tagLoving WivesErica's Journey of Discovery Ch. 01

Erica's Journey of Discovery Ch. 01


This is a sequel to "Erica's Awakening". I want to thank my editor "Navaura" because she convinced me that we couldn't let Erica's story end with her awakening. All the characters in the previous story return along with a new bad guy that tries to make his fortune by using Erica. This will be at least 9 long chapters with the bad guys only showing their hand in chapter 4. So for the first few chapters be prepared for lots of loving and hot sex.

If you haven't read that "Erica's Awakening", it's not necessary but everything will make a lot more sense if you do. Once again I want to thank Navaura. I've monopolized her time with all my stories and she never once complained, she is the best friend a writer could have.

Erica is patterned after a long time unrequited love named Lori. She remains unrequited because of my screw ups, but she still occupies a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 1 - The Aftermath

Alan awoke in the dark, smothered in soft hair and sensuous kisses. As he tried to shake the grogginess from his sleep-deprived brain, he knew that his wife Erica was still on her orgasmic high from her show the night before. He suddenly growled, wrapped his arms around her soft skinned, firm, tight and sinfully delicious body, then began to kiss and nibble on her exposed throat as he rolled on top of her.

Erica gave a shriek of delight and giggled as Alan began to kiss sensuously up the side of her neck until he captured her ear, at which point she moaned throatily with a passionate promise. Erica began to seductively whisper.

"Oh Alan, I'm sorry for waking you but ... Oh God keep nibbling on me like that, Oh God Alan ... I'm still quivering inside from everything that happened last night. Oh God I love you so damn much, and everything ... Oh God Alan, oh you're driving me crazy ... was like the most incredible passionate erotic dream. Oh God Alan I can't think when you do that, oh God, OH God Alan, more please."

As Alan's lips and teeth closed over Erica's left nipple and his fingers slid softy into her soft wet quim, she forgot about what she was talking about and succumbed to the erotic fire Alan was lighting in her sexual core. Erica was squirming as she arched her back, trying to get more of her breasts into his voracious mouth and with her nipples already engorged, enflamed, throbbing and begging for more of his oral attention.

Meanwhile her taut belly was clinching as her hips danced a jig on his thrusting fingers as he gently sawed in and out of pussy. During her passionate erotic belly dance, her hips were lifting off the bed, reaching, trying to get more stimulation and Alan obliged by using his thumb to caress her clit. Erica was feeling incredible with what Alan was doing to her, but she wanted more, she wanted him inside her. She reluctantly pulled his head from her breasts, kissed him hard and when she ended that kiss she hissed in his ear.

"Fuck me, Fuck me hard, fast and deep. I need to feel you deep inside me."

Alan's cock was ready but he didn't want a quick fuck, even though the woman beneath him was stunningly beautiful, writhing in barely controlled passion and begging him to fuck her. She was also his wife, his fantasy girl and the woman he loved more than life itself. He wanted to tease her, watch her writhe in his arms and build her passion until she exploded with the force of an A-bomb.

"Not yet my sexy, wanton bride, I'm going to tease you and build your desire for a while before I make you cum. When you do, everyone in the neighborhood will know how much I love you." He whispered menacingly in her ear

Erica shivered with passion and anticipation because he knew her body's erotic limits better than she did. Every time he made love to her like this, she regretted the four years she spent denying him and herself the uncontrollable crazy passion their love generated. Once she let go and let him show his love, her life exploded with love, excitement, passion and eroticism the likes of which she never even dreamed about. She had always loved Alan, but her fear of being hurt and not being taken seriously kept them from really loving each other, until she let go. When she let herself love him unequivocally, then and only then did she experience an erotic, passionate and loving Nirvana the likes of she never knew existed.

"Oh God Alan, just saying that almost made me cum. Yes, my love; Tease me and fly me to the moon, but you're going to have to restrain me because I'm already on the edge. Oh Baby, show what you can do to me and tease me till I beg for you." Erica whispered breathlessly.

Their mouths crashed together in a deep and needy erotic kiss that curled their toes and made their scalp tingle. When Alan pulled back from the kiss gasping for breath, he stared into the luminous green eyes of the only woman he'd ever loved and whispered.

"Oh Erica, do you really know how much I love you?"

Erica nuzzled into his scratchy unshaven face and said. "Yes Baby, I finally know, because I love you just as much; but show me how much, tease me unmercifully and make me scream the name of the man I love."

"Your wish is my command." Then Alan's mouth closed over her throat with a predatory growl and he nibbled her sensitive neck; feeling her heart pounding through her veins held in his mouth. Erica let her head fall back, presenting her quivering neck to Alan with her whole body shaking in need.

Alan gave her nipples a quick nip as he got up off the bed and went to the closet to get some of his new acquired bondage equipment. Erica lay pulsating on the bed as she watched Alan run to the closet and her mouth watered at his rugged masculine body. She knew he was going to drive her close to insanity with his teasing. She knew everything he did was because he loved her so much, suddenly her heart ached in her chest with the love she has for this man that stood by her in the bad times, saved her and taught her how love herself and him. No matter what hell she put him through, he never stopped loving her and she knew how lucky she was to have him and how deeply she loved him.

He came back to the bed and began to buckle fleece lined cuffs on her wrists. They were soft against her wrists, but they were snug and she knew that once she was tied she could not move. As he stretched her arms above her head and attached them to the ropes on the headboard, Erica felt those excited tremors in her belly. As she felt him tightened them stretching her arms above her head, she felt her pussy begin to tremble as well. Being bound freed her to truly feel everything he did to her with the tightness of her bindings making her feel more vulnerable, more passionate and hotter than a firecracker.

Alan began to caress her full breasts, which were thrusting high on her chest as a result of her arms stretched taut above her head. As he caressed her, he gave her a deep loving look and she felt her heart respond with an ache for him.

"You are the most incredibly beautiful and sensuous woman I have ever seen and when you're stretched tight like this you're spectacular, and I just don't have the words to tell you how I feel. I love you with every fiber of my being and at moments like this you inspire me to make love to you like it will be the last time. The only time you are more exquisitely stunning than you are now, is when you are in the midst of an endless orgasm, then you glow with a magnificent radiance that leaves me in awe of you." Alan whispered in a loving passionate voice.

Erica felt tears come to her eyes as Alan tried to describe how he felt about her and he leaned down and sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and sensuously sucked on her lip and then kissed her entire mouth before he continued.

"But that is all a great disguise. This sinfully delicious and spectacularly gorgeous body is just an incredible covering for the most caring, loving and wonderful woman I ever known, inside your even more beautiful than you are outside. It's that big loving heart, smart and caring person that I fell in love with, but now I'm so incredibly happy that I can make love to you unrestrained, pouring all my love into you and I can truly show you how much I really do love you."

By the time he finished Erica's eyes were streaming tears of happiness and joy and they were begging him to kiss her. Alan leaned down as Erica lifted her head and they met in a heated loving kiss and as their lips began to separate Alan cupped her head so he could nibble on her lips and face. As Alan began to kiss and nibble down her neck and to her breasts Erica began whispering to Alan.

"Alan you are my inspiration, you teach me love every day. Oh God baby, when you do that to my nipples my whole body trembles." Alan began lightly pulling on her nipples with his teeth and lashing her captured nipple with his tongue as Erica continued whispering to him.

"You help me laugh, you show me beauty and you provide a safe place for me. Oh baby, that is so erotic when you kiss down my belly, tongue my navel and oh, oh, oh god, lick my, oh, oh, oh pussy." Alan flicked her clit with his tongue and then sucked it in his mouth while his tongue caressed her sensitive nub. Erica continued in a halting gasping voice.

"You free me. In your eyes I have found my home, in your heart I found my love. Oh god, Oh god, Oh god Baby, Oh you're driving me crazy with that mouth of yours." Alan sucked her pussy lips into his mouth and began to run his tongue between her lips and as deep as he could inside her pussy and then kissed down her leg. Erica took several gulping breaths and continued.

"You amaze me, every day I rediscover you. With you I am alive. Oh baby I love you so and I want you to never stop loving me the way you do, Oh god I'm so wet and I need you inside me." Alan buckled the fleece line cuffs on her ankles and then lifted her legs towards the head of the bed, folding Erica in half. Alan remembered Erica once said that the more helpless and the more exposed she feels, the more excited she gets and the more explosive she cums, so he tied her ankle cuffs to outside posts of the bed's head board.

Erica was now tied to the bed with both her arms and legs tied to the head board and legs were spread wide with her legs framing her proud and thrusting breasts. Tied like this her pussy was spread open and accessible for Alan to plunder. Erica loved being tied and helpless, but never had she felt more vulnerable than now. Her stomach muscles began to quiver in anticipation, with her legs trembling and her pussy was gushing as erotic tremors ran through her defenseless and total exposed body.

When he finished tying both legs to the headboard, he made sure her legs were tied low on the posts of the head board, stretching her open and bringing her legs level with her wobbling breasts. He ran his lips down the back of her legs and noted her legs were shaking with excitement and strain beneath his lips. As he reached her pussy, he saw her nectar already seeping from her quim and running down the crack of her ass.

"Oh Alan, I've never felt so exposed and helpless. Oh god baby, you have me so turned on I will explode the second you touch me. Oh god, Oh baby, love me, tease me, make me crazy, I want to be your fantasy play toy for the night." she whimpered.

Alan kissed and licked his way down the back of her legs until he was staring at her gorgeous ass and red swollen, succulent pussy stretched and served up for his consumption. He didn't waste any time as he began to nip, kiss and lick his way across her small taut ass and when he saw her pussy nectar soaking her puckered star, he had to have a taste of that delicious pussy. Alan covered her pussy with his mouth and began to suck the nectar from her over flowing pussy. True to her prediction, Erica's entire lower body began shaking as she was making the fast climb to what she knew would be many orgasms this morning.

Just as she was about to shatter in a massive orgasm, Alan stopped licking her dripping pussy and Erica was left hanging on the edge. Erica screamed "No don't stop" and moaned in what she knew was his frustrating tease; he continued slow licks around her pussy and clit, just barely touching her, building her tension. Then his finger started rubbing her nectar into her puckered hole and began to slowly work his finger through her sphincter. Erica was having trouble breathing as his mouth teased and tantalized her pussy and now his finger was fucking her ass. In between gasps and gulps of air she was begging him to let her cum, in between cries of "Oh God, Oh Alan, Oh God, Oh please, Oh, Oh, Oh."

As Alan continued to tease the love of his life, he watched her face and body react to his erotic torture and with his hand that was not fucking her ass, he roamed over her stunning erotically tensioned body tweaking her sensitive spots stimulating her even further. From her shivering legs to her spasming belly and red, enflamed, thrusting and engorged nipples on top of shaking breasts she was like a spring being wound tighter and tighter. Her face was a mask of adoring needy passion as it thrashed back and forth between her arms and her pleading cries begging to cum were starting to get to him.

Alan took his free hand and slid two fingers into her greedy quim and started thrusting deeply making sure to caress her g-spot on each thrust. At the same time he added a second finger to puckered hole stretching her and filling her with his fingers. He saw her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure and when he was sure she was about to shatter he sucked her clit into his mouth and began to wash it with his lips and tongue.

Erica's body exploded into a massive orgasm that blinded her with explosions in her brain and heart. Her stomach muscles cramped pulling body into a ball and driving the air from her lungs with the rest of her body convulsing in a stunning mass of feminine splendor. All the muscles and tendons in her neck, arms and legs popped in relief against her soft skin as they cramped and pulled against her bonds. The euphoria blasting through Erica's body left no air in her lungs and no muscles to bring any air, she stayed in a muscle clinched orgasmic ball for almost a minute, than in the mist of her rapture her eyes dimmed, rolled to the back of her head and she fainted.

The faint released some of her muscles and allowed air back in her lungs, but Alan didn't know what had happened and quickly pulled his fingers from her two holes and crawled between her legs, checking her pulse and then kissing her face. Erica was only out for a few seconds and when her eyes opened Alan could see the love and passion still there. She tried to open her mouth, but she was still having massive aftershocks and her teeth were chattering along with body shivers that still wracked her body.

Now that Alan knew she was okay he kissed over her face and down to her ear and whispered. "We've only started my love, I have lots more planned for you."

Erica twisted her trembling face into Alan's and ran her quivering lips into his and breathlessly kissed him. In a weak shaky breathless voice she whispered. "A A Al Alan, Oh, Oh Ba Baby, gi give me mo more, pl play with me mo more and ma make me scream yo your name. Oh Ba Baby I Lo Love You, mo more, pl please more."

As they were kissing Alan nestled his cock between her pussy lips and began to gently saw back and forth through her wet pulsing pussy. Alan stared at his wife's stunningly beautiful face trembling in orgasmic aftershocks and he felt his heart beat wildly in his chest with his love for her and as his lips grazed hers he whispered. "Oh Baby I Love you so much, God how I love you."

She lifted her head to kiss him and in the middle of the kiss the head of his cock slid into her still pulsing pussy. Erica's head arched away from the kiss as she quivered and moaned with his cock sliding into quim and new aftershocks traveled through her body. Alan began nibbling down her neck as his cock slowly sank into her soft, wet pussy, but with her legs tied back behind her head, her pussy was incredibly tight and Alan's thick cock felt like a monster plowing into her.

Erica's shivers had taken on a new intensity with Alan's cock filling her tight pussy and to Erica it felt like Mike's cock was stretching her open, but now it was the man she loved and this was the best of both worlds. Alan was filling her pussy and oh god, it felt so good. As the head of his cock head started rubbing back and forth across her g-spot and she felt her pussy gush with the intense feelings his cock was bringing. She felt her pussy being spread wide and the deeper he went, the more it stretched. This position with her legs behind her head was giving her the fill and the stretch she dreamed about and it was Alan loving her.

She felt so full and so stretched. It was just like last night and her still spasming body was building to another massive cum. Erica moaned lustily, "Oh God Alan you're so big in me ... Oh God stretching me, filling me ... Oh God Baby ... Oh Sooo good ... OH GOD ALAN, YOUR GOING MAKE ME CUM AGAIN."

The deeper it went in, the more she moaned, twisting her head and bowing her pulsing, engorged nipples into his ravenous mouth. She started feeling every movement of his cock inside her, every vein as his cock sank deeper inside her and the feeling was indescribable. His cock was prodding, filling and stretching her. He wasn't even in her completely yet, but she felt the tingling that told her his cock was going to send her to the moon. It felt so good being stuffed on Alan's cock and Erica was quivering, verging on a massive cum.

"Oh Alan ... Oh Alan ... Oh you're stretching me so good ... Oh god Alan ... Oh God ... OH ... OH ... OOHHH ... GOD ... OOOOHHHH ... GGAAWWDD ... CCUUMMMING."

As Alan fully impaled Erica, her body seized in an explosive cum and as her stomach muscles knotted her hips tried curling her into a ball, but Alan had her pinned with his cock and all Erica's body could do was continue to shake and spasm with hard muscle clenching cums. Alan also reached down and caressed her clit, forcing her cum to a higher level. Erica's stomach muscles, still tired from her previous cums, cramped even more, trying to pull her body into the fetal position.

Erica's heart exploded with the love she had for this man and her mind blasted into a sea of colors. As Alan started pulling back, Erica felt her pussy being turned inside out ... just like last night and as he started pounding into her seizing quim, her clit and g-spot were being pounded with every thrust. She lost count of the times she came, but when one ended, another one would take its place; resulting in an unrelenting sea of shock. Her body started losing all coordination with her mind lost in a fog of euphoria and every orgasm ripped through her, leaving a comet tail of bright lights and multiple colors.

Erica felt Alan kissing her face and then her nipples, but with the tsunami of orgasms pounding her body she was a shuddering mass of stunning, spectacular femininity and her eyes were lost in the unrelenting firework display in her head. So she could only feel what he was doing to her and she had never felt like this. Even so, her heart was overwhelmed with the loving her husband was giving her. This wasn't rutting lust like last night, it was love making at its pinnacle and it was her lover, her husband doing this to her.

She felt Alan's thrusts start to come faster and she knew he would cum soon and she wanted to feel him fill her with his seed. Alan thrust deep inside, pushing hard against her cervix and began to fill the woman he loved with powerful ropes of his cum. Even through her body's unrelenting spasms, Erica felt the pulsing of his cock inside her and the warmth of his seed filling her. Something about having Alan fill her with his manly essence made her heart soar and she felt claimed and taken by him. She was his; his woman, his love, his lover, his soul mate and all of this made her feel safe, like she was home.

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