth in a detailed report and Enterprise continues its journey.

In sickbay, the doctor revives you and you are informed of what has happened. You are given the choice of staying onboard or getting a ride back to Earth aboard a Vulcan vessel. You opt to stay onboard because, after 150 years, you have nothing left on Earth.

Over the next 4 months you learn what life is like in the future. You have a friendship with Captain Archer because you came from the past and that is interesting to him. Your friendship with Commander Tucker is different. The first time he saw you he thought you were beautiful, once he talked to you, he was hooked. He has wanted to kiss you for 2 months but didn’t feel like it would be appropriate. He wants to make sure you have time to adjust to living in the future.

One evening, in the mess hall, he notices your eating alone. He approaches you and asks if he could sit with you. You eat dinner together and then talk into the wee hours of the night. Because you’ve both had such a good time, he offers to walk you back to your quarters. As you both say ‘Goodnight’ he leans in and, finally, kisses you. Trip, being the southern gentleman he is, says ‘Goodnight’ again and heads off for his quarters. The next morning you are awoke by a knock on your door.

“Captain Archer…..What can I do for you?”

“May I come in for a minute?” he asks.

“Sure…..what’s up?”, you say after he enters your quarters and you shut the door.

“I have enjoyed all the talks we’ve had. I mean, you have actually seen things that I have only read about. Now I would like to return the favor.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“There is a small binary star system not far from our present location. Enterprise has some business on a planet a few light years from here – it’s something that T’Pol can take care of. So I was going to take one of the shuttle pods and go take some scans. I was wondering if you would you like to go along.”

“Really, up close and personal?”

“Yeah,” he’s says, laughing.

“OK! When do we leave?”

“As soon as you get your things together and meet me at Shuttle Pod 1.”

You thank him for this opportunity as he turns to leave and proceed to get your things together.

You get to the shuttle area and, within 45 minutes, are flying through space. As you reach the edge of the system, Captain Archer starts his scans. He pilots the shuttle around for an hour or so, scanning the whole time. You are glued to the window – you’ve only dreamed of such things!

Suddenly a warning starts sounding.

“What’s going on?” you ask.

“We’re having a problem with one of our engines.”, Archer replies.

“Is that bad?”

“Not always, but this time….yes. We’re going to have to make an emergency landing.”

“Damn it….” you start, trying to make light of the situation, “I’ve already died once, ya know.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll try not to make it twice.” he replies, as he looks at you smiling.

The Captain finds a suitable place to set the shuttle down and does a very good job landing with only one engine. He immediately sends a distress signal and tells you that Enterprise will come for the two of you soon. He also informs you that a shuttle is stocked with rations for just this type of emergency. You have enough food to last for 3 days.

Three days go by and nothing! There is a small settlement a few kilometers away and the decision is made to go there. These people are not as technologically advanced as Enterprise so you try to blend in. Over the following weeks you find a place to stay (2 bedroom cottage) and you both get jobs. Captain Archer brings the transmitter from the shuttle to the cottage and keeps transmitting the distress call. You both, somewhat, settle into a routine.

Over these past weeks, you and Jonathan (as he’s instructed you to call him) have gotten to know each other very well. The two of you have discussed everything from your childhoods to your last relationships to what you think the future will hold.

After 3 weeks, you come ‘home’ one day to find Jonathan down in the dumps, drinking. You ask what’s wrong and he replies that he’s worried about his ship and crew. You tell him you’re sure everything is fine and get into the icebox for a bottle of liquor. Over the last few weeks, you both have enjoyed one bottle of this. Tonight, you will drink several.

“I’ve found that occasionally getting drunk when I’m down can actually put me in a better mood.”, you say to him.

“What?”, he asks.

“Yeah, get a little tipsy, listen to music, and by the time the bottle is empty, your dancing around laughing.”

“Maybe you but not me.”

“Ohhh, come on. I’ll drink with ya and show you how it works, ok?”

“If you want to.”

“Ok then, let the games begin!” you say, smiling, as you pour yourself a glass.

By the end of that bottle he’s starting to be a little more talkative. By the end of the second bottle he’s laughing some.

“It’s a beautiful night – let’s go out back.”, you say, opening the third bottle. You set the small radio onto one of the windowsills so you’ll be able to hear it outside. You turn around; grab your glass, the bottle, and his hand. You lead him out into the yard to the swing and sit down. You both continue talking and drinking until an upbeat song comes on the radio.

“Let’s dance.”, you say to him.

“Ohhh…..I’m not a dancer.”, he replies.

“So what…… We’re drinking and having a good time, right? Besides, I can’t dance either. And, ya know what, I don’t care.” you say, giggling. You stand up and start wiggling around. You stick a hand out towards him and he smiles but refuses. Determined to get him to dance, you start dancing goofy. You’re laughing at yourself when you stick a hand out at him again. To your surprise, he takes it! Now the both of you are acting silly and laughing frantically until a slow song comes on.

“Well…I guess its break time,” you say as you head for the swing.

“Break time? Wait a minute, I can dance to something like this.” as he sticks his hand out at you.

“Ok, your on.” you say as you take his hand. You step closer and he puts his arm around you. You both start swaying slowly back and forth and, as the song goes on, he steps closer. Soon you’re dancing cheek to cheek. Unbeknownst to the both of you, a small storm front approaches and it starts to sprinkle. The rain picks up but neither one of you care. You’re both soaked by the time the song finishes. You open your eyes and expect him to let go of you, but he doesn’t. Instead, he leans in and kisses you. You’re quite surprised by this and ask him why.

.“I don’t know it just felt right. I mean….you’ve been very helpful in this situation. You’ve never once complained and you always try to be upbeat. If I were here with any other member of Enterprise, I probably would’ve wanted to kill them by now because of their complaining.”

“Ok….glad I could help.” you say with a big smile on your face.

Jonathan gets a serious look on his face and says, “You know that as a Captain I feel that my job comes first. I’m not looking for a relationship, but…….”

You place your hands an his cheeks, look him in the eyes, and say, “Whatever happens on this planet stays on this planet. At one time or another, everyone longs for the touch of another person.” With that said, you kiss him. You feel his mouth open and his tongue snake into your mouth.

Suddenly there’s a clap of thunder and you break your embrace.

“Maybe we should go inside now.” you say as you grab your glass and head for the door. You get a few feet in and stop. You turn to Jonathan, who is closing the door, and say, ”We’re going to soak the carpets running through the house dripping like this.”

He kisses you again and whispers, “I have an idea.”

You smile at him and start unbuttoning his shirt. You pull it off his shoulders and it falls to the floor with a thud. You run your hands up his bare chest amazed at how fit he is. When your hands reach his face you kiss him. He lets your tongue enter his mouth and explore. His hands go to the top of your sundress. He slowly unbuttons it to your waist and pulls it from your shoulders. It, too, hits the floor with a thud. He stops kissing your lips, wraps his arms around you, and starts kissing your neck. You both start breathing heavily as your hands run down each other’s bare backs. Because your nipples are very hard and poking him in the chest (not that either of you mind), you whisper, “I’m cold…..let’s go somewhere else.” You grab him by the hand and lead him to your room. Somewhere along the way, without your knowledge, he gets rid of his soaked pants.

Once in your room, you both fall on the bed, kissing like mad. He makes his way down your neck to your chest. You feel his tongue circling one nipple and then the other. All you can do is run your fingers through his hair and moan lowly. When he finally makes his way back up to your lips, you roll him onto his back and climb on top.

“Are you sure about this?” you ask as your look into his eyes.

“I’m sure.” he replies, looking back at you.

With that, you start kissing and nibbling his lips. You slowly make your way down his neck to his chest. One of your hands drops to his crotch and finds that the Captain is well endowed.

“Lift your butt.” you say as you grab a hold of his underwear and pull. Now he is lying in front of you completely naked, waiting for what is to come next. You grab his very hard member and start swirling your tongue around its head. You part your lips and slowly, inch-by-inch, you slide as much of him as you can into your mouth. For a few minutes, you have a nice pace going and then you hear him say between breaths, “Wait…..you’ve got to stop that………. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this……… I want to enjoy this as long as I can stand it.”

You release your grip, wipe your mouth with your fingers, and crawl towards his head. As you get there, his lips are immediately on yours. His hands grab the top of your underwear; he pulls them over your cheeks, rolls you onto your back, and takes them off the rest of the way. His hand goes to your bush and you spread your legs for him. One of his fingers finds your nub and his mouth finds a nipple. You’re breathing hard and moaning lightly as you run one hand through his hair and one over his firm chest. As he rubs your hard nub you feel that familiar feeling deep in your stomach – then he inserts a finger into you. You explode into the first orgasm of the night!

“Ohhhhhh…..Jonathan…..mmmmmmmm…..”, escapes your lips.

His mouth leaves your nipple and covers your open and moaning mouth. Hungrily you search for his tongue with yours. He pulls his finger from your soaked hole and climbs between your legs. You feel his head at your opening and grab his hips, wanting more! As he slides into you, you have another orgasm.


“Mmmmm….”, comes from his lips as he quickens his pace. You run your fingertips up his back as you wrap your legs around him. Your tongue never shows his tongue mercy as he pumps you over and over again.

“Ohhhh...” escapes from his lips, as he pulls back from you. “We……we need to…….slow down some…….”, he whispers between breathes.

You unlock your legs from around him as he slides out of you and lie on his back. You roll over and start nibbling on his neck as you straddle him. You grab his wet member with one hand and slide him back into you. You stop nibbling and sit up, starting to rock back and forth. Your hands go behind you. One strokes his inner thigh, the other, his sack. His hands make their way to your chest. Gently, but firmly, he starts kneading your breasts and teasing your nipples.

“Mmmmmmm……” and heavy breathing is all the two of you can hear.

Your pace quickens and a long “yes” comes from your mouth – you’re starting to feel that familiar feeling in your stomach again. After a few minutes, his hands leave your chest and are on your hips.

“Stop…..you need to…..stop……” comes from him. You are so close to another orgasm but you slow your pace and again he asks you to stop. “I want to…. enjoy this……. just a little bit longer.”, he whispers between breathes, looking into your eyes. You stop, smile at him, and lean down to kiss his lips. He wraps his arms around you and you straighten your legs so that you’re lying completely on top of him.

As you pull your tongue from his mouth, you smile and say, “I have an idea of another way we can do this.”

He smiles back at you and says, “I bet you do.”

You lift your body off of his and get onto your hands and knees. Still smiling, he gets to his knees and positions himself behind you. Once again, you feel his hands on your hips and his head at your moist opening. He slips just the head in and out of you then rubs the length of his shaft over your swollen nub. He does this over and over until neither one of you can stand it anymore. In one swift movement, he buries every inch into you. A “yes” comes from your mouth and a long “Mmmm” from his. Slowly his pace quickens and so does his grip on your hips. You feel that familiar feeling in your stomach grow.

“Jonathan……oohhhhh……yessss……”, escapes from you as you start to cum.

“Mmmmm…… I……..I can’t……Ohhhhh!”, he exclaims as he pulls out of you and pumps his load onto your back and butt cheeks.

He collapses onto the bed and rolls onto his back. You straddle him and kiss him gently.

“Mmm, thank you, that was nice”, he whispers.

“Yes it was.”

After a few minutes you pull away from him and go take a shower, the whole time smiling the biggest smile you have ever smiled!

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