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Erotic Halloween Masquerade Ball


This is the first true story that I'm submitting to Literotica - well, it's mostly true. Real life is rarely as erotic as our fantasies, but this story exceeded my expectation. So that you know, I have only modified it to change the names of the people involved. With that said, here's a story of an Erotic Halloween Masquerade Ball that I attended back in the mid 80's. Back then, AIDS did not exist, so the fear of disease was practically nonexistent. [By the way, I have pictures of almost everything to prove the truth of this story, but I can't print them in public because I need to protect the identity of others.]


After my wife left me "to have some time to think," I learned that I had put too much effort into our relationship and hadn't expected anything from her. While in her apartment a couple weeks after she moved out, I had sex with her. I didn't make love to her, I just took her clothes off and got my rocks off inside her. I didn't care if she enjoyed it, and I didn't put any effort into bringing her to climax. This was not normal for me.

The next day, she said to me, "Yesterday was great! Why didn't you ever make love to me like that before?" Huh? She considered that "making love?"

It still took a while for me to get over my inner drive to make sure she (whoever she was) had pleasure, but I had started down the road to recovery.

Of course my wife divorced me and married another guy within six months. According to all the stories I heard from mutual friends, this guy treated her like dirt. He actually demanded that she sit at his feet and deliver food to him when they went out to parties. I even heard that he one time threw the plate of food back at her because she had placed something on it that he didn't like. She, of course, had presumed that she could put something she liked on the plate that they would share.

So, I hope she's happy with her new life. I'll tell you, I'm a lot happier without her.

I started an adventure to enjoy sex and everything that turned me on. I found out things that I thought were just stories in Penthouse Forum.

This one very large woman who lived in Los Angeles prior to meeting me in Las Vegas had once owned an adult bookstore. She knew all about the seedier side of Los Angeles, and she was kind enough to introduce it to me.

My first step was to join a swinging organization. To be honest, I was looking for someplace that single men could join and have wild sex fantasies with beautiful models and movie stars. Unfortunately, you've got to be extremely rich to find anything like that, but the swinging organization was a start.

I've got many stories from my adventures with the swinging organization, some of which I may tell someday. Since this story is about the Erotic Halloween Masquerade Ball, I'll compress a few years of "swinging" into a few paragraphs.

At first, I had to go to these swinging parties with women to whom I was not at all attracted. These women were huge. They weighed more than I did (and I weigh over 200 pounds), and they were so desperate that they'd do anything to be with me. Since swinging parties are places where couples exchange partners, I never had to have sex with these women, but I got to screw a bunch of other women, a few of whom were drop-dead gorgeous.

I had this one friend, Jill, who was quite sexy physically but average in the facial attributes. Her redeeming factor was she would have sex with anybody, anytime and anywhere. As much as I like that in a woman, I couldn't commit myself to someone like that. We had lots of wild sex, but she wanted more, and I finally had to let her know I didn't want to see her anymore.

Anyway, before I broke it off with Jill, I decided to invite her to the swinging organization's annual Erotic Halloween Masquerade Ball. I lived in Los Angeles by this time, and Jill lived in Las Vegas, which is where I met her a few years before. The ball was being held at one of the major hotels on the strip, so I could just pick her up on the way to the hotel.

I had never been to an Erotic Halloween Masquerade Ball, so I only had the brochure to go on as far as what was acceptable and what wasn't. According to the "rules," we were to wear either an erotic costume or very formal attire. We couldn't just show up naked, and we couldn't be obscene (which I'm not sure was well defined). Intimate touching was allowed at the ball as long as it was done in good taste, but any kind of real sexual contact was forbidden. If we wanted to get more intimate, we were to get a room at the hotel and do it there. Individual parties were allowed in the rooms, and the restrictions were up to the people who rented the room.

I was more into the exhibitionism of the ball. I wanted to exhibit myself, and I wanted to see hot, mostly-naked women. I figured Jill and I would go to her place afterwards and do the nasty after we'd worked ourselve up at the ball. There was a part of me that figured the ball wouldn't be all that good, and I was almost sure that the costume I had in mind would be unacceptable.

I told Jill that I was going to go as a cowboy, and she decided to go as a saloon girl. We didn't get to see each other's costumes until we got to the hotel and used the dressing room they had set up.

It shouldn't have surprised me that the dressing room was a temporary room made up of dividers set off to one side in the ballroom. There was no boy's or girl's room. It was coed.

Jill's costume was pretty sexy, especially on her runner's body. She was basically dressed in lingerie; see-through light rose-colored lingerie. She had on a rose-colored lace thong with black ribbons for ties, rose-colored lace bra top with black ribbons, a red boa, stiletto heels, a rose-color feathered mask and that's it. Her light pink areolas were only hidden because of their color, and her light brown pubic hair was just barely distinguishable. She truly looked naked.

My costume was made up of cowboy boots, black leather chaps, a black leather vest, a black and red bandana around my neck and over my nose (like a bandit), a black mask and a black bad-cowboy hat. I did not wear a shirt or pants. This left my butt and genitals uncovered and exposed.

Since I thought it would be inappropriate to have mini-me completely exposed, I sewed a miniature black vest from Spandex to cover just the shaft of my cock. I added a tiny black and red triangular bandana that wrapped around the tip of my cock and covered the urethra (like a bandit). Since the upper half of my cock-head was exposed, I got the cowboy hat from a Ken doll (from Barbie and Ken) and used an elastic band to hold it on the head of my cock.

Jill was so turned on by my costume, she wanted to have sex right there in the dressing room, but we had to maintain some decorum for a couple of hours.

Just putting the costume on got me pretty aroused. I was really well covered but quite exposed as well. My face was hidden behind the bandana and "Lone Ranger" mask, and my body was mostly covered by the leather vest and chaps. My balls were completely exposed and free to dangle under my rigid cock, but my cock was at least "dressed." The shaft was encased in the black Spandex, and my cock-head was well covered by the hat and miniature bandana. My light-colored pubic hair was completely exposed, as was my abdomen and lower stomach. Of course my ass was completely bare.

As we approached the door to enter the main ballroom, my nerves got to me. I was afraid I'd be escorted out of the building for indecent exposure. I hadn't seen anybody else's costume, so I had no idea what others were wearing. I believed the men would all be fully dressed while only the women were exposed and my exposure would give people the thought that I was gay.

My cock was completely flaccid by the time we left the dressing rooms and entered the main ballroom. Most everyone looked sexy, but no one seemed to be as exposed as Jill or I was. Women were wearing tiny bikini tops, tube-tops and white button-down blouses. There were some hot-pants and a lot of very short skirts. About the most exposed woman was wearing a tiny French maid costume with high heels. None of the men were exposed except a few were not wearing shirts. I was even more nervous.

At this point, I was distracted by a Japanese man that wanted to take my picture. He didn't speak English, and he was trying desperately to tell me something. He appeared to be nervous as he rattled of a bunch of Japanese and waved his arms around. Even though I nodded to him that he could take my picture, he wanted something more. I couldn't believe he didn't seem interested in Jill. I started to think that he was gay, so I started to back away.

The guy finally took about a dozen pictures with three or four of the cameras around his neck, and Jill and I ditched him and wandered around the ballroom. I realize now that the guy wanted me to get erect for him, but I was way too nervous, and I doubt I could have.

There were a few booths on one side of the ballroom selling magazines and lotions, a bunch of tables for the guests that were already filled with people, a dance floor, and a live band playing some great music. Playboy had one booth with a couple of bunnies trying to sell their magazine. Penthouse also had a booth, but they didn't have any booth-babes. This was at a time when Penthouse showed full nudity while Playboy didn't, but that was as far as Penthouse went at the time.

I later discovered that Playboy also had video cameras there for the Playboy Channel. I didn't have cable and didn't even know the channel existed. Jill's friends saw her on the Playboy channel, and she later told me about it. Neither of us saw the segment, but I presume I was there, too.

Most of the people there were not body-beautiful. Jill had one of the best bodies I saw. I felt like Jill and I were the youngest, being in our early thirties. Everyone else seemed to be in their late 40s or older, and neither of us really wanted to see much of their skin.

As the evening wore on, I became more relaxed. A number of very attractive younger couples showed up, much to my relief. This made the party more interesting to me, and I could feel stirrings below as I saw the costumes of the prettier girls.

Three women dressed as peacocks were amazing looking. All three were naked except for bikini panties and multi-color green body paint designed to look like the feathers on a peacock. They also had huge feathers that spread out behind them. All three of these women could definitely be models. I'm sure every man there fantasized about watching them during the painting.

One guy showed up wearing nothing but see-through fishnet briefs while the rest of his naked body was painted multiple colors. At least he had a nice looking body, but he wasn't there for long. I believe he had stepped over the line and was asked to leave.

Another guy came completely naked with his body painted. If the painting was done by a professional, it might have been interesting, but it was just sloppy. I couldn't even figure out what it was that he had painted on him. Again, he wasn't there for long.

At one point during the evening, the band played the Bunny Hop, and dozens of men and women danced around holding onto the hips of the person in front of them. Jill and I joined in at different points in the line, so Jill was somewhere many people behind me. This is when things started to change for me.

Some woman behind me decided she wanted to steal my little cowboy hat. She reached between my legs while we were dancing and tried to grab it. Then there were a few women that made it a challenge to see who could get it first. In the process, they were having lots of fun feeling up my butt-cheeks. I have no idea what happened to the dance line behind me as I continued to try and maintain my position behind the woman in front of me.

One woman took hold of my balls, causing my cock to bounce more than usual while another was trying to reach around my hips. Their efforts made it difficult to walk and dance, but neither of them cared, and I didn't do anything to stop them since the one holding my balls wasn't hurting me.

Another woman came up along side of me and got a hold of my cock. She tried to pull the hat off, but she just couldn't get a good grip on it with the woman behind me fighting her for it.

This attention to my cock quickly had its affect. By the time the Bunny Hop was over, I was pretty hard, and the ladies seemed to be proud of the effect they had. The strange thing was, they quickly disbursed. Either they were embarrassed to be seen checking me out, or they didn't want their escort to get jealous or something.

Please don't think that I'm bragging, because I really don't think I'm all that well endowed. I've seen movies, and most of the actors are considerably bigger than I am. When fully erect, I'm just a shade over seven inches long, and my cock sticks straight out in front of me. When I'm close to a climax, my cock will rise up at an angle from the root (it doesn't bend). Apparently, with an erection, I was now the focus of a lot of women, though they were checking me out covertly. If Jill didn't point out the ones that she caught looking my way, I would never have known. Most of the women weren't the ones I wanted to have attracted to me, but a couple were.

After that, a number of women wanted to dance with me, so I did. They only asked me for fast dances, and I made a point of shaking my butt, which made my hard-on slap from side to side for them. Each of my dance partners loved it, and I had a number of fun dances.

There was this one blond that really caught my eye. She was at least a 10; young, dark brown eyes, sexy slender body and long golden-blond hair that went about halfway down her back. She was wearing a pair of silver tights like showgirls wear with a wide, plastic, glittering waistband at the top. The waistband barely reached her hips, and it dipped into a "V" in front, exposing no pubic hair where it should have been. On top, she was wearing a white short tuxedo jacket with tails and a silver and white sparkling top-hat. Besides the silver stiletto heels and the short, silver fishnet gloves, it appeared she had nothing else on.

After many fast songs, I knew a slow song was due, so I mustered up my courage and walked over to this blond babe and asked her to dance. I don't know what gave me the courage, considering she was sitting at a table with her husband a three other guys, and I had a full-on hard-on. I stood to her side and said, "Excuse me, but may I have this dance?"

All the guys at the table had these big grins on their faces as this girl turned to look at me. She didn't look at my face. Her head turned, and she was staring right at my Spandex-covered erection with the cowboy hat.

"Absolutely!" she said to my cock as she almost knocked the chair over in her effort to get up. My heart almost burst from my chest as she took my hand and walked with me to the center of the dance floor.

It was during this short walk that I noticed her leggings were see-through. The silver color masked the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties or anything underneath, and the material was doing a great job of riding up her butt. Damn, it looked like it was just painted on her.

Normally, I think my cock would have shriveled from nervousness, but it actually got harder as I felt her warm hand hold mine. My exhibitionist tendencies were in full bloom as it seemed everyone on the dance floor parted for us, and I knew that at least all the women were staring at my erection. I could only guess that the guys were jealous of this drop-dead gorgeous woman leading me to the dance floor.

The announcer called out that this was the last dance, so it was to be a "lover's dance." I didn't know what that meant, but it seemed that couples were supposed to be dancing with each other, not strangers, but to my surprise, she said, "Perfect!"

We turned to face each other, and this girl looked up at me and said, "Just a moment." Then she unbuttoned her vest and opened it to show me her amazing tits. They were so big that they had a tiny bit of sag, but the areolas sat on top and almost looked up at my chest with their hard little nipples getting stiffer as I watched.

Then the girl unbuttoned my vest and opened it so that she could press her bare breasts against my bare skin while we danced. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Here I was, dancing with what I considered the best looking girl in the place, in front of hundreds of others, while she pressed her bare breasts against my chest. My cock was now as hard as it has ever been.

During the nice, slow dance, my cock continued to bump into her thighs. It was rather distracting, in a good way, but it made holding her really close difficult. I then realized that she was trying to maneuver my cock between her legs. She pushed against my lower back with her hands as she pulled me closer, and I finally got the message.

As we continued to rock and sway to the music, this blond babe was massaging my cock shaft with her thighs. I could only imagine that anyone looking at her from behind would see my cock with its cowboy hat sticking out from between her legs just below her essentially bare butt. I did not want to cum, but it was getting difficult.

"Do you want to go to a party after this?" she whispered in my ear.

It was midnight, and I wasn't sure how well I could perform, but I was pretty worked up. "Sure," I replied.

She gave me the room number at the MGM Grand (which is now Bally's) and told me to come on up after we left the ball. The MGM Grand was about three long blocks down the strip from the hotel hosting the ball, so it meant we had to get dressed to go there. If the room were in the hotel of the ballroom, we could go directly up there without changing. Yes, there were lots of half-naked men and women going through the casino.

As we continued to dance, and she continued to massage my cock with her thighs, the cowboy hat on my head bumped into her top-hat and almost knocked it off. She grabbed it before it fell and put it back on her head.

"By the way," she said, "if I knock your hat off, let me know."

"Oh, I think you'll see it," I said.

"I'm not talking about that hat!"

Boy, am I dense. I laughed when I realized what she was saying.

The song was over way too early. I could have stood up there for an hour with her, but it was not to be. Of course I'd probably have shot my load all over the dance floor if the dance went on much longer.

As the dance floor emptied, the gorgeous blond squatted down in front of me. "Here, let me fix you up," she said as she stared at my rigid tool.

First, she removed the hat. That's when she realized I had made the bandana for my cock. "Oh, how cute," she said as she straightened the Spandex tube over my shaft and adjusted the little bandana. "I wondered what that red was. Now I see that you are the bandit, and this is your little bandito." Then she gave the tip of my cock a kiss and put the little hat back on.

This all took about ten minutes, though it seemed like about 30 seconds. The entire dance floor was empty, but there were a lot of people standing just off the floor watching this babe fix the "clothes" on my hard-on. She hadn't bothered to close her tuxedo jacket, so her breasts were bare to anyone that was looking.

Finally she was done, but as she stood up, she used both hands to cup my balls and cock, lifting them up with her. She then leaned in to me and gave me a kiss on the lips while she massaged my genitalia.

As I always do at a dance, I walked her back to her table. Instead of holding my hand, she wrapped her hand around my cock shaft, just behind the cowboy hat, and squeezed me with gently pulses until we were at her table. The guys there now had girlfriends (all except for her husband), and the four or five couples all looked at her hand as she held my cock.

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