tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Day with Strangers

Erotic Day with Strangers


It had been a while since Steve and I had been out for a drink because of work commitments so as it was a really nice day I suggested that we go for a leisurely afternoon walk to a local beauty spot it would take us around a small lake through a wooded area and onto a quiet pub where we could spend an hour or so before making our way home.

I dressed in a cool linen blouse and a sheer white gypsy skirt that never fails to get Steve going a hint of my small peach panties showing through the skirt against the contrast of my tanned skin.

The day was unseasonably hot but a cool breeze blowing off the lake and the shade of the wooded area made it more than pleasant. As we strolled along Steve playfully cupped a buttock through my thin summer skirt and squeezed I turned into him and our mouths crushed together his tongue slipped past my lips and now gently caressed my own one hand rested on the small of my back the other lay along the top of my buttocks his fingers gently caressing.

He broke free and turned me away from him his arms encircling me as he placed little kisses along the side of my neck. He knows this drives me crazy and as he gently bit my ear I could feel the heat building in my belly and the wetness between my legs as I pushed back and ground my ass against his hardness.

My legs became jelly as he trailed his fingers gently along the inside of my thighs the cool breeze causing Goosebumps on my exposed skin skirt pushed almost up to my waist his fingers tickled across my panties.

With one hand he traced the outline of my wet slit the other squeezed my breasts his thumb roughly pressing my nipples through my clothes. He was pretty much supporting my weight as I ground back into his stiff cock holding onto his legs for support pulling him into me.

We were disturbed by another couple walking their dog Steve let my skirt drop back down and with a final squeeze of my tit whispered 'later'.

It was only a short walk to the pub Steve ordered the drinks while I visited the ladies to clean up. Removing my soaking panties I smiled at the moisture running down between my open thighs and ran my fingers over the wetness. I knew there was no way that I could put my panties back on and would be bare assed in the bar all afternoon.

The thought of that gave me a tingle between the legs and I plotted my revenge on Steve for teasing me after cleaning myself up with a tissue I removed my bra stuffing it in my bag with my wet panties before returning to the bar.

As I sat down he noticed that my nipples were showing dark against the light material of my blouse he grinned and raised a questioning eyebrow but I just shrugged and mouthed warm fanning myself with my hand.

Steve bought two rounds before I said it was my turn and picking up our empty glasses made my way to the bar where I was served by a barman who looked just old enough to be in a pub.

His eyes had gravitated straight to my braless tits as I had placed my order.

My nipples stuck out hard through rubbing against the rough material of my blouse on my way over showing dark against its whiteness.

I decided to have some fun. As he fixed our drinks I undid three more buttons on my blouse so that when I leaned forwards the material would open exposing my nipples to him. He turned round with our order and almost dropped the drinks his mouth open and his eyes wide.

Slowly running the tip of my tongue over my bottom lip I asked if everything was alright.

To his credit he managed to place the drinks on the bar without spilling too much and stammered yes all the time his gaze was fixed to my tits.

Placing the money on the bar I gathered up the drinks and returned to the booth.

Steve's face was a picture as I leaned forwards exposing my tits to him he gestured at the stunned bar man and said you didn't

Smiling I said oh yes I certainly did.

Steve burst out laughing and said that the poor lad would need a wank break if I carried on.

We finished our drinks and decided to leave after one more round.

With a big grin Steve asked if I was going to fetch the last round in answer I picked up the empty glasses and headed for the bar.

Knowing he would be watching my every move my pussy tingled in anticipation of what I was about to do.

Ignoring two other customers the young barman almost ran over to my side of the bar his face was flushed red as I placed my order leaning right over the bar so that my blouse opened wide giving him a good look at my tits and exposing my nipples.

He had the biggest grin on his face as he was fixing the drinks and when he came back with them I stayed where I was gently moving from one foot to the other so that my breasts swayed ever so slightly.

As we chatted he was unaware that with one hand I was gently hitching my skirt up over my buttocks.

As I leaned further across the bar I stretched up on my toes my legs were apart my ass pushed right out so that my pussy would be on full view to Steve and whoever was behind me.

A cool breeze from the air conditioning was playing across my bare ass and my tits were on view to the barman my pussy was soaking again I felt like a wanton slut.

Blowing the barman a little kiss I made my way back to the booth.

Steve had the biggest grin ever and I could see by the bulge in his jeans he was enjoying the show. Finishing my drink I reached under my skirt and touched my wetness then placed the finger tips to Steve's lips before getting up to leave.

As we passed the barman I called him over reached into my bag placed my wet panties in his hand and whispered 'enjoy'.

We reached our favourite spot a small meadow surrounded by trees and bushes away from the main cycle path with only one way in through the undergrowth we found it by accident. Steve grabbed me from behind tugging the fastener on my skirt he pulled it away from me grinding his cock into my bare ass and reaching round rubbing a finger over my wetness I wanted him inside me so I leaned forwards bracing myself on a tree pushing my ass out towards him as he took his jeans off.

He pushed into me with one slick movement my pussy was so hot from my earlier games that it only took a few thrusts before he had me on the edge I reached down with one hand rubbing a finger over my clit sending me over the edge.

As my breathing returned to normal my orgasm fading I looked over to my right and saw a woman staring at us through the thick trees.

She looked to be in her 30s pretty and dark haired. She also had a camera in her hand so obviously the cheeky minx had been snapping away as we fucked.

Steve was oblivious still thrusting away as he had not come.

I pulled away turning him so that his back was slightly to the woman and knelt rubbing his cock on my tits then slowly licking the end while stroking the shaft with long slow movements all the time I maintained eye contact with her.

She motioned with her camera and I winked waving to the path she looked nervous at first then slowly walked over and took several pictures.

Steve's cock tensed and twitched as he was about to come.

Gripping him hard and increasing the speed of my movements I jerked him to orgasm pulling away as he exploded letting his hot spunk splash on my tits I milked every last drop from his cock the woman was at the side of us by now and Steve saw her for the first time.

When he had caught his breath Steve asked if she liked what she saw.

She said she had never seen people doing it outside and that she was a bit shocked

I asked if she liked taking pictures of people.

Going red she explained that she wanted a photo because her flat mate would not believe what she had seen. I told her about the internet sites that we sometimes post pictures on she said she had never seen anything like that.

We introduced ourselves she told us her name was Tracy she was single and shared a flat with and old school friend. She had been out walking because her flatmate had wanted the place to herself as her boyfriend was coming over.

Tracy had obliged because as her friend took great delight in winding her up by being very vocal in the bedroom.

All the time Tracy was talking she was looking down at Steve's semi erect cock so he asked if she would like to stick around and take some more pictures. Realising that she had been staring her hand flew to her mouth eyes wide cheeks going an even deeper shade of red but to our surprise she very quietly said yes then asked if it was ok to stay right next to us so that she could get some close ups of Steve's 'thing' pointing his growing cock.

Taking off my blouse standing naked and very wet in the woods in front of this pretty stranger I brazenly asked if she would like us to just pose or would it be ok if we fucked Tracy was visibly shocked looking all around us to check we were alone she asked how I could stand there naked outside.

I pointed out that she had seen us and nothing bad had happened then told her she should try it.

She stepped back slightly shaking her head saying there was no way she would ever have the courage to be seen naked by strangers but was it ok to still be there.

In answer Steve knelt at my feet sliding his hands up my thighs he placed a thumb either side of my pussy opening me up and began to run his tongue over my moist lips

Draping one leg over his shoulder I knew Tracy would be able to see all my most intimate areas as I always keep myself shaved.

It only added to my excitement as she took a picture of Steve's busy tongue probing my hole his thumb gently rubbing in small firm circles on my clit panting I shuddered to an incredible orgasm my juices running down Steve's chin as he continued to lap at my pussy savouring the taste .

Steve sat back cleaning off his chin with the back of his hand and asked what she wanted us to do next.

She looked flushed and a little breathlessly said anything it was all so exciting.

Leaning forward I pressing my lips to Steve's mouth tasting myself on him my breasts crushed painfully against his chest as we kissed I let out a throaty moan as he slid a finger in me and rubbed my still throbbing clit with his thumb making me arch my back his raging hard on it pressing into my belly as we embraced.

He winked at me and stepped back clear sticky fluid trailed from the red swollen end of his cock to my belly I reached down breaking the strand with a finger bringing it to my lips tasting him.

Breathing heavy and a little nervous Tracy brought the camera up and leaned forward her face inches from Steve's cock as she took a picture.

His cock looked almost primal out there in the open standing proud of his stomach end glistening and swollen the vein in his thick shaft throbbing with anticipation.

Steve asked Tracy if she wanted to take more while he stroked it for her

Bright red and eyes wide she nodded yes.

With his thumb he rubbed a drop of pre come round his knob then taking a firm grip stroked the shaft taught skin sliding along his meat foreskin slipping back and forth over the swollen helmet while she took several shots.

Taking a chance I gently asked if she wanted me to take a picture of it in her hand so that she could show her friend.

The air was charged as she looked straight in my eyes for what seemed like ages then slowly placed the camera in my hand very quietly asking if I was sure it was ok.

In answer I took her hand and put it on his cock she cradled it gently her eyes drinking in every detail as I took a picture of them together.

Turning slightly so he could watch her face Steve put his hand over hers and slowly increased the pressure of her grip stroking their hands up and down a few times she didn't resist her eyes closed her tongue darted out moistening her bottom lip.

It was such an erotic moment watching the two of them Steve naked and erect Tracy fully clothed his cock in her slender hands cheeks flushed lips slightly parted.

Lost in the moment she started to breathe rapidly Steve gently took his hand off hers but she didn't loose go or stop stroking.

As her strokes increased in length and intensity the edge of her hand touched the wetness of his knob she pulled her hand away rubbing the sticky precome on her skirt she was flushed and looked a little shocked at herself as if unable to believe what she had just done.

Taking a moment to compose herself she asked why I didn't mind her touching him 'down there' and I told her we like to see each other pleasuring themselves.

Steve asked if she would like to touch him some more.

Tracy hesitated a moment but asked if she could just watch again.

He had been close to coming when Tracy had suddenly stopped stroking him so needing release Steve did not hesitate telling me to get down on all fours.

Leaning over on my elbows my ass right up in the air so that he would be in nice and deep I shuddered with pleasure as he rubbed his cock up and down my slit.

He teased me rubbing slow then letting the tip of his penis just push into me slightly pulling out and repeating the movement holding tight onto my hips he prevented me from pushing back at him keeping contact between his cock and my pussy to a bare minimum.

He asked Tracy if he should keep rubbing on the outside of my pussy or should he put it all the way in.

She said if it was ok she would like to see it go all the way in.

Steve slid into me very slowly.

He then asked if he should tease me some more or pick up the pace.

Tracy said slowly please.

Steve asked why

Her voice almost a whisper she said because she liked watching his cock.

It was so hot the cleaver way he had started to involve her in our lovemaking.

I was on fire knowing that she was getting off on seeing my swollen pussy lips wrapped around his cock my juices coated the shaft dribbling onto his balls.

It was almost too much when he asked for her camera and took a close up of his cock stretching my pussy.

He could tell by the way I was squirming against him and my shallow breathing that I needed to come urgently.

Grabbing my hips he began to thrust harder and faster my tits swinging back and forth as he picked up speed ramming into my soaking pussy with shorter strokes the inside of my thighs were coated with my juices the musky scent of sex and the rhythmic sound of damp flesh filled the air his fingers dug into me as he pulled me back hard onto him it was so intense I felt my orgasm near.

Suddenly he stopped and holding me firm began slowly rubbing the tip of his penis in and out again.

I almost screamed at him to finish me off.

Tracy had been kneeling so close to us not wanting to miss a moment that she had almost overbalanced and to stop her self from falling forwards had placed one hand on Steve's thigh the other on my lower back just at the top of my buttocks.

As Steve slowed the pace she gently sat back on her heels.

To my surprise she did not pull her hand away maintaining contact as subconsciously her fingers gently rubbed the base of my back just above my butt.

My pussy was soaking wet and I wanted to come so badly but I also realised that the whole atmosphere had changed the air was charged with sexual energy and as much as I needed release I also wanted to see how far things would go.

Steve broke the silence asking Tracy if she was enjoying herself.

She said she was.

Then he asked if she was wet.

There was along pause I thought Steve had pushed too far then with a slight tremor to her voice she gently whispered yes.

He pulled his cock from my aching pussy and easing my lips apart with his thumbs he asked if she was as wet as I was or just damp.

Again there was a long pause then the answer came in almost a whisper

Very wet

A sexy husk to her voice as the words caught in her throat.

Steve said she must feel very uncomfortable and frustrated if she was as wet as that then said it was ok if she wanted to touch herself while she watched.

Again there was a long pause her fingers lay lightly on my back the tips slightly damp her breathing shallow as she seemed torn between wanting to and being afraid to.

There was a slight tremble in her voice as she eventually said there was no way she would take her clothes off.

Reassuring her Steve suggested that if she touched herself under her skirt no one would see. He then said as we were all enjoying the experience so much it would be a real shame if she was the only one who left unsatisfied.

It was so hot Steve telling her what to do and I was dying to see the look on her face but as he was talking to her he had pushed his cock back into my soaking hole slowly fucking me from behind.

He told me later that she got up and moved out of sight then as she knelt back down she put her panties on the ground so he could see what she had done.

Kneeling in the same spot as before legs slightly apart she reached under her skirt careful to let its folds drop over her hand but again placing her other hand on my butt to steady herself.

When she was settled Steve continued his slow fucking pulling right back so the tip of his cock almost popped out then slowly back in so that Tracy could savour every movement.

He told me later he could make out the movements under her skirt as she stroked her slit gentle at first then firmer reaching further under herself increasing the pressure.

Her fingers dug into my butt her breathing became ragged eyes closed back arched as her excitement built.

With perfect timing Steve asked if she would like to hold him and help make him come as it would be special if they could both do it together.

Panting she slowed down and asked where he took her hand from my butt and placed it on his balls she cradled them softly as he began pushing into me.

As his pace quickened she moved her hand from his balls to the base of his cock.

I almost came as I felt her hand accidentally brush against my swollen pussy lips.

She quickly snatched her hand away saying sorry Steve laughed and said it was not the first time another woman had touched me.

Desperate to come and feeling a bit out of it I pulled away from Steve turning over onto my back. I wanted to see the look on Tracy's face as she pleasured herself although as I turned towards her she began to take her hand from up her skirt.

I told not to be silly there was nothing to be ashamed of my fingers ever so gently brushing her inner thigh as I guiding her hand back.

Steve moved over to me and pushed me back his cock entering me as he did so.

He began with long slow thrusts but I needed more wrapping my legs around his back pulling him in he got the message and picked up the pace.

Gripping him hard with my thighs I thrust back at him grinding my mound into the base of his cock each time he thrust down my nails digging into his buttocks as I pulled him into me needing to fill my aching pussy with as much cock as possible.

I bit his shoulder gasping and panting as my orgasm hit my pussy in spasms around his cock juices flooding over his balls down my thighs and along the crack of my arse.

Flopping back exhausted I looked over at Tracy she looked flushed one hand still busy up her skirt she was breathing hard but not too far gone because she stopped to take another picture of us...Steve gently thrusting into me as my orgasm subsided.

I asked if she was still enjoying herself and she nodded yes.

I asked if there was anything that we had done that had really excited her.

Straight away she said it was when she first saw us she had liked watching Steve come all over my boobs as she had never seen that before.

Steve said he did that so that I did not have to walk home dripping and she laughed.

I said as he had not come yet would she like to see it again.

She nodded yes.

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