tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica's Debut Ch. 03

Erica's Debut Ch. 03


The Thursday with Mark that Erica and I had hoped for didn't turn out like we planned.

We had set everything up the way we wanted. My sister-in-law was picking up our kids that morning and taking them to her house for the day. Erica didn't want to bring Mark to our house, so we decided to get together in my friend Rick's condo on the beach. Since it was off-season, and his condo had been vacant for a couple of weeks, we asked Mark to meet us there.

I stocked the place up on the day before with everything that we needed...dildoes, lube, massage oil, candles, wine, flowers, music, liquor, clean towels and sheets...the works. Mark was supposed to meet us in the mid-afternoon, around 3:00. Rick's condo had a big flat-screen TV and we set it up to play a slideshow of the pictures I had taken of my wife and Mark at the hotel.

Erica got all dolled-up in a black halter top wrap dress with a low cut neckline matching black pumps (no stockings this time). This was a great little dress that she had only worn a couple of times on special occasions. The halter top gave the maximum exposure to her bare back and the low cut neckline showed skin almost all the way down to her navel, including an ample portion of both breasts from top to bottom. The wrap knee-length skirt of the dress would open nearly to her hip on her right side whenever she walked or sat, and with both the wrap and the halter the dress had two easy-off options. I did my best to look presentable in dress slacks and a silk button-down shirt.

We were both pretty nervous, and were about halfway through a bottle of wine when Mark called around 3:15 to explain he was running late because of trouble finding a ride.... We told him there was no problem, I could come pick him up if he needed, but and he said he had someone picking him up and he'd be there in about an hour.

I told Erica that we had time for a quickie, but she said she'd rather wait and build up the anticipation. Around 4:30 Mark called again and said that he'd been dropped off down the street at the Beach Bar and he'd only be a few minutes.

Erica gulped down the last of her wine when she heard the knock at the door. She scooted over to get the door as quickly as she could in the high heels, adjusting the hem of her dress along the way to make sure the initial presentation met our young lover's approval. I stood by the wet bar behind the couch, with my hands in my pockets trying to figure out how a husband is supposed to act when he's welcoming a man about to fuck his wife.

She opened the door excitedly. He smiled broadly as she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the condo, quickly closing the door behind him and pressing him up against it to deliver a long, deep welcoming kiss. When they broke the kiss she stepped back and looked him up and down. He was dressed casually in baggy shorts, a t-shirt and sandals, which was smart, given the heat this time of year.

"Hi, Mark!" she chirped.

"Hey there, Mrs...Erica." He was still uncomfortable using my wife's first name.... He called over toward me "Hi, John. How's it going?".

"Good, Mark. I'm glad you're finally here, Erica was about to burst."

"Yeah, sorry about that," he said as my wife led him over to the big white leather couch. "Transportation issues....seems to happen a lot these days. I need my own car."

Mark dropped his backpack in front of the couch and kicked off his sandals as Erica pushed him back into the big, deep cushions and planted herself in his lap, giggling. He was facing the big screen TV and the picture showed him balls-deep in Erica's pussy with her legs wrapped around his back. He grinned and seemed to blush a little.

She glanced over quickly at the TV before turning her attention back to him. "Won't be long now, sweetie, before you're back in there again...I can't wait." My wife certainly wasn't shy about showing how eager she was to pick up where they left off the week before. She reached down and grabbed the hem of his untucked t-shirt, pulling it up over his chest, and he raised his arms so she could remove it. She reached up with one hand and started playing with one of his nipples, then bent over to start licking and nibbling the other one.

The last time we were together I hadn't noticed how smooth Mark's chest was. He must be waxing or shaving to get it like that. My wife really seemed to be enjoying the taut, hairless skin over the hard muscles of his chest and abdomen.

If I wasn't sure how to act when Mark first arrived, I really wasn't sure what to do now that my wife was sucking his nipples. The only thing I was sure about was that my dick was as hard as a rock, making a tent in my dress slacks. "Umm, Mark, would you like a drink? Wine, beer, Scotch, Rum?"

He looked back over his shoulder at me. "Yeah. Got Rum and Coke?"


"That'd be great. Thanks, John."

I mixed his drink, then poured myself a double Scotch, closed my eyes and downed it quickly, then walked over to deliver Mark's. His arms were spread over the back of the couch, and his head was leaned back on the cushion, facing the ceiling with his eyes closed. My wife had slid down off his lap as I was mixing the drinks. At first I wasn't able to see her.

As I got closer to the couch she came into view. She was kneeling on the floor in front of him, kissing and licking his stomach just above his navel, and working her way down. She had her right hand up the leg of his shorts, sliding up his inner thigh to his crotch, and with her left hand she was undoing his belt. By the time her lips made it to the waistband of his shorts, it looked like her right hand had found its target, and she had finished undoing his belt. I stood by the back of the couch with Mark's drink in my hand, afraid to interrupt by handing it to him at this critical moment.

"Mmmm, it's nice and hard for me, isn't it, sweetie?" Erica cooed to him as she fumbled with the button on his pants. One handed, it wasn't easy to undo, but she didn't seem eager to let go of his cock in order to open his shorts with both hands, so she grasped one end of the waistband between her teeth as she unbuttoned, then unzipped his shorts with her left.

"And no underwear today...you're so thoughtful!" My wife guided Mark's cock to his open fly with her right hand from inside his shorts. As the full length of his shaft became visible against his belly, she reached down with her left hand and took the engorged tip gently between her thumb and forefinger, pointing it straight up in the air. A glistening droplet formed at the tip as she rolled it between her fingers and leaned forward to breathe warmly over it; her mouth so close it almost touched her lips. With her right hand she released the base of his cock and grasped the inseam of his shorts, sliding them down, past his knees and then to his ankles. He pulled his feet out of his shorts and she tossed them over his head back toward the mini-bar, well out of reach.

Mark now sat completely naked on the white leather sofa. My wife, still fully dressed, knelt before him with his rigid tool less than a tongue's length from her pouty lips. She rubbed the underside of his cock deliberately with her thumb, milking another droplet of clear liquid from him, and causing the first drops to flow back down the his glans toward her hand.

My wife put her lips right next to the tip of Mark's cock, and looked up at him with a gleam in her eye. "I'm going to suck your cock, okay? But you can't cum in my mouth, you need to save that for my pussy." She started, very slowly, to lick the underside of his hard-on, just beneath the tip when she was startled by a loud, sharp series of knocks at the door to the condo.

We all looked over at the door. I looked back to Erica, "Nobody knows we're here, it must be one of Rick's neighbors or something." I stood up and walked over to the foyer, which was shielded from the living room area by a decorative Chinese screen. "I'll just get rid of them quick." I put my eye to the peephole in the door just as the knocking came again. I saw what seemed to be an attractive redheaded woman in a conservative navy blue blazer and skirt. Her hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail. She was impatiently looking at an i-Phone or something in her hand. "Just a moment!" I called through the door. I glanced back around the screen quickly and saw that my wife had both hands wrapped around the base of Mark's cock, and was teasing him by touching the very tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock. She seemed impatient to get started.

I opened the door a crack. "Can I help you? Rick's not here, he loaned us his place. We're old friends of his, and we're a little busy right now."

She leaned forward toward the opening until her face was just a few inches from mine, and spoke quietly, almost whispering. "I'm not here for Rick. I'm Dr. Andrews." I could smell her sweet warm breath as she spoke. I relaxed at the door and opened it a bit more, looking her up and down. She wore ivory colored stockings, a shimmering white camisole top under the blazer, and stiletto Navy peek-toe blue heels that matched her suit. She was even more attractive in person than she had looked through the peephole in the door, not surprisingly.

She held out her hand to in greeting, and in order to shake I had to take my right hand off the door. Before I realized what was happening, she gently opened the door with her other hand and stepped confidently into the condo, still clasping my outstretched hand. "Ummm...ummm...wait...." I stuttered.

"It's okay, John." She was so smooth and reassuring that all I could do was nod in agreement. "I'm Mark's doctor," she said, releasing my hand and stepping past me and around the screen, "and you must be Erica?"

"Honey!" My wife squealed at me.

"I'm sorry, babe. She just let herself in...." My wife was still kneeling front of Mark, still holding the base of his erection. He made no effort to cover himself, but seemed to be blushing a bit.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion," she said as stepped into the living room and offered her outstretched hand to Erica. Stunned by the intruder's bold and seemingly nonchalant attitude toward what she was seeing, Erica took her hand to shake it, dropping Mark's stiff member so that it hit his belly with a slap.

"It's good to meet you. Mark told be quite a bit about the two of you." As she said this she helped Erica to her feet. "Mind if I sit down?" she said, nodding toward the empty spot on the couch next to Mark. She didn't wait for the answer, sitting down and crossing her lovely legs.

Dr. Andrews looked toward me...I was still standing at the door, stunned. "Grab my bag, please, John? It's outside next to the door." She turned her attention back to my wife and Mark as I retrieved the old-fashioned medical bag and brought it into the condo.

My wife regained her senses. "Excuse me...we didn't invite you in. What do you think you're doing here?"

"I'm sorry, Erica, but as I said, I'm Mark's doctor, his psychologist, to be exact. It's my responsibility to make sure that you don't interfere with his treatments. Why don't you have a seat there on the loveseat, and your husband can sit next to you as I explain. If you're still unhappy with me being here when I'm done, we'll leave and not bother you again. Just put that bag at my feet here, John, and sit down." She nodded toward the loveseat on the other side of my wife. I sat.

The scene was somewhat surreal. Just a moment ago, my wife was kneeling down in front of our young stud, ready to take his cock down her throat. Now we were all sitting on the couches, three of us dressed like we were attending a dinner party, and the fourth stark naked. Dr. Andrews reached into her bag and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. She took Mark's hand. "Here, keep it hard while I talk with your friends, but don't let yourself ejaculate." He reached out his hand and she poured a dollop of lubricant into it. The she sat back while he applied the lube to his member and started to stroke it slowly.

"As I said, it's good to meet you both. Mark as told me quite a bit, and I'm sorry for the interruption, but I'm really here to help."

"Are you some sort of sex therapist?" Erica asked.

"Not exactly. Sex therapists usually treat people who have let their problems progress to the point that there is something wrong with their sexuality. In our practice we take a preventative approach. We believe that most sexual problems come from people's inability to effectively understand, express and satisfy their sexual needs, mainly because we have a culture that is repressive and judgmental about those needs. The needs become repressed or subverted, and their sexual development becomes twisted. That's where most sex therapists start. We start at the beginning, where people are interested in exploring their needs, before the mismanagement of those needs become problems."

"So," I interrupted, "is Mark some sort of bait for you to find patients?"

"No, not at all" Dr. Andrews laughed. "Though I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we did use him that way. And since we don't work with pathologies, we prefer to call the people we treat 'clients' rather than patients. We find our clients mainly from referrals, from other satisfied clients. Sometimes we respond to personal ads that indicate a person or a couple is at an important point in their sexual development, or we get involved in chat rooms and make contact that way. In this case, Mark essentially 'referred' you."

"Why do you think we'd want to be your clients? We were having fun playing with Mark...we really don't need any help." Erica objected, but she didn't sound very convinced by her own argument.

"Both you and your husband want to explore...but Mark has told me enough...has experienced enough with the two of you...that I know neither of you are capable of leading the other partner through this exploration. Sexually, both of you are what we call 'followers.' Some therapists might use the terms passive, or submissive, but neither of you meet the definition of those terms. You need guidance, you need direction, you don't need domination, at least not all the time. And neither of you is a leader sexually, at least not enough to lead the other in the way they need to be led."

I took Erica's hand and squeezed. Dr. Andrews was right. I had wanted Erica to lead our exploration...but she was only comfortable when she thought she was doing what I wanted. Erica squeezed back, I think she recognized the same problem.

"I would need to do some testing to confirm my initial analysis, but I think you, John, are what we call a 'ritualist.' You want an important part of your sex life to be a sacred rite. You want Erica to be a priestess, to direct the sexual ceremony. And you, John, will do practically anything as her acolyte as long as it's part of the ceremony."

"Again, other therapists might misconstrue your needs as submissive, and in the best case, they might encourage you to get involved in some sort of S&M practice, but that would be wrong, since you don't have positive responses to pain in the way that most masochistic submissives do. Am I right about that?"

I nodded. I was never really turned-on by getting spanked or anything like that.

She looked over at Erica and continued. "The problem is that Erica doesn't feel like a priestess, that's too much pressure and responsibility for her. It's too much work. You see John, your wife is one of two types; she's either an 'idol' or a 'toy.' In either case she doesn't want to be the one deciding what to do, directing the action. She doesn't want to be behind the altar, she wants to be on the altar." She paused and looked at both of us. "Does that seem about right to both of you?"

I looked at Erica and she slowly turned toward me, looking down at first. I took her chin in my hand and tilted her face up. She smiled and nodded gently. I spoke for both of us. "I think that's right. I think we both do." Erica smiled in agreement. "If we became your clients, what would happen?"

"To start, we'll work on mutual fantasy fulfillment. It's really lucky for the two of your that your needs are so compatible. Many couples get to this point and find that they want very different things. For the two of you, as long as there is another person—a director—to guide you both through your exploration, your individual needs and desires can be fulfilled simultaneously."

Erica looked over at Mark, still slowly stroking his cock. "Will that be his job?" She seemed hopeful. I think she was really looking forward to having a mouthful of Mark's cock by this point in the afternoon, and I was hoping she'd still get her wish.

"No, I'm sorry, but he's also a follower, which makes it pretty remarkable that the three of you were able to accomplish all that you did in your chance encounter." The slideshow was still running, showing Erica kneeling in front of Mark while he was wearing the big, black realistic dildo. "He may take part at times, but only when it's consistent with his treatment. You both need a more assertive director, at least at first."

Now it was my turn to be hopeful as I looked at this attractive, well-dressed redheaded doctor with enchanting green eyes. I was wondering what her delightfully curvy shape would look like without all the stylish clothes. "Will that be you, then?"

"Not necessarily. As your doctor there are only a few limited activities that are appropriate for me to perform personally. My main role is to match you up in scenarios with appropriate directors who are also our clients. I may observe, provide instructions to the directors prior to the scenario, and even take an active role according to their direction. But as clients, giving direction during the scenario is as important to the director's treatment as taking direction will be to the two of you."

I was beginning to think that this meant the end of fun for today...if we weren't going to be getting it on with Mark or Dr. Andrews, then our options were limited. "So, do we need to set up an appointment or something, to get started?" I was intrigued, and Erica seemed eager as well.

"Actually, I had prepared for you to accept the proposition and I set up a couple of options. If it meets with your needs, I can talk to both of you individually for a little while, and we can start your first scenario today...if that's okay?" Erica nodded to me, and I nodded vigorously to the doctor. She looked at Mark and said to him, "Why don't you take your things into the bedroom for a while, dear, while Erica and I talk." Mark stood up and grabbed his stuff, his erection pointing the way as he went into the bedroom and closed the door. She turned back to me and said "I know you like to watch, so why don't you go out on the balcony and close the slider. You should be able to see, but not hear. Alright, John?"

"Sounds good." I was starting to get hard, thinking about what she might do while she had Erica alone. I went out onto the fourth floor balcony overlooking the condo complex pool, and closed the door. She was right. I had a perfect view of what was going on, but couldn't hear more than muffled noises when they spoke.

Dr. Andrews drew closer to Erica and took her hands. They spoke earnestly for a while. Erica looked over at me every once in a while and I tried to smile and look encouraging. Dr. Andrews asked Erica something and my wife shrugged at first, then nodded yes. Dr. Andrews released Erica's hands and reached into her medical bag again, pulling something out and handing it to my wife. It was small and shiny with a long silver cord, maybe a necklace or a bracelet with a charm on it.

Erica sat back on the loveseat and ran her fingertips over the object while Dr. Andrews leaned forward and spoke to her. I couldn't even hear muffled noises so the doctor must have been speaking very softly. Eventually my wife closed her eyes, and her head hung forward. She stopped working the object with her fingers.

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