tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 15

Equal Shares Ch. 15


Chapter 15

It was Friday. Denise was waiting by the phone. She'd been there all day, with only short trips into the kitchen to grab snacks.

Jim had promised to ring her today. Ibiza was an hour ahead, so when it was ten o'clock in the morning here, it was eleven a.m. over there. Surely Jim would have woken early today, he was going to ring her.

While she waited, she ran back over her holiday in Ibiza in her mind, savouring the memories...

- - - - - - - - - -

On that second day of her break, she had sunbathed near the pool of her hotel. Deciding that her back had become well toasted, she turned over. On the beach, many of the girls went topless, but here by the hotel pool it just wasn't done. Denise had a very small white bikini on, which served to preserve her modesty – just.

She closed her eyes, basking in the hot sun. Denise thought she could be content with this for the whole holiday, but supposed she ought to do something else, if just to break up the time.

An unknown time later, she felt a shadow across her eyes. Reluctantly she opened them, to find a young man standing over her, two drinks in his hand. She shaded her eyes with one hand, but couldn't see him as the bright sun silhouetted him.

"W-would you like a drink?" he stammered to her.

From the sound of his voice, Denise didn't think the boy could even be old enough to buy drinks.

"Thank you, but, no!" she told him. "It's very kind of you to offer, though" she continued more gently, "perhaps it would be better if you asked someone of your own age?"

He stammered something she couldn't catch and walked away. Denise was sorry to disappoint the boy but really didn't want that sort of attention. As she watched him walk off, she wondered if he had an older brother.

She relaxed again, closing her eyes and letting her thoughts drift where they would. She saw a guy, with thinning hair and laughter lines...

Denise shook her head slightly. Stan was out of her reach. It was time to 'Move On'.

She heard a feminine voice from her left, "Hey girl, that was pretty cool. Firm but nice. I'm Janice, by the way."

Denise rolled her head and opened one eye. She saw a girl with dark hair wearing a tangerine bikini gazing back at her with an open smile and laughing eyes.

"Hi! I'm Denise," she answered. Denise propped her head up on her arm, resting on her elbow. Janice looked to be in her mid-twenties. She looked attractive without being beautiful – 'vivacious', Denise decided, was a word that fit.

"Nice to meet you. You staying here?" the younger woman asked.

"Yes. It was a last minute booking, I was glad to find I could afford it here."

The Hotel Pacific was close to the beach, close to the most famous clubs in San Antonio, and had been recently renovated. Denise couldn't believe it when she saw online how inexpensive the room was. It had turned out to be as nice as she'd hoped, though - with a view from the sitting area of her second floor bedroom, overlooking the pool.

"Everything is so expensive here. I can't afford to go out every night like some do. And quite apart from the fact I don't think I could hack that lifestyle any more."

Janice sat up and looked Denise over carefully.

"You're not old!" she scoffed. "You can stay up a few nights if you want to, surely? As for expense, that's where you're wrong. Lots of it's free... if you use your head – or in your case, those wonderful tits."

Denise was a little shocked at the comment. Her mouth fell open and she was about to reprimand the girl, but then she felt a little excitement. She wanted to enjoy herself more here. Going to San Antonio was her last chance at really letting herself cut loose, and she didn't want to miss out simply because she couldn't afford things.

After a pause she answered, "I'm a little over the Club-18-30 level. You'd have to carry me out of the clubs if I were to stay until five or six in the morning!"

"What, not even going to try it once?" Janice asked, teasing the older woman. "You know you want to!" she prodded.

So it began. The two started chatting amiably enough and learned about each other. Janice was single, twenty-six, had never been married but had lived with her boyfriend for several years before a reasonably painless break-up. "We just grew apart, I think. We're still friends, but we could never be lovers again."

This was Janice's third visit to the resort. "I fly home on the 17th, what about you?" she asked Denise. Excitedly, Denise said she was flying home that same morning, so they'd have lots of time together.

"Oh good! Now you can meet up with the rest of the gang. We all troop down to the pre-club bars, have a few drinks and eye up the guys. We latch on to any that seem up for it and willing to take us clubbing but, even if we don't find any suitable guys, if you dress smart and sexy you can sometimes get in for free. Don't buy more drinks at the clubs than you have to – I generally stick to water once we're in there."

"Gang?" Denise queried.

"Yeah, there're four of us – five if you come along. Me, Devon, Sue and Millie. We're all about the same age, all over here looking for fun and no more, and all up for it!"

Before long Denise had agreed to meet them outside the hotel an hour or so before sunset. She was told to "Dress up sexy, but not too trashy or you'll get the wrong fellas," then went to have a shower and a look through her wardrobe.

She'd done some homework before leaving, and knew that some smarter, sexier clothing might be needed. So Denise had brought along a couple of 'party' outfits. She decided on a daringly short crop top in black and a matching micro-skirt, with a sexy pair of black heels, and studied herself in the mirror.

As always, Denise felt she should lose a few pounds, but she had to admit that her curves looked good. The small roll at her waist worried her a little, but she decided that she simply had to go for it.

Denise went down to meet her companions for the night. She didn't have to wait long before Janice came out of the hotel entrance, followed by three other girls. All of a similar build and age, but all different – Devon was blonde, Sue had brown hair but Millie was chocolate brown all over, with a tight set of ebony cornrows. Denise recognised Devon from the flight in, and wondered about the rest.

Introductions were performed. Millie and Sue had only arrived two days before. The girls all walked off towards The Ship Inn, nearby. This British themed bar was a good and relatively cheap place to start. Directly opposite was a newer bar, called The Hollywood Showbar. After a few drinks and some 'getting to know you' chatter, the girls moved across to the Showbar, where things were considerably raunchier.

More vodka & lemons were consumed as the evening wore on and the girls watched the sun go down. The view wasn't as good here as it was at the Café del Mar, but it was still a sweet thing to see. By then none of them were feeling any pain.

Wherever there are attractive young ladies, especially in a place like Ibiza, there will be young men. Devon was overtly comparing the lads against each other, chatting animatedly with Millie about their relative merits. Denise was almost beyond the point of decorum herself, but managed to keep within limits. She'd check out the guys, but not openly ogle them; she'd talk about them, but not in anatomical detail... Yet!

Janice suggested that they take a quick tour of the bars, "Let's see what's about." Sue and Devon giggled, Millie muttered something inaudible, then said "Okay, let's go!" and Denise soon found herself being cajoled along as the five girls walked from bar to bar down the strip.

"I quite fancy 'im, but 'e's got a right rough lookin' bunch o' mates 'angin' roun' wiv 'im," said Sue in her thick East London accent. She was looking over at a group of guys hanging around outside a bar near the end of the strip.

Millie said, "That's okay, we'll distract them for you!" and grabbed Denise by the hand as they sashayed towards the lads. Janice and Devon followed.

The poor guys didn't stand a chance. Before they knew it, Sue had effortlessly removed her target from the group, separating him from the protection of his peers while her friends engaged them with banter and not so coy looks. Just in case their attention wandered, Devon, in an exaggerated movement, put her arm around Janice and they began to kiss, apparently passionately. The girls kept this up for a few minutes before Millie said out of nowhere, "Hey! There's Grant!" and set off back up the strip. Janice, Devon and Denise followed, but Sue had disappeared – and so had her target.

"Mission accomplished!" laughed Millie as they regrouped down the street, white teeth flashing brightly in her dark face. The girls grabbed each other, laughing and almost falling over. That had been fun! Denise had to control herself a little, she was responding to the cuddling from the girls, and even more to the sight of Devon and Janice in a tight embrace.

"Time to see if we can get into Es Paradis or Eden!" declared Devon. So they moved off towards the two clubs.

Situated opposite one another, one, Es Paradis, represented legendary Ibiza. It was famous for its Fiesta del Agua, where the dance floor was flooded and turned into a water party.

Eden, on the other hand, represented the New Wave in San Antonio. Eden alone of the major clubs had a dress policy, tops to be worn, no football shirts etc. Its music mix was more cutting edge than that inside Es Paradis.

What the girls were trying to do was to get inside one of these clubs. It wasn't going to be easy, as none of them had tickets. The best answer was to be let in because they were beautiful and sexily dressed, but in August the competition, and the queues, were fierce.

The next best thing was to find some guys who'd get them in. This, of course, ran the risk that they'd expect something for their trouble. None of the girls were virgins, but equally none of them wanted to just 'do it' at the drop of a hat either, so considerable negotiation skills were needed to persuade a group of guys to get them tickets and still set some clear limits.

Janice was, it seemed, a born negotiator. Denise watched in awe as she approached a group of young lads, aged somewhere between eighteen and about twenty-two, and let them know that the five girls would do anything up to a limit for tickets – and got both the guys and the girls to agree the limits.

After what seemed an interminable wait they managed to get in Es Paradis. Denise had been in this club on her previous visit to Ibiza, so she looked around to see if anything had changed. Not really, she concluded, it all looked much the same.

It was an ornate, classy place, with white marble, roman columns and a round dance floor/pit, surrounded by podiums for dancers and with the DJ desk overlooking it all.

Denise found herself with a young lad of eighteen, and she was happy to dance with him, cuddle and kiss, and allow him to fondle her a little, but no further – and as he confided to Denise at around four in the morning, both of them exhausted, he was happy with just that as he had a steady girl at home.

Denise saw Janice tiredly trying to get her attention. She pulled herself up and walked over to the younger woman.

"I think it's time for bed. Devon and I are going home. Are you coming, or are you going to stay with him?" indicating the boy with a lift of her chin.

"No, he's sweet but not my type. I'm going to bed too – I'll come with you two. Where's Millie?"

"Millie? She left an hour or two back with her guy. I think she might be giving him a little bonus!" Janice told her with a wink.

So Denise said goodnight to her temporary escort, giving him a hug and a squeeze. Then she joined the other two girls as they made their unsteady way back to the hotel.

Denise slept through until about ten in the morning.

- - - - - - - - - -

For the next week, Denise, Janice and the rest of the girls continued in the same vein. If they couldn't get into Es Paradis or Eden, they made their way to Club Nightlife near the taxi rank, which had no cover charge – meaning they didn't have to worry about hooking up with guys. Of course, that didn't mean they didn't want to find men. All five of the girls enjoyed themselves with the guys at the bars, but Denise was careful, keeping things limited to kisses and cuddles, but no real sexual content beyond seemingly innocent touches and cuddles. She had to admit to herself, though, that she enjoyed it when one of the other girls would snuggle up to her suggestively, keeping eye contact with her 'target', and kiss Denise as sexily as she knew how. Rarely did this tactic fail!

But on the second Thursday of her stay, that changed.

- - - - - - - - - -

She met him at the Showbar. Jim was a 'scouser', actually born in Liverpool. He was slightly shorter than she was, with a shaved head, a bright smile and a typical Merseysider's quick wit. He'd been standing on his own near the bar, just watching, and their eyes met. He was around twenty, with a lithe, fit looking body. Denise felt an instant physical attraction. They danced together for a bit, and she found that they matched well, but it wasn't until they met again the next night that she found his quick wit and sense of humour matched his physical charms.

Denise knew herself, and could feel that she was falling for the young man. They got to chatting over some drinks in a quieter corner of the Showbar, and Denise found out a few things. Jim sold cars for a big dealer in Liverpool, and his ability to sell himself soon won over Denise. His wide, brown eyes simply invited trust, and Denise found herself answering the invitation.

Jim asked how long she was staying, where, what it was like there, all the usual enquiries. Denise answered, and in return gleaned that Jim was staying at a hotel further in to San Antonio, the Hotel Brisa. This, Jim said, was "a bit of a shithole, but all I do is keep my stuff there and sleep sometimes, I'm not worried about it."

Jim had arrived in San Antonio a couple of days earlier. He was staying until the Friday after Denise left, and said, "That's a good thing, that is!"

Sure enough, on the next night Jim was there at the Showbar again. Jim was quite willing to be dragged along in the company of the five women – all older than him – as they went from bar to bar along the strip. Denise and Jim parted company from the girls there, staying in Club Nightlife while the others made their way back up the strip.

The DJ was playing some slower, Trance tunes. Denise grabbed Jim and they were soon in a close embrace, swaying in time with the music. Jim leaned in, kissed her and Denise responded strongly. When they pulled away from the dance floor, Jim still held Denise, directing her towards a darker corner of the bar.

Denise went willingly, her inhibitions drowned in the alcohol and the atmosphere and the two were soon lost in each other, making out right there in the club. Denise felt Jim's hands caressing her breasts through the thin material of her top, and she responded by rubbing his chest and following it down to his hip, moving both hands behind him to the cheeks of his backside.

Her holiday now more than half over, Denise could feel the end rapidly approaching.

Throwing caution to the winds, she asked, "Jim, how about we go out together, as a couple, for the rest of my stay here? Would you like that?"

Jim nodded with typical enthusiasm. "Sure thing!"

Denise was pleased to be called to reception on Sunday just after lunch to meet Jim. They'd agreed to visit the salt flats at Las Salinas, at the southern tip of the island. It meant a trip beyond the airport. "It's beautiful," Denise told Jim, looking around at the lakes and seeing the flamingos in the middle of the lake.

Afterwards, they went to the beach, where Denise was amused by Jim's reaction on finding a number of nudists.

"Did you know this was a nudist beach, Denise?" he asked, flushing bright pink.

"Yes, it's in the brochure that was in the hotel reception. Didn't you?" Denise responded, trying, almost successfully, to hide a grin.

He moved behind her, trying to keep his body out of sight of the naked holidaymakers.

"Aren't you embarrassed at all?" he asked.

"Nope. Why should I be? I've got a body, you've got a body, they've got bodies!" Denise's grin grew predatory. "In fact, why don't we strip off and join them?"

"No way!" Jim responded, "I couldn't!"

"Something to hide, Jim?" asked Denise with a grin. She glanced down and saw Jim's obvious arousal, much to his embarrassment. In truth, Denise was enjoying the view herself, as her nipples testified, but it seemed Jim hadn't noticed that.

They spent the rest of the day lazing around, getting to know one another. They came back to San Antonio, went to a bar and had something to eat, then lazed along to the beach and watched the sun go down. Later, Jim was able to finesse some cheap tickets to get into Eden. Sometime after half past three in the morning Denise emerged from the club, exhausted, happy and with Jim in tow.

On Monday, around lunchtime, the two holidaymakers met at his hotel. The two-star Brisa was more basic than the Pacific where Denise was staying, but then, as Jim had said, he wasn't actually using it that much. Jim showed Denise around that part of town, which in truth didn't take long.

That night Jim suggested, "Hey, Den, want some 'echoes'?" Denise looked at him for a moment, not understanding, then Jim mouthed "Ecstasy" to her. Denise shook her head; she didn't want anything to do with the drug. Jim shrugged his shoulders and went to get her a drink instead. He made sure that Denise's was a very large one.

Later in the evening Denise, who'd been drinking heavily, decided she'd had enough and asked Jim to take her outside. Jim took Denise by the hand and soon after one o'clock in the morning they left the club together. Denise wasn't walking entirely straight, but she'd maintained enough sense to know where she was going. They went to her hotel room where she slyly looked at him with a promise in her eye – not that he could see much in the dark.

"Coming up, Jim?" she whispered in his ear.

"Mmmhmm" Jim replied, nodding.

The first place Denise went to was her fridge. She grabbed two bottles of water and handed one to Jim. He looked surprised for a moment.

"Why the water, Denise? No alcohol?"

"The water will help to stop you, and me, waking up tomorrow with a pounding head. At the least, it'll reduce it so I can function!" she told him.

Jim looked grateful as he saw that Denise was trying to alleviate the inevitable hangover that they were working on.

Denise took Jim by the hand and drew him along to her bed.

She was wearing her crop top, but this time with a pair of very tight shorts, and when she turned to look at Jim he stepped into her arms and reached for the hem of her top without pausing. Denise playfully slapped at his arm, growled "Down, boy!" and leaned forward to kiss him.

The kiss went on for some time. Jim had his hands all over Denise, grabbing her ass, now squeezing a breast, later pinching a nipple almost too tightly. Denise responded, melding herself to him, one hand on the back of his head, controlling the kiss, the other snaking down between their bodies to feel his erection, now hard, insistent. Denise felt her insides had turned to jelly, she felt a fire within.

Eventually she pulled away from the kiss and reached for her crop top. She lifted the garment over her head, and Jim whistled appreciatively at the revealed breasts. Although Denise was in her thirties, she'd kept in shape there, even if her small waist roll resisted attempts to make it go away.

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