tagIncest/TabooEnticed by the Sight Ch. 03

Enticed by the Sight Ch. 03


After what I’d seen the night before I knew that I was going to have to get Dad to sleep with me. I just didn’t know how, or when, or where. But the longing between my legs had returned with the morning light, and I knew now that no amount of masturbating was going to make it go away. My pussy-centered desire needed my dad to plunder it the way that he had Rita – to possess it and split it open with his thickness and empty himself inside.

And after all, what’s a girl to do? I mean, isn’t she supposed to fall for the first man she’s seen erect and needy? It’s not like most girls get to see a lot of tumescent boys and then get to pick and choose. Besides, I couldn’t even imagine that any of the boys I knew had one nearly as pretty and big as Dad’s – there was no way. Nope. The first erect one that I’d seen was the one I was going to have – even if it did belong to my father.

It was Saturday, and we spent the morning just hanging around the house. Daddy worked in the garden on his pet project – a rock retaining wall around the back flowerbed. He got out his wheelbarrow and moved rocks from the place the delivery guy had dropped them the week before over to the spot for his new rose bed.

Rita did some work on her computer. Once she stopped to take a glass of lemonade out to Dad. I was watching, and I re-learned my lesson from yesterday – there was no way to tell by the looks on their faces or their attitudes or anything that he’d been banging her so hard the night before that she’d been bumping her head into a wall. It was just the three of us as usual, Daddy and Rita and Nikki.

I spent most of the morning in my room listening to Blondie and the Go-Gos and plotting to no avail. I figured that I had to get rid of Rita for a while, and I figured that Dad would have to be asleep. If I could get him hard in my hand again, I was sure I could get him to take me. I mean, it worked before, didn’t it? I just wasn’t the one who got the big finish. But if I got him started and Rita wasn’t around and I convinced him that I was an acceptable substitute, then maybe I had a chance. Maybe. Or maybe I was kidding myself. Hell, I knew I was kidding myself. Or was I?

That was about as far as I’d gotten in my thinking. I couldn’t actually come up with a way to make it happen at all. So I idly lay on my bed, slipping my hand into my pants occasionally for a quick rub, trying to convince my pussy to shut up and leave me alone so that I could think of a good way to help it.

As it turned out, though, my opportunity came up much faster than I was prepared for. After lunch, Rita announced that she was getting ready to go. Dad and I had both forgotten the baby shower she was attending for one of her friends from work. She asked me if I wanted to go with her, and under other circumstances I probably would have. But I had my dad’s manhood on my mind, not little pink lace booties. And suddenly, I had a plan.

After Rita left Dad went back outside to work on moving his rocks. I ran up to my room and took a hot shower. I put on a pair of hiking shorts but no panties. The coarse material rubbing against my nether regions felt delicious and wicked. I was anxious and naughty and sexy all at once. What was I thinking? A girl shouldn’t really try to sleep with her father, should she? But he was so handsome, and apparently my pussy wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

I put on a halter-top, fussed a little with my hair, and then I slipped into a pair of high-heeled sandals. I checked myself out in the mirror. Boy, it’s amazing when you have sex on your mind how erotic a little skin can seem. My legs looked long and lean, my belly button peeked out from under the halter top, and my shoulders were almost bare. Hell, I was so sexy that I almost wanted to sleep with me.

After checking that Dad was still outside I snuck into their bedroom. The sheets were still tousled from their tryst last night, and I caught a whiff of Rita’s sex in the air. I went over to her dressing table and found a spray bottle of the perfume she always wore. Fittingly enough, it was called “Forbidden.” I spritzed a little into the air and then stepped into the misty cloud, letting it settle gently onto me.

Now came the tricky part. I needed something to dull his senses a little. Not enough to keep him from taking me, but enough to make him let his guard down long enough to get him into me. And it had to be something I could give to him without his knowing. I mean, it wasn’t like I could hand him a big shot of Jack Daniels and say, “Drink this, Daddy, so you can screw your daughter.” Besides, it was too early in the day for him to want a drink.

I went to their medicine chest. After a bit of searching I found what I wanted. I went downstairs and into the kitchen. I stood in front of the counter where I’d first seen Rita’s pussy being fondled by Dad (was it only yesterday?), and I made some fresh lemonade. I put in a whole lot of extra sugar, and then I added my secret weapon – four ground-up sleeping tablets. Two was the recommended dosage, but I wanted him good and out of it when we started. I knew that those things weren’t powerful enough to make him unconscious, but I thought maybe they’d give me enough time to start on him. I knew that they’d mess up the taste of the lemonade, but I hoped he’d have it all inside him before he really noticed.

Proud but more than a little unsure of my plan, I took the iced lemonade out to Dad. He was sweaty and hot from moving the rocks around, but not so tired that his eyes didn’t widen a little when he saw me walking up to him. I tried my best to look seductive without seeming too obvious. Gosh, my pussy was wet.

“Brought you some lemonade, Daddy,” I said brightly, holding out the glass.

He seemed a little skeptical. I mean, it wasn’t usual for me to serve him while he worked, but he took it from my hand willingly enough.

“Thank you,” he said. He gave me a long look over the top of the glass. I’m sure he was a little suspicious about my high heels and wondering why I’d brought him a drink. I gave him my best cheerful smile while I tried to look innocent. I held my breath, hoping he’d just drink the damn thing. He didn’t say anything, and he was way too polite to openly leer at me. But a delicious thrill ran down my spine as I realized that my very own daddy was checking me out and that he liked what he saw.

Finally he drank it down - the whole thing in one long swallow. He kind of winced from the aftertaste as he handed the glass back to me. Then he laughed. “We’re going to have to get Rita to give you some lessons in making lemonade, sweetie.”

We talked for a minute or two about how his project was coming. I tried to steer the conversation towards comments about how much work he’d been doing. You know, how taxing it must be to move big rocks around and how tired he must be getting. That kind of stuff.

I took the glass back from him and faked a big yawn. Hey, it couldn’t hurt to plant the nap idea in his head, could it? I stretched my arms way out to the sides, and I pretended not to notice that Daddy was looking at my erect nipples trying to poke through my halter top.

“Well, see you later, Daddy!” I turned around to go back to the house. I swear I could almost feel his eyes on my ass as I walked away. I gave it a little extra wiggle – you know, to get him a little head start before the sleeping pills kicked in.

I went back to my room and waited. I wasn’t going to play with myself. Nope. Wasn’t gonna happen. I was a big girl and I could wait. I wasn’t going to play with myself. I was not going to play with myself. Oh, to hell with it.

I sat in my desk chair, my legs spread wide and my knees resting on the arms. I had learned some time before that I could do myself right through my pants while sitting up. The extra pressure that it took to feel my fingers through the cloth somehow changed it into a different experience. And I just had to have a quickie before I took my swing at Daddy.

I put my fingers between my legs and started rubbing. I felt so lewd, sitting there in my clothes, looking at my bare legs with my hand up my crotch. I moved my fingers up and down this time. When they reached my hole my palm was in just the right position to put some extra pressure on my clit. I wiggled it back and forth, sending yummy shudders up and down my spine. I did it again, only a little harder. Again. In only a few moments, I was ready to cum. God, I was so horny!

I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there doing myself while picturing my father. But the sudden orgasm that exploded from me took all my breath away and left me weak. I tried really hard to keep my squealing low enough that Dad wouldn’t hear me in the back yard. I was surprised when I was finally able to open my eyes to see that I hadn’t gotten girl cream all over my thighs. But there was a telltale little circular wet spot on my shorts that you’d have to be really close to see.

It was a good enough orgasm to take the edge off, and I knew that I’d be able to wait until Dad came in. I stood up and paced around, waiting for him to show. This was the time that most of my doubts bubbled to the surface.

My God, what was I doing? Playing with myself constantly and picturing my very own father’s manhood. Drugging him so that I could get him to screw me. Parading in front of him in heels and shorts. I was abashed at what the sight of my Daddy’s sex had accidentally done to me. Incest? Me? My shame brought a blush to my cheeks, and I stepped over to the mirror to see if it was visible.

I was kind of surprised that no humiliation showed on my face. But as I looked for traces of shame I could see that I was cute and sexy. My already erect nipples showed clearly through the halter, begging for attention and echoing the need in my lubricious opening. No, dammit. I couldn’t live with this need bottled up inside of me. I was going to have to sleep with my father. But was I sexy enough to make my daddy take me?

My wondering was cut short when I heard the back door slam. I resolved to give it a try. I was going to try to get Dad to screw me. I walked downstairs casually, trying not to look like I’d been waiting for him to come in.

Dad was in the kitchen, having a drink of water. “I’ve decided that maybe you were right, sweetie. I must be getting old. I think maybe I will take a little nap.”

“Well, you should go take a shower first,” I said. “You don’t want to smell like that when Rita comes home!” I gave him a conspiratorial wink and my best ‘harmless daughter’ grin.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” Daddy tried to smile and yawn at the same time. “I don’t know why I’m so sleepy. Wake me up when she gets home, will you?”

“Oh, I don’t know Daddy. I may just send her in there so she can have her way with you.” I laughed and Daddy joined in as he dragged himself upstairs.

My plan was in place. Rita was gone, Dad was sleepy, and I’d planted the idea in his head that his wife might join him in bed. I smelled like her, and I was about the same size as her. If I could just get him excited enough before he realized that it was me, then maybe this was going to work.

I waited in the kitchen for a little bit. I kept my hands to myself (well, I did rub my breasts once and tweaked my nipples) and listened for the sound of the upstairs shower. I gave him a few minutes after the shower ended to get into his bed.

I went upstairs, my heart in my throat as I thought about what I was going to do. A girl isn’t supposed to sleep with her father, is she? But I needed it so badly. I needed my daddy to shove himself into me hard and fast until he came in me, just like I’d seen him do it to Rita last night. I needed his sex pounding me. I needed his arms around me. I just needed him. And for the life of me I didn’t see that I really had any choice.

I let myself into their room, quietly shutting the door behind me. Rita wasn’t due back for almost two hours yet, but I figured that in his drugged state of mind he probably wouldn’t notice that he’d only been in bed for 10 minutes.

Daddy apparently liked to sleep in boxers, because that’s what he was wearing again. Purple ones this time, with little pink diamonds on them. He was lying on his side and facing me, oblivious to the world.

I sat on the bed next to him – my first time in bed with a man. I was very excited and very nervous as I lay down next to him. I figured that he was tired from moving rocks, he was sleepy from the pills, and I smelled like Rita. If only he didn’t open his eyes until it was too late, I could get what I’d been wanting so badly since yesterday in the kitchen.

My pussy was dripping with hunger, and I was kind of scared of what my daddy would say when he realized what was happening. I guess my slit was speaking more loudly, though, because I just had to chance his disapproval or worse, his anger.

I snuggled my back against his front, and I could feel his crotch against my ass, his chest against my back. All I could think was, ‘Please don’t open your eyes, Daddy.’ He nuzzled my hair, and I was glad that I’d thought to put on Rita’s perfume. He sleepily moaned something that sounded like, “Welcome home, baby,” and put his arm around me. A smile broke out on my face and I had to restrain myself from giggling. I felt so secure and cared for as I cuddled in bed with my father. As I relaxed there I could hardly believe it – my plan was working. In his sleepy torpor he believed that I was Rita. At least, for the time being.

God, it felt so right, lying there in his arms, his sex only inches from mine. But I couldn’t just snuggle there forever, much as I wanted to. Opportunities like this simply didn’t come along every day, and I was determined to get laid before Daddy’s wife came home.

I took his hand in mine and slipped it under my top, cupping it around my breast. My whole body twitched in pleasure. Why is it so different when it’s somebody else touching you? He started rubbing my tit almost automatically, stroking it with his palm. My nipple became painfully erect at Dad’s touch. Little electrical shivers traveled straight from my breast to my pussy. He slid his hand under my halter top and began to explore my body, touching every bit of me that he could reach. He slowly caressed my back and stroked my tummy. Then he went back to my breast and started all over. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his big hand exploring under my shirt. As if it wasn’t wet enough, my slit became even wetter. But this time my desires were coupled with a curious kind of satisfaction. My daddy was making love to me.

I couldn’t stand it any more, and as he fondled my breast I reached down and unsnapped and unzipped my shorts. His hand followed mine down, and he began gently stroking the lower part of my bare tummy, getting ever closer to my aching slit but not actually touching it.

I was almost frantic with desire, and I knew that I couldn’t take his teasing for very long. I needed him to touch me, to put himself inside me. I had to do something. I reached behind myself and put my hand on his crotch. It was already fat, but just like the night before it began to grow with my touch. I had to suppress a giggle of delight – if he heard me laughing then the gig would be up. And I most certainly wasn’t ready for this to be over.

Daddy leaned away from me a little to allow my hand more room. I put my hand inside his boxers and pushed them down, freeing his manhood for my ministrations. For the first time in my life I held a man’s turgid sex in my hand. I began moving my hand up and down, stroking him slowly. Dad moaned and thrust his sex against my hand. It felt so huge. But that only made me want it inside me more. I wanted him to split me open with it, to pound me senseless.

After a few moments the little slit on the end of his sex began leaking its fluid into my hand, and I smeared it all over him. I stopped for a second so that I could push my shorts down a little. I wanted to feel his naked manhood against my bare bottom. I put my hand back behind me and pressed his dripping tool against the crack of my naked ass. Dad immediately thrust himself hard against me. He finally put his hand on my dripping slit, and pulled me against him. My entire world shrank down to my nether regions, sandwiched between Dad’s hand and his sex. His rhythm changed to the slower and deeper one I’d seen him use before. I knew what that meant – Dad was about to cum.

I thought briefly of trying to get him to take me right then, but I couldn’t bring myself to make him stop – it just felt too good. My dad’s hand between my legs, his sex rubbing against my ass, my hand feeling tiny and drenched with pre-cum - all combined to drive any thought from my head. The pent up desires in me bubbled to the surface. Daddy’s hand slipped back and forth on my clit sending powerful jolts of pleasure coursing through me, and I started to cum at the same time he did.

I could feel Dad’s tool twitch and jerk as it spewed glob after glob of hot sperm all over. It went everywhere. It got on my back and my ass. My hand was soaked in sperm, and even as he was cumming I kept smearing his gooey cream all over him. The pressure of his sex pushing my sex against his hand had me cumming in ways I’d never cum before.

Dad kept sliding his manhood up and down the crack of my ass, spewing searing cum all over the place as I orgasmed into his hand. The very hand that had stroked my hair when I fell off my bike. The hand that had always seemed so large and strong. So dependable. It was now between my legs and making me cum harder than I ever had before. I managed not to squeal, but it was a near thing. I clamped my legs over him the better to hold his fingers against me. I shook and quivered and all but forgot Daddy’s orgasm as mine engulfed me. Finally his thrusts slowed and then stopped. Unwilling to let him go, I kept massaging his seed into his shaft. After some major-league rubbing against my slippery ass he was finally done. All the energy that had been in him a moment ago left, and I could tell from the way that his body relaxed against mine that he was about to fall asleep.

I decided to go for broke. I knew how I had gotten him to fuck Rita last night, and I figured that I could do it again. Only this time he’d be pushing himself into me instead of her. I wanted him to make love to me more than ever, because my dripping slit still hadn’t been filled by Daddy’s sex.

I turned over in the bed so that I was facing him, hoping that he’d keep his eyes closed. Then I scooched down in the bed so that his manhood was at the level of my mouth.

It was wet and shiny, and beginning to lose its red swollen look. Splattered here and there on his belly and his shaft were gobs of his white fluid. Driven by some unnamed need, I began licking them off of him like a cat lapping cream. It was warm and salty, and somehow it nourished a deep hunger within me. I was taking my daddy’s seed into me, and I couldn’t have loved it more. Apparently Dad liked it too, because his manhood started to swell again. Having him grow bigger in my mouth was more erotic than anything I’d ever imagined. I began sliding my lips up and down over him, pretending that I was my pussy. Deeper and deeper he went into me, tickling the back of my throat.

Dad rolled over onto his back, and I moved with him so that he still had easy access to my mouth. He began a gentle thrusting into me. Daddy wound his fingers in my hair – a lover’s touch that made our coupling seem even more intimate. I bobbed my head up and down, and Daddy’s thrusting became deeper and more urgent. It was working. He was going to fuck me in a minute – I could feel it. Just like he’d fucked Rita last night. As he pushed himself into my eager mouth I got up on my knees. I had to get my shorts off. It was difficult because I didn’t want him to stop. But I managed to kick off my sandals and pull my pants down to my ankles and kick them off without letting him slip from my mouth.

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