tagIllustratedTrapped and Alone Ch. 01

Trapped and Alone Ch. 01


This story is a collaborative effort between Rebeccasm and Sadkins116. Rebeccasm created the concept, the story line and added the art, Sadkins116 filled in in the blanks. We expect that this story will encompass several chapters and the first couple sets everything up. So if you are looking for a lot of sex at the start you will be disappointed. However if any of you have followed our stories I'm sure we will entertain you as we progress. The following story depicts slavery, non-consensual sex, humiliation and other depravities. So if you proceed you have been advised.

With all that said we would like to let everyone know we took advice from new editor Mama K. She was very helpful editing this story.

Nathalie Wilson was sitting in the car waiting for Jamal. She was an undercover vice cop, the youngest vice cop ever, regardless of man or woman. She was working on a potential major drug drop, as the bait. She looked down at her dress, a red and black halter dress that barely covered her breasts, complete with a large cutout exposing her tight flat stomach, and the skirt ending only a couple of inches below her crotch. The red high heels went perfectly with the outfit. Nathalie's blond wavy hair was down to her shoulders, and her blue eyes were unnervingly piercing. She had been working on this assignment for over 6 months. She knew Jamal would be nervous, and therefore unpredictable, but she also knew he was a key player whom had to be brought down.

It was just over four years ago she started on the force, and was about to make what would hopefully be the largest drug bust in the state. She thought back to that first day. She was so excited walking into the precinct, her uniform tailored and pressed. She was so full of enthusiasm.

Nathalie had turned her life around. She had dumped her ex, and started at the academy. She felt so free to be away, and most importantly, to no longer be a victim. He was such a controlling son of a bitch. Her boyfriend Justin, didn't approve of her applying for the patrolman position. His opinion was she should stay at home, look after him, hell to essentially serve him. He went as far locking her in his basement, trying to brainwash her, when she had made her plans known. He kept her under his complete control for almost 6 months. It was only when he was called away on an assignment for 2 months that she was finally able to break away. It was the hardest thing she had ever done. He had conditioned her to be so dependent on him, she could hardly make a decision on her own. By the end of the second month she found the strength to move out, and break off any contact. He pursued her for a while, but a restraining order put a stop to that. Now she was her own woman, determined to never be dependent on anyone ever again.

Nathalie snapped out of her daydream when a car pulled into the deserted parking lot, and turned off its headlights.

She tensed up, and whispered into her wire, "Here we go boys, they've arrived."

She opened her door and stepped out of the car. The other car slowly approached, stopping about 20 yards in front of her. A lone black man climbed out, and walked over to meet her.

It was Jamal. He was nervous about this buy. Susan was too new to be buying this kind of weight, but the boss ordered him to do it. So here he was. His trunk filled with coke.

He walked up to her and he told her, "Turn around, I gotta search you."

"What? You're not touching me Jamal. Where could I possibly be hiding something?" Injecting a tone of annoyance and indignation into her voice.

"I don't care bitch, I said turn around. Lean against the car." Jamal demanded.

Nathalie did as she was told, praying that the pin hole camera wouldn't be found. Jamal ran his hand down her body, he fondled her breasts, and leisurely took his time feeling up between her legs. Too busy copping a feel and enjoying himself, he missed the camera discreetly hidden between her breasts.

"Okay bitch, let's get this over. You got the money?" Jamal asked, a self-satisfied on his lips from touching up her magnificent body.

"Yes I do. I just need the account number to transfer the funds." Nathalie responded.

Jamal handed her a piece of paper. She looked at it and asked, "Where is the product?"

"I have a sample in the car. Twenty keys. The rest is parked in a truck down the street."

"I need to see it, all of it." She asserted.

"Hey, my orders are that you need to transfer the funds. Then you get the product." Jamal explained, like a good little solider.

Nathalie now knew that Jamal wasn't the man she wanted, she wanted his boss. Before she could put a new plan into action, a noise was heard off to the side. Jamal jumped, and caught a glimpse of someone in the shadows. It clicked that this was a setup, he lunged at Nathalie.

Nathalie heard the noise too, and knew the gig was up. When he lunged at her she was ready, raising her left arm she brought her elbow down, catching Jamal tight between the eyes. He crumpled like a cheap tent, landing at her feet. The bust went quick and quiet. They collected the drugs from Jamal's trunk, and located the truck with the rest of the load. With only Jamal there, and no other witnesses, it was decided to keep this quiet in the hopes that they could protect her false identity.

Busts of this size were not kept a secret for long. By the next day it was front page news. It was picked up on the wire services, and soon was broadcasted around the world.

Ivan found out with his breakfast the next morning. He hit the proverbial ceiling. Clearing off the table with a swipe of his arm in a fit of rage. The bust cost him near on ten million dollars. Someone had to pay, and as always, he knew who to contact. Ivan had lost his appetite. He needed to calm down. Losing ten million dollars tended to piss you off. Luckily, he knew the perfect release.

"SLAVE, GET IN HERE." He screeched.

The slut slave kneeling in the next room, scampered into the dining room when she heard his scream. Just the sound of his voice scared her. It was always tough on her when her Master was angry. As she crawled towards her Master, she could feel his anger. When she was a couple of feet in front of him, she stopped, lowering her head to the floor, ass in the air, arms outstretched in what was position 3. She waited for the next command.

Ivan watched his slave crawl towards him. He was already pulling his belt out of his pants. When she stopped assumed the required position, he reared, swinging the belt down, lashing her upturned ass. Almost immediately, a long red welt formed, running down her left hip to her knee. It was followed by lash after lash till the slave's ass was covered with welts, and she was crying hysterically.

Stopping to catch his breath, he looked down at his handy work. His anger ebbing with the exertion, but his arousal mounting. Punishing a slave always excited him. He reached down, grabbing a handful of her long brown hair, and pulled her up to his groin. He didn't need to say a word. The slut slave hastily opened his trousers, and pulled out his cock. Without hesitation, she swallowed it whole not stopping till she reached the base of his massive cock.

For the next 15 minutes he fucked her face. Saliva poured out of her mouth and down her naked chest. Her face and chest were almost as red as her ass from the exertion. Ivan stood enjoying his slave servicing his cock till he felt his orgasm build deep inside him. As his cock swelled, he grabbed her ears, roughly pulling her face tight to his stomach and exploded, sending his seed directly down her throat. He held her there till his orgasm subsided. Spent, he released her. The slave was gasping for air and collapsed to the floor.

"Back to your post slut till I need you again." Ivan ordered, nudging her away with his foot.

The slut slave simply nodded, and crawled out of the room to her pad outside the door. She would remain there till he called for her services again.

Ivan had effectively diminished his anger. His head now clear, he wanted revenge. He walked out of the dining room, into his office. Sitting down at his desk, he picked up the phone and purposely punched a number into the number pad.


Nathalie was a bit of a celebrity back at the precinct for the bust, but she knew that her opportunity was lost. She would never be able to get this close again. As she was finishing the paperwork and filing her reports, the captain walked up to her.

"Hey Captain what's up?" She asked.

"Good job last night Nathalie, you took a lot of drugs off the street. However, we're concerned that your cover is blown. We think you should go back to patrol for a couple of weeks. Just till things calm down. We are keeping your name off the reports and any connection you might have had with the busts, but Ivan Samanski is not someone you want pissed at you."

"What, patrol, no don't do that. Bring on Ivan, and I'll bring him down too. Don't do this to me just because I'm a woman. I can take care of myself." Nathalie defended.

"This has nothing to do with you being a woman Nathalie, it's for your own safety. I need you to calm down, it's just for a few weeks. You'll be back with vice when things cool down. Besides I need some additional feet on the street as a lot of junkies are going to be hurting soon." The captain justified.

Nathalie slumped down in her chair and groused, "I'd bet if I was a man they wouldn't send me back to patrol."

The next couple of weeks went slowly, Nathalie hated being on patrol. Things took a turn on a Wednesday, when a young man approached her at her desk.

Nathalie didn't even see him till he spoke.

"Nathalie Wilson?" he asked.

"Yeah, what can I do for you?" She replied.

"I'm John Andrews from the FDEA. I'd like to talk to you." He told her, she noted the confidence in how he spoke to her and carried himself.

"The FDEA? You're a fed? What do you want with me?" She answered, unable to keep the note of surprise out of her voice.

"We've been watching you. Your last bust really stirred the pot, so to speak. We would like to have a sit down, and discuss a few things. Are you free for lunch?"

Nathalie wasn't sure what this was all about, but if it freed her from patrol duties she was all for it.

"Sure why not? My shift is ending. I need to change out of this uniform, and we can go."

Ten minutes later she walked out of the locker room. The two walked down the stairs. Nathalie informed the sergeant she was signed out, and they headed out to a little deli down the street.

Once there Nathalie was the first to speak, "Okay what is it, you want? What does the FDEA want with a vice cop from Cleveland?'

"Well, your bust really pissed off Ivan Samaski. You know who he is right?" John questioned her, Nathalie nodded confirmation. "Well, since then he has been focused on revenge. You know, classic drug lord behavior. So much so that he's getting careless. We think he's about to come back to the country. We want to be ready for him. The problem is we can't seem to get anyone on his private island. We know he's about to have a major meeting with his regional guys in the next week or so. We also know that for these get togethers he usually brings in several high class women to, well service his guests. We recently busted the madam that supplies these women."

"So you want me to be a whore, and find out what exactly?" She interrupted.

"Well you see Ivan has particular tastes. He likes strong beautiful, blond women. The kind with a mind of their own. A challenge so to speak. We've read your undercover work records, and we think you could fill that role."

"When would this go down?" She queried, her interest peeked.

"Our intel tells us the meeting should be in 4 days, but we would need you now. We would need to get you to the madam's place as soon as possible." John explained.

"I need to think about it. Can I have till tonight?" Nathalie asked, she knew she was going to take the job, but she didn't want to come across as too eager or impulsive.

"Yes, but no longer. It's already cleared it with your superiors if you decide to help."

"Okay. How about we meet around 8?" Nathalie replied, hoping she didn't sound as excited as she felt.

"Great I'll stop by your apartment." John told her.

"Do you need the address?" She asked.

"No we already know where you live." John advised. Nathalie mentally chided herself, of course they did. They were the freaking FDEA.


The rest of the day flew by for Nathalie. The offer was dominating her mind. Why her? Didn't they already have someone in the agency? This could be her big break. Over and over these thoughts cycled through her head. When 8 o'clock arrived her bell rang. Nathalie jumped up at the sound, answering the door.

"Hello Nathalie, have you made a decision?" John enquired.

"You don't beat around the bush do you?" Nathalie counter "I think so, but I have a couple of questions first."

"Naturally." John smiled in a reassuring manner.

"Well, firstly why me? Surely you have women in your agency that fit the mold equally as well, if not better than me? And, secondly, what kind of protection would I have once I'm on the island?"

"Both are good questions. To answer why you: we think we have a mole in the agency. We don't know who it is so that's why we're going outside the department. Only myself, and two others will know you're undercover. As for your second question, not much to be honest. Once you land you will be alone. Your only way to communicate will be via a cook who works there. But we've watched you, and know that you have the smarts, are tough, and can handle yourself. If anything goes wrong, we're prepared to invade the island and bring you back."

Nathalie was apprehensive at what John told her, but the thought of bringing down the largest drug kingpin in the world was intoxicating.

She thought for a moment, "Okay I'll do it."

Two hours later Natalie and John were on their way. She didn't need much, just a few personal items. She had changed from her slacks, into her favorite dress. Nathalie also packed a casual outfit of shorts, and a blouse. She wasn't sure what to expect. Just before she walked out the door she called the captain. John could only hear her side of the conversation.

"Hey Cappy it's Nathalie."

"Yes, I'm taking it. We're leaving now."

"Yes, I'm sure."

"No, they promised me backup, I'll be careful. No, I'm sure. I'm going to do it."

"Thanks Cappy, I'll call you when I can. Bye."

They walked to John's car and drove to a safe house. It took almost an hour to get there. John took mostly side streets to make sure they weren't followed. Nathalie wondered 'why all the cloak and dagger. They were nowhere near any trouble and if no one knew....

When they arrived, John introduced her to Rosemary. She apparently was the house mother. She kind of reminded Nathalie of her own mother. She quickly made Nathalie feel at home, telling her to make herself comfortable. They would sit down and hash out the plan in 30 minutes.

Nathalie stood in her room, wondering what she had got herself into. She could very easily be killed, or even worse be kept captive. She would rather be killed than lose her freedom. Her ex made her keenly aware of being a prisoner. She slipped off her dress, and changed into her shorts and blouse before heading downstairs for the meeting.

John was sitting at the large conference table in the dining room. Rosemary was sitting to his right at the end of the table. When Nathalie walked in the two were huddled together, whispering. They stopped as soon as she entered. There was an awkward silence before Rosemary spoke up.

"My my, don't you look comfortable? Please have a seat dear."

Nathalie knew something was wrong from the outset.

"Okay guys what's up? What happened?" She asked directly.

John leaned back in his chair and smiled, "Well your entry to the island is gone. The madam was stabbed in a mugging."

Nathalie frowned, "And why are you smiling? How am I to get there now?"

"We have another way. It's not a clean as going as one of the whores, but we feel it's the best option." He started to explain.

Nathalie just sat there, staring at him. She had a feeling that this wasn't going to be good.

"We have a team of men that can get you on the island. All you have to do is blend in with the other women. Then try to get close to Ivan." John was trying to put the best spin on a bad situation.

"So let me get this straight, you want me to dress up as a commando, do some sort of beach landing, find my way through the brush to this major kingpin, change clothes and blend in with some high class hookers?" She ascertained skeptically.

"Well now that you put it that way it might not be the optimum solution, but it's all we have. We might not get another opportunity to nail him. Some risks must be taken." John reasoned, hoping she wouldn't back out now.

"I see. How long before we leave?" Nathalie asked, sounding far more confident and in control than she felt.

"Actually we need to leave now if we're to meet the team and get to the meeting point in time." He answered. Nathalie sighed she had a bad feeling about this. She wasn't sure she trusted John.

John stood and said, "We got to go now, it's now never. Are you in?"

She sat there for a few moments before she stood, looked him square in the eyes and nodded. He turned, and walked out the door with Nathalie following.

When they got to the car Nathalie stopped him. "Just what kind of fool do you take me for? Do you really think this will work?"

"Actually this might be better than the other way. This way you'll have weapons, radio, and survival gear if you need it. The other way you had nothing. I've seen your transcripts from the academy. You were at the top of your class in all areas. Hand to hand, endurance, survival training, everything, you can take care of yourself. If anyone can do this, you can. So let's stop all the bullshit and get going. You know you're going to do it."

Nathalie smiled and got in the car. Her body was already trembling, but not in fear. She was so excited she thought she might orgasm just thinking about it.

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