tagIllustratedErotic Weekend with the Boss

Erotic Weekend with the Boss


Mike, my husband, called me from his hotel that evening as he did every day when he was on one of his frequent sales trips. I decided to tell him right away about what had transpired between Rodger, our common boss, and me that afternoon.

Rodger had talked me into getting naked for him and then made me cum in the office that afternoon. Although Mike and I had an open marriage and had on numerous occasions shared our sexual exploits with our partners, I did feel a bit differently about this situation with Rodger being our boss and work colleague. Aside from the "boss" relationship we also had a great friendship with Rodger, having known him and his deceased wife for a good number of years.

I did not think that Mike would mind the little erotic fun that Rodger and I had indulged in, but I was not sure how Mike would feel about our boss's desire to fuck me. Despite having been very turned on that afternoon Rodger had shown great restraint by not screwing me. He knew that I would not have resisted as I was really horny as well. Rodger had, however, said that he would not indulge in sex with me without Mike's permission. He had understood that we had an open marriage, but out of respect for his friendship as well as the work relationship he had with us, he told me that he wanted Mike to agree to me getting fucked by him.

After the usual enquiries on the phone about each other's well being, I gave Mike a brief synopsis of events that afternoon. I told him that it had been very erotic experience with Rodger -- and then added that I hoped he was having some "fun" on his trip as well. As Rodger had suggested, I did not tell Mike that Rodger wanted to go further with me.

Mike teased me. "Well I hope Rodger is going to give you a raise for your extra duties, since I bet he had as much fun as you did."

I chirped back at him. "We have to be careful. Possibly he will decrease my salary as he may believe that I am getting more than my fair share of job satisfaction."

Mike laughed at me, before telling me that Rodger had called him earlier to invite us out to dinner the next evening. Now knowing what had happened at the office he thought that Rodger probably just wanted to clear the air with both of us on what had occurred. I guessed right away that Rodger probably wanted to test Mike on the possibility of him fucking me -- but I didn't explain that to Mike. I would rather let Rodger take the lead on that issue.

Mike got back late the next afternoon and we had a lovely, quick "reunion" fuck before we set off for dinner with Rodger. Rodger had booked at a quiet but relatively formal restaurant - a place that Mike and I really enjoyed. We got a table in a slightly secluded corner of the restaurant, which had a curved bench seat on which all three of us sat. I had a man on either side of me -- and they still joked that at least that way they could protect me.

"I think it is more like this way you have got me trapped - and you can have your way with me!!" I smiled back at them, knowing that the conversation was going to head that way at some time in the evening.

Rodger took the opening I had given him, and asked Mike if I had explained to him what had happened in the office the previous day. Mike smiled back at him.

"Hey Rodger, you are a mischievous guy. I thought I would be able to trust you completely with my wife -- but it seems that all you want to do is give her pleasure!! ......... It sounds like she had a thoroughly horny time with you yesterday." Mike chuckled.

Rodger almost visibly sighed with relief. It was clear to him from Mike's tone that he was not upset about his boss seducing his wife. Rodger then added, "Ann is very sexy and I have always wanted to see her naked. I am just lucky that you two have such an open and trusting relationship."

From there the conversation had rapidly shifted and it was not long before Mike had agreed to Rodger having sex with me. Rodger had stated quite clearly that out of respect for his relationship with Mike he would never have sex alone with me. He wanted Mike to understand that this was purely an erotic lustful arrangement, and no affairs or deep seated emotions were involved.

When we left dinner that evening we had agreed that Rodger would set up an erotic weekend for the three of us as the first time for him to have sex with me.

Two weeks later we left on our weekend. Rodger had reserved a two bedroom unit for us in a small, but truly luxury lodge for the weekend. He had not spared any expense and made sure that we had a very luxurious, spacious cottage. The cottages were all spaced well apart and screened from each other by dense shrubbery, ensuring a high level of privacy. Each had their own swimming pool and a deck with fantastic views over the valley. Already this looked to be a great setting for an erotic weekend.

The main bedroom had a beautiful, sensually draped, king size four poster bed with an enormous en-suite bathroom. Rodger made it clear that he wanted Mike and I to have the main bedroom for the weekend, while he would take the adjoining bedroom. He also had a bathroom en-suite although it was not quite as large as ours.

Mike and I respected Rodger greatly for the fact that although part of the purpose of the weekend was for me to have an erotic time with Rodger and get screwed by him that weekend, he still wanted Mike and I to sleep together. It was clearly understood between us that although I was going to be shared by Mike and his boss that weekend, Mike was not in any way a cuckold. Mike got pleasure and arousal from seeing me enjoy my sexuality and wanted to celebrate that with me. He had no desire to be excluded from my sexual pleasure.

The anticipation of what was to come created a lovely sexual tension in me. I was constantly in a state of mild arousal knowing that I was in for a good dose of sex with my husband and his boss that weekend. I could not stop wondering how it was going to work out and what Rodger had in mind. He had said that he was happy to pay for our weekend together if he could decide what we did when. Mike and I were happy to go along with that.

We settled on the poolside loungers with a sundowner drink. We chatted intermittently as we absorbed the beauty of the place -- and also as each no doubt privately pondered over what was to happen that night. There was an unusual erotic ambiance about, with each of us knowing what was planned for that evening. It was seldom that I had been in a situation where I knew well in advance, but with absolute certainty, that I was to be fucked that night.

As the sun went down and we finished our drinks Rodger suggested that we should get ready for dinner. He asked Mike to make sure that he selected something sexy for me to wear to the restaurant, to be sure to set the tone for the evening.

I told the men that I was going to shower, since I wanted my body to be completely fresh for my sexual partners that night. Mike and Rodger took their cue, with Rodger going off to his bedroom to shower and dress for dinner, while Mike selected my outfit for the night.

I was still showering when Mike came into our bathroom with a camera, and snapped a few pictures of me naked in the stream of warm water. I struck up a few sexy poses for him, at the same time teasing him about getting myself ready to be fucked by another man. Mike did not often take nude pictures of me, but he said he wanted a record of what he anticipated was to be a really erotic night. I had always told him that he was welcome to have pictures of me naked, but I did not want them shown around.

When I got back to the bedroom Mike had laid out the bra and skimpy panties that I was to wear. I found myself thinking that the purple colour he had chosen looked sexy laid out on the sheer white duvet cover and right up next to the satin sheets. It almost seemed that he wanted to remind me that my naked body was going to be lying on those silky sheets later that night.

I was slightly surprised that he had not chosen my blatantly sexual, red underwear set. He explained that he wanted Rodger to see me in sexy (meaning see-through in his mind) but feminine underwear. Although he enjoyed sexy outfits, Mike had told me that he always found it very sensual if outright sexiness was tempered with femininity -- which always added just that slight element of vulnerability. Sexiness combined with vulnerability created a strong erotic appeal -- even in my own mind.

I slipped on my underwear as Mike watched. "Hell, you will always look sexy to me. I get hard just from seeing you dressed like that," he commented as he indicated he wanted a picture of me in my bra and panties. Again I posed in various ways for him, felling good about the fact that my husband still found excitement in my body -- even though I was nearly 50 years old.

Mike put the camera down and approached me. I knew he was horny and wanted to touch me. Whenever he saw me in a see-through bra he wanted to tweak my nipples and get them hard so they looked even more erotic.

I stepped back and teased him. "Hey, now that I have showered, this body is for Rodger's pleasure." I cupped my tits and smiled at him. "Are you excited about watching your boss fucking your wife?"

"You bet!!" he chuckled. "But you had better save some energy for me afterwards. Teasing me with your sexy body cannot go without a response," he added with a broad grin.

While Mike had a quick shower I slipped on the dress he had chosen and got ready for dinner. I spent more time than usual on my hair and make-up wanting to look good for the men. The dress Mike had chosen was a fairly classical strappy white dress. Although plain it hinted at sexiness through being quite low cut in the front and by being relatively short, ending about mid-thigh. Fortunately I feel okay about showing off my legs.

With the cottages being so spread out it was quite a distance to the restaurant, so we drove there. Mike suggested that I sit in front with Rodger, since he was taking the lead for the evening. Rodger smiled appreciatively and caressed my bare leg as drove. I felt a tingle of excitement at his touch, knowing that there was plenty more to come.

The restaurant was small and intimate since it catered only for the lodge guests, but was relatively smart with white table linen, silver table water and elegant wine glasses. Rodger had obviously spent time finding such a classy, exclusive lodge for our erotic weekend.

Mike and Rodger sat on either side of me and it was not long before I felt a hand on each thigh. Having ordered the wine and food their hands started to gently caress my thighs. I was not aware of any communication between Mike and Rodger but almost in unison the two of them applied a little pressure to my legs to ease them apart. While I did not object (since I knew it would lead to more sensual touching) I was grateful for the long table linen that hid my legs from view. It felt quite arousing to have a hand caressing each inner thigh. Mike kept his hand on the lower half of my thigh, while I could feel Rodger slowly work his gentle caresses further up.

Rodger was just about to touch the crotch of my panties when the food arrived. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. I was getting a thrill from Rodger's touch, but also was not sure that I wanted things to progress much further in the restaurant.

The men kept their hands to themselves as we enjoyed a superb meal and quite a few glasses of really good red wine. Throughout dinner conversation was easy and light hearted. While our fellow diners may have wondered about our little party consisting of two men and myself, we had not given them any reason to guess what we had planned for that evening. I got a bit of a thrill looking at the other women in the restaurant, knowing that I was almost certainly in for a more erotic night than they were.

Rodger reached behind me and lightly stroked the bare skin on my back. His hand drifted down to the top of my dress zipper. He toyed with the zipper as he asked us if we were ready to enjoy the rest of the evening in our luxury cottage. Neither Mike nor I hesitated.

Once back in our cottage, Mike and I both looked at Rodger questioningly. Rodger happily took the lead and poured us each a brandy in a snifter glass. As we sat and sipped the amber liquid, Rodger dimmed the lights creating a lovely ambiance in the room.

Rodger sat opposite us and proposed a toast to fun weekend. Mike and I responded with enthusiasm.

"I'm glad that it seems that you still want to go ahead," he smiled broadly. "Without a doubt!!" Mike and I replied almost simultaneously. I think we had been in varying levels of arousal anticipating this evening.

Rodger grinned and leaned back in his lounging chair. "Mike, have you ever undressed Ann for another man before? Would you get a thrill from stripping your wife naked for another man?"

"No I have not - but I think it would be very exciting!" Mike answered honestly.

"In that case I would like you to strip Ann for me. Make it slow and erotic!"

Mike got up quickly and beckoned me to stand in front of him. The haste with which he did this indicated to me that he was excited and wanted to get me naked. I whispered to him not to rush it and to keep it sexy. I was afraid he was just going to rip my clothes off as fast as he could. I had never before had one man (let alone my husband) strip me for the benefit of another. It didn't know what to think of it, but did find the thought of having my husband consciously preparing me for sex with another man strangely erotic.

Mike stood behind me and slowly ran his hands down my arms before easing them back up over my tummy and cupping my breasts. He softly caressed the underside of them and gave them a squeeze. As always, my tits responded to the attention sending a pleasurable sensation through me. Mike moved his hand to my dress zipper and then slowly eased it all the way down. He slid his hands in opening at the back of the dress and round the front, cupping and fondling my tits under the dress. He also tweaked my nipples through the thin bra material, getting them erect almost immediately.

"Does that feel good?" Rodger could see clearly what Mike was doing.

"Oh yessss!!" both Mike and I responded. We laughed at both of us thinking that Mike had asked about what we were experiencing.

Mike turned me around so that Rodger could see my back and my bra strap exposed by the unzipped dress. With my back to Rodger, Mike slowly slid the dress straps off my shoulders and let the dress slide to the floor. I was left standing in my bra and panties. The back of my panties were really just a G-string, giving Rodger a full view of my butt.

"I like the underwear. Let's see what the front looks like." Rodger voiced his appreciation of Mike's choice of underwear.

I turned around to face Rodger, very aware of the bra being quite transparent. Despite Rodger having seeing my tits previously, I found this quite exciting having to show off myself to him while I was being stripped by Mike. My already hard nipples responded to the thrill and grew more erect.

"That looks extremely sexy Ann. No man could resist you dressed like that. Great choice Mike!" Rodger smiled broadly as he openly stared at my erect nipples pushing against the flimsy bra material.

"Mike, it looks like Ann is quite turned on. I think her bra should come off now, so that she can show off those magnificent tits -- and her hard nipples" Rodger quipped.

Mike gladly unclipped my bra and pushed the straps off my shoulders, leaving me topless in front of Rodger. I again felt a special thrill at being stripped for this man while he sat back and watched, still sipping his brandy. I have been naked with a number of men before, but had never experienced being prepared so blatantly for sex. My nipples and pussy tingled with excitement.

"God, those tits are really great. Any woman would be proud of them -- and any man happy to touch them." Rodger complimented me making me feel good. My tits were not that large (36C) but were still firm and were topped by well proportioned nipples, which unrelentingly showed their appreciation of erotic stimulation.

"Mike, take Ann's panties off now. I want to see her pussy completely exposed."

Mike stood right behind me. I could feel his hard cock, trapped in his trousers, pressing against me. Although I had not doubted it, it was re-assuring to know that he was still excited by what was happening. He tucked his fingers into either side of my panties and slowly eased them down my legs. I stepped out of them as he got to my feet and stood facing Rodger with my legs just slightly apart. I wanted him to get a glimpse of my pussy lips. I knew they would be glistening from the moisture that was easing out of my pussy. I was getting very horny by now.

Not taking his eyes off my naked body, Rodger stood up, kicked off his shoes and socks, and stripped his shirt off. I looked over his body. He seemed to be in even better shape that I had guessed. He was lean, and trim, with very little extra weight.

"Well Ann, I have now seen what you have got for me. Perhaps you should come and see what I have got to offer you." Rodger beckoned me over to him indicating that he wanted me to undo and take off his trousers. This was just what I had wanted to do in his office that day that he had stripped me and made me cum, but he had stopped me from doing so. Now finally I was going to get to see and touch his cock. I always loved this part of being with a new man -- discovering what his package was like and how he responds to me stimulating him.

I kneeled in front of Rodger and undid his belt before easing down his zipper. There was a very substantial bulge behind that zipper. I tried not to touch it while undoing his trousers, as I wanted to tease him a little. With everything undone I eased his trousers down revealing well shaped legs and boxer shorts sporting an impressive tent. I slid my hand up Rodger's leg and into the leg of his boxer shorts. Consciously avoiding his cock, I slid my hand up to his balls cupping them in my hand and gently rolling them in my fingers. I smiled up at Rodger as I fondled his weighty balls.

"Hey -- I didn't think you were such a tease," he groaned. I could sense the developing lust in his eyes.

Running my tongue up his inner thigh I withdrew my hand. Hooking both hands under the elastic waistband I eased his shorts down. His erect cock got in the way and I had to unhook the band from it. As I pulled the band outwards Rodger's rock hard cock sprang out at me. I hurriedly pulled his shorts all the way down and then took hold of his cock in one hand while cupping his balls in the other again.

"I like what I've got here," I smiled up at Rodger while enjoying fondling his long, but slim cock. With that I eased my mouth over the tip of his cock and slowly circled it's head with my tongue. I loved giving a man pleasure in this way. I eased his cock in and out of my mouth using my tongue to tease the tip of it. As I heard Rodger let out little erotic moans, it suddenly struck me that I had never before sucked off a man in front of my husband (even though I had been fucked a few times with my husband watching). Keeping my mouth wrapped around Rodger's cock I glanced across to Mike. Seeing him rubbing himself through his trousers quickly eased the slight concerns I had as he was clearly enjoying the show.

Rodger soon took my head in his hands and indicated that I should stop. "Wow Ann, you give fantastic blowjobs. If you don't stop now I am going to cum very soon. I want to save that for later." I was pleased that Rodger enjoyed the oral stimulation that I had given him. I really enjoyed giving blowjobs, but it made it all the more rewarding if the man expressed his pleasure.

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