tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 04

Escape from Earth Ch. 04


The deep orange sky surrounding the setting sun was giving way to the cloudless night, but neither Xanxaa or Adam were looking out the hotel window. "I am ready to thank you now," she declared with a sly smile as she slid her naked body over Adam. She softly kissed his chest while her dangling breasts pressed against his pubic hairs and his swelling cock throbbed in her enormous cleavage.

For rest of the warm day, Xanxaa had used her rings to alter the molecular structure and physical shape of items Adam had managed to dig from the mountains of discarded refuse. Since it was Sunday and the dump was closed, no one saw them sneak onto the site, or perhaps didn't care enough to come remove them, so Xanxaa and he had unfettered access to the debris. Adam did his best to find whatever metal, coils, and pans he could, and he brought them to her as soon as he found something noteworthy. He always paused for a moment to marvel at how her rings could transform the metal into components and shapes he couldn't recognize. She would lay her fingers against the rusty junk he put in front of her, and after glowing into a myriad of colors, it would twist and reorganize into a new shape with a completely different color and sheen. She seemed to be exerting a lot of energy in order to accomplish these miraculous feats from the way she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she transformed each fragment of trash. She said the hardest part was keeping the necessary energy in a small area so it would remain undetected by the military, but he could see the effort was mentally and physically taxing for her.

It took several hours for them to find and create the many dozens of pieces, perhaps over one hundred in total, and then another hour to fit them together to build the device. The center was a cube of golden, metal bars twisted and curved in random patterns that, to him, resembled a dense thicket of vines. One thick pole jutted out of the top and four flat platforms sticking out of several corners like multicolored wings. Adam could not begin to comprehend the science behind the intertwining tubes and rods of the device. He could only watch in awe at her ability and ingenuity, which she vociferously denied whenever he gave an astonished compliment to her.

The first signs of evening were creeping over the eastern sky when Xanxaa finally told him the device was complete. He couldn't believe that this instrument, which was barely as long as his forearm, could send signals into regions of space further and faster than satellite dishes on Earth that spanned hundreds of yards. She was delighted she could make a functioning communication beacon but, because it relied on solar power, it could not be activated until morning. Xanxaa said it would take several days, perhaps weeks, before her people would receive the signal and come get her. Adam genuinely feared for her well-being staying on Earth so long, but he couldn't help but feel selfishly relieved he would have more time to spend with her before she left.

Adam was relatively sure no one, including the military, knew where they were, so he found a cheap motel nearby for them to rest. He hoped she could live with the musty smell and the walls that were desperately begging to be painted, since this shithole was about all his cash reserves could afford. She nevertheless seemed thrilled that he was able to find shelter for them. He bought several protein nut bars and juice bottles for dinner from the cracked vending machine by the outdoor concrete stairs, which they ravenously ate.

He didn't realize how tired he was until he lay down on the ugly brown and gold blanket covering the bed, and his arms and legs were thrilled to remain still and sink into the mattress. Adam imagined how exhausted Xanxaa must have been, since she was the one who had done most of the work.

When he felt Xanxaa's svelte fingers unbuckle his belt and pull his pants off of his legs, he knew he would soon feel her warm lips surround his limp cock. He had assumed she would be far too tired from the day for them to fuck, so he hadn't expected they would do much other than collapse on the bed and sleep. As the shadows of dusk filled the room, however, she seemed energized the moment she climbed onto the mattress. Her tongue danced around the tip of his penis as she sucked on him, and soon he became engorged within her throat. She slowly slid her mouth up and down a few times before she released his quivering dick and crawled on top of him.

He thought he heard her announce how thankful she was to him, but he found it difficult to concentrate on what she was saying while her gigantic tits brushed against his groin as they hung beneath her chest. She kissed a path up his chest until her lips nuzzled into his neck as she maneuvered her hips until her moist pussy pressed against his cock. As she lowered her pelvis down so that his stiff cock could push into the spongy walls of her soft, humid vagina that was swollen with wetness, they exhaled in gratification at the exact same time, which made them both smile.

As she bounced her body up and down over his throbbing dick, he could feel how her tired muscles trembled in order to bring him pleasure. He loved watching her gorgeous, mountainous breasts sway as she writhed on top of him, but he couldn't stop thinking about the demands of her unrelenting efforts of the day and he felt guilty for her insatiable drive, even in her fatigue, to make him feel good. He started to tell her how tired she seemed, but she must have sensed what he was going to say since she put her finger on top of his lips with a salacious grin.

His hands crept along the moist skin of her torso until his fingers wrapped around her quivering tits and squeezed, which made her moan lustfully. He remembered how the blonde from his college English class he dated for several months would let out a high-pitch squeal every time she achieved orgasm. Adam could feel Xanxaa worming through his memories, and although he couldn't tell for sure if she was looking for anything in particular, he did his best to relax his thoughts and let her meander wherever she wanted.

He gave her erect nipples a pinch and stared for a few seconds at her flittering eyelids before he closed his eyes again. The weight of Xanxaa's body slapping against his groin soon disappeared. Adam remembered the cute girl he met at his first job who would gasp and pant so fast during her orgasm that he was always afraid she would hyperventilate and pass out. Adam could sense that Xanxaa was clenching her pussy tightly around him as she slid up and down his shaft, but it was as if he was feeling it from a far away distance.

Adam had gone on a cruise several years ago where he flirted with a woman who wore a bathing suit so small that it barely covered her beautiful, round breasts. He ended up fucking her from behind in her room until her body shook with carnal pleasure as she held her breath during her orgasm. When he had finished thrusting into her, she hummed a delightful melody as the two of them crumpled into a contorted heap of sweaty flesh onto the bed. He found the experience of thinking about other women as Xanxaa pounded her body onto his to be disconcerting but he calmed his thoughts once more.

As soon as he closed his eyes, his awareness of his own self immediately floating off in all directions until he dissipated away. While camping for the first time with one particular girlfriend, he could still recall how her loud screams of pleasure echoed in the forest on that crisp, chilly sunrise when the rest of the world had yet to wake up. Their naked bodies turned and rocked together with her small but impressive tits pressing against him inside his old, thick sleeping bag.

He felt Xanxaa release his memories like a stone that had been dropped into still water, and the ripples grew until Adam shook his head back to reality. Xanxaa was holding herself above Adam, her hands mere inches away from his shoulders, and she was staring unblinking into his opening eyes. He jerked for a second in alarm, not sure whether he found her intense gaze to be erotic or disturbing.

When she cocked her head a little and asked, "Tell me, what is an orgasm?"

Adam's eyes grew wide and he instantly grabbed her hips and pushed her off of him. Her face twisted between confusion and regret while he sat up beside her. She said contritely, "I did not mean to..."

"It's ok, I.. I'm sorry. You just surprised me..." he started, "Did you say you don't know what an orgasm is? All the times we've had sex, all the times in your life you've had sex, you never have an orgasm?"

Xanxaa smiled nervously as if apologizing for her ignorance. "I am not sure. I feel wonderful pleasure and closeness with every sexual contact. But I have sensed enormous gratification from you when we bond, far greater than I feel. And the human women in your thoughts seemed to have a similar satisfaction that I do not understand."

Adam sat silent for a minute as he tried to comprehend a species that had sex dozens of times a day but did not have the same experience of bliss that he took for granted. He found it hard to believe that the mere volume of sexual acts would be enough in and of itself to make achieving orgasms so unusual. But as he pondered how her species used sex for so many other uses, including communication, the idea that the intense pleasure of sex would be diminished made some sort of sense.

"I have an idea," he said as he tenderly pushed her body down, with more encouragement than force, until she was lying on her back. "Relax and I don't want you to think about anything other than what is happening to you physically. No telepathy, no communication, no messages or memories, nothing but your physical body." Xanxaa looked at him with bewilderment as though he was asking her the impossible, but she wriggled her shoulders into the mattress before laying still and awaiting what Adam would do next.

He gave a few erotic kisses on her tits, which made her moan with appreciation. As his kisses descended lower on her torso, she squirmed uncomfortably, as though she were disappointed that he would move his cock further away from her waiting pussy.

Adam continued kissing her belly as his legs slid off the foot of the mattress. As his tongue roamed through her pubic hairs, he gently pushed her thighs apart and kneaded her leg muscles while his tongue glided around the folds of her pussy. Between her quickening gasps of delight and her pulling his head into her soaking wet cunt, he knew she approved of what he was doing.

His tongue wandered through the moist trenches between the soft folds around her pussy, and he could feel the thumping rhythm of her heartbeat in her swollen genitals against his lips. He explored her folds for her clitoris, so he could flick the top of her cunt with his tongue and bring her closer to orgasm. But as he probed all the loose flesh around her drenched pussy, he was baffled by his inability to find her clit.

The flavor of her pussy, however, was unbelievable. The taste of her juices was sweeter than he expected with the flavor of a strawberry dipped into honey. Adam had given other women cunnilingus, which was pleasant enough, but the aroma and taste of the wet secretions pouring out of Xanxaa was luscious and revitalizing, and he gulped as much of her creamy wetness as his throat could accommodate. He felt a slight buzz in his temples as he pushed his tongue deep into her drenched hole, and he wondered if he was becoming addictively intoxicated by the moisture that flooded into his mouth.

Xanxaa moaned with pleasure as he delicately pulled the lips of her pussy apart so that he could penetrate her as deep as possible with his tongue. He filled his mouth with her sweet wetness repeatedly, which made her soaking wet cunt produce even more fluid for him to swallow.

As much as Adam loved the feel of her lips wrapped around his stiff cock giving him a blowjob, he could spend hours licking her pussy and tasting her moisture. Xanxaa was gyrating with pleasure and spreading her legs apart even further in case he was able to plunge his tongue deeper into her drenched vagina.

He forcefully thrusted into her repeatedly as he licked and savored the sweet taste of her spongy vagina walls. The skin of his entire face was damp with the moisture flooding out of her cunt, as was the soft flesh of her inner thighs, and he kept his lips pressed against her groin so he could drink all her sweet juices. Adam had to clutch her hips in an attempt to control her convulsions of pleasure. He was aware of the pain at the base of his tongue from powerfully driving into her so much, but he wasn't ready to stop relishing her taste.

Her fingers grabbed his head and became buried in his hair. At first, he thought she was trying to pull his face into her groin, but instead her hands were tugging his skull upward. "Come on top of me and bond with me," Xanxaa gasped softly as she clawed at his head in an effort to pull him on top of her. "I want you inside me..."

"Nooooo," he said with a mischievous grin, "Relax and don't try to do anything else but... I don't know, just... feel." With his arms on both sides of her body, he pushed her arms to the side and held her forearms down so she was unable to move them.

He submerged his face back into the sopping wet hairs of her pussy and jutted his tongue inside her again. As she squirmed her body, he didn't know if her spastic convulsions were an effort to free her arms from his unyielding grip or a reaction to the intense pleasure that made her moaning sound more like a gratified roar.

She continued to struggle and try to pull her arms out of his clenched hands, "Please... I want you to... to... ungh ungh UNGH!!" He found it difficult to swallow all the sensuous liquid pouring out of her genitals, and the hotel quilt was saturated with the wetness streaming off of his face and her body. As her gasps became faster and heavier, the only words he recognized among the incoherent syllables she randomly screamed were "What... I... that... what?"

Suddenly her thighs slapped into his cheeks, nearly crushing his head, and her gigantic tits shuddered wildly. The rest of her body would have thrashed uncontrollably as well if his hands were not pinning her arms down and his face were not pressing down on her groin. His tongue frantically slithered inside her, licking and savoring her sweet juices, while his lips caressed the drenched folds of skin of her pussy. During the many times previously Adam had fucked Xanxaa, he had seen her smile with appreciation and groan with carnal pleasure. But he never felt her body jerk and spasm as though a voltage shock raced through her muscles. And even with her muscular thighs pressing against his ears muffling all noises, he never heard her unleash a vehement shriek of passion that engulfed the small hotel room.

Her arms had become slippery with sweat, so she was able to wrench herself from out of his grip. Immediately she sat up long enough to grab his armpits and lift him up onto her torso, moist with perspiration, and slid him towards her. "Did you...?" Adam began to ask, but she grabbed his hips and forcefully pulled his body so that his cock was driven inside her.

Adam decided not to resist her, even though he wanted to spend more time licking her delicious pussy, and he pushed his hardened cock into her cunt. Even though her groin was soaking wet and lubricated, the spongy walls of her vagina were so swollen with moisture that he had to exert additional force to shove his shaft inside her tight hole. He arced his body so that he could press his drenched face between the humongous, jiggling mounds of damp flesh on her chest.

She exhaled steadily for several seconds like a cleansing relief of excess tension before her breath quickened to match the thrusting pace of their sweaty bodies. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy clutching around his cock as he penetrated her with a forceful hunger. He lifted his head and watched her body rock up and down, making her massive breasts bounce erratically, in rhythm with the sound of his pelvis thwacking against her wet flesh.

Her eyelids flew open and fixated into a locked gaze with his eyes, and their focus helped them match the pace of their breathing to each other until they couldn't tell whose panting respiration was louder. She wrapped her legs around his waist and groaned with pleasure while he pounded his throbbing shaft that was glistening with her sexual juices.

When she arced her back and threw her arms over her head so that her massive, swaying breasts jutted upwards, he bent his neck and clamped his teeth onto her erect nipple wiggling beneath him. He didn't intend to bite her so severely that she cried out with pain, but seeing her rapturous smile convinced him to grind her tit in his clenched jaws until her agonized squeals evaporated into noiseless gasps as if breathing were no longer possible.

He remembered when, after a particularly bad nightmare, his mother sang songs by the Drifters until he fell asleep. There was a girl in high school who he dated for a week until his friends gave him a hard time and he told her not to call him again.

The metal coils underneath the thin mattress creaked in protest from the heavy bodies repeatedly colliding into each other. Drops of sweat and wetness flung from their skin, and a low grumble in Adam's throat crescendoed into a unremitting growl as he felt himself on the verge of climax. Xanxaa grunted passionately as though she were giving him permission to fulfill any depravity he desired on her defenseless body as she pinned her wrists beneath the headboard.

Both of them grunted with carnal excitement when the tempo of his hammering accelerated, and their sweating bodies became one unrelenting tremor of pulverizing violence like an earthquake of immeasurable power. The unison of their erotic moans sounded like the snarl of a ravenous beast as a torrential gush of cum erupted from his cock.

The continual thrashing motion of his shaft sliding in and out of her pussy mixed his milky jism with her vaginal wetness into a liquid cream. The creamy mixture poured out of her into a sticky layer on their thighs and onto the mattress.

Once the cadence of his thrusts diminished into slow, relaxed movements, she rolled Adam onto his back. She gently swiveled her hips a few times before sliding her cunt off of his dick that was glazed with cum and wetness.

Neither his muscles nor his throat had the energy to protest before Xanxaa crawled backwards and buried his persistently stiff cock into her mouth. She gently stroked her head up and down his shaft as her tongue leisurely wandered around his erection. For a moment beyond time, which probably only lasted one or two blissful minutes, she kept her nose pressed against his groin and tenderly sucked until she gulped every morsel of his cum and felt the last pulsation of his deflating cock within her throat.

Adam glanced out the window into the darkness and realized the sun must have retreated from the sky hours before. The broken clock repetitively blinking "12:00" was no help in figuring out exactly how long ago.

Xanxaa climbed onto the bed and once they nestled into each other's arms underneath the sheets, both of them could feel the exhaustion of the day weighing down on them. Before he gave in to his need for sleep, however, he asked "Can I just tell you one thing?" He barely paused before continuing with enthusiasm, "Your pussy tastes amazing!" She laughed but Adam insisted, "No, I'm serious!" The sound of her amusement made his chest feel both clenched and weightless. "Licking a pussy is something I don't mind doing to make someone feel good but it's honestly not my favorite thing to do. But your pussy? Holy shit, I could taste your pussy all night long."

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