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T'pol and the Captain


Captain Archer had just received word that sub commander T'pol was being transferred back to Vulcan. Not only was he upset that the Vulcan high command was blaming him for the Andorian attack on the Vulcan Temple but they were now stealing his best science officer and second in command from his ship after only six months in the field. It also should be noted that he was rather upset that the hot piece of Vulcan ass he was so used to seeing aboard the ship would soon be leaving. T'pol stood five foot six had short crop brown hair and great facial features, cute eyes, good cheek bones and sexy plump cock sucking lips. Best of all being a Vulcan she was super fit with a toned stomach great ass and actually a rather nice set of perky tits, plus the fact that she always worn that skin tight Vulcan wrap showing off her hot body didn't hurt. He made a note to take T'pol along on the next away mission to get a chance to talk to her a bit and see what her opinion on the matter was. Though to be honest he figured she'd be as logical as ever and not really argue the point much.

It was a little while later and T'pol and the Captain Archer were on their way down to an alien planet from the Vulcan data base.

"I'm not sure why I was chosen for this mission," T'pol said from the back of the shuttle pod.

"These people have never seen human's before, it might be a good idea for a familiar face to make the introduction's," replied Archer.

"I have a lot of work to complete before the Vulcan ship arrives," T'pol sounding as monotone as ever.

"Don't worry, I'll get you back with plenty of time," Archer paused. "I just thought you might enjoy one final mission with your captain.

T'pol said nothing just giving Archer one of her many emotionless Vulcan stares.

"Or maybe I should just take you back to enterprise," Archer admitted.

"We are half an hour away, it would simply be a waste of fuel to return now," T'pol replied. Although Archer could swear for a moment there she look uncomfortable, and maybe even hesitant. Putting the ship on autopilot Jonathan Archer turned around in his seat.

"T'pol, look you're a valuable member of this crew, and like it or not you are one of us now." Archer leaned forward to emphasize his point. We all want you here. T'pol looked decidedly uncomfortable now, which was definitely out of character for a Vulcan.

"Sir I." T'pol started, but Archer cut her off.

"I don't need any of your Vulcan it's only logical crap right now okay, T'pol. Just tell me what you want."

T'pol looked almost confused now which actually concerned Jon, he was so used to seeing her in completely control at all times, it actually made him feel almost protective of her. T'pol started to say something and stopped, then put her hand on Archer's leg. Realizing now that he was still leaning in Archer looked down to see T'pol's hand on his thigh, such physical contact was so out of character for a Vulcan that when he looked back up the last thing he expected was for T'pol to be leaning in to kiss him. It wasn't a soft kiss either she was leaning into it with a sense of urgency that made Archer's dick stand on end. Plus the fact that she was deftly rubbing his cock through his pants most likely helped. Archer put one hand on the back of her head deepening the kiss, and the other on her slim sexy waist pulling her towards him. She came straight out of her chair to straddle Archer. Kissing him deeply and flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth T'pol started grinding against Archers crotch, rubbing herself back and forth, getting herself wet in the process. Reaching behind her she started undoing her traditional Vulcan outfit allowing it to unravel to the waist exposing her perky breast.

"Wow, T'pol..." muttered Archer as he began sucking on her nipple. T'pol gasped a bit at Archers efforts, and she realized she was actually getting turned on by this human.

"Do you require oral stimulation?" T'pol her Vulcan demeanor somewhat diminished but having a tit firmly suckled on by her captain.

"Oral, what?" Archer sounded confused.

"In order to achieve sexual potency, do you require oral stimulation?" archer was only caught off guard for a moment.

"Of course, be my guest sub commander." Smiling to himself Archer unzipped his uniform. T'pol got to her knees leaving her breast exposed, they really are quite nice Archer thought, not as big and round as Hoshi's or crewman Cutler's, but very firm and high set, just about a handful of warm tit flesh as he groped the sexy Vulcan kneeling in front of his erect cock. I should have pulled rank months ago. T'pol started sucking on his cock, her perfect lips so soft and warm on his head bobbing up and down getting saliva all over his shaft. Let's see just how true this Vulcan self control crap is, Archer smirked as he grabbed the back of T'pol's head forcing her face down into his cock. Archer could feel T'pol start to gag as his cock slid down her throat bulging out her neck, but she recovered magnificently. Sticking her tongue out to lick her captain's balls, she started drooling all over his cock. With a hand on either side of her face he began forcing her up and down, deep throating his cock each time, getting it soaking wet with her spit. Every couple of times Archer would hold T'pol's face down at the base of his cock, lodging it deep in her throat and watch her lips move as she fought her gag reflex. Finally letting T'pol up Archer took in what a beautiful sight she was with saliva dripping from her lips and chin and smeared on her chest. Standing up Archer removed his uniform and pulled T'pol back to his cock, this time using his hips to fuck her face and holding her head still. Using a Vulcan in such a degrading way was turning Captain Archer on to no end, these were the proud people who held his father back for years and now he had one of their most decorated officers kneeling on a shuttle pod floor having their mouth be used as his personal fuck hole. Shoving his dick down her throat one more time

he finally pulled out.

"Was that to your satisfaction, captain?" T'pol asked, wiping spit off her lips with the back of her hand

"very good, sub commander," now strip. "And that's an order."

"Yes sir," T'pol began removing the rest of her garment, revealing her sculpted legs and gorgeous ass. Archer moved forward and grabbed T'pol's ass with both his hands squeezing her firm ass cheeks and forcing her naked body against his. Feeling her warm flesh against his cock, made him even hornier if that was possible. Archer began making out with T'pol kissing her deep and forcing his tongue as deep into her mouth as it would go, all the while rubbing his hard prick against the folds of her wet pussy. He could feel T'pol begin to move and gyrate against him rubbing his dick more and more with her pussy, smearing wet juices all across it, begging with her body language to be fucked.

"T'pol," Archer began, "beg me to fuck you, beg a human to stick his raging hard cock into your dripping wet Vulcan cunt."

T'pol was now standing with Archers cock between her legs, as if she were riding a bike. With Archer's strong hands grabbing her ass and forcing her back and forth she could barely keep from having and orgasm right then and there.

"Fuck me Captain, stick your human cock in me right now, take this Vulcan pussy and me your slut." Archer needed no further convincing. Raising one of her legs up with his arm Archer slid his cock into her pussy. It was like nothing Jonathan Archer had every experienced, her cunt was so much hotter than any human woman he had every fucked before, tighter too. Jon could feel the individual muscles in T'pol's pussy contract and squeeze his dick drawing it in deeper to her body.

"Oh my god, T'pol are all Vulcan's pussies this tight?" Archer gasped at her

"I wouldn't know," T'pol's breathing was becoming harsher "I have only had a limited experience with other Vulcan females. Archer's ears perked up at this but he decided that he would pursue that train of thought at a later date. Right now he was more focused at pumping into this beautiful Vulcan whore while he had a chance. Archer new that the trip wouldn't take as long as he hoped but he was going to make the most of it. T'pol's hands were around Archers neck as she gasped and moaned after every hard stroke or his cock, with one hand holding her leg up and another squeezing her ass Archer had good leverage to drive his rather large penis straight into her cunt, pounding her again and again mercilessly driving her towards climax. "Captain, keep going, right there," T'pol moaned, "I'm so close."

"You gonna cum Vulcan?" Archer mocked her. "This human cock going to make a Vulvan cum, what happened to self control?" Archer laughed as he piston'd in and out of T'pol even harder. Be my guest baby he thought.

"Oh god," T'pol moaned, "uugh, uuuugh, uuugh." T'pol's body was wracked with spasms as her lithe body shook against the captains strong frame, actually going weak in the knee's T'pol collapsed against Archer as she orgasm'd.

"Hmm so much for burying your emotions, that one was definitely pleasure," muttered Archer as he bent T'pol over the shuttle's main console. Her juices spilling out of her soaked twat archer looked down at his cock covered in Vulcan females fluids, and then at her ass sitting there as she lay panting, clearly exhausted.

"I'm surprised at you T'pol, I thought you'd have more stamina than that." Archer chuckled.

"Captain, you're the first human to ever make me orgasm. Feel free to continue." T'pol was completely out of breathe, soaked in a sheen of sweat and smelling of sex panting against the main console she began toying with her clit and moaning softly.

"Like I was really going to stop anyways," Archer moved closer admiring how beautiful her ass looked, she truly was a fine physical specimen. Even though she was a thin girl she had a great bubble but. Running his hands over T'pol's ass he began massaging her globes, getting more excited as he did. Noticing that she was slowly working her clit Archer began fingering her cunt. Still dripping wet his fingers slid in easily. Working the g spot a bit he began to notice T'pol moving her ass up and down, invitingly almost.

"T'pol," Archer had an idea. "We're going to test your Vulcan self discipline."

"Whatever you say captain, I'm yours to do with as you please." The Vulcan was breathing hard again, obviously getting worked up again by the fingers in her vagina and her own clitoris stimulation.

"Good, now try and relax." Archer positioned his cock against her tight asshole.

"Ugh," T'pol moaned as Archers cock split her ass open, "take it all, take my dirty ass captain." Archer slowly pushed his cock further and further into her deep hole. Archer couldn't believe how tight this tiny Vulcan's ass was, it was borderline painful. Yet there was nothing as good as this, bending over a beautiful woman, human or not and taking her ass with his cock. Archer began moving faster now aided by T'pol's slick pussy juices and her greasy ass lining he began building up steam.

"uugh uuuugh, captain, captain," T'pol couldn't stop moaning as she felt the captains hard cock ravage her ass, she masturbated her clit harder than she ever had and arching her back had another huge orgasm bucking backwards to take more and more of Archers cock.

"Oh fuck T'pol, your so tight," Archer continued to pound T'pol. Archer fucked her harder now than he ever had before, going faster and faster working his whole cock into her tight ass. Archer had a death grip on T'pol's hip's pulling her back into each one of his thrusts. T'pol was positively screaming now, having lost all semblance of self control so yelled out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as her captain literally fucked the shit out of her ass. Pulling out Archer grabbed T'pol and moved her of the console onto her knee's (it didn't look like she could stand anyways) and put his cock in her mouth once more.

"You like the taste of your own ass?" Archer said as he forced his dick down T'pol's throat once again

"Mmphh," was all that T'pol could manage with a thick cock stuffing her mouth.

"I'm going to cum sub commander," Archer looked T'pol in the eyes, marveling at the sight of the beautiful babe munching on his cock. "Do I have to order you to swallow?" T'pol couldn't speak so simply shook her head slightly from side to side as the captain face fucked his new Vulcan slut some more.

"Good girl," Archer was breathing heavy now as he picked up speed, moving his dick back and forth down T'pol'ls throat, he shoved it in as deep as it would go and felt his cock erupt, sending wave after wave of thick cum straight down his sexy Vulcan slut's throat, she didn't gag at all.

"Oh god," Archer slumped back in his chair. "Now do you know why I picked you up for this mission."

"I believe I do sir." T'pol was collapsed against the main control center, she made a wonderful sight, covered in sweat and panting from the workout, some cum and saliva dribbled from lips and down her chin. T'pol was rubbing her breasts and trying to get her breathing under control, her anus felt stretched and raw but she hadn't felt this sexually sated since serving with the humans. Beep beep beep, "Enterprise to shuttle pod, Come in Archer."

"This is Captain Archer," Sitting naked in the command chair Jonathan Archer looked over at the sexy Vulcan he had just ravaged. "Go ahead Enterprise."

"You have veered of course by oh four three degree's is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine Ensign Mayweather, Correcting course now."

"Okay captain you'll be arriving in under four minutes, Enterprise out"

Archer looked over and the sexy Vulcan and smiled "you should probably get dressed T'pol I'm not sure how these aliens will react to a sweaty naked Vulcan."

"Your point is logical captain, I will refrain from these actions in front of our new friends."

"Oh I don't know about that T'pol," Archer smiled. "I feel you may come in handy in future political negotiations."

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