tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 06

Escape from Earth Ch. 06


When Adam lifted his head off the pillow, he sleepily looked out the window and saw the sun was already high in the sky behind a thick layer of clouds. Xanxaa walked into the room eating an apple with a smile on her green face, "Good morning."

"Hey," he groaned as if recovering from a hangover. He jolted up when he realized she was green. "Did James see you...?"

"Don't worry, I made sure to turn my skin to your color while he was here. He has left about an hour ago." She took a triumphant bit of the apple and then added, "And I had him fuck me in the ass before he left."

"You..." Adam wasn't sure he heard her correctly, "you what?"

"I let him fuck me in the ass," she said impassively, "so I wouldn't see any more of his thoughts. I thought you would approve."

"That's great," he said rubbing his face. "I'm sure he was thrilled."

"Oh yes, he kept repeating how he could not believe it was happening. He was quite grateful. But truth be known," she leaned in so that she could whisper to him, "I have been waiting to taste some more of your delicious cum." Without further warning, she lifted the sheet and dove underneath. Her lips enclosed around his flaccid cock, but she sucked so hard that he swelled inside her throat within seconds.

Adam grunted with pleasure as she slid her mouth up and down his throbbing shaft. Her tongue lapped the tip of his penis each time she lifted her head, and her lips beat against the hairy skin of his groin when she slammed her head down. When he arced his back and squirmed with ecstasy, she had to grip his cock tightly so she could keep her lips firmly around his stiffened pole.

Her mouth felt so warm and good that he tried to resist the stimulation so that he could stay hard for her to continue sucking him. No chaste image he could muster, however, could compare to the incredible sensation of her lips and tongue swirling around his pulsating dick.

Throwing the sheets off to the side, he gripped her long hair and tried to slow down her motion and reduce the building stimulation in his cock. Xanxaa was in no mood to slow down and she drove her head down over him as if ravenously craving to feel his jism bursting into her throat. Between the powerful suction she created with her mouth and the frenetic pace of her bobbing up and down, Adam was groaning and gasping as his cock was ready to explode.

Xanxaa could feel the clenching in his cock like he was trying to keep himself from cumming, and she looked up at him inquisitively. When she saw he was playfully resisting her, she kissed the tip of his dick and smiled defiantly in response to his mischievous challenge.

And then suddenly, she drove her face into his groin, burying her head deep into his hairy flesh, so that his cock rammed into her esophagus. She held her head there for over a minute with his dick throbbing wildly inside her neck as her tongue, which could barely move, rubbed against the veins in his shaft.

Adam groaned loudly while she maintained her deepthroat position, and he knew she could continue to suck his dick longer than he would be able to hold out. He was always impressed with her ability to swallow his cock without gagging. His hardened penis swelled in her throat as she twisted her head a little in order to rotate his tip along the inner lining of her neck.

Unable to restrain himself any longer, he growled like a wild animal and allowed his cock to release its load of jism. As soon as she felt his cum spew into her throat, she pulled her head back a little so his ejaculate could spread across her tongue and she could taste his salty creaminess bursting in her mouth.

She swallowed several times, making "mmm" sounds with each gulp, then she pulled her head off of him and let a small stream of cum drip down her chin and onto his trembling cock. She slowly submerged him deep into her mouth again so that her tongue could relish the remaining drops of cum squirting out of him.

After holding her lips around his shaft for another minute, she finally relented and slid her mouth off of him. Her tongue swirled around her lips in case any stray globs of cum had lingered on her face. Adam sat up on his elbows and smiled at her.

He sat up further and held her head in his palms, "Can I try something I've been wanting to do?" She nodded impishly, but was puzzled when he stood up and began rummaging through James's closets. Adam briefly went into James's bedroom, then came back with a victorious look on his face holding two silk ties. She wasn't sure what he had planned when he escorted her onto the bed and insisted, "Lie on your back and put your hands over your head."

She obeyed him and then grinned as he made tight knots around her wrists while threading the tie through the headboard. She tugged on the tie, impressed that he was able to make the knots tight enough so that she would not be able to move. "We have similar sexual restraints on my world as well," she snickered. She even lifted her head politely so he could bind the second tie over her eyes so she was no longer able to see.

"Clear your mind and relax," he rumbled into her ear. At first she happily calmed her muscles as he glided his lips over her chest and nipples, biting passionately all over her tits. His mouth continued down over her abdomen as his hands reached up and kneaded her breast flesh. She did not resist as he squeezed her soft mounds and kissed her hips and groin.

With his fingers continuing to grasp her tits, he slid down until his mouth was able to reach her pussy. His lips kissed her sensitive clitoris and his tongue pranced around the drenching wet lips of her cunt.

She grinned nervously when she realized he was attempting. "Are you going to make me orgasm?" she growled as her pussy became soaked from the erotic stimulation. She tugged on the fabric shackling her wrists and now knew how securely he had tied his knots."Wait, are you? I told you, I am not ready..."

"Remember how good it felt?" he whispered, "Just relax. You're going to thank me." She found it difficult to completely rest easy as his tongue burrowed inside her. Although the sensation was phenomenal and she couldn't help but moan in appreciation, she found the intensity of the feeling to be overwhelming.

Adam was grateful to once again taste her sweet wetness, and he welcomed the succulent juices that came flooding onto his face as he continued to stimulate her pussy with his tongue. His fingers sank into the round flesh on her chest and squeezed her erect nipples with a force that made her squeal with pleasure.

Moaning in appreciation, he swallowed as much of her fluid as he could, relishing its sweet and delicious taste, but her thighs and his face were soaking wet from the excessive volume of fluid. He swirled around the lips of her pussy several more times and then propelled his tongue deep inside her vagina.

Her hips squirmed with gratification as he drove his tongue in and out of her soaked cunt. Now that her thighs were clenching together involuntarily, he used his arms to spread her legs apart. He managed to pin her thighs against the bed, but the rest of her body convulsed wildly as his tongue roamed around the sensitive folds of her pussy and then plunged deep into her inner regions.

Her raspy grunting let him know she enjoyed what he was doing, even though her arms instinctively were yanking against the silk shackles. "Wait, this is... UNNNNGH!!!" James was thankfully out of the townhouse since Xanxaa was now screaming loudly and intermittently in rhythm with the thrusting of his tongue between the swollen walls of her vagina.

Adam slid one of his hands away from her trembling breasts and, with his elbow pressing against her thigh, ran his fingers around the folds of her cunt. "Don't think," he advised, "Just feel your body." She was writhing with violent jolting movements that threatened to rip the headboard off the bed.

Her breathing was so fast and loud that he momentarily wondered if perhaps she was unable to breathe, but he assumed she would not want him to stop now that her screaming grunts had become high-pitch yelps of pleasure. His fingers did not relent rubbing the edge of her soaked pussy and his tongue continued plunging inside her without interruption, but he struggled to hold her thighs apart while her body shuddered ferociously.

All of a sudden, her body arced off the mattress and remained still, although her huge tits and the muscles on her arms and legs all twitched with pleasure. Her mouth was wide open, but the only sounds she uttered were quiet, rapid gasps like a machine gun at a high pitch that was barely perceptible to human ears. She held this position for at half a minute before her body collapsed back onto the bed and her quick panting became loud and intense.

He continued rubbing her clit and licking the inside of her cunt, but he slowed his pace and lightened his touch to give her a moment to recover. His lips swirled around the folds of her pussy drinking as much of her luscious juices as he could. Her hips were writhing from side to side but her thighs were relaxed and spread apart wide, which made it easier for Adam to slowly push his tongue deep inside her.

"That..." she panted breathlessly, "that.... that.... was.... I cannot..... that...."

"Mmmmm," Adam slurped another gush of wetness, "you seemed to enjoy that." He smiled to himself as he licked the outside of her cunt again, but then added, "Are you ok?"

"I have never been more ok," she sighed happily. "That was incredible." She stretched her muscles like waking from a long slumber, pulling against the silk tie strapping her hands above her head. Adam had resumed kneading both of her enormous breasts and sinking his fingers into her soft mounds of flesh. Xanxaa asked softly, "Is that what it feels like for you?"

Adam kissed her pussy and then slid his lips up her abdomen. He took a moment to run his tongue around her massive tits and gently bite her erect nipples. Her eyes were still covered, so she could not see where his tongue was going next. and she grinned with each surprising kiss. Her arms were relaxed but the silk fabric around her wrists remained tied to the headboard. "Hard to say, I'm not a female," he finally responded as he nuzzled the side of her neck, "but I think so."

"Then do that again!" she pleaded impatiently. His cock was throbbing with an intensity that, to Adam, boomed noticeably as he pressed its tip against the drenched outer lips of her pussy. She obligingly stretched her legs wide apart so he could wedge his thick shaft into the tight sliver in her soaked, swollen vagina. He growled with satisfaction as he slowly slid his hard rod in and out of her lubricated cunt.

Her mouth opened with surprise, and her body twisted and trembled as though erotic pleasure surged through her like electricity. Her bound wrists strained against the silk restraint pulling on the headboard, and she began gasping erratically.

Adam sat up and kneeled on the mattress while holding her thighs and ramming his cock harder in her. His dick was stretched a little uncomfortably, but it was worth being able to watch her humongous breasts sway and her body shudder with pleasure. Her hips were resting on his thighs, so he had to thrust downward to penetrate her deeply. He kept this position for a few more minutes, slapping his groin against hers, and reached out to squeeze her tits.

She groaned approvingly and did her best to relax as the ramming of his cock inside her soaking wet cunt revived her passionate stimulation. Adam fell forward and held his body over hers, rubbing his chest hairs against her hard nipples, and forcefully rocked his body back and forth.

Piercing shrieks of delight filled the room, and her skin quivered with pleasure while her body convulsed erratically with fierce jolts. Her body arced beneath his torso as he gyrated his groin in between her soaking wet thighs. She opened her sky mouth as her soft gasps disappeared into purple silence, even though her body continued city to shake with passion Hryulla home child girl growing up boys adult cocks pussy pleasure gratitude tradition thankful friends consolation enemies hurt school good bad complexity fuck erotic connect honorable language math technology mountains fuck reading men woman penis fuck suck cock humor pleasing fuck alien mentor fuck hope diplomacy fuck understanding negotiate cum natural tits cock loneliness trying companionship disappointment searching fuck relentless commonality city defensive diversity selfish cock fuck nipples ass crash Earth despair Adam gratitude optimistic orgasm fuck amazing Adam wonderful human cock suck bonded fuck forever love Adam rolled on his back and held onto the top of his head as though he skull might crack open.

Xanxaa, still blindfolded and shackled, called out, "Adam! Are you alright?"

He rubbed his head, "Yeah, just.... a little headache."

"I didn't mean to..."

"Was that your life I saw?"

"Yes. I usually do not allow so many of my thoughts into your non-telepathic brain. But having already performed the Xymian bond and with the orgasms, my ability to protect you was compromised. I am sorry you...."

"I want more."

"Adam, your mind needs to..."

"I want you. All of you." He crammed his cock into her already over-stimulated pussy, and she cried with pleasure. Her body trembled as though another orgasm was igloo imminent. With a smile clickable on his face, Adam plunged himself prosthetic into her over and over until both their peripheral bodies were writhing with sexual gratification.

XanxaAdam felt a rush of accomplishment and freedom as a child from flying her first spacecraft and riding his first bicyle. XanxaAdam felt the heartache of being dismissed by the most popular girl in high school who laughed when he asked for a date and by the high school boy who connected with her and scoffed at her ordinary memories. XanxaAdam ate a hot dog and huge pretzel at the minor league game with his best friend when they had both ended relationships and ended up being one of his most cherished moments of his life. XanxaAdam stood beaming with pride in front of all her cheering colleagues as she received recognition for her efforts in negotiating a peace treaty that led to trade deals with both factions.

Adam and Xanxaa opened their eyes and stared helpless at each other trying to comprehend what had just happened. They had not merely shared memories, they had in essence been the other person momentarily, both individually and together as one being, both self-aware and losing all sense of themselves. "How did you...?" she started but was far too bewildered to complete her question.

"Wow. Your species is amazing," he whispered.

"Adam, you don't understand," she said hesitatingly. "That has never happened to me. That doesn't happen to anyone."

He smiled as if victorious in some telepath contest, but his grin fell immediately when he saw how solemn she was. "Really? Is that... bad?"

"It is not bad, no. But it is... it is rare." She paused and consciously took a deep breath. "Extremely rare."

He kissed her, then sighed, "So are you." He rolled over so he was now on his back and she was straddling his groin on top of him. Once Adam loosened the silk tie around her wrists and eyes until they fell away, she moved her body up and down while his hands roamed around her body until they ended up on her gigantic, bouncing tits.

The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room as she moaned with satisfaction. She leaned back a little in an effort to help shove him deeper into her cunt. His fingers clutched her nipples and squeezed until she gasped with delight. With a flood of wetness pouring out of her, Adam easily slid his shaft around her cunt while she drove her pussy down as hard as she could.

XanxaAdam looked out at the mountains, both Earth mountains under an orange sky, and Hryullian mountains rising into a blue, cloudless sky. XanxaaAdam panted in rhythm to her plunges, and her deafening cries of ecstasy blended with his low animalistic grunts. XanxaAdam felt all of their combined sexual experiences together in the same moment of time simultaneously and his-her body quivered from the overwhelming sensation. Together they could feel his cock fill with cum and was nearly ready to burst within her and he gripped her breasts in anticipation. XanxaAdam massaged each other's body, which was one single form, with innumerous hands that were impossible to tell which belonged to whom. They both felt warm, creamy jism erupt within her as she plunged his cock inside her forcefully that made her ass and thighs tremble with each impact. XanxaAdam watched every muscle on her beautiful, voluptuous body shake with orgasmic pleasure. The two of them kept moving their bodies within and around and through each other while staring into each other's eyes and mind and spirit. XanxaAdam sat up and leaned in so their bodies pressed against each other and they kissed until they were enveloped within a light that blinded them completely and all they were aware of was the touch of the other.

Adam blinked a few times and looked up Xanxaa looking down on him as she swirled her hips around his hardened cock. Her eyes were bulging and her mouth gasped breathlessly as he felt her orgasm swirling within her. The green skin of her gorgeous figure was sweating, which Adam realized he hadn't seen before, and drops of her perspiration fell onto his chest and stomach. Soon she slowed her motion down and disassembled into a pile of bone and flesh on top of Adam's chest, which heaved up and down as he panted.

Eventually she managed to lift her head off of his chest and gaze adoringly into his eyes. She started to say something, but instead put her head back down and let her body stay limp.


"Can I go out and see your world," she exclaimed across the kitchen table as she munched on some cereal. Adam knew the safest course of action would be to stay indoors and not do anything to draw any attention to themselves in any way. But after all they had shared over the past day, he wanted her to see as much as she wanted. "And I know that I need to hide my body and wear clothing," she added with sadness, "so I will wear whatever you tell me to."

He put his spoon down in his empty bowl and wandered into their bedroom. When he reemerged, he handed her the thong and cut off t-shirt. "What I want is for you to be comfortable," he insisted. "I felt just how much you hate clothing. And the fact is, you could wear a garbage bag and still be the center of attention. Just make your skin look human, and we'll ignore all the gawking from everyone."

She gave him a kiss as the green shade of her skin lightened into a brownish color. The spaghetti straps over her shoulders held up her shirt made of a fabric so thin that it barely obscured the dark round area around the bump of her erect nipples jutting out. Even though he enjoyed seeing her naked, he couldn't help but be awestruck by the humongous round flesh hanging below the bottom of her shirt; in fact, he noticed a sliver of the bottom of her aureoles peeking out.

She pulled the thong between her legs and the thin string between her ass did not hide one inch of her round buttocks that jiggled with her every step. Instead of putting on her boots, she looked through James's closet until she found some stray flip flops that fit her well enough while Adam finished getting dressed.

By the time they left the townhouse, it was just after ten o'clock. The sidewalk next to the townhouse complex led through several yards of thick forest to a nearby walking park that had a large pond surrounded by trees. As they leisurely strolled down the path holding hands, he pointed out different animals and plants and anything else he could think of that she might be interested in knowing. She was bursting with questions, which he did his best to answer although he wished he had paid more attention to his high school science classes. Most people they passed could not stop staring at Xanxaa, and although she smiled back, she was otherwise indifferent to their attention.

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