tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Epilogue

Escape from Earth Epilogue


Adam closed his eyes and took a deep breath of the air that seemed far more sweet than he was used to experiencing. Every inch of his hair and naked skin tingled with excitement as Xanxaa slid her hand up and down his stiff shaft. He exhaled in satisfaction at her touch, and also with relief that he was both smart enough to change his mind at the offer to go with Xanxaa and was able to send her a psychic message to come back for him before she was too far out of range.

The last hour had been a blur of overwhelming, wondrous experiences. As the transport shuttle returned and docked with the larger rescue ship, the two of them ate several types of dense sweet fruit to settle their famished stomachs. Once on board the cruiser, they walked the halls of the ship completely naked, which felt natural and ordinary to Adam considering everyone else walking past them was also naked, except for shoes, the occasional helmet, and small pieces of technology strapped onto their arms or legs. He did notice a few lingering stares, which was understandable since he was the only Earthling amid a multitude of light-green skinned Hryullians. Adam looked around the amazing architecture around him with a sense of deja vu; from his experiences bonding with Xanxaa, nothing about the ship was particularly noteworthy, but as an Earthling Adam walked slack-jawed in wonder at the incredible experience of going through an alien star cruiser.

The ship's medical team assessed the viral risk from Earth as practically non-existent and approved Adam's release into the ship but suggested plenty of rest for the both of them after several exhausting days. Then there was the captain, who was leery of Adam until Xanxaa bent over so the captain could fuck her from behind and receive a full telepathic report of her time on Earth. After he finished cumming, the captain cheerfully welcomed Adam onto the vessel as both a hero and Xanxaa's bond partner. He said the journey back to Hryulla will take more than a day, so they should sleep and rest.

Xanxaa, having telepathically received their room location from the captain, eagerly led Adam through the ship, and after a few minutes they ended up going down a particular hallway that seemed more residential than the main thoroughfares. Xanxaa waved her hand over a panel on the wall, creating a doorway, and they walked in through the opening.

The lights of the room illuminated as they entered the main room of oddly shaped furniture with handles protruding outward whose function Adam couldn't recall. The back wall was completely invisible, so it seemed as though the entire universe was part of the room. Xanxaa waved over a particular button and the large circle in the center of the room opened up and began to glow. The half-dozen pieces of furniture in the room floated into the circle with tethers behind them that stiffened to hold the pieces firmly in the air.

"This is where we rest," she declared, "I'll show you." Xanxaa stepped into the middle and floated up into the air between the furniture. Adam hesitantly stepped in as well and felt himself become weightless as he drifted next to Xanxaa. The air was much warmer and he felt more comfortable than any bed he had slept on before. "This is nice," he murmured but then pointed to the furniture surrounding them, "but what is all this other stuff for?"

Xanxaa grabbed a hold of one of the handles protruding out of a cylindrical cushion and seductively spread her legs apart. "In case you don't feel like sleeping." She smiled naughtily as she pressed a few buttons on one of the cushions. "I hope you don't mind the viral cleaning oil," she purred softly in his ear as an oily aerosol began swirling around their naked bodies. "It will help with the healing of our bodies. But honestly, I love how it feels." Her warm breasts glided over his slippery skin, and his thick shaft began throbbing in her hand.

"Me too," he smiled as he leaned forward to kiss Xanxaa and lift her thighs up toward him. As they continued kissing, Adam leaned over until he was floating on top of her and they rubbed their bare skin against each other.

Xanxaa tried to reach for his cock, but Adam grabbed both of her hands and mischievously held them over her head. He pressed his dick against the throbbing muscles around her wet cunt, teasingly circling around her drenched hole, as she flashed a rebellious grin and twisted her hips impatiently in order clench his dick with her pussy. He could feel her good-natured fun and her impish determination to grab a hold of him, and she could feel his puckish desire to taunt her for a little while longer as he kissed and bit the side of her neck. They playfully wrestled for a minute, as Adam pressed his dick against her outer muscles, but he eventually relented and plunged his cock inside her.

As he penetrated her, she gasped with relief and spread her legs wide so he could shove himself deep inside her. Their oily bodies immediately began pounding against each other, and XanxaAdam's moans of pleasure echoed throughout the room. In their minds, their beaming consciousness merged into a blinding mass of light whose edges undulated like stormy waves of trails of orange and green light wove around each other in a dance of sexual desire.

XanxaAdam felt each other's experience, as well as their own, in him still holding her arms down as he loudly grunted each time he rammed his stiff cock into her soaking wet pussy. Her enormous tits bounced wildly in all directions against his chest from the powerful force of his thrusts. XanxaAdam groaned in unison as their oily, naked bodies buffeted against each other, and each individual self succumbed to a combined sense of being as though they breathed with the same lungs and their heart beat together in perfect synchronicity.

His cock rammed into her drenched pussy harder and harder with each thrust, and she accepted his passion by wrapping her legs around his waist to help him drive himself inside her with even greater force. XanxaAdam felt their ecstasy swell into orgasmic pleasure that flooded their sensations, and they shared their carnal gratification as one.

They both threw back their heads with a wide smile as both of their bodies trembled with orgasm, jerking randomly at times. He had yet to cum and he hammered his rigid cock even harder in a desperate attempt to find climax while both of their oily groins were drenched by the spatter from her soaking wet pussy.

Another wave of orgasmic thrill washed over XanxaAdam and they reveled in their rapturous carnal bliss. He/She groaned with contentment while their shuddering, naked bodies hammered into the other. Their consciousness entwined into an embrace of each other's spirit and their hearts swelled against the inside of their chest. Their skin was coated with a sheen of oil that lubricated their thrashing bodies continually pounding into each other.

When cum exploded inside her/his pussy, XanxaAdam shook with orgasm and their naked bodies spasmed with jolts of pleasure as they relentlessly hammered his/her cock inside her/his pussy. Cum blended with wetness, and their combined fluids sloshed out amidst their pounding and splattered against their thighs.

XanxaAdam became immersed in complete sexual joy across multiple physical and spiritual dimensions simultaneously, embracing the other as surges of orgasm repeatedly enveloped their senses. Carnal ecstasy poured over them again and again and again as their naked bodies and psychic essences clutched the other in unison. He/She felt the other's pleasure, which was also felt by him/her, and orgasmic bliss grew exponentially within them until they both exhaled and became limp with fatigue.

The fragrant oil drifted around them as they stared into each other's eyes and held hands while struggling to slow down their hurried, raspy breathing. Adam wanted to say he loved Xanxaa, but words were a poor substitute for the deep intimate connection they experience within each other. They already knew what the other felt, how much they desired the other, how their flaws and quirks made them who they were, and how incredibly deep their love for each other truly was.

Xanxaa was the first to break the silence, "You know what is going to happen next, right?"

"Um, not exactly. What's going to happen?"

"Everyone is curious about the bond we have forged. Xymian bonds are rare, so this is a unique opportunity for the people onboard to experience that type of connection."

"When you say 'unique opportunity,' what do you mean?"

"I mean we shall be bonding with nearly everyone."

"Everyone? How many people are we talking about?"

"There's less than a hundred people on this ship, it should only take a couple of hours. By that time, we should be getting near Hryulla." Xanxaa must have seen the odd look on Adam's face since suddenly looked at him with concern. "If you are uncomfortable with our culture and are regretting your decision, I can try to arrange some transport for you to take you back. I don't know how long it will take, but I..."

"No no no, that's not it," Adam interjected. "This is just not what I'm used to, that's all. I don't mind if you fuck a bunch of people tomorrow."

"Me?" Xanxaa snorted. "You will be of far more interest than I. Every woman is going to want to study you. You will be the first Earthling they have met, and they will undoubtedly find the concept of orgasms as astonishing as I did." Xanxaa looked at him immediately with empathy, "That is, if you want to bond with them, of course."

Adam thought about the idea of fucking dozens of women over a few hours, all with the adoring approval and support of the most amazing being that he has ever known. "I think I can handle it," he grinned, "But there's one person I want first." He pulled her toward him until she was above him. As he pushed his hardened cock into her wet pussy, Adam felt his mind merge with Xanxaa again while their bodies vigorously pounded into each other. Soon his memories intertwined with hers until he could no longer separate from the other.

Their hands clenched together as they felt both their orgasms race through their naked bodies thrashing against each other. Although he was on an extraterrestrial starcraft zooming through space at unimaginable speed toward a new alien planet and embarking to a life that was completely unknowable, Adam felt entirely at peace. He looked out the transparent wall at the gloriously magnificent universe outside with gratitude.

The End


And that is the last chapter. Thank you again to everyone who read this, commented, and voted. As I have said before, I appreciate all comments, both complimentary and those less so. I did find it a challenge to figure out how a world with telepathic communication through sexual contact would operate and how such a society would function. I know there were things I overlooked, but I did my best not to shoehorn too many contrived plot devices, even though some were probably inevitable. So thank you, and I look forward to all future comments.


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