tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnterprise - the Other Side Ch. 01

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 01


Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 01

The Challenge Begins

They had discovered the USS Defiant, NCC-1764, a worp 7 Constellation class starship from more than a hundred years in their future, docked in the concealed Tholian space port, and managed to get it underway and en route to the Terran Empire with the skeleton crew. Admiral Forrest had gone down with the Enterprise, caught in the Tholian web; but the defensive net was no match for the advanced weapons on the Defiant. Now Captain Jonathan Archer reaped the rewards for his victory, and enjoyed the fellatio of his concubine, the ex-Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Archer picked up his wine glass and took a long swallow. "Mmmm. A good vintage." he grunted, holding the back of her head with his free hand and forcing his hard meat into her throat.

"mmmmphhhhglahhgh." was her response.

"Your mama never told you not to speak with your mouth full bitch?" he asked, laughing heartily. He had to admit, Hoshi was a good fuck, and real easy on the eyes. He'd always had a thing for Asian women, and she was a fine example of the breed. Taut little body with perky tits, a firm butt, silky skin, and the shiny black hair that trailed nearly to the top of her ass -- yep, a fine example. He lost his thoughts watching her lips ripple along the length of his cock as he fucked her mouth.

His pleasure was interrupted by the comm.. "Captain Archer to the bridge." was the call from subcommander T'Pol.

He grunted his acknowledgement and picked up the pace of his thrusts into Sato's hot mouth. "Gotta finish up here girl. SUCK IT."he ordered, slamming his pecker into her pretty face as he climbed the mountain to ejaculation. "NHHHHH, NHHHHH, NHHHHHHHHHH." he grunted, spraying the back of her throat with his seed. "Swallow it bitch, I don't want any mess when you're done." he told her. She obediently gulped and licked at his organ until he finally yanked it out of her mouth with a lewd plop.

Archer looked down at her and smiled crudely. "Good blow job Hoshi. I know I can count on you for those." he told her.

"Any time sir. I'm here to please you any time." she told him, using the back of her hand to wipe some excess semen from the corner of her mouth.

Archer swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up, giving the exquisite Asian butt a squeeze on his way to get his uniform. "We'll have more fun later Hoshi, I promise." he told her, donning his uniform and pulling on his boots before checking his hair and heading out the door.

She said nothing, angry with the Vulcan bitch for once again interrupting her session with Archer. Keeping him satisfied was all she had, staying in his good graces the only way she could make her plan work. She slipped out of the lace teddy and strolled into the bathroom, drawing a bath to relax and freshen herself for his return.

T'Pol new exactly what the Captain and his little whore were doing when she called him to duty. She was determined to exchange places with that Asian bitch as soon as she could convince Archer that she could give him more pleasure than Sato. She had to find a way to show him that pleasure.

Her mind raced as she turned to greet Archer's arrival on the bridge. "Report." barked Archer, walking briskly to replace the shapely Vulcan in his chair.

"We have detected a ship on long range sensors, on an intercept course at high worp." she told him. "It appears to be Vulcan." she added.

"How long before we're in weapons range?" he asked, surprising T'Pol and the rest of the bridge crew. Would the captain really order them to fire on an ally?

"HOW LONG?" he barked, irritated at the slow reponse.

"Fifty-two minutes sir." came her response.

"Give me a visual as soon as they are within range. I want to know what we're up against. Archer ordered.

The tension on the bridge was unusually high. Travis Mayweather, the helmsman, spoke up first. "Sir, will we be firing on the Vulcan ship?" he asked, keeping his eyes on his panel as he spoke.

"I'll decide that when the time comes." Archer spat back at him. "Depends on their intentions." he added.

Archer looked over at T'Pol, expecting a negative response from her at the idea of attacking a ship from her home planet. She gave him none, just returned his glare with a slight nod of acknowledgement. She really is on my side on this he thought. Damn good thing, since he wouldn't hesitate to throw her out the nearest airlock if he suspected she might try to resist his orders.

Archer stood up and turned toward his ready room. "Stay on this course and call me when you have a visual. T'Pol, join me in my ready room. Malcom, you have the bridge." he barked.

"Sir!" replied his trusty armament officer.

T'Pol followed him into the ready room and the door closed behind her. Archer strode behind his desk and sat down. "Sit down subcommander." he said. She did as he ordered, meeting his gaze with her own as only a Vulcan could. "So, subcommander, what do you think of our situation?" he asked, engaging her with his eyes as he reached for the bottle of Andorian whiskey and pouring himself a shot.

He offered her a drink without speaking, which she declined. "Well sir, you are my captain, and I will obey your orders without question." she replied.

Archer gulped down the liquor and poured another, slamming the glass down on the desk in front of her. "While I appreciate your expression of loyalty T'Pol, that is NOT what I asked." he grunted at her.

She looked at him for a moment, formulating a response for his query. "Sir, while I still believe the Terran Empire to be an ally of Vulcan, I understand that this situation is -- in part -- a potential change to that relationship. That being the case, we need to be wary of the posture of the Vulcan commander, and be ready to enforce our rules if necessary." she said, her voice clear and steady.

Archer smiled. "Good answer, subcommander. I hoped I could count on you." he told her. "Now go back to your station and monitor all communications from that ship. I want to know if they send a message to the High Command, and what that message is if they do." he said.

T'Pol nodded her acknowledgement and rose to leave. She consciously added an extra twitch of her bottom as she walked out of the room, knowing Archer would be taking it all in.

God she has a nice ass thought Archer, feeling a tingle in his loins as he stared at her 'tidy little bum'. Perhaps he should give that Vulcan piece of pussy a go one of these days. Perhaps he would.

With that thought he reached over and pressed a button on his console, bringing up the surveillance interface on his display. He entered some commands and was treated to a shot of Hoshi Sato, nude in the tub and obviously pleasuring herself with her fingers. She is so pretty, so hot, and so willing he thought. He watched her for a few minutes, her pert breasts jiggling as her back arched in orgasmic spasms. Good girl. Take care of yourself so you can take care of me later. I'll need a good fuck after we blow this Vulcan trash out of our way.

"Captain to the bridge." came T'Pol's call, jolting him out of his lewd thoughts.

"On my way." he responded, shutting down the surveillance system and quickly making his way back to the ships' command center.

"Report." he barked, taking his place in the big chair.

"We have visual contact and ships ID." she reported.

"On screen." he replied.

The ship pursuing them was a T'Orval class Cruiser, big enough with enough firepower to represent a threat. "It's the Kolgan sir, Commander Tovar's ship. They have not sent any communications since they have been in range." she added. The comm system beeped insistently. "They are hailing us." T'Pol reported.

"On screen." replied Archer, standing to greet the challenger.

Tovar's likeness appeared on the screen. "Captain Archer, you have been instructed to stand down and follow us to Starbase 4 Delta." the Vulcan said.

Archer laughed. "Commander, I have no obligation to take orders from you." he replied.

"No, but...."

"In fact, I will take any act other than you reversing your course back to Vulcan as an act of aggression on your part, with the associated consequences." Archer interrupted.

"Captain, this is not logical. We are allies, and the orders come to you from Terran Command, not me." Tovar replied.

Again, Archer laughed. "Well I am sorry Commander; but I have received no such orders. I suggest you get your ship back to your home world before we are both sorry you didn't." Archer told him. He turned to Malcom and gave him the signal to cut off the transmission.

"Weapons range in thirty seconds sir." Malcom reported.

"Lock phasers and prepare to fire if they do not reverse their course." Archer ordered. The comm beeped again.

"Commander Tovar is hailing us again." said T'Pol.

"Has he reversed his course?" Archer asked.

"No sir." was the reply.

"Fire when ready Mister Reed." he barked.

"Aye sir." Moments later the Vulcan ship was transformed into a ball of fire and debris.

T'Pol trembled briefly; but showed no response outwardly. She knew Tovar, and his entire senior staff on the Kolgan. They were gone now; but she knew she had to stay the course and appear to support Archer until this whole thing played out.

"I guess that's that!" Archer said with nonchalance. He stood up and turned to his officers. "T'Pol, Malcom, please join me for dinner in the captains mess at nineteen hundred hours." he said.

"Aye sir." was the response from both.

"I will be in my quarters." he added, striding confidently to the turbolift without any further comment.

Hoshi had enjoyed the relaxing bath, coating her lithe body with the scented oils she knew Jonathan liked. She used the sonic shower head to thoroughly clean the insides of her pussy, cumming once (or was it twice?) in the process. Then she made sure to add the perfume to her personal musk, something else he said he liked. Then she slipped into a silk kimono, not bothering with any underwear, and lay back on the lounge to relax until he returned. She drifted off into a light sleep, and dreamed of better things ahead...

Archer nodded to the two security officers adjacent to the door into his private quarters and walked inside. He was pleased to see Hoshi dressed in sexy lingerie, snoozing on his bed. He went into the bathroom, turned off the surveillance system, and took a quick shower before returning to his sleeping friend. Without bothering to wake her, he placed the head of his half-erect cock against her lips.

"Mmmmmm." she moaned, her tongue briefly appearing to inadvertently caress the head of his penis.

Hoshi Sato awoke with a start, and before her eyes were fully opened his hand reached the back of her head and he pushed his organ past her lips and into her mouth.

"That's it girlfriend, suck it and make it nice and hard." came Archer's order. "Be real nice and he'll fuck you real good." he added, sliding his hand down the front of her flimsy lace panties to manipulate her waiting pussy.

"What a nasty girl you are Hoshi. Your pussy is already wet and ready for cock." he said, sliding his thick middle finger into her slick but still snug cunt as his penis drove into her throat. Archer added a second finger and screwed her dripping hole rapidly.

As quickly as he had penetrated her oral cavity, he pulled his penis free. "Time for some serious fucking. On your hands on knees bitch." he told her, pulling her up and flipping her over. "I wanna see that hot ass of yours while I screw your wet pussy." he added, ripping the flimsy panties from her body and slapping her proffered fanny.

"Fuck me captain, fuck me hard." she squealed, arching her back and spreading her knees to give him easy access. She knew what he wanted from her, and was bound and determined to give him exactly that. The bed moved with his added weight behind her, and within moments she felt the bulbous head of his dick at the quivering entrance to her cunt.

"nnnNNNGHAAAAA!" he grunted, slamming his length all the way into her belly in a single stroke. "OH YEAH BABY, TAKE IT!" he yowled. His hips were a blur as he fucked the hell out of the pretty young woman. He gripped her hips and looked down, his thumbs spreading the cheeks of her butt wide as his eyes gazed longingly at the tiny pucker of her anus. He gathered some of her natural lubricant with his thumb and spread it around her asshole as he continued to slide in and out of her wet cavern.

"Mmmmmeeeaaassy!" she begged, not wanting his usual brutality in that virginal opening.

Archer responded by shoving his thumb past the tight ring of her sphincter and up to the first knuckle in her ass. "It's only a finger bitch, just relax and let me finger fuck your ass. It excites me." he told her, his hips pushing his penis into her vagina as his thumb pushed as far as it could go into her rectum. He wriggled the digit in her butt and felt it move against his cock in her other hole. He established a rhythm with the two intruders, enjoying all of the sensations her body provided, and fucked her for a good twenty minutes.

Hoshi came more than once as she was fucked by her captain. She hated to admit it; but that thumb in her asshole was starting to feel pretty good. "Oh gawd Jonathan, FUCK ME!" she screamed, her hips thrashing wildly as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

"Oh yeah baby, I'll Fuck You good. CUM FOR YOUR CAPTAIN!" he growled, slamming his rigid member in and out of her dripping wet cunt as he drove his thumb up into her backside. The spasming of her muscles sent him over the edge as well. "OH YEAH -- OH YEAH -- OH YESSSSSS!!" he hissed, feeling the semen roar down the length of his dick and splash against her insides.

Archer collapsed on Sato's back, his cock still wedged inside her belly. She was a really good screw. he thought, another pulse from his penis bringing a soft mewl from her lips. The couple rolled onto their sides and drifted off into a light sleep, both satisfied for the moment.

"The time is eighteen-thirty hours." came the computer voice of his alarm.

Archer jumped up from the bed, admiring the lithe body of his concubine as he did so. "Gotta get ready for dinner with my team." he said to nobody in particular. Hoshi lay on her belly with one leg drawn up, and he could see the tiny wrinkle of her anus. He couldn't resist, and leaned down to give her asshole a teasing lick.

"Ahhhhh!" she squealed, startled awake by his lewd act.

"Oh relax girl, I just kissed your ass. How often can you say that?" he asked, laughing loudly.

Archer quickly freshened up in the shower and had a quick shave before pulling on his uniform. He departed his quarters without another word to the lovely asian still laying on his bed. He would fuck her later if she played her cards right.

Trip and Malcom were already seated in the captains dining room when Archer arrived. Both stood quickly to attention. "As you were gentlemen. You're not on duty here." he told them, taking his seat and motioning for them to do the same. His attendant had prepared h'ors d'oeuvres for them and left two bottles of wine and glasses. "White or Red guys?" he asked.

"Red for me sir." replied Trip, turning over the appropriate glass.

"Same here sir." answered Malcom, duplicating the action.

Archer pulled the cork from the red wine bottle and poured all three of them a serving. Each of them had a swallow of the excellent-vintage Cabernet, the room conspicuously silent.

"I wonder what Travis has planned for that hot little crewman?" Archer began the conversation.

"I just hope he doesn't tear her up too bad. I need her in engineering." answered commander Tucker. His team was several men short after the disaster at the Tholian base. Kelly was one of his best crew.

"Aw, she'll walk bow-legged for a few days; but women are built to be fucked man." Malcom said, laughing heartily. He didn't know Kelly was a virgin, and Trip wasn't going to tell him. She probably wasn't any longer.

"So Malcom, what do you think of subcommander T'Pol?" Archer asked, changing the subject only slightly.

"Uh.... Think?" he asked.

"Yeah, I think she's pretty hot don't you?" Trip chimed in.

"Well sure, she does have a nice little bottom for sure." Malcom replied, his cock stirring slightly at the thought of her perfect round backside.

The discussion was cut short by her arrival, dressed a little more casually than they would normally expect. The men stood up in chivalrous courtesy.

Archer motioned for her to sit next to him. "Subcommander." he said, giving her a smile which she returned along with a subtle nod.

T'Pol leaned forward in Archer's direction, being sure to give him plenty of cleavage to look at as she did so. She thought she heard a low grunt and hoped she would have an opportunity to work on him after the meal. As she settled into her chair, she made certain to gently brush his leg with hers.

Archer poured her a glass of the wine, then lifted his own glass. "To a good crew -- and to victory." he said.

T'Pol was the first to respond, clinking her glass against Archer's. "To Victory." she said, catching Archer's eye and giving him a sultry gaze.

The other two men joined the toast and they all had some wine as they waited for the meal. The calamari was quite good, and T'Pol was very fond of the vegetable tempura. By the time the prime rib arrived, the celebration was in high gear and they had opened the third bottle of wine.

Archer was ready to call this chapter of the evening closed, having had the Vulcan beauty making discrete but very suggestive contact under the table. He wanted to find out just what she had in mind before the night was gone completely.

Pouring the last of the fourth bottle into their glasses, he raised his for the final time. "To more evenings like this in the future." he said, standing up.

T'Pol was again the first to respond. "More evenings." she said, clinking her glass against his and downing the wine in one gulp. She glanced at Archer, who nodded his acknowledgement and downed his as well.

"To the future!" added Trip, not letting Malcom beat him this time.

"Damn." said Malcom, knowing he was now responsible to bring the wine for the next dinner.

Archer was quick to dismiss the two men. "I will see you two gentlemen on the bridge at zero seven thirty hours." he told them, nodding toward the door suggestively.

They both took the hint and quickly departed, leaving Archer and his Vulcan science officer alone at last. T'Pol slowly stood up, turning around to make sure he had a good look at her backside, then feigned a stretch to exaggerate the curves of her body.

"Going somewhere, subcommander?" Archer asked, admiring those curves as she moved.

"No sir, just stretching the muscles." she replied.

Archer looked at her inquisitively. "So what do you have in mind, T'Pol?" he asked. "You have been rubbing me under the table for the past two hours, so I know you are up to something." he added, folding his arms across his chest.

"Well sir, I just thought it wise to let you know that I might be better at -- um -- certain things than Sato." she began.

"Oh really? And what would those things be?" Archer responded, curiosity demanding he know more.

"The Vulcan female physiology offers some advantages over human females." she told him, rubbing his calf with her foot.

Archer was willing to listen; but wanted more. "And what advantages are you referring to, subcommander?" he pursued.

T'Pol was ready to make her move. "I would rather show you than tell you Captain." she said, pushing her chair back and standing up. Archer looked her straight in the eye, then pushed back his chair as well. He waited for her demonstration....

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