tagNovels and NovellasEqual Shares Ch. 34

Equal Shares Ch. 34


Chapter 34

On the way home Stan had dropped into an off-licence and bought some Dom Perignon. Now the ladies were sat in his living room with champagne flutes in their hands, glasses that Stan was filling.

After filling his own glass, Stan once again lifted his own. "To us." He said, simply, and the three drank a toast to their new relationship with one another.

Once they'd drunk the glasses down, Stan refilled them and then sat back.

"Now, that's better. We can talk without having to lower our voices or worry about passers by." He grinned, "Anne, that was one heck of a bombshell you dropped on us in the pub. On the other hand, all three of us have been thinking of something similar, you just articulated it first. So you have the floor!"

Anne stood and took a mock curtsey. "Thank you, thank you!" she said, sitting down.

"Right. I've been reading up on some of this. What we're talking about is a polyamorous relationship – one where all three of us are in a romantic relationship simultaneously. This lucky dog here," she indicated Stan with a hooked thumb, "is in love with both of us," indicating herself and Denise, "and we're in love with him!"

"With you so far!" said Denise. Stan nodded.

"What we should do now is work out what we want out of the relationship, what we do to get that, and some idea of the practicalities. Your situation is doubly complicated, Denise, because of Elaine and Susan."

"Ummhmmm. Yes, but... well, later. First off, what do we want?" Denise asked. "Well, I want to be able to be with Stan, here, to love him, to spend time with him and be romantic with him, to make love with him. Stan?"

Stan sat for a moment, trying to work out how to answer. "I'm not sure what to say! This whole thing is completely outside my experience. I love you, Anne, you've got to believe that first, but I find I can't hide it; I love you too Denise. I want both of you. But isn't that wrong?"

Denise spoke up. "Pah! Who says it's wrong, Stan? Am I wrong to be with Elaine and Susan? Am I wrong to be bisexual? Are they wrong to be lesbian?"

Stan felt suitably humbled. "Sorry, Denise. No, you're not wrong of course. You have every right to your feelings. It's just that... well. I was brought up traditionally, I guess. Lord knows I'd find it hard to explain this to my mother, and my father would be sitting there winking at me as if I'd managed to work the best scam ever!"

"Yes, Stan," Anne broke in. "But we're different people to your parents, in different times. Conformance to the norm isn't quite so socially necessary now, as Denise just pointed out. Plus, we don't exactly have to advertise what we do."

"So, do you still think it's wrong, Stan?" asked Denise, with an arched eyebrow.

"When you put it like that... no! Just different, I guess," he answered.

"Vives les différences!" Anne quipped. Denise giggled, and Stan added "Quelles différences!"

"Anne?" Denise asked, "What do you want?"

Anne sobered. "I want Stan to be happy. I can't be happy myself unless he is, and he'll never be happy unless you're in his life. I realized that for certain when I saw you two dancing the Tango together, and I've been wrestling with myself ever since." Stan's wry comment of "Did you win?" earned him a cushion thrown in his direction.

"Denise, one thing. Are you going to want me, too, in this?" Anne asked. There was anxiety in her tone.

""Well, I want you to be in this, Anne, of course! But you're asking 'am I going to want to have sex with you', aren't you?" Anne nodded, and Denise answered the question. "Yes, of course, but only if you were willing. You're beautiful Anne, and as sexy as hell as well – not always the same thing. Of course I'm attracted to you. But I would never push that if you didn't invite me. Let me ask you something though: How about the three of us together at the same time, where you and I are both taking care of Stan? Would that be too much for you?"

Anne looked uncomfortable. "I really don't know, Denise. Honestly, I don't know if I could. It's going to be hard enough to share Stan at all, let alone actually be there taking part. I think I'm going to have to take things slowly, Denise. Stan, if you're thinking of frolics in a threesome, don't get your hopes too high!"

Anne took a deep breath. "Okay, practicalities. How do we do this?"

Stan answered first. "We each have separate houses and I'm guessing we'll be wanting to keep it that way." There were nods from the others. "So, who visits who?"

"Well, I know you've got the bigger house, but it would be nice if sometimes you were to visit me, Stan," said Anne. "I expect Denise feels the same way."

"Yes, although my little cottage is a little cottage, I do have room for a double bed!" Denise replied. "So sometimes, yes."

"Okay. So if you two aren't going to be, er, 'fooling around' I guess, then, what? Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays one, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays the other and on Sunday I get to rest?"

"Well, that's certainly one way, Stan," said Anne. "Another question: If we're going to be 'We Three', then what do we say about seeing others?"

"Others?" asked Stan. Anne just looked at him.

"Don't play the innocent, Stan. You've eyes and a brain in your head – but sometimes you let your 'little head' think for you. If, say, Pamela from the dance group were to come on to you, would you be thinking, 'Well, I've got Anne, and Denise, why not add Pamela too?'"

Anne was serious, Stan saw.

"Anne, don't think for one moment that I'd betray either of you. You were, of course, dead on the money with that threesome remark. You're right that I probably would think that way, for a moment. I would never go behind your back, or Denise's back, though."

Anne turned to Denise. "Denise? That means other women, too, of course."

"No, I agree with Stan. If we do this, it's got to be something we do just as if it was a normal relationship, no cheating." Both women nodded agreement, but Denise added "If anyone wants to change the arrangement, we'll have to talk about it. That means if we want to drop out, or if we want to add someone new. For example, what if I fall out with Laney and Susan? I might meet another woman – and you know, I need to express that side of me just as much as I needed to express my hetero side while I was with them."

Anne answered, "Yes, Denise. Actually, what we really, really need to make sure we all do is talk to each other, all three of us. If there's anything we feel we need to bring up, we should make sure we do that. That's what all the websites I've read say."

"Extensive research, eh, love?" grinned Stan. Anne blushed a little but nodded. Yes, he really did know her.

"Okay," said Stan, "let's assume then for the moment that we'll go with the alternate day idea."

"But remember that Denise will still have to be with Elaine and Susan. That's going to take time out." Anne added.

"Mmmhmm." Denise answered, "They'll be okay though, they know how much I wanted this, how hard I was screwing up my courage – all for no reason, thankfully! Yes, they'll need time – but I'll have three or four days of the week for them anyway, and as it is we only see each other about that. Apart from Elaine at work, of course."

"Yes, and that's something we need to talk about, too," Stan said. "How much are we going to reveal at work?"

"That'll need thinking about. Probably nothing to start with," Anne answered. "It's not that I'm ashamed of us, more that I think it could become a barrier, and, as a woman in a man's world, I don't need another hurdle to overcome."

Denise nodded agreement. "Yes. That's why I haven't said anything to anyone about Elaine, Susan and me. Well, apart from Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth is completely trustworthy," said Stan. "She didn't even tell me."

"Why'd you think I told her? Dope!" Denise said, sticking out her tongue.

"Don't do that unless you're planning on using it!" Stan said. Then he paused. There was only one way this could end, now.

Everyone seemed to notice the sexual tension suddenly present. Finally, Stan put his glass down, got up and walked over to Denise. He reached down for her. She took his arm and stood.

In a moment they were in each other's arms, kissing, softly, tentatively at first, but then with increasing need. As Stan became more comfortable with the idea of kissing Denise while Anne was there, his tongue invaded Denise's mouth, finding her own. It was the most intimate thing he'd ever done with Denise, and his manhood hardened. Denise ground herself against him, her green satin dress now bunched in one hand as he felt her ass with the other, pulling her against him.

Stan spared a moment to glance at Anne, his love. His other love. She was sitting, watching intently, with a look of surprise, perhaps bewilderment on her face. He broke off his kiss with Denise, who lunged after him for a moment before reopening her eyes.

Stan moved towards Anne, reaching out for her. Anne allowed herself to be pulled upright, and Stan looked deeply into her eyes, searching for... something.

"Are you okay, Anne? Are you sure?" he asked, gently concerned.

Anne shuddered for a moment, then nodded firmly. "Yes, Stan, I'm sure. It's just that the reality of seeing you kissing someone else is a little different from just thinking about it, no matter how hard I tried."

Denise looked stricken, and seemed about to say something, but Anne held up her hand.

"It's okay, I tell you. I just needed a moment." She walked over to Denise.

"Tonight I want us to celebrate, not to feel down. I want you to make love to Denise – not just have sex, make love. I also want to make love to you, myself, but if that doesn't happen, well, there'll be other times. But tonight we enjoy."

She reached forward, put a hand on the back of Denise's hair, and pulled her forward a little, placing a peck on the crown of her head.

"You," she said, and reached for Stan, giving him a full kiss on the mouth, "and you need to get back to where you were. I want your prick oozing, and I want her pussy dripping. Then I want you two in bed, while I look after myself. Come and fetch me when you're done, you two."

Stan didn't know what to say. Denise acted. She reached for her co-lover and kissed her, not an all-out passionate kiss, but one full of love, a sister's kiss. "You can come up any time, you know." She told her, softly, but Anne shook her head.

"I'm not sure I could handle that, not yet. I'll put some of Stan's music on, and drink some wine, and lose myself in a book for a while." Anne's eyes were bright, but her expression was resolved. She finished with a softly voiced command, "Go!"

Denise took Anne's hand for a moment, then released it and whirled to Stan. She felt almost shy as she reached for him and said, "Stan..."

Stan took her hand and led her upstairs. On the way up, his last glance at Anne showed her smiling up at him, blowing him a kiss.

Relieved, Stan bounded up the stairs like a teenager. Denise followed, now giggling. They entered his bedroom and Stan pulled the redhead towards him.

Once again the fires built. Stan could feel his dick, painfully constrained and awkward in his trousers. He reached down to it but Denise forestalled him, saying, "Let me!" as she undid his belt one-handed.

Stan reached behind her, looking for the dress fastenings. Not finding them, typical male panic began, but Denise simply finished pulling his belt out of the loops, tossed it unconcernedly on the floor and took his hand, placing it under her left arm. He found the zip there and pulled down, dropping to his knees as he did so.

He pulled the dress down, and Denise responded with a wiggle that helped it on its way. She was wearing simple, white, lacy panties, and a matching bra. Denise reached behind her and unhooked her bra while Stan watched, looking up, spellbound. As her breasts came into view he was licking his lips in anticipation.

He wasn't disappointed. Deep, deep in his mind he'd fantasized about seeing Denise's tits many a time but now that had become a fantasy fulfilled. The first of several, he knew.

Denise's breasts were full, honest to God tits that stood firmly in front of her. Round, paler than the surrounding flesh, and with pink, erect nipples, the small bumps on the small areolae caught the light like goose bumps.

He began to reach for them, but she stopped him, pulling back playfully, saying, "Not so fast, Stan! Let's see some of you, first!"

She leaned forward, lifting his chin, guiding him up. Then Denise began to undo Stan's buttons. There were two very prominent buttons on show for Stan to play with, so he did, just lightly scratching each of the two hard, pink nubs with a fingernail. Denise hissed but didn't pull away.

With the last button undone it was easy to slide the shirt off one arm at a time, Denise turned her lover and pushed, sitting him on the bed as she did so. Then she stood back a step and posed for him, wearing just her white, lacy, panties, breasts firmly jutting, nipples erect and proud. Suddenly she pulled down the panties, stepping out of them and kicking them away. "Ta-da!" she called, once more displaying herself. Stan saw the neatly trimmed natural red hair and he growled and stood, reaching for her. Denise put a hand on his chest, stopping him. "You've still got something to show me, Stan!" she told him, and fell to her knees, grabbing the waistband of his shorts and pulling them down in one motion. Stan's erection sprang free, bobbing in the cooler air. He knew it was hard and full, and judging by Denise's pleased expression she wasn't disappointed either.

He felt Denise put a hand on his prick, lightly rubbing up and down, as if testing the texture of the tool before using it. Denise looked up for a moment, their eyes meeting, and then she looked back at Stan's oozing dick.

Stan watched, fascinated, as Denise put out her tongue and licked up the dewdrop of pre-cum that was glistening there. "Mmmm," she said in approval, before once more beginning to jack him one handed, the other hand busy between her own thighs.

"You like the taste?" Stan asked, and Denise answered him, "Mmmhmm. Salty-sweet, but I need a larger sample to give a full opinion." She smiled at him slyly then opened her mouth, just taking the head of his prick into her mouth for a moment, swirling, tasting. As she did so Stan closed his eyes.

For a while he simply sat, one hand on the back of Denise's head, the other holding him up, while Denise knelt between his legs, just the tip of his prick in her mouth, still sliding one hand up and down his now solid member. He felt her tongue sliding around the sensitive head, then probing the small slit at the top. Then he felt her lift off and heard her take a deep breath.

Stan opened his eyes in time to see Denise's mouth descend on him, engulfing his cock, sliding deeper and deeper. She reached a limit and pulled up a moment, then began again, wetting and licking as she did so. Denise's full attention seemed now on his dick as she tried to get all of him inside her mouth. She didn't quite manage, but Stan was more than satisfied as she began to bob up and down, now once again with one hand out of his sight, disappearing between her thighs.

Stan began to thrust involuntarily, and Denise easily moved with him, controlling the movements, not allowing him to go too deep, too fast.

Denise varied her moves by sometimes taking his dick out of her mouth and running her tongue backwards to the base, then briefly tonguing his balls, before slowly, teasingly sliding her tongue, or sometimes her cheek back up to the tip. She would then lick her lips and begin again, taking him deeper and deeper.

Denise began to really go for broke, sucking hard, sliding him slowly out of her mouth, then opening her lips and forcing herself back down. She increased her pace, jacking him harder with her hand.

Stan felt everything to do with his cock, and nothing anywhere else. His whole universe had shrunk to the one place, his dick and what was happening to it.

Within minutes Stan felt himself approaching the brink, and quietly warned Denise, "Soon Denise, soon!" Denise tried to smile around his dick but kept up her efforts, jacking him in counterpoint to her mouth. She moved her other hand, fingers slick from her juices pressing between his anus and his balls, massaging the spot there.

With a deep groan Stan came. Denise gave a delighted short cry and backed off him a little. Stan felt jet after jet of semen streak out of his dick, but that was all he felt. Moments later he fell backwards across the bed, temporarily spent. He saw moving spots across his eyes when he finally opened them, and found Denise now lying on the bed next to him, twirling a fingernail lightly in his chest hair as it rose and fell with his breath rasping in and out. She had a dreamy expression on her face, somewhat pleased, like the cat who'd just got into the cream.

They lay together for a while as Stan's breathing eased and his mind returned to function. He looked across and saw Denise there, looking at him, eyes bright, challenging perhaps, but affectionate, loving. He knew that he'd become one of the luckiest people in the world. Not one, but two wonderful women who loved him, that he loved right back.

Stan collected himself and rolled to her, kissing her without reservation, enjoying the mingling tastes in her mouth. He pulled back a little and asked her, "Well? What does the connoisseur think?"

Denise smiled languidly. "Lovely. The best fruits, well-pressed!" She brought one hand up from between her legs where she'd been gently fondling herself, and fed it into his mouth, telling him, "Here's a sample of something of mine. Care for an extensive taste test?"

Stan smiled. "I'd love to!" he told her, and they rearranged themselves. Denise lay in the centre of the bed with her legs spread and knees up, and Stan began.

At first he licked the inside of her knees, lightly, teasingly, and then he began to slowly move along the inside of one thigh. Just before he reached the top Stan kissed her, almost at the crease of thigh and body, sucking deeply, then transferred his attention to the other thigh, once again starting at the knee and slowly, slowly licking his way towards her fragrant centre. He repeated this sequence, but this time stroked the leg with one hand, lightly, using just the sensitive pads of his fingers.

All the while Stan was acutely aware of Denise's open, weeping pussy, lying in wait for him. While he was dying to indulge himself, he wanted to slowly bring Denise to the boil, to extract every bit of pleasure he could from the act, to show her that he loved her. But the scent of her was almost overpowering, acutely enticing.

He slid a finger along her folds, catching the moisture in her russet curls. Using this he slid back and opened up her body, finding the cavity there, entering without resistance. He slid his finger into Denise and twisted it, crooking, and Denise arched her back with a short sharp cry. Stan almost thought he'd hurt her, but when he tried to remove his finger he found a hand snake down to prevent him. "Please Stan, more!" she told him, and Stan obeyed.

Stan lifted himself a little closer and licked up and down her folds, tasting her, loving what he found and using his tongue to draw abstract patterns on the sensitive, swollen, pink flesh. Denise opened up further, lips puffy and pink with arousal, her moisture indeed oozing and almost dripping around his finger.

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