tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 07

Escape from Earth Ch. 07


This chapter contains non-consent sex, so please consider this fair warning.



"I have been dreaming of this day for far too long, sister!" Xora's raspy voice hissed like a viper and the leering smile on her face sickened Adam and turned his stomach upside down. He looked down and saw rings scattered on the floor, and he realized Xora had already pulled Xanxaa's rings off of her hand. Xanxaa gagged helplessly as Xora tightened the grip around her neck. "There is nowhere you could try to hide on this insignificant mudball of a planet that I could not find you!"

"Let her go!" he ordered, which made Xora laugh.

Xora addressed Adam while staring at Xanxaa, as though he were unworthy of her attention. "Do you honestly believe a primitive like you can..." Adam had already bolted across the room, and Xora lifted her hand in an attempt to fire an energy beam. Adam, however, hunched down and did a reverse leg swipe that swiped Xora's legs from under her. She fell down hard on the floor, which caused her to release her hold on Xanxaa's neck. Xora snarled with fury, "How dare you..." but was stopped short when Adam drove his knee straight down on her face and crushed her nose. Xora screamed with agony, blood pouring out of her, as Adam pulled Xanxaa to her feet. "Get out of here! I'll keep her busy while you get away!"

From behind, Xora drove her fist into the side of Adam's stomach with the strength and force of an iron pipe, as though her rings were giving her far more strength than her slender figure would suggest. Adam felt like a few of his ribs may have been cracked in the process as he hunched over in pain and fell down on his knees. Xora had already used her own rings to stop the bleeding, but she wiped off some blood already on her face before lifting her fist to deliver a crushing blow to Adam's skull.

Xanxaa stepped in front of Adam, "Your fight is with me, not him." When Xanxaa raised her fists up, Xora burst out laughing.

Xanxaa, insulted and infuriated, swung a punch at Xora, who only needed to lean back a mere inch to easily avoid being hit. "You've always been a pitiful fighter, sister. Please spare yourself this indignity." Xanxaa sent a few more punches, but her form was weak and awkward and, therefore, easily deflected. Although Adam felt a surge of pain every time he breathed, he somehow managed to get up on one knee and run his fingers through the carpet.

Xora took a couple of seconds to flash a devilish smile before she brought a devastating fist to Xanxaa's jaw that sent her into the air. By the time Xanxaa landed on the carpet, she was already unconscious.

Adam had ignored his excruciating pain so he could, one by one, find Xanxaa's rings on the floor where they had been thrown and slip them on his fingers. He found the last ring as Xanxaa landed on the ground, and now that all were in his grasp, he aimed them at Xora.

He gave what he thought were telepathic commands to the rings to activate or start or do something, but nothing happened. "Fool," Xora snorted, "Hryullian technology cannot be used by humans." With an instantaneous motion, she grabbed him by the throat and held him up to her bloody face for a brief second. "Say hello to my friends outside," she snickered. She jerked him into the air by his neck and threw him through the front window.

Shards of glass sliced across his skin as he flew out of the townhouse, through some hedges, and landed on the small plot of grass out front. The brutal rain pouring from the night sky made it difficult to see, but Adam could tell he was surrounded by several military humvees and about three dozen soldiers all with fully automatic weapons pointed directly at him.

Adam could feel streaks of blood oozing out of small cuts all over his face and body and the pain from his cracked ribs was now excruciating. He heard a voice coming through a loudspeaker, but his head was ringing too loud for him to make out what the words were amid the background noise of the rain. He was probably being told to surrender, or maybe not to move. His body was a mass of blinding pain, so all his feeble attempts to move were futile.

He looked down at the alien rings in his fist wishing he could somehow use them to heal his body and fly away. The thought had barely formed in his head when suddenly Adam felt himself hurdling through the air at a frightening speed. Inexplicably he could barely feel any wind along his skin as he soared up into the sky at over a hundred miles an hour. With the pain in his muscles evaporating away, he raced across the stratosphere toward the darkest side of the planet leaving the massive thunderstorm far behind him.

Fear gripped his chest, not from flying uncontrollably through the atmosphere but because he was leaving Xanxaa further behind and defenseless against her sister and the military. He thought about flying back, but the rings did not respond to any of his commands. When he realized Earth was getting further away and he could feel the air becoming incredibly thin, he ignored his panic and concentrated on changing his angle.

With a tremendous effort, he managed to tweak his trajectory slightly so he was now going down again. His relief quickly disappeared as he now realized he was racing through the clouds toward the planet at hundreds of miles an hour. The African continent beneath him was rapidly approaching but Adam was unable to slow himself down even a little. Even if he had time to scream, it would have been muffled by the earsplitting sound of him crashing into solid land.


"We had a mutually beneficial agreement!" Xora shouted.

"Our deal," the general said in a monotone voice, "was for you to deliver Xanxaa and her rings. And although we do have her," the general motioned toward Xanxaa who was dazed and barely conscious, "you failed to deliver the rings. That's why you need to give me yours." They were all standing in the living room of James's townhouse. Military personnel walked in every direction taking samples, conducting tests, and carrying James's corpse out in a body bag.

Xanxaa tried to move her wrists, which were behind her back and bound by thick, iron cuffs welded together, but the manacles were too strong. Her arms were shackled at a painful angle that made her enormous chest jut forward. Her naked body was still moist from being out in the downpour earlier, and the chill in the air made her nipples hard.

"I told you, the boy had them in his hands when I threw him out to you."

"And I told you, he used them to fly away!"

"That's impossible! Those rings require Hryullian genetic markers to operate. Human genetics are incompatible with Hryullian technology, so stop your lying!"

"Give me your rings," the general said ominously. "Now."

"It is not my problem that you lost track of..." Xora's body shook uncontrollably when one of the nearby soldiers, at the direction of the general, touched her back with an electric prod. Voltage capable of stunning a large animal raged through her torso, and her arms, shoulders, and massive tits vibrated erratically.

Xora swung her arm out and knocked the prod away, then blasted the seven soldiers standing nearby. She was about to blast the general as well, but seeing over a dozen more soldiers running towards her made her rethink her plan. If her rings were at full strength, she knew it would be easy to defeat them all. But the general was not comfortable trusting her with fully powered weaponry and her power levels were far too low to ensure she had enough energy to defeat all of them. She sneered at the general then zoomed out of the hole where the front window had been.

"You were supposed to keep her contained! Find her!" the general shouted, even though his men were already moving out. His cold eyes turned toward Xanxaa. "As for you," he said with a low gravelly voice, "we are going to be spending a lot of time together." He reached up with one hand and grasped an erect nipple. His fingers slowly twisted her tit around until Xanxaa gasped with pain and a tear emerged from under her clenched eyes.

Her naked body quivered with agony, but with her hands shackled behind her body, she was helpless to stop the torture. "And I am not going to stop," he grinned watching the bare skin of her bosoms jiggle with pain, "until I get exactly what I want."

He let go and then nodded to the soldiers on both sides of her. Each one pulled out an electric prod and pressed it against her body. Her piercing scream filled the townhouse, and her naked body squirmed and wobbled violently. The general focused on her huge breasts that swung wildly until her unconscious body collapsed onto the floor.


Icy water poured over Xanxaa, and the sudden shock immediately snapped her out of unconsciousness. Her naked body shivered as the frigid water, as well as the chilly air wafting through the room, made her erect nipples feel like ice cubes. When she moved her head, she felt like she was moving a small boulder that swiveled erratically on her neck. She was aware that her arms felt strange but she wasn't sure why. Eventually she was able to open her eyes, but it took several seconds before the blurriness of her vision subsided.

Looking around, she could tell she was once again in the basement of the military complex where she had been held for weeks. Her arms were being held above her head by large chains attached to thick, iron shackles around her wrists. Her shoulders were sore from bearing the weight of her unconscious body, so moving her arms was torturous. But even if her strength were once again enhanced by the power in her rings, which she no longer had, she knew the chains would be impossible to break. When she tried to take a small step backwards, she bumped her back against the cold, jagged stone wall behind her. Large hooks hung on dangling chains beside her, along with several leather straps suspended from above, and a small metal filing cabinet just off to the side.

A loud clang of a metal bucket, now empty of its icy water, dropping onto the concrete floor crashed from within the darkness in front of her, and a low voice grumbled, "Now that you're awake, I'm going to give you just one chance to tell me what I want to know." She didn't need to look into the pitiless eyes of the man walking out of the shadows to recognize the sound of the one who had tormented her for weeks before.

"I told you everything I could already," she snarled at the general. He was shirtless, so the forest of grey hairs on his wrinkled, but muscular, chest were completely visible. "I cannot describe Hryullan technology compared to yours. And even if I could, humans would not be able to make it work. Why don't you believe me?"

"Because," he growled, "I saw that other man you were with use your rings to fly faster than the speed of sound. So I know you aren't telling me the truth."

"I am!" Xanxaa was dumbfounded. "No human can use my rings, not even..." She paused, trying to understand how a human with no Hryullian genes could use her technology but no answer presented itself. "Did you say Adam used my rings to fly away? But that's...." Her words tapered off into confusion.

"Impossible?" the general said to complete her thought. "Interesting, that was the same word your sister used." His hands slid along the skin of her damp, naked chest as he walked in front of her. "Perhaps you two are working together after all."

Xanxaa's mind was racing, trying to understand how Adam could possibly have used her rings. The development of microtechnology on Hryulla included using Hryullian biogenetic science and telepathic capabilities to keep the technology from being used by other non-telepathic races. "I don't understand," she whispered to herself. "Our rings cannot possibly be used by any humans, even..." Her sentence wandered off.

She thought about the Xymian bond she now shared with Adam, but even so he still should not have the ability to use, let alone control, her rings. But maybe the bond had effects she didn't know. Either way, she knew she couldn't say anything to the general. He was already obsessed with her rings, and giving him even more information about Adam and their bond would be even more dangerous.

The general, however, noted her incomplete thought. "What?" His eyes narrowed with seething impatience.

She hung her head down and whispered, "I don't know." No matter what she said, she knew what he was going to do next. When he pulled a long cylinder out of the filing cabinet drawer, a device she became thoroughly familiar with during her previous imprisonment, she was not surprised in the least.

The general turned the bottom of the vibrator, three inches in diameter, and it hummed to life. She squirmed and tugged at the chains on her wrist as he pushed the device against the outside of her pussy. Although she hated being defenseless to his cruel and brutal touch, she remembered how the stimulation in her cunt every time the huge vibrator was shoved inside her, and her pussy was already soaking wet in anticipation.

He kicked one of her legs to the side so that her thighs were spread apart. Several drops of wetness fell from her groin before he drove all fourteen inches of the device deep into her pussy. She groaned with reluctant satisfaction as he violently crammed it in and out of her drenched cunt. With one final push, he embedded the dildo deep inside her so that it stayed in place, shaking inside her groin. He then walked away and slowly began taking his pants off. The machine vibrated furiously against the walls of her vagina and her body, glistening with freezing water, jerked and thrashed with arousal as if she were suffering from an epileptic seizure of carnal excitement.

Her gigantic tits bounced wildly across her chest, and her wrists were already sore from yanking futilely against the heavy iron shackles above her head. She could barely breathe as orgasmic pleasure raced throughout her naked body. The general stood naked in front of her with a lecherous smile and stroking his stiff erection as he watched her large chest and curvaceous body contort with erotic turbulence.

She hated how pleasurable the sensations of the vibrator felt inside her sopping wet pussy, and she wished she could keep her naked body from trembling with excitement for his disgusting amusement. But more than anything, she hated how the thoughts in her mind twisted and flailed inside her head. Since sexual penetration was used to communicate with other beings, having the machine vibrate and stimulate her pussy meant her mind kept searching fruitlessly for another mind to contact. Of course, the general knew how her sexual telepathy worked; in fact, the whole point of invading her body with the dildo was to confuse and distort her brain and blunt her telepathic defenses.

When he started pinching both of her erect nipples, she gasped and spasmed helplessly as another wave of sexual gratification raged in all of her quivering muscles. His fingers twisted until the intense pain in her tits made her back arc sharply against the jagged stone wall. Her eyes were clenched tight as she tried to handle all the incredible sensations overloading her brain, but she could still hear the sickening slurp of his drooling tongue lustfully running along his moist lips.

His fingers wrapped around the round flesh of her bosoms, and when he squeezed viciously with all his might, she screamed with both pleasure and agony. Her groin shuddered from the orgasmic fervor bursting within her shuddering body, but the relentlessly-pulsating device remained firmly entrenched in her stretched and soaking wet vagina. Although she tried to restrain her loud, raspy pants of gratification, she could hear her carnal gasps echoing in the cold, empty room.

The chains keeping her arms suspended above her head were long enough for the general to turn her body around until her tits were pressed against the cold, abrasive concrete wall. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pressed her face against the wall. She detested how he made her body orgasm again by sliding the immense dildo in and out of her a few times before pulling it out of her completely. As her body twitched with the lingering waves of sexual pleasure racing through her cunt, she looked over her shoulder and saw him sliding his tongue along the drenched surface of the vibrator so he could taste her juices dripping down its side.

Xanxaa was just reaching the point where she could breathe normally when she heard the vibrator turned on again and felt the device push into her anal cavity. She shrieked in pain as the general strained to cram the thick vibrator as far as possible inside her, which was stretching her tight anus apart. More than twelve inches had been painfully jammed into her tight hole, and still he kept trying to drive it in even deeper. He shoved as hard as he could several more times, with her crying and screaming in anguish, until all but an inch of the vibrating dildo had been forced between the sweaty cheeks of her ass.

With one hand clenched in her hair, the general pushed down on the small of her back and arced her spine until her entire pussy, dripping with wetness, was exposed between her spread apart legs. He grabbed her hip and held her steady as he pressed the tip of his cock against her drenched pussy. The vibrator continued quivering in her ass as he thrusted his dick sadistically into her cunt.

Her face and tits were grinding into the rough stone wall as he brutally pounded his cock inside her. With her hands shackled over her head, she was helpless to prevent him from hammering his aged, hairy groin against her young, firm buttocks. The sickening sound of his skin slapping against her wet body bounced through the cold air in the nearly empty room.

He took his hand off her hip and sunk his fingernails into the bulging side of her tit pressed against the wall. She clenched her lips since she could feel the surface of her green skin tearing as he clawed her tender bosom. His cock was thrusting into her soaked pussy at an angle that made her back arch more than was comfortable for her.

His hand crushed her head against the wall with such force that she felt as though her skull might crack. She tried to ignore the jagged points on the stone wall stabbing into her forehead and cheek like tiny serrated knives so that she could telepathically delve into his mind and find some stray thought that might help her escape again. The disorienting sensations from the vibrator and the excruciating pain of her skin ripping against the concrete, however, made it impossible for her to concentrate. Clearly the general had learned many lessons from her previous captivity and would not make the same mistakes as before.

Xanxaa had learned a long time ago that she could withstand an enormous amount of pain when having sex; in fact, when in the mood, she tended to find it extremely pleasurable. There were times during various annual diplomatic missions that she purposefully sought certain species known for their exceptionally brutal mating practices to give her the violent stimulation she occasionally craved. So even though she was offended by the general's intent on hurting her, she could easily withstand the general's clumsy attempts at brutality. And just like during her previous weeks of captivity, she tried not to reveal just how much her body was enjoying his molestations, feeble as they were.

Having been the recipient of his sexual aggression already, she remembered every minute curve of his cock inside her, the rhythm of the veins along his throbbing shaft, the exact pace he pounded his groin into hers when he was most aroused, and the specific moment his uretha swelled when he was ready to unleash his load of cum. It was because of all this intimate knowledge of the general that, sensing she was about to receive his jism, she was genuinely surprised by what he did next.

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