tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 8

Erotic Adventures Ch. 8


I realised that my skimpy top was nearly off altogether, by the time Peter was finished kissing me in front of all our assembled guests. The atmosphere was so jubilant that I didn't bother to fix it up when I turned to face our guests again. I did notice that both Sally and Rebecca were cooking at the Bar-B-Que and nobody was taking a lot of notice of my naked nipples. More than two thirds of our fellow club members were already naked by now. They were starting to mingle and talk among themselves. It was evident that they were used to nudity.

"What do you call this club of yours anyway, darling." removing my top altogether as I spoke. "It's all so new to me."

"Grecian Athletic Society." Peter responded. "It's a bit of a G.A.S., isn't it?" He laughingly explained. "All Greek athletes used to compete in the nude and we didn't want to spoil that image. There are only a dozen regulars, so far, and now you know all of them." He paused, looking at me. "Why don't you put your top and-Hmm, in our bedroom? Here!" He slipped off his own suit. "Put these away at the same time, Babe? Love you! Don't be too long."

It wasn't as though I hadn't been pre-warned. Peter's words about the pool party reverberated in my brain when I walked away from him.

"Everyone will be in swimsuits, at least to start with." I remembered him saying. I just hadn't been expecting him to strip off his own suit, quite so soon. I was a bit unprepared.

Lost in my startled and confused thoughts, I bumped into Harry on the way inside the house.

"Hey Pam! Into your fantasy world so soon?" He smiled as he steadied his glass of beer. "Great party!"

"Oops! Sorry Harry. I was just putting Peter's togs away for him and dropping my top off at the same time. I wasn't fantasising."

"Good girl!" He smiled. "It's nice to see you getting used to nudity among the others. Remember, baby steps at first! You won't need to fantasise, before too long." His piercing blue eyes softened. "Hurry along then!" He looked at me knowingly.

He patted my almost naked bottom. The cord reminded me of the little wisp of modesty that remained. I scurried off to our bedroom, taking more care this time not to bump into others. Peter had implied that I should remove my bottoms as well, even if he didn't actually order me to. I sat on our bedroom stool, fighting a battle of wills between my former self and a strong desire to please my 'HUSBAND'.

That decided me. He had made the announcement and I guessed that all the people at the party would soon be seeing ALL of me anyway if Peter had anything much to do with it. He was making my decisions from now on. I thought about it as I put my engagement ring back on.

"Sometimes, nothing at all." "Baby steps." "Be yourself, Pam."

Both Harry and Peter's words kept ringing in my ears as I reached for the fastenings of my 'Wicked Weasel' suit bottoms.

Finally nude, I looked into the mirror and combed my hair. If I was going out among the guests, looking like this, at least I wanted to look as good as I could. I applied a light makeup and examined my naked image again.

"If only those damned tan lines didn't accentuate my vaginal lips so much. I can't go out like this!" I was talking to myself again and by now, I knew what THAT meant. As I was looking, my body was so tense that my nipples were aching and my vulva had swelled indecently. I was sexually excited and yet reluctant at the same time to look this way. Harry had been right, as usual. I HAD been thinking of Gerry, when I bumped into Harry. I reflected on the incident.

"Why can't I get that young boy out of my mind" I muttered. aloud. "Shit! There I go again."

I frantically reached into my drawers with some crazy idea of finding my sun block. I intended to try something light in colour that would soften the hue of my dark pink labial lips against the stark contrast of my milky white skin.

"Maybe that will work?" I reached for it.

"Maybe what will work, Pamela?" Sally's voice made me jump and my hand came out empty.

"Oh!---Nothing Sal-" Crouching, I wheeled around in shock. I was just hunting for my things.---Ah---Peter put all my stuff away."

Sally was standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but an interested smile. I couldn't tell her what I was really looking for, or why for that matter. I was so embarrassed to be found, talking to myself and hunting through my drawers. My body was tense as I straightened up to face her. Would she notice my engorged labia?

"I just came in to tell you that we're all waiting for you to come out, for some food." She explained. "Peter asked me to see if I could help." She eyed me over. "You look great to me. Congratulations Pam." She noticed my ring finger. "Now that you're part of our family and we're working together with Harry, we'll be seeing each other rather a lot." She smiled warmly. "I'm so pleased."

She took my hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze and guided me out of the bedroom.

"Oh! By the way, Rebecca is dying to see all the results of my handiwork the other night. She's so pissed off that you wouldn't let her watch us, when I did it." She quickened her pace.

'Just what I needed.' I thought. 'A bull lesbian checking my-?-out.'

"Jeez!" I said it aloud, just as we were getting further toward the ranch-slider door to the pool. "Whoops! Forgot something." I pulled back on her vice-like grip of my hand.

"Later!" She was much stronger. "Come and meet everyone. We're all famished." She led me outside.

No choice! Fantasy time again. I drifted off and relaxed.


This time I was being examined for a piercing like Sally's. Gerry--Shit No!-- Harry was ordering me to open up my legs. The kindly old lady--old STRAIGHT lady was peering at my most secret place.

"How does that feel, my young lass?"

I recoiled as an ice cold pair of tongs hit my sensitive clitoris.

"Yikes!" I tried to pull my hand from Sally's strong grip.

"Sorry, I'll warm them up." With understanding eyes. "Sorry."

She moved away to heat the clamps to secure my clitoris for piercing.

I felt such a fool, lying there with all those interested spectators staring at my openly engorged vaginal lips. My clitoris was now fully erect. I tried to hide my shame by closing my legs again. Harry spoke sharply.

"Uh Uh! Pamela---Hello!" I was snapped out of my fantasy world.


"We're doing it again, aren't we my dear?" His piercing blue eyes were smiling at me. "Sit with me for a bit."

It wasn't an invitation so much as an order. Harry turned to Sally.

"Leave her with me for a while. Can't you see the poor girl's full of nerves?" His eyes twinkled, mischievously.

Sally released the vice from my hand. The wolf was talking to his latest convert, nearby. The lovely buck toothed young girl that came here with Colin. They were laughing and I noticed that Kim was the only one left, that had kept her suit on, at this point. The others were all quite naked, including Harry, I realised. I tried not to look at his tanned but wrinkled old body as he spoke to me but it was impossible to ignore that he had a piercing too.

"See! It's not so bad among friends." Harry said gently.

"Uh! What Harry?" I snapped out of my dream world completely. "I was just---"

"I know!" Harry interrupted me. "Just fantasising again. You had that dreamy look in your eyes as Sally was introducing you and getting your food." He nodded and lowered his eyes to my lap.

Nervously, I followed his eyes. Was I showing something I shouldn't?

Fully awake now, I was surprised to see a plate sitting on my lap with buttered bread and cooked chops on it. Harry was picking at a bone, holding a chop in his hand.

"Come on, my dear. Eat up and talk to old Harry for a while.

Tell me what you were dreaming about?" He chuckled. "It must have been good, whatever it was."

I gushed out my problems to Harry. He listened intently while I ate and unfolded my dramatic reservations to him. It was like talking to my father except that he, my father, would have been a great deal less indulgent with me.

I trusted Harry with all my secrets. I expected him to laugh when I told him about my recurring fantasy involving the football captain.

"Perfectly understandable!" He smiled. "Gerry's a fine looking young man." He pointed. "Pretty well hung too!" He noted.

I blushed as I followed his eyes. Harry was right. I had tried not to look at him, since he was naked, fearing that my fantasy might easily overwhelm me. How embarrassing!

"You'll get used to it, being naked, I mean." Harry smiled. "Did Peter tell you all about the Grecian Athletic---.

"A bit!" I interrupted, suddenly keen to find out more. "He's bought me this 'uniform' that I'm supposed to wear. Is it true that they all exercise in the nude?" I was blushing furiously.

Harry took my shoulder and guided me over to where his brother sat, at the farthest Bar-B-Que table from the pool. Between the two of them they explained the philosophy behind Kent's Creation's awesome gift to Peter's club. They told me that Kenneth was some sort of roving ambassador for the corporation that was based in Maple Lake, a holiday resort town, communally owned in part by Ken. The directors all believed in free choice, in matters of clothing and mutual sexual attraction among the participants. They all practised group sex among themselves, I found out. Between scores of them they all practically owned the entire district around the bustling tourist town.

"It was the first 'Nude City' in the country." Ken informed me proudly. "My partner, Mistress Barbara, started the whole thing some years ago now."

"Mistress Barbara?" I repeated.

"Kent retired years ago" He explained. The company is worth billions of dollars annually. Barbara runs the whole empire now."

"But, why do you call her Mistress?" I was intrigued.

"I'll explain it all to you in good time, my sweet." Ken leaned over. "It's something to do with our philosophy that the world needs to change a corrupt system of government. The people ought to be able to be themselves." Ken was getting excited. "To hell with convention and all that rubbish. There are far better ways to stamp out all the crime, prejudice and greed in the community. We are interested in breaking down the hypocrisy that is forced on us by all that kind of bureaucratic nonsense."

"It seems to work." Harry interrupted. "Mistress has proved it beyond a shadow of doubt." He looked at his brother. "Can I show her our bible?"

By now I was more confused than ever. Were these guys some sort of religious nutcases??? I had almost forgotten that I was naked myself, by now, as I listened intently.

"Good idea! Barbara's novel will explain our philosophy as well as our structure. I'll give you a copy so that Pamela can read it in her spare time." He looked at me. "We would like to invite you both to get married at Maple Lake. It'll be our wedding present to you and young Peter, my lovely." He explained. "All expenses paid of course."

Kenneth looked at me. "Well?" He urged

I was dumbstruck. My mind was reeling as Harry called Peter over to join us. A pang of jealousy struck when I saw that Kim was still talking to Peter, totally naked as well by now. Her red pubic hair confirmed that she was a genuine redheaded young lady. Her bush stood out like a beacon among all the other ladies that I could see. Every other lady was totally shaved, like myself, smooth as a newly born baby. Kim ran over to join Colin again while Peter came over to join us.

"Hi Babe!" He smiled as he sat down. "I see you've been talking to Ken and Harry." He nodded his head at Ken.

"I was just telling Pamela about our company's wedding present that I was discussing with you, earlier." He brought Peter up to date with his generous offer. "The honeymoon too!" He went on. "It'll be a good chance for you both to see what we've achieved lately. Mistress Angela said that you could take your pick." He offered.

"Uh!" My ears pricked up.

"Venues for your honeymoon, my dear." Ken explained. "Kurt just bought a mountain resort, half an hour's flight from Maple Lake. It's an exclusive, clothing optional retreat with rapids and horse riding around three or four hundred acres." He paused. "It's the place where he proposed to Mistress Angela." He smiled. "I was there with them."

I looked at Peter. All the men saw the confusion written in my eyes.

"Well babe?" Peter prompted me. "Shall we do it?" He was quite keen to accept Kenneth's magnanimous offer. "Next week?"

I nodded my head in a stupefied daze. What was I letting myself in for now? I wondered. No matter what, I was marrying Peter, I decided.

"That'd be lovely. Thank you so much, Ken." I managed.

"Are you a fast reader?" Harry asked with a smile. "If you read Barbara's book before you get there, it might help explain a bit more about what it is that Ken is offering you. You can start reading it tomorrow." He softened his tone. "It will help you to understand yourself a lot better, too." He assured. "Congratulations."

"What is it called?" I asked, anxious to read it.

"'Addicted to Attention.' It followed her introduction, 'My Sexual Awakening.' and she later wrote, 'Mistress Barbara' after that one, too! I've read all three parts and I believe that she even plans another one as well?" Harry looked at Ken, inquiringly.

"Yes. She's working on it now, Harry. It's going to be pretty explosive too. It deals with the politics of world governments and shows the disadvantages of this crazy new idea that they have of a 'ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.'" Ken spat that phrase out. "It would take away personal freedom of choice altogether, IF THEY GET AWAY WITH IT?" Ken looked sombre and determined. "WE HAVE TO STOP THEM!"

"Look! Why don't you both go and have some fun, before our event tonight, young lady." Harry interceded, looking at his watch.

"It won't be long now? Just a couple of hours left."

I walked away with Peter, hand in hand, toward the pool and the other guests. My mind was reeling with questions, none of which made a lot of sense at the moment. I had totally forgotten about being naked. I had never been all that politically motivated but there was something about what Kenneth had said that worried me deeply. I had heard of the term, 'One World Government', and I had to admit that it bothered me too. The freedom of ordinary people was being insidiously stripped away, the same as my clothing had been tonight. I realised that the honesty, of being nude among all our friends, was becoming a lot more appealing to me now and my sexual tension had died down a little. My nipples were no longer aching and I felt calm and serene. I had all but smiled as I saw Kim sitting on her own with Colin.

"Let's go and chat to Kim and Colin." I suggested.

They were watching the others, frolicking in and around the pool, by themselves. They both looked thoughtful and apprehensive. They were watching the others enjoying themselves and looked embarrassed not to be part of the scene. The evening breeze was making me tingle, but more with excitement about getting married so soon. We had been so close to it before that Peter already had the wedding licence and a date arranged, before our argument.

"Great idea, Babe." The wolf grinned as he led me over to the shy young couple. They saw us coming over and Colin gallantly leapt to his feet.


Tomorrow's chapter deals with public nudity in a surprising way?

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