Erotic Encounters with a Salesman Ch. 02


He pushes me into him, my sex coming into contact with his and even through the barriers of clothing I can feel the heat and need building there. He releases my swollen throbbing lips watching my face as his right hand has found the zipper to my dress. Slowly I feel him pull it down hearing the sound of my zipper coming undone. I feel the dress become looser around my body, the spaghetti straps of my dress falling from my shoulders revealing more of my creamy skin.

He smirks at me, his eyes alight with curiosity as I know he desperately wants to find out what is under this dress. I step a foot away from the door further toward his body. His eyes capture mine as his hands slide the dress down my feminine form. Not until the dress floats to the ground does he look at me completely.

He moans as his eyes take me in fully, now seeing the bra and panties I have chosen to wear. They are black and slightly see through letting him get a glimpse of my nipples and pussy underneath the thin material. He moans again as his blue eyes become dark with hunger, his hands trailing down my curves eliciting tiny electrified shocks all over my skin.

"You are exquisite Lisa, your body is a work of art that I shall thoroughly enjoy exploring and tasting, getting to know every part of your hot little body with my mouth." he says with that seductive tone, his voice full of promise and pleasures to come.

He pulls me into him as he walks backwards towards his bedroom, feeling the heat of his body infuse with mine. We walk through the doorway into his bedroom and I see it is very masculine looking, just being in his bedroom I can feel the sensual manly power of it already affecting my senses. My eyes drift to the huge bed in the middle of the room and briefly I wonder how many others have lain with him in here. I shake my head at that thought, knowing I have no right to be jealous and right now I am the one he has set his piercing blue eyes on.

We walk backward towards the bed until I feel the edge of hit it against the backs of my knees. I sit down at the edge as his hands move to caress my face. He smiles at me then speaks while focusing on my face.

"Wait here for a minute, I have a few things I am going to go get from my kitchen." he says, looking at me and seeing a puzzled look upon my face.

"I promised this will be fun Lisa, I will be right back." he says, kissing me quickly on the lips then departing in the direction of the kitchen.

I wait patiently on the bed for him, squirming a little as I feel the heat between my thighs increase in temperature and feel my panties sticking even further to my pussy. My nipples are also reacting to the increase in arousal as I am becoming more and more excited and anxious to see what this fetish of his is. I listen intently hearing him move around the kitchen gathering things for our night together.

I hear his footsteps then walking back towards his bedroom where I await. Walking through the doorway I observe what he has within his hands. On a tray he has brought a bowl of strawberries, a banana, a can of whipped cream, and what appears to be chocolate pudding. I gasp, now cluing in to all the hints he gave me before at the restaurant. I blush a deep crimson thinking of how he wants to taste me, devour me.

He puts the tray down onto the bed moving to sit beside me. "Well Lisa I think it is time to have some dessert now don't you think?" he asks, his eyes smouldering with such need and hunger it takes my breath away.

I gasp and blush, my eyes drifting back to the tray again, to the array of decadent food there. "Yes Dominick." I moan through my lips, aching for him to involve me in being part of his dessert and hopefully him a part of mine too.

He pulls me close to him as he dips his finger into the chocolate pudding. He brings it to my lips, "Open your mouth Lisa." he demands.

I open my lips only to have his finger smear the pudding along my tongue. He pulls his finger out sucking on it gingerly. I close my mouth tasting the chocolate overwhelming my taste buds with slight hint of him from his finger.

He dips his finger in once again and moves to smear it along my lips, down my chin, my neck, and down to the valley of my breasts. He licks his lips and I can see his mouth salivating at the chance to taste my skin right now where his fingers just traced.

I look deep into his eyes, my breath hitching in my throat. "Do it Dominick." I whisper softly, wanting to feel that hot tongue lick the pudding off my skin taking with it that taste that only belongs to me.

He grasps the back of my neck bending his head licking between my breasts and slowly working his way upward. I moan and shiver with delight as the coolness of the pudding is replaced with the warmth of his tongue. My skin on fire where he licks that by time he reaches my lips I am insane with need to taste his lips upon mine, to taste that decadent flavour of me and the chocolate combined together.

But instead of taking my lips in an all-consuming kiss he slowly, languorously licks them, taking his time, and in the process working my body into a higher state of arousal. I think to myself two can play at this game and reach to dip my finger into the pudding. I trace my finger along the side of his neck watching the chocolate stick to his skin. I move my lips away from his teasing tongue and bend my head, giving him a sultry look before my tongue makes contact with his skin.

I hear an intake of breath as he feels the softness of my tongue along his neck. Then I hear him groan as his hands move to hold my waist, my tongue continuing to tease and linger on his neck. The contact of his hands causes a frenzy of sensations to course throughout my brain feeling it surge and travel down throughout my most erogenous parts of my female form.

I move my hands to tug at his tie as he already dispensed of his dinner jacket before coming back to the bedroom. I push him back on the bed climbing on top of him my toned thighs brushing against the fabric of his pants loving the feeling of the soft material against my skin. My core rubs against his cock now tented within the confines of his pants loving how I am teasing him with my womanly seductive ways.

My hands quickly dispense of his tie and his shirt, opening the buttons as quick as my nimble fingers will let me. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch as his arm reaches out to grab the whipping cream and a strawberry. Becoming distracted and frustrated with his buttons I rip open the rest of the shirt watching as some of the buttons pop off hearing them land on the hardwood floor.

He chuckles at me lightly and with lightning speed his hand moves around to the back of my bra and pops open the clasp with one hand. My bra falls onto his chest and I watch as he brings it to his nose to inhale the scent. Tossing the bra off the bed he surprises me by pulling me to him and rolling so that now he is hovering over me.

He grins devilishly at me while shaking the can of whipped cream. "Let's see how delectable your breasts taste covered in whipped cream shall we Lisa?" challenging me to try and stop him.

"Go right ahead Dominick." I say, egging him on while thrusting up breasts upward.

He grins widely at me while shucking off his torn shirt, letting me get a marvellous view of his lean muscular chest. Shaking the can a few more times he then brings it directly over one of my nipples and holds down the nozzle. I squeak at the coldness of the whipped cream on my nipple, which automatically goes hard and erect. Then again, he does the same to my other nipple covering it till all you can see is whipped cream my nipple buried underneath.

I moan as he then moves to dip the strawberry into the whipped cream over my right nipple, feeling the texture of the strawberry rub against my sensitive flesh. My hands fist into the sheets on the bed as he swirls the strawberry around and around pleasuring me and torturing in the same instance.

"Dominick," I moan his name breathlessly.

Then I watch intently with my glossy green eyes as he puts the strawberry to his lips sucking off all the whip cream built up upon it. My body now feeling fire licking through my veins, an all-consuming need to have him take me and possess me more with of his own brand of passion.

Again he repeats the sensual action on my other nipple making the fire burn hotter and brighter within me, my body undulating off the bed as it wreaks havoc within my body. I am helpless to resist its pull and surrender to it completely.

Bending down he uses his tongue to clean to rest of the whipping cream from my nipples making them throb and ache from such a sensual caress. I then watch as he licks the strawberry clean, his teeth then sinking into the juicy flesh of it. I watch as he dips it into the chocolate pudding bringing it back towards my body.

"Now then, I shall paint your exquisite form with this strawberry and you will do nothing to resist or interrupt my work is that understood Lisa?" He tells and asks me in the same sentence making sure his instructions are clear.

I nod my head to overwhelmed by the fire of passion moving through me to speak. He takes that as a sign that I understand and begins painting my body. I feel the juices and the chocolate pudding begin to paint my skin, lying still as he creates his masterpiece on my body. I moan as the chocolate and the strawberry brushes down my stomach making it quiver, as he paints his delectable designs on my skin.

I watch as he picks up the whipping cream again, filling my belly button with whipping cream then putting a strawberry over top. Now feeling him trace down toward my throbbing core with the chocolate pudding covered strawberry making my pussy quiver and throb with anticipation.

He stops at the barrier of my panties, teasing me as to whether he is going to go around that area all together or remove my panties to thoroughly explore that area immediately. I whimper as he decides to skip my pulsing pussy for the moment running the strawberry down my inner thighs. He dips the strawberry back into the pudding and brings it back to my legs, tracing it all the way down to my feet.

"I told you I was not going to neglect your feet Lisa as I explore and paint your body and I am keeping that promise." he says while his hands remove my shoes from my feet, putting them on the floor by the bed.

The strawberry then begins to move and caress my toes, painting them in a glossy coat of pudding. Then I feel as the bottom of my foot being coated in pudding as well. I moan in utter pleasure feeling the sensation of the strawberry arouse me to no end. He moves to my left foot to repeat those same sensual movements until both feet are thoroughly coated. I watch as he also takes the whipping cream dabbing some on each of my toes.

Putting the whipping cream down he devours the rest of strawberry into his mouth as he looks at his finished work. His eyes roaming over every place he will taste, touch, and lick. Just seeing this in my mind's eye literally drives in me insane with need, the flashes of images my mind is feeding me is quite overwhelming. My body is well and thoroughly lost to the hold this pleasure and passion has on my body. My body undulates on the bed wanting him to start devouring his work of art but he stands there, just stands there taking it all in, his piercing blue eyes mesmerizing every curve and line of my body. My body now a whimpering mass of horny flesh begging to be touched.

"Dominick please," I plead with him my green eyes surging with need, shining with the desire I feel.

He chuckles at me, "Well my naughty woman, you are quite desperate for my touch aren't you?" he asks, smiling that addictively handsome smile once again, "Well then, where shall I start to taste your delicious body hmmm?"

"Please my feet Dominick, I beg you please." I plead, my voice raspy and husky expressing just how desperate I am for his touch.

"Well then, I shall work my way upward starting with your delectable feet still coated with my cum." he replies.

I watch as he bends down, capturing one foot into his hand, his blue eyes staring at me as he takes the first lick along the bottom of my right foot. I cry out feeling an electrical shock work its way up my leg towards my pussy.

"MMMM delicious, so sweet with just a hint of saltiness, yummy." he expresses to me, my mind so blown with the overwhelming amount of pleasure I am receiving, that I vaguely hear what he says.

His mouth and tongue continue to feast upon me, licking and cleaning my feet quite thoroughly, sucking the whip cream off my toes one by one until no trace of pudding, whipped cream or cum is left to be found. I moan as his talented mouth and tongue work their way up my legs, along my inner thighs not missing a single drop. The higher his mouth and tongue go and the more he tastes and licks my flesh, the more my pussy throbs. I now feel my juices drenching my panties, feeling some of it trickling down my inner thighs to mix with the pudding.

I moan aloud expressing my pleasure and utter feeling of bliss to him. I hear him begin to moan and groan louder as his mouth moves closer towards my pussy, knowing he must smell my overpowering scent of arousal beckoning him forward and upward. As he licks the pudding laced with my juices I hear a deep moan bellow out from his mouth.

"MMM now right here it tastes a bit different, much sweeter than it was down lower on your legs. "MMM let's see if it gets even sweeter the higher I lick." He tells me making my breath hitch once again in my throat.

I feel his mouth come terribly close to my pussy my moans escalating in volume and frequency. "Mm I was right, it does taste sweeter the closer I reach to your soaking wet pussy." he says aloud, like he is making some sort of observation.

My hips squirm and wriggle on the bed not sure how much more of this erotic, sensual torture I can take before I just explode in orgasm right in my panties.

"Dominick please!" I cry out, begging for him to lick me there with his tongue.

"My my,sounds like you Lisa,are in need of something to ease that ache in your pussy. Is that what you want Lisa?" he asks, as I feel his fingers graze over my soaking wet panties causing my pussy lips to pulse even harder.

"YESSS" I shout, "Please Dominick touch me there, I beg of you." my voice raspy from moaning.

He moans hearing me beg for his touch. His hands slide up along either side of my hips taking hold of the hem of my panties. Slowly he drags them down my hips, down along my legs feeling the material pull away from my soaking wet pussy lips. At last my pussy is open and exposed aching to have his hands and tongue caressing me stroking me to my impending orgasm. I feel him plant a soft kiss against my pussy, making me moan at the contact.

But then, he slides back up my body taking the strawberry from my belly button between his teeth. He then moves back to my pussy and lightly caresses it along my outer quivering wet lips gathering my juices on the ripe ripe strawberry. I moan at the feeling of him caressing me this way, causing my lips to swell further and become puffy. With the strawberry still in his mouth, he brings it to my lips on my beautiful face feeding it to me while we kiss. I moan and whimper as the flavor of him, me, and the fruity taste of the strawberry fills my mouth. He continues to kiss me with kiss after drugging kiss until the last of the strawberry is consumed. My hips now arch and buck upwards into him, the pudding coating my stomach smearing along his skin.

He lifts his lips, his and my lips now a darker red, stained from the strawberry and from the rush of extra blood following to them. I bite my lower lip looking deep into his eyes telling him through my body language what exactly I need at this moment. He smiles once again while reaching over to grab the banana off the tray. I gasp as I wonder what exactly he plans on doing with this piece of fruit that resembles a man's cock. He begins to peel it in front of my eyes watching my expression closely.

"Umm Dominick what are you planning on doing with that banana?" I ask him curiously.

"Well dear Lisa, I plan to use it to taste you of course." Watching as he smiles devilishly telling this to me.

Putting the peel back on the tray,I watch as he now runs the banana down my throat between my breasts stroking it there for a few seconds then moving the banana lower down on my quivering stomach still coated in pudding. I watch and feel as his mouth and tongue follows the path in which the banana blazed down my body. His talented and torturous tongue licking up the taste of me, banana, and chocolate pudding. My nose inhales the intoxicating mixture moaning at what I am gathering through my nostrils. If it smells this good I can only imagine how good I must taste right now.

Moans are continually dripping from my lips as now I feel the banana being dipped into the whipped cream in my belly button. I tilt my head upwards watching as he coats the end of the banana with a thick layer of white whipping cream. He smiles as his hand moves to bring the banana to my mouth.

"Open up wide for me Lisa." he demands in that deep husky addictive voice of his.

I open my lips making an o with my mouth as I feel him insert it into my mouth. My taste buds are now ablaze with sensations as many flavours hit my tongue all at one time.

"Hold it in your mouth Lisa, as if that was my cock you are now sucking." he tells me, as he lets go of the banana which is halfway into my mouth. I try to keep my teeth off the flesh of the banana and just use my lips and tongue to taste and suck upon it.

He backs away from me, and I watch as he quickly dispenses of the rest of his clothing in front of me. At last he is naked from head to toe in front of my eyes and I purr with satisfaction at his toned, firm masculine body. I blush slightly as my eyes become fixated upon his hard thick member, my pussy now becoming even wetter with my sweet nectar.

He smiles at me, sex appeal emanating from his body as he moves lithe like back toward the bed and my body. He moves his body between my legs spreading them wide. His hands slide upward until they are so close to my pussy, his fingers resting on my inner thighs. I moan through the banana arching my hips slightly into his hands begging him to touch me. He smirks and lets his thumb graze my clit, my eyes roll back feeling that first contact against my clit.

"Is this what you want Lisa?" he asks, again running his thumb over my throbbing clit.

"Mmhmm" I say my words muffled by the banana.

I moan against the banana as two of his fingers suddenly thrust into my pussy. They curl deep within me wiggling back and forth rubbing against all those sensitive pleasurable spots within my heated core. I can feel my pussy clenching and contracting hard around his fingers feeling myself climbing closer toward my impending pleasurable conclusion. I cry out again as he bends down and begins slowly sucking on my clit, my whole body shaking with the intense pleasure reverberating throughout my body.

His tongue then begins to lick along my outer lips with his fingers still deep within the recesses of my pussy. I can feel myself so close now I am tittering on the edge, about to topple into the best orgasm I have ever had. I gasp as I feel the banana being pulled out of my mouth with his free hand. His mouth pulls off my pussy whispering against my skin as his fingers continue to thoroughly stroke inside of me.

"Cum for me Lisa, orgasm so I may coat this banana with your cum and make you watch as I eat it in front of you." His voice deep and sensual as he commands me to cum. I can no longer hold back my pussy spasming too wildly, his fingers working my g spot into a pleasurable frenzy.

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