tagInterracial LoveErika Gets Interracial

Erika Gets Interracial


Erika called to the front desk again, she really wanted her favorite dress for that night out, and it was supposed to have been finished by now. The hotel, a first-class place, had a dry cleaning service and she thought it a good idea.

Unfortunately earlier that day her friend and travelling companion Maggie had spilled something on it while she was holding it and now it wasn't ready. Erika liked that dress best as it really hit her curves right, went with her favorite shoes, and made her just feel hot.

So there she stood, in her bra and panties, hose and heels finishing her make-up and hair and holding the phone. "Yes" the concierge said, "I have someone running to get it now, I will have it ready and to you within a half-hour or so." "Shit," thought Erika, that will make me late, "ok, whatever, but sooner is better, thanks."

Having called Maggie to tell her to go ahead to the bar and that she would catch up, Erika returned to her make-up and moving through her second cosmopolitan. Man she liked those, and these were really strong and good. She could feel the flush of the alcohol.

She had the music up loud, and was singing along, lost in the moment. Wondering about how her ass looked, she turned at the waist and was facing away from the large mirror in the bathroom, her ass fully reflected in the glass. All that working out, she thought to herself, was starting to pay-off.

It was at that moment she realized someone was standing there, and looked up. To her great surprise there stood the young, black bell-hop, standing several feet away, with the dry-cleaning bag in his hand, a shocked look on his face.

"Uhhh...your dress..." was all he could manage. She quickly realized that he had probably knocked, but she hadn't heard, so he came in to leave the dress -- she had insisted she wanted it - and then ran into her, so to speak.

After a brief moment, Erika recovered, and then she noticed something that all but took her breath away. The site of her almost nude had clearly turned this young man on because she could not but help notice a spectacular bulge in his uniform trousers, which were lose fitting to start with.

Wow, she thought, he must be absolutely huge; and what would that look like? What would a cock like that feel like? All this passed through her head in a second, but the young man, recovering, turned quickly to leave, looking for a place to hang the dry-cleaning on his way out.

"Wait," said Erika, in a tone that hinted of a command, "let me give you something for the trouble."

He halted, then turned. So she rather brazenly went over to her purse as he stood there, still clearly all but frozen from the situation, and looked for some cash. To her chagrin all she had were 20s and a couple of 50s. That seems too much, she thought.

Then a really naughty idea seized her, one she just couldn't resist, and who gave a hell anyway as she was leaving in two days no one would be the wiser. Shit, it was Vegas!

"All I have is a twenty here," She said, "that seems rather a lot for such a modest delivery."

Just the thought of what she was doing, and the control she felt, really turned her on. "What else is there that would be worth a twenty?"

"Uhhh...I dunno," he said, clearly unable to get over this really hot, nearly naked woman speaking casually with him.

"Well, said Erika, "what is your name?" "Marcus," he replied. She suddenly caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, just in a bra and panties, blonds hair flowing down and with her 3" heels accenting her athletic legs. What a site.

"Well, Marcus," she offered, "how about you let me see that hard-on that is all but bursting out there and we can call it even?"

Marcus, amazed at the possibilities and always up for quick money, hesitated just a moment and then unbuckled his rather loose pants and fly, causing his pants to immediately drop to the floor.

For a fellow of 20, Marcus was 5'11", very athletic, with defined abs and a muscular butt, all enhanced by his dark, ebony skin. Once the pants fell Erika felt that rush again.

Standing erect in front of her was a cock that was at least 10", quite thick, and topped with a very large, wide head. It was actually swaying with the blood pulsing in and out of it.

A breathy "wow" came out of Erika's mouth. "That is the largest cock I have ever seen," she announced, and added, "but I bet you have heard that before."

"Uh, yah, I guess so..." he nervously replied. Erika was now burning with the possibilities, and, trying to contain her enthusiasm so as to control the situation, asked, "can I touch it?"

Marcus smiled, he was evidently pleased. "You bet," he said. Erika stepped forward, stretched out her hand and felt the hardness, allowing her palm to stroke it up and down. Marcus groaned. But Erika wanted to maintain control, so she moved ahead.

"Marcus," she said, looking him in the eyes, "here is the deal, I want to suck your cock and I know that you want me to. So you are going to undress, sit on the bed, and I am going to blow you. But that is it, unless I say otherwise. Got it?"

Erika was now in command, but Marcus looked fine with that, as he disrobed and sat on the bed, his cock arching into the air.

Erika approached him. For her there was a real feeling of electricity at what was going on and it pulsed in her. As she started to lean forward she placed a hand on each of his knees and gave Marcus a long, light kiss, running her tongue around his lips. Then she lowered herself, and grabbed the cock with both hands, stroking it slowly and gently.

"Damn," she thought to herself, "I want to suck this guy off, but I don't think I could fuck him." At that she moved her head down and started to suck the head. As she held the head in her mouth she ran her tongue around it, causing the boy to moan out loud. Then she pulled off with a small "pop," returning to run her tongue from the head to the balls and then back up again. At the same time one hand ran up and down ahead of her tongue while the other massaged his balls. Marcus was laying back now, moaning and repeating "oh damn, oh shit..."

Excited, Erika also began to finger herself, as she was getting very wet. Finished tonguing Marcus' tool, she started sucking again, having to nearly gag to get about half way down. Her head was really going up and down again, and she could feel the blood pulsing in his rock-hard cock.

Erika felt the skin of his dick and the veins pressed against the walls of her mouth. She loved it and started to feel an orgasm releasing as she slid a second finger in her slit. Now she wanted him to cum as she new it would make her get off again. Working his shaft up and down with one hand, massaging his balls with the other, and sucking away with her mouth Erika heard Marcus pant, "I'm gonna cum, oh shit, I'm gonna cum..."

Erika could tell this was the case as his dick started to surge. Wanting to get off too, she moved the hand from his balls to her own clit, rubbing it softly.

When the first blast of warm, salty cum hit her mouth Erika also started to orgasm again, and she felt her legs getting a bit weak. But she kept her head down on the head of the cock and hand-pumped Marcus dry. Marcus was moaning loudly all the while.

"Awww shit," he groaned, "that is so hot, damn!" When Marcus had finally finished cuming, Erika gave him another minute of sucking and licking. For the first time in a long time she had sucked a man off and swallowed his load. Her mouth tasted salty, but she was exhilarated at the feeling his very large, throbbing tool had created in her mouth.

Finished, she stood up. Erika actually felt a bit reluctant to release Marcus' cock, but she did. Both were a bit overwhelmed at what happened and Marcus was looking sheepish. So Erika again asserted herself.

"Ok my dear," she directed at him, "that was awesome, you have an amazing cock, but you need to go as I have an appointment. Perhaps I will call for you again before I leave. Who knows what I will need." It was more an announcement then a question, and Marcus nodded eagerly. On that note he got up, got dressed, and left.

Erika then allowed herself to sit and relax a minute, finishing off the Cosmo. She had really enjoyed it, such control; but best of all, Marcus was so into it he never asked for the $20. Erika thought that she would need to give it to him at some point... But for now, she needed to meet Maggie, as they were going to a special show she had gotten tickets for. Maybe another potential adventure lay ahead? We will see, Erika thought.

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