tagBDSMErin Ch. 01

Erin Ch. 01


Jerry sat in the straight backed chair completely immobilized and watched as his boarder, Erin, worked through her Tai Chi movements on the pool deck in the back yard. Her lithe and sensual figure moved gracefully from one combination to the next. Her torso covered only barely by the white dance skin she wore. At 19 she was tall at 5' 5", 118 lbs, had black hair and ice blue eyes. Her figure was a stunning 36B, 22, 34. She had become Jerry's reason for living.

His wife had abandoned him after two years of marriage, His only contact with her was a letter containing the divorce papers she had obtained in Reno. He did not even know whether she was still alive. Since then, he had devoted himself to his work. Jerry ran a large Internet business from his home. He often lectured at the local university on starting and running a home business, that was how he met Erin.

She came to him after his lecture and asked to see his set up at home to give her a better idea how to arrange her own office. That night she showed up, with a bottle of wine and a pizza, proceeded to get him drunk and seduce him. Jerry fell madly in love with her that night and promised her anything if she would live with him. Erin had agreed and moved in the next day, but only after she made him promise to be her slave. Jerry had been ball's deep in her tight pussy when she voiced her demands. When he paused, she tightened her kegel muscles and almost crushed his cock. Gasping in pain Jerry quickly agreed to her wishes and she then started to flex her muscles. It felt like a hand running up and down his length, and Jerry started to lose control. He started bucking madly and she could feel his dick start to pulsate as it prepared to shoot his load, Erin clamped down even harder on him again and stopped his orgasm.

Climbing off the bed she quickly went through his closet till she found four ties. She secured him to the old fashion curved brass bedposts, picked up his belt from his pants and then sat on his face facing down his body. Jerry started to lap at the dripping morsel she gave him and in return she started to beat him with his belt. She twisted his nipples, clawed at his flanks, and beat his cock and balls without mercy. Jerry had found paradise that night and refused to leave it. Erin fucked him silly that day, but not let him come at all. She had orgasm after orgasm, but left him wanting to teach him his place.

Now, more than a year later, Jerry was still in rapture over the nubile young woman that ran his life. She made his life a hell on earth and he worshiped her for it. He was her plaything and slave, she his Mistress and the center of his world. They had a strict arrangement about his work and her schoolwork. She transferred to a distance learning program and studied via computer at home. She kept him naked at home and ready for her summons at all times, but work and school came first. She was not about to blow her degree and he had to work to provide her with all the nice things in life she deserved. She normally left him alone during working hours, but every so often, she would summon him and torture him for a while to take the edge off, then send him back to his office in pain, longing for release. She kept him locked in a male chastity belt or penis restraint at all times. The only time he got a sexual release was when she decided he earned.

A splash in the pool broke his train of thought and he looked out to see Erin swimming to the ladder in front of him. She climbed out, naked and glorious to see, her dance skin on the deck in a pile. Her jet-black hair was pulled back into a braid that hung half way down her back. The matching hair on her crotch was trimmed close and shaved to a single strip.

She pulled open the sliding glass door before him and smiled down at him. "I see you were able to keep your place." She laughed, having secured him before she went out, "But not your composure." She noted, glancing down at his crotch. The acrylic cage surrounding his penis was slightly small for him. This made even getting hard a torture in itself, and she kept him hard constantly. She had silenced him the riding bit, encased his hands in thumbless mitts that locked at the wrist, locked those and his ankles to the legs of the chair. She held him completely in place by attaching an alligator clip to each of his nipples and tying a piece of fishing line tightly around his back to them. The line cut into his arms so even the slightest movement caused the clips to pull on his nipples.

Erin straddled his hips and sat on his lap, her legs went around the chair and she locked her ankles behind him. Her wet skin glistened and water and her own moisture dripped from her center to land on his straining head. Her hand reached down to grasp him and she stuck her nails through the cage to poke his reddened skin. Jerry groaned at the contact. Her other hand played with the fishing line making him squirm and the results were worse for him as his movement only made the clips pull harder.

Rubbing herself over him, she reached over and undid the nipple clamps, unhooked the clips holding his wrists to the sides of the chair. Keeping her legs locked behind him she arched her back far enough to reach the ankle clips and unhooked those as well. Jerry remained absolutely motionless during this, but his eyes hungrily devoured her and his heart soared at the site of her. Her breasts were firm taut mounds of flesh and her pussy opened to wink at him and drip still harder on his throbbing dick.

Placing both hands on the floor Erin released her leg lock on him and did a backwards handstand, moving to the splits and then upright again. Jerry drooled at the sight of her. She reached down and grasped the leash attached to his dog collar and jerked him out of the chair. Jerry landed on all fours before her and she smiled quietly to herself. He was well trained. She thought, most people would stand when you jerked them from a chair, but Jerry knew his place was on all fours at her feet. The leash and mitts reminded him that for now he was her puppy.

Erin had a new idea the previous night and it was time to try it. She took his leash and adjusted the collar until it was facing down his back. She took the leash and dropped it between his legs, picked up from beneath and hooked the loop over his cock cage. Even with the leash between his ass cheeks, it was strained to the limit and pulling on his collar, Jerry had to keep his head up or he would strangle himself, or pull off his prick. Satisfied with her handiwork, she slapped his ass with her palm and said, "Fetch my dance skin puppy, and mind you don't tear it."

Jerry crawled forward onto the deck as she watched. When he reached her clothes, he sat back on his knees and picked up the dance skin with both hands, and wrapped it around his neck as best he could with no thumbs. He then crawled back into the kitchen, his legs wide to allow for the cage and leash. He made it back to the kitchen without stopping or dropping her clothes and stopped at her feet, obvious proud of himself, but afraid to show it.

Erin reached down and took the leotard from around his neck, opened to inspect it and reacted with rage. "Look what you did." She screamed, holding it open in front of him to show the tear in the leg. Jerry knew he did not do it, but could not protest his innocence as she pulled up sharply on the leash and caused him to scream through the bit. "Down to the dungeon and I will punish you when I get there." She yelled. Jerry moved as quickly as possible towards the stairs as she stood fuming in the kitchen, watching him go. His ass cheeks were still red and marked from the previous night's games, and she was determined to add to them. The hole she put in the body suit was the perfect excuse.

Erin went to the master bedroom, her room now, and walked into the en-suite bathroom. She had a quick rinse to remove the pool smell and rinse her pussy clean. Toweling dry she decided to wear the school girl outfit this time, like the one in that video. The white blouse was open all the way down, and tied off at her midriff. Her firm tits were covered only barely. The plaid skirt stopped just below her crotch, it was a special order that she had Jerry buy for her on line, the white thigh high stay up stockings complemented it. The heels were 4", chunky and black patent leather. The tight leather g-string could just be seen in the reflection of her shoes. She combed her black hair out and set it in pig tails on either side of her head. She completed the picture with cherry red lip gloss and bright green eye shadow. As she left the bedroom she pulled on the white cross-country horseback riding gloves, with the rubberized palms and the fingertips removed.

Descending slowly into the basement, she entered the dungeon she had him build for them to play in. He was, as she expected, cowering in the corner on all fours. The floor to ceiling mirrored doors on the closet were one of her favorite features of the room. The four poster king size bed was another. There was a St. Andrews cross on one wall and the support post for the house's main beam had been sheathed and eyelets attached so she could chain him up and beat him. The next acquisition would be manacles for the wall, she had seen a set in a sex shop in town and Erin decided that she would have Jerry pick them up soon.

Erin snapped her fingers, the muted sound was quiet in the room, but Jerry whimpered and scuttled over to her. Erin looked down at him and smiled as she reached down and tugged hard on his leash. It was still running down his back and hooked to his cock cage. Jerry screamed through the bit, all that came out was an animal sound of pain. Erin unhooked the leash from his collar and lowered the hand loop from his cock. She reconnected the leash and then reached down to unhook the bit.

She dropped the bit to the carpeted floor and left it there. When she released Jerry he would clean everything up as always. Snapping her fingers again she walked over to the bench holding all of their toys, Jerry crawled along at her heels, the leash trailing off onto the floor. Erin picked up the long handled multi thong whip and struck his back gently. Jerry groaned at the feel of the thongs running down his spine.

She suddenly struck his back sharply and he cried out in pain. Waking around behind him Erin did it again, and watched as his cock jumped in its cage and leaked more pre-cum when she struck. She had seen him do this often, but never tired of seeing him react to her assaults on his person. She started to beat him in earnest as he groveled on the floor, never moving more than an few inches each time she struck. She had trained him well. He whimpered and held his ground as she reddened his ass, back and legs. When she had achieved the colour of red that she wished, Erin tossed the whip down and walked over to the bed.

Reclining in comfort she watched him whimper and sway on the floor as though she were still beating him. She snapped her fingers and Jerry crawled as quickly as his sore body allowed to wait at her feet. Erin sat up and grabbed his collar, jerking him to his feet between her spread thighs. Smiling sweetly, she undid the cock cage that held him prisoner and stroked the abused organ it had held.

Jerry fought to contain himself and remain still, but the pressure in his balls was mounting. The outfit she wore was enough to drive him over the edge on it's own, but seeing her smooth skin and firm tits through the open blouse and her pouting pussy barely contained by the leather g-string was killing. He started to rock his hips gently in her massaging grip and she surprised him by taking his cock in her mouth. Her rough tongue ran down the underside of his throbbing dick before it came back up and curled over the head. Jerry was fighting a losing battle and he knew it. She had not let him come for over a week and the pressure in his nuts was at the bursting point. Suddenly her other hand appeared and ran up his ass cheeks, and slid wetly into his anus. She had been playing with herself while she sucked him and the added stimulation was the last straw. Jerry bucked and shot his load down her throat.

Erin swallowed greedily, and then started humming. The vibration was too much and Jerry's orgasm went into overdrive. He continued sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. He would pay for it later, but right now he was operating on instinct. Erin continued to hold her hand around his cock and held her fingers stiff in his ass. He was doing all the work, stroking himself on her hand and fucking himself on her fingers.

As the last of his cum squirted weakly into her mouth, Erin shifted her grip and started to squeeze his balls and the base of his dick. She milked him to ensure she got every last drop and then pulled more of him into her mouth as he began to soften. When he had gone completely limp she had her nose buried in his crotch. The rubberized palms of her gloves rubbed roughly on his scrotum and he started to stiffen in her mouth once more.

Erin spit his cock out of her mouth and roughly pulled her fingers from his asshole. Jerry grunted in pain, but did not move or make any other sound.

"How dare you come without permission?" Erin screamed as she locked both hands around his still stiffening cock and balls and squeezed sharply. Jerry grunted again and started to double over in pain, but she squeezed again and he pushed himself upright with effort. "You made me swallow that disgusting slop you produce and have no excuse for disobeying me. I can see that more training is required."

She stood and walked over to the bench, still holding onto his penis, giving him no choice but to follow. Looking down, she could see that he was still only semi-hard and she decided to have a little more fun with him. Before he could move, Erin slipped the tight sleeve over his growing cock. She then led him, still by the dick to the punishment frame by the wall. Jerry had built it at her direction and it would hold him firmly. She took his hands, still encased in the mitt and secured it overhead. She then connected his ankle cuffs to the sides of the frame, spreading his legs. Then she stepped in front of him and picked up a hose connection and smiled sweetly at him.

"Since you came so quickly without permission, I guess you need milking." She connected the hose to the end of the sleeve and turned on the switch to the machine. Jerry shook his head vigorously but it was too late. Again at Erin's instructions, he had purchased an electric breast pump used by nursing mothers to extract breast milk. A few simple modifications and it could be used on him to extract his sperm. The problem was it pulled on his dick unendingly and drove him wild. He would continue to shoot cum until it was turned off. This would leave him raw and sore. As with most men, after he came the head of this dick was very sensitive and any contact was uncomfortable. This machine continued to apply pressure and keep him hard and oozing long after he had finished coming.

The pressure started slowly and his dick expanded filling the sleeve. As the pressure increased, Jerry felt the urge to cum again, even though he had just shot his load into Erin's mouth. His hips started to rock as the machine pumped his cock and then he started to cum as Erin struck with the whip. Screaming in pain and jerking forward thick white ropes shot out of the end of his dick in time with the impact of the lashes.

Erin suddenly shifted her pattern and came up between his legs and struck his nuts. Jerry shrieked in pain and shot still more cum into the collection bottle. Erin would freeze the bottle later for when she wanted it. Sometimes she would even thaw it out and feed it to him.

After several minutes the jar was full and Jerry was a sweat streaked sobbing mess. Erin had lost count of the times he had cum, but sperm was still running from his cock head. She changed bottles and stepped back to watch his suffer. His cum slowed and finally stopped but she left the machine running. The continued suction had him squirming and twisting in agony. After several minutes, Erin decided that he had had enough of the machine and wanted to change the scenery. She had worked up a sweat beating him and decided that they both needed a shower.

Erin shut down the machine and unhooked him from the frame. Jerry dropped to the floor at her feet completely exhausted, but Erin gave him no chance to rest. "Clean this place up." She commanded as she stripped off the sweat soaked blouse she wore and the mitts he wore. Jerry quickly complied and sorted the toys on the bench and wall as Erin labeled the jars and put them in the freezer.

"I need a shower." Erin commanded and left the dungeon. Jerry, knowing what was expected of him, followed her up stairs. Erin shed the rest of her clothes in the master bedroom and walked calmly into the en suite bathroom. Turning the water on in the glass shower she stepped into the hot water and sighed in delight. Jerry was in with her shortly after and started to soap her down. Quickly and efficiently Jerry had her clean and fresh and Erin decided that it was time for her relief.

Leaning forward she grabbed the bars Jerry had installed and spread her legs. Jerry knowing what she wanted stepped up behind her and inserted his cock into her soaking snatch. Erin sighed in delight and thrust back on his shaft. Keeping his hands behind his back Jerry held completely still and let her fuck herself on his cock. Soon Erin was thrusting and humping on him, her cunt clasping and clenching on his dick. Quaking in orgasm, she shrieked in delight. Pulling off his cock, Erin had only enough breath for one word, "ASS" she shouted.

Jerry grabbed his cock and pushed forward into her anal canal. Erin's eyes rolled back in her head as the feeling of his cock entering her ass spread through her entire body. This time, Jerry grabbed her hips and started to fuck her. He knew that she liked ass fucking hard and deep and did his best to give it to her. Erin remained still and let him pound her ass as hard as he could. The water pelted down on both of them as they rutted like animals in heat. Jerry could feel her pussy clenching around her hand as she thrust four fingers into herself. He was close to yet another orgasm as she spasmed beneath him in orgasm. Her asshole locked around his cock and prevented him from moving.

Standing up she pulled off his cock and leaned against the wall, letting the water rain down upon both of them. Catching her breath, Erin pushed off from the wall and rinsed herself off again as Jerry stood and waited for her. Finishing in the shower, Erin stepped out and let Jerry clean himself up. She insisted on absolute cleanliness from him at all times. Erin toweled off and watched him shower. As he was just finished soaping up, Erin went and turned on the hot water in the sink. Jerry screamed involuntarily as the water went ice cold, but had no choice but to finish showering.

When he got out of the shower and dried off Erin snapped a steel cock ring around the base of his penis, trapping his balls as well. Jerry's cock immediately started to swell and harden through the ring, but the blood flow was restricted.

Erin went over to the dresser in the corner and selected for him a pair of woman's panties and a matching bra. She smiled as she remembered the look of horror on his face when she took him into the lingerie store in the mall and held the panties and bra up in front of him to see if they matched his eyes. She had forced him to buy several sets of each and had further humiliated him buy asking the sales girl if she thought he would look pretty in them.

Turning with contempt, she flung the garments at his feet and sat down in one of the armchairs to watch him. Jerry struggled into the frilly attire and waited for her command. Erin proceeded to ignore him as she turned on the flat screen TV he had mounted on the wall. The tape in the machine started immediately and Jerry saw himself lashed to the cross and being beaten. He shivered as he recalled the day she had made that tape. Erin taped most of their sessions in the dungeon. She said it was to better his performance, but they both knew the truth was it turned them on.

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