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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 08


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #8, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 8

The Competition – Round 3

Archer glanced over the reports from the Delta 4 activity, noting the few areas he would want to address in his next staff meeting. All in all the mission had gone well, and was certainly a success in a tactical sense. The fighters in the cargo bay, while needing some upgrades, could prove a deciding factor when they arrived at the Mars outpost – their next target. His intelligence suggested that Terran command was not expecting any approach to the outpost as it had no significant strategic value. Archer saw it differently – as a significant 'flank' position for any ultimate tactical maneuver on the command headquarters. Two NX-class ships had been added to his 'fleet' at Delta 4, and were being upgraded to Constellation-class weapons and shields to match Defiant's systems in those areas. Added to the ten sub-Worp fighters in the cargo bay, his fleet would be a formidable opponent indeed.

Now it was time to resume his 'friendly' competition between Hoshi and T'Pol. Archer had decided that the next round, unlike the first two, would be 'scored' by his personal subjective ratings of the performances by the two competitors. It would be his opinion that mattered, rather than measurements.

"Archer to T'Pol." he called on the comm..

"T'Pol." the Vulcan responded.

"Report to my quarters at nineteen-hundred to resume the contest." Archer said. "Archer out." He closed the comm channel.

"Archer to Ensign Sato."

"Sato here." Hoshi answered the call.

"Report to my quarters at nineteen-hundred to resume the contest." Archer said. "Archer out." He closed the comm channel. He knew he needn't wait for a reply from either woman, as they wouldn't dare defy his instruction to report. This round wouldn't require much in the way of preparation, as he would simply be using them as he wished and rating their ability to please him. That would be fun, and some strapon action would add to the variety. He had guessed (correctly) that neither woman had ever experienced double-penetration where both the pussy and ass were being screwed, so that would be a part of the action. One of them would wear the strapon and wield it in the other girl's vagina while he sodomized the girl. Some face-fucking would be in order as well, using the mouth of the woman wearing the strapon after pulling his dick from the rectum of the other woman. They wouldn't like that idea; but that just made it more enjoyable for him.

** Oral pleasures, front and rear (Archer's pleasure) **

Archer straightened up the 'play room' and set things up to facilitate the action. A fresh bottle of his favorite cognac, procured from the Delta 4 stores, would be opened for the event. With an hour to go he showered and donned his silk smoker, pouring himself a glass of the strong liqueur to put his mind in the right place. He sat at his computer station and browsed the status reports, paying particular attention to the fighter upgrades. Trip, Malcom, and T'Pol had put together an impressive list of changes which would make the little birds faster and far more powerful weapons, and the process was moving along nicely. His review was interrupted by the door chime.

"Come." Archer called. The door opened and T'Pol entered, wearing a very nice satin kimono in a sage green color, with matching undergarments. He nodded toward her as he ended his session on the computer.

"Good evening Captain." T'Pol said, walking toward him. "I look forward to regaining my lead in the competition tonight." she added.

"You will certainly have an opportunity to do that, subcommander." Archer told her. "Help yourself to a drink if you like." No reason not to be hospitable – for now.

"Would you care to share your plan for this round?" T'Pol asked, pouring herself a drink.

"Not until Hoshi arrives. Wouldn't want you to have an unfair advantage." Archer replied. The door chime sounded again.

"Come." Archer called. The door opened and Hoshi entered, wearing very little other than a black robe.

"Have a drink Hoshi, you'll need it." Archer said, chuckling.

After Sato got her glass filled Archer sat on the edge of his desk, his smoking jacket open to reveal his flaccid dick. "Alright ladies, tonight will be different than the previous rounds in that I will be the sole judge of your performance, and will assign values to those performances based on how well you pleased me." he began, getting nods from the two beautiful women. "We will start by having one of you suck my cock while the other sucks my ass. You will draw cards to see which position you begin in. High card gets my cock." he laughed, picking up a deck of playing cards and fanning it out.

Hoshi chose her card first, followed by T'Pol. Archer called for them to show the cards, which they did quickly. Hoshi had pulled an eight, while T'Pol held a Jack. Archer smiled and walked to the impromptu apparatus he had put together for this event, a pair of frames with padded top rails so he could hold himself up while the women worked on his privates. He looked at the two contestants, T'Pol wearing a smile while Hoshi seemed somewhat less pleased. The Asian beauty had only stimulated his anus under duress, and really thought it a disgusting act. "Well ladies?" Archer said. "Get to work now. Remember, your scores will depend entirely on my pleasure." he added, watching as T'Pol knelt in front of him and took his penis into her warm mouth. "That's it bitch, suck my cock." he ordered, pushing his hips forward.

Hoshi knelt behind him, her hands rubbing his hairy buttocks as she gathered herself for the degrading act of licking his butthole. "That's it Hoshi, make my ass feel good now bitch." Archer said. She used her thumbs to spread his cheeks, exposing his wrinkle with curly hairs around it. "Come on bitch, get your tongue in there." Archer spat. She leaned forward until her nose was pressed into the crack of his ass, and extended her oral digit to lick around the rim of his anus. The hole was dry and clenched as she worked her tongue to lubricate the opening. It seemed to take hours; but finally Hoshi sensed his sphincter relaxing enough for her to push her curled oral intruder a few millimeters inside. "Ahhh... there you go girl... suck my asshole bitch... suck it nice...." Archer hissed.

T'Pol had started with Archer's dick at half-mast; but her expert oral skills had him fully erect in a dozen strokes. She was determined to beat her opponent in this round, and took his long shaft all the way into her sucking throat as her fingers tickled his balls. She could sense the proximity of Sato's face near her fondling fingers, and setup a rhythmic pumping with her lips on his cock. "Oh yeah subcommander, you are one fine cocksucking bitch." Archer told her. She pulled her mouth from his cock and dipped her head to take one of his testicles in her mouth, her slender fingers stroking his shaft as her tongue swirled around the sensitive orb. "Nice T'Pol... suck my balls.... Yeah..." Archer moaned. T'Pol knew she was better at this than Sato, and needed to take advantage of it.

Archer relaxed, taking a long pull from his cognac as the two women tended to his needs. He had taken one of the capsules Phlox had provided to give him extra sexual stamina, and it definitely worked. While he was enjoying the fellatio and analingus and could feel every detail, he wasn't getting close to losing it. He couldn't see Hoshi behind him; but could feel her little wet tongue pushing inside his asshole as she struggled to please him that way. He looked down to watch T'Pol as she suckled on his organ with as much gusto as she could muster. Twenty minutes into the event, he decided it was time to switch. "Okay ladies, time to switch." Archer ordered, shaking his hips. Hoshi pulled her face from his behind with a grunt as T'Pol made sure her withdrawal was punctuated by a lewd plop as his cock slipped from her mouth. They politely exchanged places, with T'Pol quickly stabbing her longer, more rigid Vulcan tongue into his butt. Seconds later he watched Hoshi take his erect phallus into her mouth – and as far into her throat as she could.

Hoshi was thrilled to be done with the nasty act of licking his behind and on to taking his penis into her mouth. She didn't mind sucking Archer's sizeable penis, even when he forced her to deep throat. This time he couldn't really do that, as his hands were occupied and any movement of his hips also affected what was going on behind him. She focused on gliding her soft lips up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head and gently massaging his balls. Establishing a steady rhythm, she fucked his hot meat with her face, occasionally taking the head into her gullet and clenching her throat muscles until his cock twitched. She got a little grunt out of him every time with that move, and knew he loved it.

T'Pol pushed her tongue a good inch up Archer's nasty butthole, sliding it in and out as if she was fucking his ass. She deliberately let little mewls and grunts escape from her throat, letting Archer know how much she enjoyed doing this for him – even though she found it degrading and despicable. Having him stick his dick up her ass was different – her physiology was built for that exact act. The human rectal channel was directly connected to the bowels without the isolating chamber – making analingus of a human a very nasty act. She didn't like it; but she needed to win this one....

Archer let the women do their best for another twenty minutes, enjoying both ends and establishing some baseline scores based on how his loins responded to each. Then he shook his hips again. "Times up for this event ladies, thank you." he said calmly, waiting for the women to disengage and move away before he walked to the bar to refresh his cognac. "Nice job for both of you." he told them.

"So... how do you score that?" Hoshi asked.

Archer had composed a scoring table for each event, and began completing the matrix for the first challenge. For this event, there were three columns for the analingus and three for the fellatio. The three columns were marked 'Depth', 'Feel', and 'Enthusiasm'. "Just give me a minute here." he said, going through his thoughts. A few minutes later he was ready. "Alright. After careful consideration I have a total score of forty-nine point five for Ensign Sato and fifty-four point five for subcommander T'Pol." Archer reported. "This is out of a total possible of sixty points." he added, setting his pad down.

** T'Pol gets a Strapon DP **

"Our next event will involve the use of this..." Archer said, holding up a strapon dildo with a medium-sized rubber phallus. "One of you will be wearing this and fucking the other's pussy – while I use my own personal weapon on her ass." he described the idea. "Now the scoring of this event will be two-fold." Archer began. "The girl being penetrated will receive a score for her enthusiasm, for the pleasure her asshole gives me, and there is a bonus if she has an orgasm during the event." he continued. "I will not be concluding this act by ejaculating in the backside I have been fucking; but rather I will will withdraw from that hole and finish in the mouth of the girl who is wearing the strapon. Her score will be based upon that performance. After a short break you will change roles, and one of you will have the pleasure of preparing me with your mouth – with no scoring." Archer concluded his description of the event.

"As before, you will draw cards to determine where you will begin. High card wears the strapon." Archer said, again fanning the deck out in front of them. Each of them took a card and revealed them. Hoshi had a nine while T'Pol held a three. Archer handed the strapon to Hoshi. "Kindly attach your weapon and prepare for battle." Archer laughed. "Then come over here and suck my cock until it's ready." He watched as she struggled to adjust the buckles and straps. Finally happy with the result, she knelt in front of him and took his dick in her mouth, sucking hard to bring him to full stiffness. Archer pushed her away and looked at T'Pol who was gently fingering her pussy to get it wet enough. He laughed. "Well that's certainly a start subcommander; but you might want to use your mouth on Hoshi's weapon – get it nice and wet before she shoves it up your dry Vulcan cunt." He watched T'pol drop to her knees in front of Hoshi, taking the rubber phallus into her mouth to deposit her saliva on the surface.

"Yeah that's it bitch. Suck my cock." Hoshi hissed, grabbing the Vulcan's head and pumping her hips to thrust the fake dick into her face. T'Pol pushed her away violently, nearly knocking her down. Hoshi laughed, an evil grin on her normally pretty face. "What's the matter bitch? Can't handle a little rubber cock?" she hissed.

Archer intervened. "Alright girls, enough bitching. Hoshi, lay down on your back on the pad. T'Pol, straddle her and get that rubber dicky in your cunt." he ordered, stroking his penis to coat it with the 'special lube' Phlox had provided. He watched as the Asian laid on her back, her fingers flipping the fake dick lewdly. Then the Vulcan beauty straddled her hips and reached down to position the faux penis at her entrance. Hoshi grabbed T'Pol's hips and thrust her own hips upward to penetrate the Vulcan's cunt. T'Pol grunted in pain at the rough intrusion. Without the benefit of what would normally be a coital activity associated with procreation, her vagina was very dry. "Get ready subcommander, here comes the fun part." Archer said, kneeling behind his science officer and positioning his dick at the willing entrance to her backside. With one slow push he buried the thick cudgel in the heat of the Vulcan rectal channel. "There we go... Alright Hoshi, let's fuck this bitch." he directed, beginning his thrusting in and out of T'Pol's incredible sheath. He could feel the rubber phallus working in and out of her vagina on the other side of that thin membrance, and hear the squeals and groans of the pretty Vulcan as she took the sensual abuse of her body in stride. As always, her asshole was incredible, and Archer had to pace himself a little as her muscular channel clenched and relaxed around his skewering penis.

Hoshi had never considered anything like this; but she had to admit a sense of power as she thrust her hips upward in a rhythm matching Jonathan's, knowing that she was forcing a thick rubber cock into her enemies sensitive vagina as her Captain fucked her in the ass. She could see T'Pol's face, sense the discomfort she was feeling, and it became something of an obsession to bring her more of that pain. "Take THAT you Vulcan whore!" she growled, gripping T'Pol's slender hips and slamming her own pelvis into T'Pol's, the rubber phallus ramming deep into the woman's tender pussy. Having her hands on the Vulcan's hips allowed her to feel Archer's thrusts as he methodically sodomized the other woman. Then she realized it would be her turn for this in a short while, and Archer would presumably have more stamina when he fucked her butt.

T'Pol hadn't been this uncomfortable during any of Archer's games. The rubber fake being shoved into her vagina hurt like hell, and Sato wasn't giving her any break as she jammed it in over and over. Archer's cock in her ass was okay, although when both of the intruders went in at the same time it really stretched her insides. She had to think of a way to get some advantage out of the situation, then it struck her. She felt Archer begin to falter and knew he would be pulling out soon. T'Pol concentrated, and squeezed just a little of her bowel sanitizing fluid into her rectum where his cock would quickly be covered with it. The internally created cleanser was normally followed with a douche-like rinse; but not this time. When he shoved that thing into her mouth Hoshi would be in trouble.

Archer felt something different, and it was enough to push him where he didn't want to go yet. He yanked his penis from T'Pol's asshole and reached down to pull her off of Hoshi, rolling her off to the side as he straddled Sato's torso and pushed his twitching penis into her mouth. He felt her jerking her head from side to side violently and reached down to hold her still as he forcibly fucked into her face. "Suck it bitch. Suck my fuckin' dick." Archer spat at her. She was still struggling when his first blast hit the back of her throat. "Drink it all baby. Suck me dry like the good little whore you are..." he grunted. "Yeah... yiAHHHH... YIEAHHHHH... SUCK IT.... YIEAHHHHHHH." Her head was still thrashing as far as it could as Archer finally pulled his cock out of her mouth and quickly stood up.

Hoshi coughed and hacked, then heaved on the mat. "W-what the FUCK was on your dick?" she cried. "JEEZUS that was FOUL!" she howled. "Is that what Vulcan ass tastes like?"

T'Pol smiled inside, knowing Sato wouldn't get high marks for that performance. She was sore; but it would be her turn to dish it out next. She knew Sato would probably try to take a crap or something on Archer's dick; but it wouldn't matter. She could tolerate that easily, and would be jamming that rubber dick so hard into Sato's cunt she would think she was having her period. Fuck that little bitch within an inch of her life.

"Anyone else like a drink?" Archer asked, standing at the bar. "Hoshi, clean up that mess first bitch. Damn that's nasty." He watched as T'Pol picked herself up from the pad and walked over slightly bowlegged, wincing with each step. "A little tough subcommander?" Archer asked with a chuckle.

"It's fine Captain." T'Pol replied, pouring herself a full glass of cognac and downing it in two swallows. They watched Hoshi clean up the mess on the pad, crawling around on all fours as she mopped up the foul-smelling fluid, the lewd sight of the strapon dangling from her belly making them laugh.

"What the fuck is so funny?" she spat at them. "Gawd that was horrible!" she exclaimed, finally declaring it good enough and joining them for a drink of her own. She went to the sink and drank a liter of water before pouring her cognac and slugging it down.

"Okay Hoshi, why don't you take off that fake dick and hand it to your Vulcan friend here so she can try it." Archer said. "I still need a few minutes before I'll be ready; but T'Pol may as well get comfortable. I wouldn't even complain if the two of you got a head start. I can always come down and get some head while I watch." he laughed. Sato pulled at the straps and stepped out of the contraption, handing it to T'Pol with a sneer. T'Pol took the device to the sink and washed it off, not wanting any of the 'cleaner' anywhere near her sensitive pussy when she strapped it on.

Both girls poured another drink before they moved toward the mat. "Why don't you suck it before I put it in you cunt?" T'Pol suggested to Hoshi, waving the rubber dong at her. "It might make it easier." she added.

** Strapon hell for Hoshi **

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