tagInterracial LoveErica Travels to Africa

Erica Travels to Africa


A week after Erica arrived home from New York she was back on a plane.

It had been quite a week. She and her husband James had resumed their sex life, and it was better than ever in the past. As James had suggested to her, she had taken a black lover, actually three black lovers, but she told him only about two. Her boss, who had been the first, remained her secret as she had promised.

They shared hours watching porn. James showed her more movies of the young 18 year old porn star Riley. They had even watched interracial porn with their house sitter, Becky, who also joined them in their king sized bed. Becky loved being 18 and able to stay with James alone, with Erica alone and with both of them when she had time from her College classes. Becky's parents were pleased that she was so close to James and Erica, little did they know how close.

They fantasized about sex with black men, and Erica thrilled the other two with her exploits in NYC with Collin and her sexual dominance of Abel the room service waiter.

James could not hear enough about her time with Collin, knowing it would be he who would be escorting her to Africa. He got hard just thinking about her trip.

She did not mention her boss Robert who had introduced her to big black cock.

She had promised Robert not to mention their lovemaking so she didn't.

The interracial conversations usually took place between the two women.

Becky confessed that she was 'crazy about' Erica and had even dressed in her clothes. Erica thought that was sweet, and so they shopped together with Erica picking up the tab with her new found increase in salary. She started dressing Becky in sexier and sexier tight clothes, talked incessantly about interracial sex, and she even took Becky when she went to meet the black man she had met at the conference, Frank. She had done that to find out if he was interested in 'dating' her when she returned from Africa. She had mentioned it in passing to her boss as Frank was a competitor, and Robert told her he trusted her implicitly, and to go for it.

The two women met Frank for lunch in downtown Chicago at a tony restaurant.

Erica thought to herself that Becky was getting more beautiful by the day, she had a flair for wearing revealing sexy clothes, and even her breasts seem to be larger than Erica remembered.

She didn't tell her husband, James, that they were meeting Frank , just in case it didn't work out.

Frank hugged her and felt her large breasts against his chest, his hands automatically stroking her back touching her bra strap. He met Becky and instinctively hugged the teenager too. Becky was amazed at the handsome black man. She felt immediately at ease and to Erica's delight, Becky flirted with Frank. After a sumptuous meal with several glasses of wine, they reluctantly parted ways. Erica told Becky to give Frank 'one of your 18th birthday kisses' and Becky obliged by opening her mouth, pushing her tongue into the black man's mouth. That he was twenty years her senior didn't phase her in the least. Erica giggled and took her turn french kissing Frank long and hard. There was little doubt Frank would be interested in meeting Erica's husband. She was excited for James.

Frank's cock swelled to a full erection. They parted ways with a promise to call each other when Erica returned.

When they took an Uber home, Becky quietly sent him her contact information while Erica was reading her work emails.


Erica's flight to New York was uneventful and Robert had arranged the same chauffeur to pick her up. Collin would be waiting at his condo where they would stay overnight before flying to London the next day.

Her husband was delighted with the arrangements.

James felt sure she would be safer there than in a hotel by herself. He wanted her to send him more photos of her 'with' Collin. She said she would try.

The chauffeur was delighted to see her again, and carefully stowed her luggage in the trunk. This time she was not wearing business clothes, rather she had donned skin tight black leather pants with a white blouse which emphasized her dynamite figure. The driver chatted easily to her, gave her his card and offered his 'any assistance' to her should she need it. Erica smiled to herself, the man was nearly panting, and she clearly could see his erection in his black pants. She took off her light spring jacket and put her arms back behind her neck to stretch. Her breasts nearly ripped the front of her sexy blouse.

The driver was mesmerized.

She undid a couple of buttons and bent over to pull down her black leather pants. She just loved being a cock teaser. Her husband James would smile when she told him.

As they neared the condo, Erica undid the remaining buttons and showed the driver her beautiful breasts in a low cut lacy white bra, as she leaned forward to pay him. She giggled and gave the black man a large, generous tip. He nearly fainted.

She quickly did up the blouse as she spotted Collin coming out of the lobby to greet her.

She raced into his arms, as the driver delivered her bags. He looked longingly at the white wife with her handsome, black, rich, young lover. He thought to himself that the woman was going to give the guy quite a ride.

He was right.

Collin brought her into the master bedroom and they necked like teenagers. She just loved sucking his cock, she could not get enough of it, and after a week of her loving husband's smaller member she rejoiced in licking, kissing and sucking Collin's big black cock. She told him that she had shared their earlier tryst with James, and that he was pleased and thrilled for her. to be with Collin.

She told him she was pleased they would be together for several weeks, that they could present as husband and wife in Botswana, especially and while they were working, She was positive Collin's presence as her 'husband' would keep other possible suitors away.

She could not have been more wrong.


In London Collin and Erica went to Heathrow Airport only to find out their flight to Botswana was delayed an hour. In the departure lounge, Collin ran into Mark, an older employee he knew from years past when Collin was still a student. Mark was an engineer with the diamond mine where the two men worked. Mark and his much younger pretty wife Julie were delighted to meet Erica, and the two women immediately happily started to chat. Erica was thrilled to have a chance to talk to another woman about her experiences in the black male dominated town and country to which they were headed.

Collin noted that the couple was travelling with their daughter Rachel, and six young teenage girls. It turned out that the girls' school year was over and the older girls had just graduated from their exclusive girls only private school north of London.

They had all turned 18 in the past few months.

The younger girl, Monica, their second daughter, was entering high school and was being enrolled in the private boarding girls' school for the following year. She was very pretty, and quite confident like Rachel and her mother.

Mark and his wife had volunteered to be chaperones for the group travelling home.


Erica and Julie slipped into the bar for a drink while their husbands enjoyed the company of the teenage girls. It was school policy that the students travel in their school uniforms, white blouses, school tie, short kilts and white knee socks Teenage school girls generally pushed the rules of dress as far as they could , thus they wore their skirts impossibly short exposing their young firm strong legs, and their blouses were tight across their young breasts.

When he was introduced to them individually, Collin was amazed at how boldly some of the white girls openly flirted with him, and how mature some of them were, especially physically, with Rachel being an absolute stunner.

Mark explained to Collin that the company paid for the girls' education as part of their contracted compensation of the mining company. He confided that the President of the company would be hosting an awards dinner later that week for the girls and their mothers, which would be attended by the executives of the firm, all of whom, he added ruefully, were black, African men. The graduating students would all be asked to speak and convey their thanks and show their gratitude to the company.

Collin thought it odd that the fathers of the girls would not be invited, but did not comment.

They all sat down, and Rachel was across from Collin. She was the only girl wearing eye makeup, and he thought it made her look older than her 18 years. She looked at him and smiled, her pink tongue darted out of her mouth to lick her lips suggestively.

He smiled back.

He glanced over in the direction of the bar, but could not spot Erica.

When he looked back at Rachel, she had uncrossed her legs, supposedly adjusting her short kilt, and with her legs slightly open, he could see her pink panties.

Her eyes locked with his.

Ever so slowly she crossed her legs again.


Erica ordered a bottle of cold sauvignon blanc and peppered Julie with questions.

In her turn, Julie asked her about her 'husband Collin' and where they had met.

Erica smiled and confided in her new friend and explained how they had met and how their relationship had been encouraged by her real husband, James.

Julie clearly thought Collin was perhaps the most handsome black man she had ever seen, certainly the blackest and thought that James must be a special husband indeed, to encourage Erica's relationship with him. The wine was wonderful and Erica asked Julie about what it was like when she first arrived in Botswana.

Julie replied that in the early years while looking after her two young daughters, she was a full time mother. Mark worked insane hours and she kept a very low profile. She said that she had heard that some of the white wives were hotly pursued by their husband's bosses, all of whom were black.

There seemed to be an unwritten rule that white wives were totally 'fair game' sexually or else their husbands might not get a renewal on their work permits. There was a report of one couple who were sent back to bleak prospects when the wife refused a proposition from her husband's black boss.

Erica had not really meant the conversation to delve into interracial sex, but Julie wanted to continue, and the more wine she consumed the chattier she got.

Julie said that one Thursday about six months earlier, with Rachel in her last year in school in England, she drove to the mine to pick Mark up after work. When he walked out of the building he was accompanied by his black, younger boss, Omar, whom she had heard a lot about but had never met. His surname was long, African, and most difficult to pronounce, so he was quite happy if one and all called him by his familiar name. Omar was Executive Vice- President of the mining company, and well liked, much more so than the President. Julie got out of the car to shake hands with him, and noticed immediately that he practically undressed her with his eyes, staring quite openly at her full breasts and neat figure. He held her hand in both of his, expressing what a pleasure it was to meet such a beautiful woman and how Mark was 'such a lucky man.'

She blushed.

Mark took the wheel and Omar got in the back seat. He had had his car in for service and Mark had offered to give him a lift to the garage, forgetting momentarily that Julie was out shopping and would be picking him up. He immediately regretted making the offer. He had heard about white wives being seduced by the black executives. It was too late, he could not rescind the offer without looking silly and raising suspicion from the younger man, who held such power over Mark.

Omar made small talk with the married couple, and leaning forward, put his hand lightly on Julie's shoulder. He said that he was attending a farewell dinner the next night for one of the other executives who were going back to Europe, and invited Mark and Julie to accompany him to the event.

Mark and Julie had a rule, as two overprotective parents. It was that one of them would always babysit their younger daughter Monica if the other needed to go out.

When they said that, Omar immediately said "therefore Mark should babysit, I will pick up Julie at 6:30 pm."

It was not a request, it was an order.

Julie flushed beet red as she heard her husband acquiesce.

She knew Mark's five year work visa would be renewable in five months. She knew

Omar would be a crucial ally to have, if they were to remain in Botswana. They had no job prospects back in England. It was essential the visa be renewed.

Erica was transfixed with the story. She almost didn't want to know what happened, but Julie was intent on telling her.

Julie continued : The next night, Friday, Omar arrived in his white Mercedes, his driver behind the wheel. Omar was impeccably dressed, and looked like a million dollars.

It was exactly 6:30 pm..

Julie had fussed over what to wear, and Mark was concerned about the red dress she selected, which was very low cut showing ample cleavage. The skirt flared out from the waist. She didn't have a lot of other choices, she ignored her husband's protests and wore the red dress.

She looked gorgeous.

Terrified, nervous, concerned and worried, but gorgeous.

She told herself this was innocent. Friends going out for dinner.

Surely Omar would not try to seduce her.

Not his employee's wife. Not so obviously. She had just met him for heaven's sake.

He would be a gentleman, kind and respectful. What was there to worry about?

All of which did not explain why she was wet between her legs just looking at him.

Omar looked like he walked off the stage in Hollywood. He chatted easily with Mark and their younger schoolgirl daughter, Monica, who fetched him a drink. Mark acted like this was a scenario that happened often, and Monica was far too young to question why her mother was all dressed up to go out with her father's black boss.

When Julie walked into the room, Omar was thrilled. She had obviously taken a great deal of time and effort getting ready for him. She was stunning. Mark felt a pang of jealousy as Julie took Omar's arm and they walked out the door.

Moving down the steps she felt his arm muscles tensing to be sure she didn't stumble.

Inside the back seat, reading her mind he told her it was "going to be a fun night" and for her "not to look like she was going to the dentist, just relax."

She laughed, and he laughed.

The ice was broken.


The announcement came over the loudspeaker that their flight was boarding.

Julie hurried to gather her daughters and husband, as Erica paid the bill.

Erica found herself anxious to hear the end, or was it the end of the beginning, of Julie's date with the handsome, rich, black executive...her husband's boss.

As she entered the plane, and Collin waited at their seat row, Erica noted Julie was waving frantically about ten rows further on, obviously wanting her to sit there.

Just then, Rachel came up behind Erica and said for her to 'go ahead' and sit with her mother, and that she would join Collin.

Erica thought to herself that the young teenager was being so sweet, to give up her seat next to her mother, she hoped Rachel would not be terribly bored with Collin.

Collin stood to allow Rachel to enter into the window seat.

Instead of turning her back to move inside of him, she took a step to her left, facing Collin. Surprised, he put his hand involuntarily on her hip to steady himself, and she stopped, pushing her chest into his. She looked past him and saw Erica joining her mother, then looked up into Collin's eyes and apologised for 'being so awkward'.

He was amazed at her boldness and her full firm breasts pressing into his chest.

They were every bit as big as Erica's

Her waist was small, her legs strong.

She was tall, even in her sneakers she was almost his height.

He mumbled something about 'no problem' an expression the young people use but he detested.

She sat down flicking her long dark brown tresses over her back.

She smelled wonderful. He felt himself getting aroused as he looked at her intently. God, she was beautiful, he thought. They made small talk as the plane taxied out to the runway.

She took his hand in hers, asking for help with the seatbelt. She was sitting on it, and he reached underneath her to retrieve it. His hand brushed her backside, the kilt had bunched up. He apologised profusely. She giggled. He snapped the clasp in place with both hands brushing the tops of her open bare legs just inches from her pussy. As he was leaning over to do it, she held her arms up out of his way, thus pushing her big breasts almost into his face. He looked at her.

Her mouth was open, her tongue licked her lips.

He sat back, his cock as hard as a rock.

As the huge engines started to throb, Rachel reached over and took his hand in hers again saying breathlessly that 'takeoffs always make me nervous' and 'could she hold his hand?.' She did so, thus his arm was pressed against her full breast. He could see her nipples standing firm against the thin bra and blouse. She was clearly aroused. She made no move to hide it.

Nor did he.

When they reached cruising altitude, Collin looked around. Seats across from them and behind them were all unoccupied. He could not see the others in their travelling party.

He was all alone with a white, 18 year old gorgeous teenage girl who was doing her very best to seduce him.

He thought he had better make a plan.


Julie was delighted when Erica joined her. The women had finished the bottle of wine and their guards were down. Julie was glad Mark was sitting with Monica, out of earshot, and Rachel, bless her heart, had read her mind and was sitting with Collin who seemed very nice indeed.

She hoped her lovely teenaged daughter would be polite to their new black handsome friend, and that they would enjoy each other's company. She needn't have worried, they were busy indeed getting to know each other.

Julie smiled at Erica, and continued her story of her first black encounter in Botswana, some months earlier. Omar had been so solicitous to her every need. Where Mark often left her alone, Omar was making her feel like a princess on her first perfect date. He introduced her as his friend, not mentioning Mark, or her surname, thus leaving his coworkers guessing as to where this stunning beauty came from. Much to Omar's delight, Julie played along with his deception, telling the other women that 'they had just met.'

She noticed inside the club that almost all of the white wives were enjoying the company of black executives, many of whom were older, quite a bit older than the women. A few of the wives confided in her that she had the absolute gem in Omar. He was kind and carefree but also a vigorous, passionate lover. She wondered if they really knew that, or was it just speculation on their part.

Omar led to her to the sumptuous buffet table, carried her food for her while she picked up wine, and pulled the chair out for her to sit. He was the perfect date. He pulled his chair close to hers as the music started, their knees touching under the table. She did not appear to notice, and to his delight she did not pull back. He took her left hand in his right and kissed her hand, his black lips kissing her wedding rings. He commented on her beautiful dress, and said 'it appears to be popular with all the other men', and they both laughed as her most impressive cleavage was evident to all.

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