tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Exotic Ball Ch. 06

Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 06


Erotic Exotic Ball – Night Cap

Irene has a six pack out for anyone interested. It’s late and people are showering and getting ready for bed. Arlene was first in and has curled up on the couch and started to drift off to sleep. Irene is already showered and relaxing in the recliner – a beer in hand. Nancy must be in the shower and Cory is queued up. I ask Arlene if she is OK and has iced down her worn pubic area. She hasn’t and I prepare her an ice bag. She asks me to put one inside her, which I do, before placing the cold press between her legs over her swollen lips. Standing naked next to Arlene inserting an ice cube into her pussy would normally be erotic…but in this case it was tending to a friend. She drifts off to sleep.

Nancy emerges from the shower, a towel rapid around her body. She sees everyone else naked and lets it drop to the floor. “What’s the point?” she laughs. “I saw what you two were doing!” She continue, pointing to the cum drying on Joan’s tits.

Nancy grabs a beer and relaxes as Cory emerges from the shower. She also teases Joan about the spooge on her tits and suggests she needs a shower. People are tired and the talk limited. Irene has grabbed the pillows from around the house and placed a couple of big blankets on the floor. Joan emerges from the shower. Cory’s hand drift to her pussy as I leave the room. I hear Joan teasing her about not having had enough. Cory responds saying she warned everyone. When she gets it good she can’t get enough. I shower last. The water is warm and soothing as I finish my beer in the shower and come on out.

Arlene is sound a sleep on the couch. I remove the ice pack from between her legs before looking for my place to sleep. Cory and Joan are spread out on one blanket. Nancy is asleep on the right side of one blanket and Irene is reclined on the other side. She motions me over and I settle in between her and Nancy. “You’re sweet taking care of Arlene like that.” She says as she kisses me and cuddles up. “Did you have a good time?’ I respond in kind as we drift off to sleep. The room smells wonderful with the body lotions of the girls. Irene’s skin is warm and smooth from the shower. I cuddle against her back and drift off to sleep.

I sleep for a while but stir as the early morning sun cracks around the edge of the windows. I remember we did not get home until after 5 am. The morning sun rises around 7:30 am so I know I have not drifted off for long. The room is still dark and I adjust myself to get comfortable. I think I am hearing Cory moan but think it must just be jumbled memories of last night. I am still not quite off to sleep when I hear a moan near my ear. I listen closer and her a weak slurping sound. I roll over and meet Nancy’s eye to eye. She is awake and her hand is between her legs, playing with herself.

“Sorry if I woke you.” She whispers.

“That’s OK…still horny?” I ask.

“Yes, I think I’m the only one that didn’t cum.”

“Don’t let me stop you.” I reply

“Your not, I just don’t want to wake everyone up.”

“You sure you are the only one that didn’t?”

“Yeah, the whole world saw Irene have an orgasm in the arena and on the table when she got her fantasy and was triple teamed. The whole city heard Cory have one when you fucked her and licked her. Joan had at least three. The one before we left, on the table and downstairs before you came up. Arlene was fucked to orgasm before the ball and probably had some during her gangbang. And you came at least four times.”

“You can keep going if you want?” I tell her, my hand drifting towards her tits. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed to masturbate in front of me.”

“I’m not embarrassed, just worried about being loud.”

At this point I feel a nudge in my back. “Why don’t you two go upstairs and fuck. You’re keeping us awake.” Irene whispers. I am not sure what to do and take my lead from Nancy. She is getting up and looks at me for acknowledgement. Not confident how my tired cock is going to do I follow her upstairs, interested in not missing an opportunity to play with her tits and have her when she is in a horny mood.

Nancy leads me upstairs by the hand and into Irene’s bathroom. She closes the door. The morning sun casts a soft glow in the white room. She approaches me and gently grasps my head in her hands. She guides me to her lips. We kiss deeply before her hands guide me lower and over one of her nipples. My hand cups her magnificent mound as I suckle her deeply. She moans and pushes her other tit in front of me. We spend the next several minutes with me embedded in her large milky breasts…squeezing, suckling and fondling her nipples and voluptuous breast meat.

Nancy is in control and makes the next move. She lower herself to her knees, her tits and mouth near my used but wakening cock. Nancy brings me into her mouth and suckles my member briefly before she rises enough for my cock to be at her breasts’ height. She rubs the left and then the right nipple against the soft underside of my penis’ head. Nancy plays with me, rubbing my cock’s head in smaller and smaller circles until it is rubbing only the nub of her nipple and then starting over, with wide penetrating circles deep into the flesh of her right mound.

I don’t know if Nancy is getting herself or me more excited, but I don’t really care. Her hands release the pressure on her breasts, opening the cleft between them. My cock finds its way between her mounds and she closes them up, surrounding my now hard rod with the soft flesh of her tits. My cock positioned she eases her head back to make eye contact with me. She smiles and I smile back admiring her pretty face before drifting down and enjoying the site of my cock buried between her mounds. My pubic hair provides a texture and contrast to the soft white flesh of her tits.

“Most guys like to fuck my tits.” Nancy whispers.

“It feels good!” I reply back.

“Enjoy yourself.” She purrs, “How does it feel?”

“Wonderful – soft, warm and smooth on my cock. I’ve wanted to fuck your tits since I saw them.”

“Most guys do…how does it compare to fucking a pussy?” She asks seductively, her tongue stretching out and wiggling over the top of my penis as I thrust upwards.

“Oh, that’s good.” I encourage, stretching my cock up higher so she can take the top part in her mouth. I slide back down fucking her tits at a moderate base. “It feels good but different than a vagina. The flesh is cooler and the texture softer. It isn’t as moist and you can’t feel the muscles contracting and loosening but the texture and temperature is wonderful.”

“But why do guys always want to fuck my tits?” Nancy again questions, “I talk with other girls and not all of them get asked for this so often. Why does everyone want to fuck my tits?”

I am suspicious she knows but go along. “Not everyone has as nice and big a set of tits as you do. Watch my cock sliding around and in your boobs. They surround all of it. I can push up, down, left and right and get so many different feelings from your tits. You can’t do that with little ones or ones that aren’t as firm as yours. And you can’t do it with fake tits. Yours are just so naturally unique and special.”

“I guess I know…that’s why I got my award. ‘Boobs of the ball’.”

“Nancy, they are great. And thanks for letting me have a special treat. Think of how many guys watched you on the stage or at the charity booth and wanted to do this. But, time for your treat!”

I help Nancy up from the floor and guide her to the vanity. She hops up and places her butt on the edge, obviously expecting what is coming. I kiss her gently as she loops her legs around my waist and pulls me tighter. I resist the urge to plunge into her, knowing I do not have the stamina left to bring her to orgasm. My mouth wanders down and over her breast. I couple and fondle her mounds before moving down. Knowingly, she adjusts her position, placing her feet on the top of my shoulder and leaning back against the cool mirror.

I settle onto my knees and position myself between her legs. I kiss and nibble around her pussy, becoming acquainted with her smell. I plunge in like so many times today…intent on giving her a good orgasm. I work her pussy well with my lips, tongue and fingers. Her writhing and motion communicate her pleasure. I continue on, enjoying the view as I look up at her tits. Her hands occasionally squeezing and massaging her mounds. Twisting and tugging her nipples as I work her clit. I tried to take mental notes of how she pleasures her self before returning to the nub of her clit I hold between my lips. She lets me know she has had enough by lightly pushing my head back from her middle.

“That was great.” She whispers, catching her breath.

“Did you have an orgasm?” I ask, pretty sure but not quite.

“Oh yeah, several.” She says. I stand in front of her and her legs’ wrap around me. She looks directly into my eyes. “Fuck me!”

I quickly comply, inserting my cock into her wet hole. I grab her hips in my hands and pound into her, plunging in deep as she commands. She rocks and smiles, her moans louder. The position is good for me, but Nancy keeps either slipping off the front of the vanity or bumping to hard against the wall. We stop and adjust.

Nancy jumps off the vanity and turns to face it. She places her palms on the edge and slides her feet backwards. Her body weight rests on her hands, her back at roughly a 45degree angle to the floor. I move in behind her and adjust the width of her feet so I can slide in snug up against her butt. Without a word I plunge my member back into her warmth and start to slowly fuck her. We watch our coupling in the mirror in front of us. Exchanging big smiles through our reflection we enjoy our early morning time. The light is bright enough and I watch her tits swing beneath her body to the cycle of my penetration.

Stimulation builds within our private areas and our gazes become less intense, our attention more focused on our pleasure. My hands leave her hips and start to massage her back and side. As I continue to slide in and out I see her right hand start to edge from the vanity top. I place my left arm around her waist to support her and hold her tight. On a selfish note, it also allows me to pull her tight and plunge the full length of my cock deep into her.

Her hand disappears below the vanity and her head drops. Soon after I feel a finger playing over my cock where it is entering her vagina. More of her weight is transferred to my arm as she relaxes into her pleasure. She whispers, “That’s good. Fuck me deep…. That’s good, you’re getting my spot. That’s it! Fuck me.” She almost breaks into a chant, which continues until she reaches her next stage of pleasure.

She looks up once in the mirror, her face more contorted and her eyes starting to glaze. We make eye contact and she smiles before placing her head down on the vanity. My right hand drifts under her chest and cups her breast. Her hand picks up pace. I feel the full force of her hand rubbing up and down over my cock; balls and I imagine her clit. I squeeze her tits before finding her nipple and rubbing it.

“Fuck me hard! Pull my tits!” She screams. I try to remember how she fondled herself and do the same to her nipple as I rock my hips, thrusting the full length of my cock in and out of her hole. She looses her words but continues to scream as her first orgasm builds. She is rubbing herself furiously as her whole body shudders once severely and then with little trembles for the next thirty seconds. She catches her breath as I continue to pound her opening.

Her hand finds its way back to the vanity top, and she lowers herself onto both forearms. Her head on the deck cradled in her arms she moans as I continue. Her pussy feels good as I continue to push into her. Not as aggressively as before, but with a long and slow motion. She seems to enjoy the sensation and I continue on. My cock is played out and I do not cum. I continue on for several minutes until Nancy stops her twitching and her pussy stops convulsing and loosening up to my strokes.

Her head buried on the counter she pants heavily as I pull out. I place one arm on her butt to help keep her up as I remove my left arm from around her waist. She collapses slightly and I place both hands on her butt cheeks to help her stay upright. Her butt is up in the air and I have a glorious view of her puckered asshole and open pussy. I am drawn to the line of her vaginal lips. My eyes are glued to her just fucked opening, fully dilated and wet. Her clit is large, fully engorged and exposed.

I lower myself to her clit and take it and as much of her surrounding vaginal lips into my mouth as possible. The curled tip of my tongue strokes her clit as she lets out a long, deep moan. Several “Oh Fucks!” escape between her unintelligible moans. Her weight leans back into me as I keep stroking her clit with my tongue. Her body trembles more and more. Nancy’s verbal expression is now closer to hoarse whimpers as she tries to catch her breath between deep screams.

She finally collapses, her arms slipping of the edge of the vanity and rolls back into me. Her weight more than I can hold up from my awkward position I concentrate on leading us in a graceful tumble onto the tiles. Her hip land on my stomach, her breasts are just under my chin and her head and arms are draped over the top of my head. She heaves slowly before moving her body slightly to more of a cuddling position. I clutch her as she regains her breath. I can’t resist cupping and stroking her boob once again as she regains her composure.

“I thought you were going to kill me.” She whispers. “That was such an intense orgasm. Like electricity through my body!”

“I thought I owed you something special for the titty-fuck.”

“Owed me something? I was so horny I was just hoping to get a dick. To get eatin’ out like that and then get a couple of deep vaginal orgasms was more than I was hoping for. Much better than playing with myself. And that last one…I don’t know how to describe it.”

“You liked?” I ask

“You bet. You do that and you can do whatever you want to my tits or any other part of me anytime you want.”

“Be careful!” I tease, “I might take you up on that.”

“Shall we go back?” Nancy asks. We do and head back down the stairs.

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