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Erotic Risks


Jasmine wondered if she should go. It was risky, but some risks were worth taking. She had made an internet connection with a handsome, and very wealthy business owner. They both enjoyed each others looks and company on video chat and shared a natural easy going connection. Jasmine looked down at her 34 C cup breasts, past her flat stomach to see a wet spot form on her sheer panties. She felt her lips open up with need just like every time she thought of Peter and his hard cock penetrating her, everywhere. He had sent her an airline ticket and his address at his beach house in Maine. Again, Jasmine asked herself whether she should go or not. Again Jasmine felt herself getting very wet with desire.

It was nearing dinner time by the time the cab glided to a stop in front of a beautiful one story beach house. The smells of fine cooking drifted through the window enticing Jasmine's senses. Jasmine took a deep breath inhaling the freshness of the ingredients. She smiled while feeling her senses tingle, her pussy pulse, and her heart quicken. The smells told her everything was alright and she was safe. Jasmine looked down at her party dress. She choose a classy short evening dress, in black velvet. She loved this dress because it accented her curves and showed off her tiny waist and nice round ass.

Peter opened the door wearing shorts, an apron and a big smile on his face. Jasmine noticed he was even more handsome than he appeared on video chat. Their mouths found each other instantly. Their hands started clawing at the clothes that restricted access to each other's hot sexy bodies. Peter unzipped her dress while kissing Jasmine's neck. The dress fell to the floor revealing her beautiful body. He whistled in appreciation making Jasmine smile. Coming up behind her, he pushed her over the counter and slammed her pussy deep with his hard cock. They had talked about this so many times for so long her couldn't resist and she knew he planned on fucking her instantly. She even encouraged it, since her pussy had ached for his hard cock once too often. Her beautiful tits were in his hands now while her rammmed her hot little cunt. Fifty strokes in he grabbed her hair, turned her around, pushed her onto her knees and slammed his big cock into her open mouth.

She was surprised at how much she enjoyed tasting her pussy juices on his nice big cock. Her licks swirled around his massive hard on. Jasmine started kissing his cock and circling her tongue while kissing him. This little technique was working well she thought as she heard his moans of arousal. Her hand stroked the base of his beautiful cock while she took him in her mouth so deep. Peter was pumping her mouth insistently, but her swift tongue still managed to stimulate him even further with the way it winded and wiggled around his beautiful hard on.

Before she knew what was happening, he pulled out of her mouth and spread her cheeks.

"I don't know if I can take you," Jasmine breathed, "I've never been fucked in the ass before."

"I know you want to," responded Peter. "C'mon baby, let's do it just like we talked about. You're so beautiful and your sweet buns are so sexy, tanned, toned and incredibly fuckable."

"Relax," he suggested, "Just feel me." Peter sensing her hesitation realized he would need to win her over and make her so hot she couldn't say no.

"Lay on the bed and spread your legs wide Jasmine, you beautiful, hot, sexy, vixen," he urged softly.

She visibly trembled with anticipation as he approached. His tongue drove her pussy to a frenzy. She closed her eyes soaking in the wild sensations. Sliding two fingers inside her, he started finger fucking her fast; her swollen clit being suckled by his attentive mouth. He slid a lube soaked finger in her ass while he licked her. Peter could tell how much it turned her on and started fucking her ass with his finger even faster while he suckled her clit. Her orgasm was wild and intense. He lapped up every drop of her cum.

After her spasms of pleasure subsided she whispered, "I'm yours! Do anything you want with me, just don't stop making me cum."

Peter slid more lube in her extremely tight little hole. He raised her legs over his shoulders looking at her beautiful tits jiggle. The look of anticipation, trust and lust on her beautiful face, all mixed together made him determined to make her happy.

Peter whispered, "Relax beautiful," as he pushed just his tip inside her.

He watched her squirm. He stayed there with just his tip inside while playing with her clit softly.

"Pull me inside," he urged.

Her breathing quickened and he watched her perfect nipples stand straight up. As she pulled him in, Peter pushed in a little further. Fuck she's tight he noticed. She winced and asked for more. He gave her more. She pulled him in further. Peter's fingers swirled her clit more rapidly while giving her more and more of his big cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," she screamed, feeling him fill her so fucking deep.

At that point he broke through and started fucking her rapidly. He watched her beautiful tits bounce with each hard thrust, his fingers still driving her clit to orgasmic heights. She loved the way his long, hard, throbbing, cock slid in out of her tight little hole so erotically.

"Deeper! Go baby," demanded Jasmine now insane with intense passion.

She grabbed his sexy firm ass and pulled him even deeper inside her. Their orgasms were sudden and intense. Riveting pleasure cascaded through both of their sexy bodies leaving them spent.

Peter kissed her passionately then lay beside her. They talked and laughed and caressed each other for the next half hour.

"I better go check on dinner," he said.

Standing up, he showed off his sexy round ass as he went to open the oven door. Jasmine admired Peter's gorgeous hard body and looked down at her own sexiness, unashamed. She came up behind him completely nude and pressed into him, kissing his back.

"I'm going to take a shower," she said smiling.

"I hope you don't mind," he mentioned with his back still turned to her, "I have some friends I invited over before I knew you were coming and I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I kept the invitation." He kept his back to her, not wanting her to see the sexual anticipation in his face.

"Sounds like fun," replied Jasmine, innocently unaware.

At the sound of the doorbell Jasmine opened the door to behold a Brazilian beauty and her handsome husband. Her chiseled features were stunning and her black hair hung long and beautiful around her shoulders. She was introduced as Leticia. Jasmine couldn't help but notice how attractive the canary coloured halter dress looked against her darkish skin. Peeling her eyes away from Leticia's beauty, Jasmine now noticed that her husband Jeff was a gorgeous specimen of a human being too. He was a big man, with strong handsome features. He looked like he played pro sports. Jeff's milato tanned skin made it impossible to guess what nationality he was. All Jasmine knew, was that this was one very sexy couple in front of her.

The wine and the laughter soon flowed Everyone had a great time during dinner. The conversation was animated, lively, sexy and flirty. Jasmine helped Peter do the dishes and helped serve an after dinner drink for everyone.

Soon all four were getting drunk with the conversation getting wilder and more suggestive by the minute.

"Let's play a little game of truth or dare," suggested Jeff. Jasmine felt the familiar signs of arousal pulse through her. What does he have in mind and what did I get myself into, lurked in the back of Jasmine's mind. Those anxious thoughts were replaced with wild sexy ones as she gulped down another tequila shot while licking her lips and looking at Leticia.

They moved to the kitchen table agreeing on playing bullshit, poker truth or dare. Laughing like crazy they each held a card to their foreheads without looking at them. The person with the highest card would be able to ask the person with the lowest card if they wanted to reveal a Truth or perhaps respond to a Dare. After laughing at each other's others cards it was established that Jeff won with an Ace and Jasmine lost with a 3.

"Truth or dare," Jeff asked Jasmine while smiling.

"Dare," Jasmine responded boldly.

Looking over at his wife and noticing her tits nearly spilling out of her halter dress, Jeff said, " I dare you to lay on this desk and play with my wife's luscious breasts for 5 minutes while we touch you."

Jasmine looked over at Peter who gave her an encouraging look. Leticia was smiling at her. Her nipples were visibly hard through her halter dress. Jasmine licked her lips thinking of what it would be like to kiss and lick another woman's breasts. She'd sometimes thought of it, but she's never had the opportunity. Jasmine couldn't help but feel her body getting extremely aroused while gazing at Leticia's rype nipples. Her slid her slim body onto the table. Peter put a sexual wedge under Jasmine's upper body raising her to a perfect position to lick Leticia's beautiful breasts. Jeff came up behind his wife and undid Leticia's halter straps revealing a sensational set of tits.

Jasmine circled Letica's nipples with her fingers, watching her nipples get even harder. She felt strong hands sliding up and down both legs. The men's fingers moving up and along her inner thighs were so close to her sex that Jasmine trembled. Unable to resist, Jasmine circled Leticia's nipples with her tongue while Leticia threw her head back in ecstasy. Soon Jasmine was licking, caressing and sucking on Leticia's beautiful melons while feeling two sets of fingers sliding up and down her legs probing her wetness.

One set of fingers was pussy fucking her now with the other set deep in her ass. She responded by fucking their fingers as they explored her depths. Jasmine's licks and enjoyment of Leticia's luscious breasts, became even more orgasmicly intense as she felt herself being lifted off the table with each thrust of the men's fingers. She started pulling at Leticia's hard as rock nipples with her teeth, while caressing them; her licks and lust for Leticia's gorgeous tits getting wilder. Just as the timer went off so did Jasmine's orgasm. She bucked to the fingers deep inside her, while sucking the beautiful tits in front of her.

"Wow...", Jasmine exclaimed, still laying on the table as her orgasm subsided.

The men helped her down off the table.

"Let's move to the living room," suggested Peter.

They freshened up and refreshed their drinks before situating themselves around the long black coffee table in the living room. They were very aroused and excited about what was yet to come.

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