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Erin's Blind Date


Note from the Author: As readers know, I've been privileged to work with Playboy's Erin Fox on these stories. Yes, she does read them and offer a bit of input here and there. Tonight she announced she was at the Mansion for Midsummer's Dream and will be a Cybergirl soon. Smooches baby -- you deserve it all! ~~BrettJ


Erin Fox had been having a busy time of it lately. Her regular job was running her ragged and her career with Playboy was on an upswing. Things were moving NASCAR fast. So fast that she decided on Thursday evening, this weekend she was going to stay home. Be indulgent, eat ice cream, rent some DVDs and stay in front of the TV with her dog, Elvis. She'd have a nice long soak in her bathtub, tie her hair back in a pony tail, wear no makeup and just her PJ's or something simple to kick around in.

Work this week had been awful, although there sure had been some nice-looking customers at the bar and Erin had been slipped more than a few phone numbers. Two of them she knew she would be using, a stunning blonde named Angela and a bronzed surfer named Louis who would only be in town for another week. Her only decision would be who to call first. That could wait until Monday. Erin wanted this weekend for herself and no one else. That was her plan.

Her plan got shot to hell on Friday evening.

"NO!" Erin yelled over the phone. "No way in hell, no way Jose, not going to happen, forget about it Alyssa!" She told her co-worker. "I'm going to stay home with Elvis and eat pizza and ice cream and soak in a tub tomorrow," She said in a testy tone. "You know what it's been like this week, the last thing I want to do is go out tomorrow night."

Alyssa sighed so loudly on her end of the phone they likely heard her in Fort Lauderdale. "Oh come on Erin, you owe me one!" She protested. "Who was it that covered your shift last month when that gorgeous lawyer wanted to take you sailing?"

"He was all hands from the minute we got on the boat Alyssa, I nearly pushed him overboard. I don't mind getting frisky, but feed me first and show a bit of finesse. And just who was it that got the $200 tip from those Frat guys that same day?" Erin countered back. "I don't owe you a thing!"

Alyssa sighed again, that one they might have heard in the Bahamas. "Okay then, I'll owe you one! Come on Erin, Blaine says his friend is really cute and I want to go out for a nice meal," She griped.

Erin knew her friend would be unbearable if she didn't get her way and then a thought crossed her mind. For the last few months, she had been checking out Alyssa's sexy body, the young blonde was likable, funny and hot. Erin thought she'd like to know if Alyssa was "her" type of girl, because if she was, Erin wanted that tanned, long-legged, sweet-assed blonde baby-doll in her bed and underneath her as soon as she could arrange it. Erin sighed again as she decided she might as well seize opportunities while she could because they might not be there in 10 years.

"Okay, you owe me a huge favor," Erin grinned with delight, knowing Alyssa had no idea what that favor would be. "I have two conditions. Number one -- we don't go to the bar, I don't want to hang out where I work on my day off. Two -- if the guy's a loser or an absolute dick, you have to find a way for me to bail."

Erin could almost hear Alyssa's teeth grinding and then she heard her friend say "Okay, you've got a deal. We'll go somewhere really nice -- Blaine and his friend are both sports attorneys, they can afford it. We'll pick you up Saturday at 8."

Erin knew and liked Alyssa's boyfriend Blaine, he was rich as all hell, but he didn't flaunt it -- okay, he wore Armani suits and owned a Rolex and drove a Mercedes, but he worked his ass off for those perks. He had a goofy sense of humor, still watched cartoons and knew the lyrics to hundreds of songs from the 1960's. He had another trait Erin found very sexy in a man, he could dance. He wasn't even bowled over by the fact that she had been in Playboy, although he told her when they first met "I can see why". It was really too bad that Alyssa had seen him first and they had been dating for a few months, because he really was Erin's type. Alyssa insisted to Erin it was nothing serious. "He's a fling, nothing more," Alyssa told her friend. "I'm into older guys and Blaine's only 30."

Erin thought 30 was perfect enough, but she didn't belabor the point with Alyssa. She hadn't led Blaine on, Erin was pretty sure Blaine knew where he stood with the bosomy blonde.

Elvis looked up at her as she walked into her living room as if to say "I thought it was you and me this weekend?" She patted his head and gave him a doggie treat out of guilt. Erin went into her closet and decided if she was going to do this thing, she was going to do it right. She was going to pour on the razzle-dazzle! The outfit practically jumped out at her and Erin grinned naughtily. If she liked Blaine's friend, this would be the kind of dress to wear to get his attention. No living, breathing male with an IQ over 30 would say "no" to a woman in this dress. So far, the only thing that Erin knew about her date was his occupation, his sex and the fact that he had money.

Erin didn't give a shit about money. Beautiful women could always attract men -- or women -- with money. Money couldn't buy you a personality, hell, it couldn't even rent you one. It could buy you nice clothes and a lot of bling, but it couldn't make you a standout in the sack. Honesty, humor, a good personality and lots imagination in the bedroom were the things that got you repeat performances with Erin.

Elvis made himself comfortable on the floor and settled in for the night. Erin read for a while before calling it a night herself. The book she had been reading was highly erotic, written by "Jen L. Lee", one of her favorite authors of erotica. All of Jen's books were naughty and kinky and they always got Erin's libido raging. She thought about Jilling off before sleep, but decided against it. Why not save it for tomorrow? If her date was halfway decent, she was going to fuck the shit out of him. All the photos that Playboy had shot of lately had her posing provocatively and yet her own love-life had been shit for a few weeks now.

Erin slept in as late as she could on Saturday. She'd made sure that Elvis had plenty of food before she crashed and she had walked him right before bed, so she was good for a long sleep. When she got up to take him out, he nearly ran out the door. She was glad she had the foresight to put a robe on because the poor guy really needed to go. She let him do his business and went inside to fix herself some much-needed food and coffee. After a very restful night's sleep, Erin felt better about her date. It had been a while since she'd been anywhere fancy and she didn't have any Playboy modeling assignments lined up for a few weeks, so a fancy little night on the town would be a welcome change. A chance to strut her stuff -- and the dress she had picked out would allow her to do some fancy strutting!

Erin had more than enough time, so she decided to keep one of her plans for the weekend and enjoy a long, luxurious soak. The bath beads gave the water a beautiful aroma and she felt relaxed. She also felt horny and was conflicted as to what to do.

Erin knew she could easily play with her pussy and bring herself to orgasm, she was so close to the brink and it would take the edge off. On the other hand, if she kept her hands to herself, her date tonight would face the full onslaught of Erin unleashed!

Erin voted for "onslaught" and let herself sink into pleasant thoughts and relax. Sex would come later. Unless her date was a gargoyle or worse -- one of those guys who wrote letters to Penthouse Forum -- he was getting laid tonight.

Erin wanted to make sure she got attention tonight, so she let her long, dark hair flow around her shoulders. She had her normal tanned skin and applied a sexy, luxurious red coat to her full lips. Her eyes were going to beguile so they were accented with a nice, smoky mascara. She had recently had a manicure and imagined her nails digging into the faceless man's shoulders as he fucked her. Her body ached and she went back to getting ready. Panties -- yes? No? She decided on the sexiest pair she owned and one of the skimpiest. They were gorgeous on her and nothing would show under her dress.

That dress was as tight as anything Erin owned, low cut and a bright, almost Day-Glo orange. It was low-cut in front and almost scandalous in its shortness, but just on the other side of risque. She loved the way it showed up glorious legs and bronzed thighs, thighs her lover would be kissing tonight and legs that would be wrapped around his back. Erin found the perfect pair of black heels to go with it, although she had thought of stilettos or boots. Erin grinned to herself when she thought of how much attention she and Alyssa would draw tonight, a sensual, alluring brunette and a suntanned, sex-kitten blonde on the arms of two well-dressed, obviously wealthy gentlemen. She wondered what Alyssa would be wearing and how sexy she might look? Her co-worker was also not afraid to dazzle as many of their customers were aware.

Erin and Alyssa were alike in several ways. Erin thought of herself as a hot girl who was as horny as any guy and hornier than several. Some people put her down for that, but when she and Alyssa were talking one night after work, Alyssa had told her "I'm a hot chick who thinks like a guy. I see someone sexy and I wonder how they are in bed." That was one of the first times Erin had wondered if her friend might be bi, because she had not specified gender.

She was picked up for her date in a Bentley. She was introduced to Larry, her date. He seemed nice enough and was attractive, but he didn't have the same panache as Blaine. As usual, Blaine impressed in Armani and although Larry's suit was tailor-made, it certainly wasn't the same quality. His shoes appeared a bit shabby and he needed a closer shave. Still, Erin withheld judgment for a bit.

Dinner was at one of the nicest restaurants in the city. Blaine knew the owner and had gotten them a nice table. A few well-known sports figures came by to say hello to Blaine and Larry. Blaine was polite, but then he turned his attention back to the women. In turn, Larry would schmooze endlessly and ignored the group. Alyssa seemed to enjoy listening to Larry blather on with the athletes he represented, but Erin was bored to tears.

Over dinner, Larry seemed to flaunt his money, making a big deal out of Erin being free to order the most expensive thing on the menu. Erin didn't want expensive, she wanted good and ordered a nice Filet Mignon. Half-way through her meal, Erin knew she wanted the hell out of this date. She finished her meal and excused herself, heading to the Lady's Room, but intending to get the hell out of there. She almost made it, but Blaine caught up to her.

"You weren't coming back, were you?" He asked. She shook her head "no", there was no sense in telling a lie. He smiled at her and she saw how gorgeous and green his eyes were. Erin liked the way the sides of his mouth crinkled up when he smiled. "I'm sorry, Larry can be a nice guy, but when he's in work mode or around celebrities, he turns on the bullshit. Alyssa's really into him though, I think all of that impresses her. Me, I could care less. Would you like me to take you home? Or would you like to go somewhere for dessert or a drink? I'd hate to think you wore that sexy dress for nothing."

Erin's mood brightened. "You noticed my dress? Thank you."

Blaine laughed, he had a nice laugh. "A blind man would notice that dress, although he might not know how nicely you fill it out. You are an incredibly sexy woman, Erin Fox. What do you say, let me buy you something sweet and fattening?"

Erin thought I've already got the sweet and she nodded. They went to the Bentley and she said "Won't they notice we didn't come back?"

"Screw 'em," Blaine said as he opened the door for her. "Alyssa and I aren't serious, Larry can afford to call a Limo service to take them back to his place if they get too wasted -- which they might. At least it'll give her an excuse to screw him, she's wanted to for months anyway."

Erin leaned over on his shoulder and kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry. You're a good guy, you don't deserve that."

Blaine laughed. "It's fine, I like Alyssa, she's a great roll in the hay, but we're really just friends with benefits. She likes older and a bit richer. Larry's older, but he's not richer," He laughed again. "Plus, he has all the class of a pig in shit."

Erin laughed as the Bentley pulled up at Cafe Bon Choix, a local restaurant known for its fine coffee and desserts. They went inside and Blaine insisted on buying everyone dessert and coffee, just for kicks. "I like to spend it every once in a while," He told Erin. "What's the point in having it if you can't enjoy it? Look at you -- you're the kind of girl a man should spoil and yet, I don't think money impresses you one bit, does it?"

"I won't say it doesn't impress me, but I'm more impressed by how people earn it and how they use it," Erin admitted as she ate a piece of the White Chocolate Berry Cake. "Oh, this is good, want some?" She offered.

"I've had it before, I'm fine with the Carrot Cake," Blaine smiled. He had a dazzling smile. "I love this place, they were always great to me before I hit it big. They'd let me sit here and make deals for hours and just pay for a few coffees. I come back here all the time."

"It is nice," Erin smiled as she sipped her coffee. The company was nice too, this is what a great date should be like.

"Should I get you home?" Blaine asked as he looked down at his Rolex. "I remember you have a dog. Elvis, wasn't it?"

Erin was melting. This was the kind of man a girl liked, he paid attention and was considerate. "Yes, but I have a friend walking him and checking in. I don't have to be anywhere." Erin then thought But I know where I'd like to be!

She and Blaine must have been on the same wavelength. He leaned in close and she saw those eyes were even more brilliant close up. George Clooney had nothing on this guy. "I hope I'm not to make a gigantic asshole out of myself, but I'm feeling a real chemistry between us. I told you that I'm a free agent and God DAMN woman, you make me hot. What I'm trying to say in my own stupid, blunt way -- would you like to go to my apartment and fuck?"

Erin leaned as close as she could get and ran her tongue across his bottom lip. "Does that answer your question?" She giggled and said "The answer is YES and as fast as we can get there!"

Blaine grinned. "I'll pay any speeding tickets!" He threw $50 on the table and two of them ran outside, laughing like kids. Erin thought they were moving incredibly fast, but she didn't care. She wanted to be in his arms, naked, fucking like bunnies! Like Playboy bunnies, she giggled.

His "apartment" was a luxurious penthouse with a spectacular view, but the only view Erin cared about was his body. She stripped out of the orange, slinky dress and dropped it to the ground. The look of admiration in his eyes said it all -- he was going to give her the fucking she had wanted for days. She was glad she had chosen to wear her sexiest, slinkiest black bra and thong because the desire in his eyes said he was a man who appreciated lingerie. Erin walked towards him, her heels clicking on the marble tiles. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him forcefully. His kisses back were ardent and knowing, Erin was in for a good fucking.

"Y'all going to stay there with your suit on?" She asked, a little bit of Southern Belle slipping in to her tone. She saw the bedroom and walked towards it, letting him see that the back was equally as luscious as the front. Blaine was watching her as he undid his tie and threw his jacket on a nearby couch. Armani be damned, Erin was worth messing up a good suit. He made his way to the bedroom where she was stretched out on the bed like a siren from the classic films he liked.

"Good, you didn't keep me waiting," Erin smiled. "Let me undress you, I love undressing a man, it's like opening a present," She told him.

"I feel the same way about a sexy woman but you didn't give me the chance," Blaine teased.

"Next time, lover," Erin told him, running a manicured finger along his neck-line. She was telling him there would be a next time, everything about him made her want him more and more. His shirt fell to the floor in a heap and she got him out of his pants quickly. She gasped when she saw the large scar on his leg.

"Shark bite," He said calmly.

Her eyes went wide. "You're kidding," She gasped again.

"Nope. I'll tell you all about it ... later," Blaine smiled as his boxers joined the rest of his clothes. Erin looked and saw she was going to get a very good fucking. He was endowed and she grabbed for his cock and began sucking. The time for patience was over, if she had been his original date, they would have skipped dinner, had dessert and then had more time for fucking. Erin used all the cocksucking skills she had mastered to get him hard in around 5 minutes and then climbed on board.

"I hope you don't mind a woman taking control," Erin grinned.

"Not at all, but I haven't ..."

She cut him off. "Don't need it, I've been horny for you since the first cup of coffee. FUCK ME baby with all the burners on. Stuff it deep in my cunt and drive me out of my mind!"

"The lady gets what she wants," Blaine grinned. His hands filled with her sexy 34D tits and he made lots of eye contact. Erin rolled her body around on his cock, she was fucking him the way she wanted him to fuck her -- with passion, but not rushing. Her ass began to bounce up and down as his thick cock was stuffed deep inside her pussy. Blaine's hands felt as if they were everywhere and they were so amazing that Erin got off in under 15 minutes.

Unlike some guys, Blaine didn't just get himself off and ignore her. Once she was off his cock, he began licking her pussy. Some of the women she'd been with weren't this good and Erin liked a lot of cunnilingus in her sex. The damned fucker got her off again and she was gasping. Two cums and they weren't done yet. His hands massaged her back and shoulders before he got her ready. From behind, Blaine fucked her just as she wanted -- all burners on, nothing held back. She was screaming so loud from his skilled fucking, she wondered if Alyssa and Larry could hear them?

"Keep fucking me Blaine, fuck fuck FUCK, that's what I wanted, God DAMN, you motherfucking prick!" Erin howled. Orgasm # 3 rolled over her and still he kept fucking. He was a machine, a sex god and still a gentle man, he was pumping her steadily, but all with a presence that indicated he was concerned with her enjoyment. Blaine didn't stop until she'd had Orgasm # 5. Only then did he pant and that was Erin's cue. She grabbed his cock and throated him until he let go down her throat. She chuckled and they broke apart, panting.

She woke up the following morning around 10 and saw that breakfast had been made. She put her hand on his and said "YOU are going to see ME again, promise?" He laughed and told her she had a deal. He took her home and kissed her goodbye. Elvis nearly knocked her over when she came in the door. She walked him and then had a nap, she still needed one.

Work called her Monday and told her it was dead and not to come in. Tuesday she went to work and dealt with Alyssa who had a million questions. Erin told Alyssa the truth and her friend shrugged it off with good humor. "I didn't fuck Larry though," Alyssa laughed. "I think he might be gay and is in the closet. I did fuck his maid though -- she's super-cute." Her suspicions confirmed, Erin called in her favor and made a lunch date with Alyssa for Thursday. She knew where she'd be dining that afternoon ... at the Y. Erin then called Angela and set up a date for Friday and then she had Louis all set for Saturday night. She decided that she would rest on Sunday until Blaine called her and asked her out for dinner and a "midnight swim". Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, but what was it they said -- no rest for the wicked? Erin intended to be very wicked for the rest of the week!

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