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Enterprise: Hoshi Gets Involved


This is the sequel to Enterprise Ch. 1 and 2 written by freedom666. Since he hasn't posted a story in over a year, I took it upon myself to write number three. This is my first attempt at a story, so let me know what you think...

I stood outside of T'Pol's quarters just waiting for a few crewmen to clear the corridor so I could stealthily sneak in. These last two trips to her quarters have been the best experiences of my life. From the blow job two weeks ago to the titty fuck last week, it has just been an incredible ride. In my opinion, T'Pol is the perfect specimen of a woman. She has an awesome body, large, firm tits that you could just suck on for hours on end, and an ass that was just picture perfect.

The maintenance technician who was in the corridor with me noticed I was just hanging around not doing too much, so he asked a question.

"Is there something I can help you with sir?" he asked.

"No, I'm just waiting for Sub-commander T'Pol to get back. She's got my evaluation done and she wants to discuss it with me. Hopefully, it'll get me that department transfer I've been wanting." I said back to him, lying of course, hiding my true intentions with T'Pol.

"I saw her go into her quarters a little while ago," he said. "Ensign Sato went in there with her I believe. You might just want to go ahead and knock. Anyway, I gotta get that data conduit on deck nine repaired. Good luck on your evaluation sir."

"Thanks," I replied back. After he left, I buzzed T'Pol's quarters. Thinking about the last two visits to her quarters the whole time I was hanging out in the hallway, it was tough hiding my erection with all the crewmembers walking through that corridor, but I managed.

"Come in lieutenant," said T'Pol over the intercom. Third time's the charm. Hopefully, I'll finally get to fuck that gorgeous Vulcan body.

I entered her quarters and saw T'Pol sitting behind her work area and Ensign Hoshi Sato sitting on T'Pol's bed. The technician was right. I thought I was gonna get some more action, but with Hoshi in the room, it didn't seem very likely. Or so I thought.

"Good evening lieutenant," T'Pol said as she picked up a data pad. "I see for the third week in a row your efficiency has dropped significantly."

Not wanting to give Ensign Sato a clue as to what has been going between me and T'Pol the last few weeks, I acted somewhat ignorant and acted like this was very bad news. I tried to think of an excuse, but my mind wasn't working right.

"I'm sorry sir. It's just that...umm...that I miss being home with..." I sputtered.

"No excuses lieutenant," T'Pol said as she cut me off. "I have been talking with Ensign Sato about her falling efficiency and I told her about what we've done to attempt to increase your efficiency."

Crap, I thought. The secret's out. I'm screwed. Hoshi knows what I've been doing with T'Pol and now it's going to be all over the ship. T'Pol looked at me, obviously knowing what I was thinking.

"Do not worry lieutenant," T'Pol continued. "Our meetings will still be completely secret. No one on board will discover what we have been doing the last two weeks. Ensign Sato will not tell anybody either."

I breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing what T'Pol was about to reveal to me.

"In fact, lieutenant, Ensign Sato is here to help increase your efficiency as well."

Holy shit, I thought. Like T'Pol, I had always found Hoshi to be attractive, but really never had any naughty thoughts about Hoshi as I had for T'Pol. I had never really been attracted to Asian girls before, but at that moment, I looked at Hoshi sitting on T'Pol's bed and thought she was quite beautiful. Unlike T'Pol though, Hoshi had a standard Starfleet uniform so her curves were not quite as pronounced as T'Pol's were. I guess if Hoshi had a uniform like T'Pol, I probably would have noticed her earlier. I jokingly thought that T'Pol's skin tight uniform should be the standard uniform for all Starfleet females. Now that would be cool. I was snapped out of my gaze at Hoshi by T'Pol's voice.

"I have furthered my research into human sexual activity and found yet another method of 'shagging.' It is called a 'three-way.'"

Oh hell yeah. I almost said that out loud, but kept it from escaping my mouth. I was trying to avoid cracking a huge grin, so I tried to keep my mouth shut tightly. I tried to act seriously, so I pulled a T'Pol and only raised an eyebrow. Inside my head, my brain was in overdrive. A three way with myself, T'Pol, and Ensign Hoshi Sato. Could this assignment to Enterprise get any better than this?

"However lieutenant," T'Pol continued. "You will not get the opportunity to 'fuck' me yet." My heart sank. "We will save that for sometime later on in the future. However, Ensign Sato has agreed to 'fuck' you."

Hey, at least I'll get to fuck something this time. Hoshi will have to do for now. Besides, waiting to nail T'Pol only gets me more and more excited. They're gonna have to polarize the hull plating when that day comes cause I'm gonna make the ship shake.

"So what do we do first?" I asked.

T'Pol looked over at Hoshi first, and then I looked at Hoshi. With the glance from T'Pol apparently being a cue, Hoshi stood up and undid her uniform jacket. She was wearing a white tank top, and with her nipples bulging out from underneath, obviously no bra. She then took off her uniform pants, and had on panties similar to those T'Pol wore last week. In fact, they were the same kind. Now I knew who lent T'Pol those undergarments. I looked back at T'Pol and she had already undone her uniform was in the same undergarments as she had last week, not that I minded or anything. When I glanced back at Hoshi, she had removed her tank top and panties and was standing there nude. Her breasts were definitely not as large as T'Pol's, but she did have a great body. Her pussy was shaved clean, and was also a little wet. She must have been getting horny. She turned around to give a glimpse of her ass, and that view was also very good. Both T'Pol and Hoshi had fine backsides. Breaking my stare from Hoshi was T'Pol walking over to the ensign.

"Ready ensign?" T'Pol asked. Hoshi nodded. They looked at me, and then looked at each other. They began to kiss.

This is the greatest day of my life, I thought. I could see that they were doing some tongue action. T'Pol obviously remembered the kiss I gave her last week, tongue and all. By then, I had a raging hard on. Their kiss lasted good six or seven minutes. It was kind of hard to pay attention to time when you're watching two gorgeous women kiss each other. T'Pol grabbed Hoshi's ass and actually began to spank it. That was so fucking awesome I couldn't believe it. Where was T'Pol researching this? Still lip locked, Hoshi let out a few whimpers from the slaps on the rear that T'Pol had given her. T'Pol's hands moved from Hoshi's backside to her chest, where she began to rub Hoshi's tits. One of T'Pol's hands then moved down to Hoshi's shaven pussy. Hoshi let out a muffled moan when T'Pol's hand began to rub her clit. After what seemed like an eternity, T'Pol broke the kiss and shoved Hoshi onto the bed. T'Pol looked at me.

"I can see you must be enjoying this lieutenant," T'Pol said as she saw the bulge in my pants. "Remove your uniform and come over here."

You couldn't argue with that. I took off my uniform and stood there. Hoshi looked up and her eyes widened when she saw my 8" cock slowly rising. Either she had never seen one that big, or she had never seen one at all. I walked over to the bed. Hoshi spread her legs.

"Okay lieutenant, fuck away." T'Pol said with a straight face. Neither I nor Hoshi could help but laugh.

"Is there something wrong?" T'Pol asked.

"No, I just thought that was funny," I said. "I never thought I would ever hear a Vulcan say the words 'fuck away.' Anyway, if neither you nor Hoshi would mind, I would like a little taste of Ensign Sato first."

"Any objections ensign?" T'Pol asked Hoshi. Hoshi shook her head and opened her legs even further. "I would say not," T'Pol concluded.

I kneeled down on the floor and Hoshi scooted to the edge of the bed. I started out with Hoshi like I started out with T'Pol a week earlier. I kissed up the inside of each leg first until I reached the Promised Land. I could smell shaving lotion. Hoshi must shave her pussy on a regular basis. I thought it strange that she didn't use a sonic shaver, but I didn't really put too much thought into it at that particualr moment. In fact, that turned me on a little more. I looked around the room for a second. T'Pol was gone.

"Down here lieutenant," I heard T'Pol say. I looked down, and she was laying on the floor with her head between my legs, her mouth only a few centimeters from the tip of my cock. Apparently, she decided to suck my cock while I went down on Hoshi. The things I have to put up with in Starfleet.

I looked back down at Hoshi's pussy. It was glistening with moisture in anticipation of what was about to come. I stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. Hoshi let out a moan and seemed to orgasm almost immediately. She began to squirm on the bed as she continued to let out a low-toned humming sound. My tongue was exploring every facet of her vagina. I found her clit and sucked on it. Hoshi began to spasm in ecstasy. Her humming erupted into an all-out scream of pleasure. Then an orgasm hit her like nothing else before it. She opened her eyes very wide, grabbed one of T'Pol's pillows, put it over her face and let out a giant scream. The pillow muffled some of it. It was mainly to avoid the people in the adjacent quarters from hearing what was going on. Good idea.

Meanwhile, T'Pol's sucking had brought my dick to the edge of ejaculation, so I told her to stop. She removed my cock from her mouth and went to sit up on the bed. I stood up and got on the bed, kneeling between Hoshi's legs. Hoshi braced herself as I thrust my cock into her. She let out another loud moan. I began thrusting slowly at first, and then faster and faster. T'Pol was kissing Hoshi on the lips and on her breasts as I kept slamming my dick into Hoshi as hard as I could. Hoshi began to orgasm over and over again as I got close to cumming. Hoshi again used the pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure.

"Here it comes!" I said as I withdrew my dick from Hoshi's pussy. Both women got up and kneeled in front of my convulsing prick. I shot my first big load straight into Hoshi's mouth. It choked her a bit, but she swallowed most of it. My second load I aimed at T'Pol and it went all over her face and hair. She used her tongue to get what was near her mouth, and used her fingers to gather the rest and swallowed it down. The remnants of what I shot out landed on Hoshi's and T'Pol's lovely tits. T'Pol bent over and licked the rest of my cum off of Hoshi's tits. Likewise, Hoshi bent over and licked the rest of cum off T'Pol's tits. I was completely out of energy. I sat on the bed and leaned back against the wall to rest.

"Excellent once again lieutenant!" T'Pol said. "Very good job."

"Thanks," I said, as Hoshi cuddled up against me.

"That was awesome sir," Hoshi said. "You don't happen to have a girlfriend do you? I hope it's not inappropriate for a subordinate to ask a superior officer that." I thought that was funny since I just fucked her.

"No, it's quite alright Hoshi. I don't have a girlfriend and would love to date you." I looked over at T'Pol and continued, "that is, if you don't mind sub-commander."

"Not at all," she replied. "You may have a relationship with each other. I'm sure Captain Archer would not mind either as long as your relationship does not interfere with your duties. Besides, I am researching human sexual behavior, and it might help my research if I study a couple that is dating. I hope even though you are going to have a relationship with each other, we can still have these 'meetings' on a regular basis if that is alright with the two of you."

Hoshi and I looked at each other and then looked back at T'Pol and loudly said at the same time "Yes sir!"

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