The women finally had some time to themselves. The men had decided they wanted to do a three day weekend fishing trip and the girls decided they should join their mother at her home for a girl's weekend while the men were away. So when the men left before 5am on Friday morning, the girls were already packed and ready to get over to Mom's for some relaxation. It would be a good time to be able to kick back and just have some fun.

So the three daughters started arriving about 7:30am. First to arrive was the oldest, Diane, who walked in wearing a cover-up over her skimpy bikini with every intention of getting a great tan by the pool for the next few days. Her husband had joined her Dad for the fishing trip and she welcomed some personal time. At about 8:45am the twins, Danielle and Dani, arrived together from their college dorm. Both wore jean shorts and tank tops and had the look of two college girls just coming back from Spring Break (which was the truth). They were well tanned and almost hanging out of the tank tops.

Their Mom, Dee, was sitting by the pool with her coffee and reading a magazine as the women began to come out back to join her. Dee was sitting in a lounge chair wearing a two piece suit that left her huge 46 DD tits almost two thirds exposed. Her flesh was well tanned from using the backyard pool so often. Her tanned skin and her obvious sexy curves with shapely legs and butt always had men giving her a second (or third) look. Even at 47, Dee looked at least 10 years younger and liked to dress to show off her natural gifts. Her love life had been routine for the past several years and she wished she could interest her husband into having more sex. So far it was not working and Dee always seemed to be either horny or thinking about sex. Her thoughts were not what a mother of three and a wife of over 25 years was supposed to think. She daydreamed of being taken and used and forced. These thoughts surrounded her daily life and when men looked at her sexy body, she always wondered if they would do more than look and just take what they wanted. These ideas were ever present in her mind but she dismissed them as the imagination of a mature woman who liked sex.

Diane sat down beside Dee and poured some coffee and took off her cover up. She took after her mother with her bra size at an exciting 44 DDD. Today she wore a yellow string bikini which was so flimsy, that her mother thought, "Why did she even bother with a swimsuit at all?"

Diane had worked very hard after the birth of her baby 2 years ago to get back into shape. She had succeeded and the string bikini was her announcement that she was still hot and sexy and not just little Jimmy's mom. The thong bottom helped show off her hard and toned ass and her big tits were only covered at the very tips. Her short blonde hair was stylish and recently done.

Danielle and Dani were the typical cheerleader looking girls with hard bodies capped off by big 40DDD tits. They pealed out of the skin tight shorts and tanks as they stood at poolside. The twins liked to wear similar clothes and today they had on a red bikini that was both revealing and sexy at the same time. They took their lounge chairs and pulled them close to their mother and sister and twisted off the top of some bottled water and began to chat with the others. Spring Break had been quite an event for them in Panama City, Florida, and they needed some time to dry out and get some rest. Both we very sexually active and had done some "over the top" experimenting over the break with several hot guys.

The radio was turned on and the music played as this sexy foursome gossiped and caught up with each other about family and events in their lives. Time was passing and it was Diane who first heard the announcement on the radio. Evidently a group of inmates had escaped from the state penitentiary last night and there was an extensive manhunt in their county for them. The women commented about it briefly and Dee sent Dani to make sure the doors were locked in the front of the house. They all shared a light lunch on the shaded patio and then proceeded to help each other paint their toenails with new nail polish before venturing back out into the sun. The men had called from pay phone at a small general store near their fishing cabin. They told the women that their cell phones didn't work out there but they would call daily from the pay phone to check in. Dee told them not to bother and to just have a good time and have fun.

Late afternoon, it was time to make a batch of margaritas and Danielle and Dani used a new recipe they learned recently during their Spring Break. The first pitcher was outstanding and the second was even better. All the women were feeling comfortable as the sun was setting. They went inside and moved the gathering to the living room. Nobody changed out of their swimsuits but just sat around telling stories and having a relaxed time. Diane was telling the others about this new cold wax treatment she started to use to remove hair for a nice Brazilian wax look. As she sat there, she spread her legs wide, pulled the small thong material to the side, and showed the smooth look of her hairless pussy. The women commented that they wanted to try the treatment since they were all tired of shaving to keep that bikini look for the swimsuit season. Diane said she brought the jar and that tomorrow she would show them how to use it.

They had a light dinner of salad and some white wine as they didn't move from the comfort of the living room. Suddenly, Dee heard a sound coming from the backyard and rose to go see what it was. She thought the side gate was closed and locked but wanted to make sure. As she was just about out of the room and entering the kitchen she felt a hard shove on her shoulders which propelled her back into the living room as she stumbled to keep from falling. The others looked up startled as she regained her balance and saw their mothers wide eyed stare. They looked at where she was staring as three black men in prison coveralls entered the room. They were big men and looked like they had been running for some time. Their coveralls were dirty and sweaty looking and these men looked both fierce and dangerous. Diane immediately thought back to the radio earlier in the day and knew who these men were.

"Sit down bitch and everyone shut up and you may live through this," one of the three said into Dee's face. She moved back slowly and found the side chair behind her and sat down.

"Okay, I am going to make this easy for you. Everyone do as they are told and you'll be fine. Now I want all the cell phones from your purses and then I want all the phones in the house unplugged and brought back to the center of the room," said the tallest of the three with force and authority.

Dee rose to take the phone jack out of the wall and then said the other two extensions were in the kitchen and also in the bedroom down the hall. She was ordered to get them and the men watched her disconnect the wall phone in the kitchen and then walk down the hall toward the bedroom. The leader followed her and when she was beside the bed he roughly pushed her forward onto the big king bed. He went over and pulled the phone from the wall jack and then told her to turn on her back. Dee obeyed him as he walked the few steps to her and fixed his gaze directly onto her 46 DD breasts being held up by the tight suit top. His eyes descended to her nicely formed hips to her tanned and shapely legs.

"Is there a gun in the house, bitch," he asked as he surveyed her sexy body.

"No, we don't own one," Dee said as she tried to sit up.

"Lay back down bitch and do as you're told," he ordered and Dee immediately dropped her body back onto the bed.

"Take your top off and show me those big tits of yours," the big black convict told her with a firmness that gave her no choice. Dee pulled the strap down off her shoulders, pulled her arms out of the straps and then pulled the top down below her full breasts. Her massive tit flesh was fully exposed as he smiled slightly as he looked down at her.

"Now pull on your nipples and get 'em real hard bitch," he snarled at Dee and waited for her hands to move. As she touched herself she recalled all the times she had flaunted her sexy body at her husband and had gotten no reaction at all. She had craved him being aggressive and demanding, but he never did. Dee pulled on her sensitive nipples and rubbed them and pinched them as the convict watched her on the bed in front of him.

"Take that top off," he told her and she pulled the material until she unhooked the snaps and threw the suit top on the floor. Without being told, Dee returned to stimulating her nipples as she looked up at the black convict watching her.

"Now pulls off the bottoms," he demanded and Dee immediately lifted her ass off the bed and hooked her thumbs into the garment and pushed them to her feet. Without taking off her heeled sandals, she slipped the panties to the floor. She was totally exposed and vulnerable and she could feel the excitement in her body at the situation she was in and being forced against her will. Her dark fantasies were somehow becoming reality and she was wet.

"Open your legs, slut, and finger your cunt and pull on your tits," he told Dee as he began to unzip his jumpsuit and pull it down his well toned body. Dee was slowly sliding a finger into her wet pussy as she pinched and pulled her big tits with her other hand. She couldn't hide her building arousal and she was enjoying the domination by this black convict. Then she saw his big cock appear as his jumpsuit dropped to the floor. He was not only much longer than her husband, but he was about twice as wide too. His body was hard muscled and tattooed and his cock was semi hard as she stared at it.

"Suck my cock, whore," he said as he moved closer to the edge of the bed and waited for Dee to sit up and take his cock. Dee was in a trance as she rose to a sitting position and wrapped her hand around the thick meat in front of her and began to stroke it with full firm strokes. Her eyes were fixated on it and she loved the heavy feel of him in her hand. It was directly in front of her mouth and she couldn't resist the need to take it in. Her mouth just dropped down on the wide cock and forced it a few inches past her full lips as her tongue swirled over the big head and her hand continued to pump it hard. The black meat moved in her mouth and she was becoming obsessed with the feel of it on her tongue and entering her throat. She couldn't explain the mixed feelings of desire, humiliation, submission and pure animal lust that filled her, but she knew she would do whatever this man wanted.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved her back onto the bed and pulled her legs up and rested her high heeled sandal covered feet on his shoulders. She looked up at him and saw the animal need in him as he positioned his huge cock at the entrance to her wet cunt. He reached down and took hold of the big hard dick and began to rub it along her wet pussy lips. He teased her swelling clit and she gasped from the sensation as his cock stroked her pussy.

"Ask for it, bitch. Tell me what you want," he snarled down at her as his cock head pressed on her clit. Dee was trembling and moving her hips in hopes of capturing him and forcing him to enter her.

"Oh, God, please fuck me with your big cock, please do it now," Dee pleaded to the black convict standing above her. He was looking down at her as his hips flexed and the fat head popped into her tight cunt.

"Ahhhh, yes," she wailed as it entered her and drove deeper and deeper into her. He had his hands on the top of her thighs as he forced his big cock all the way into her. Dee felt fuller than she had ever felt in her life and her hips pushed her hard onto his stiff dick. She began to move with him in urgent and demanding strokes. This was sex as she had never known it before. She was being taken and used and every space inside her seemed filled up and alive with sensation at the same time. She knew her orgasm was fast approaching and she marveled at how fast he had brought her to this point. She looked down and watched as his hard black meat sawed into her wide spread cunt.

"Is this what you wanted, bitch," he asked as his hips pounded into her.

"Oh, yea, oh yea, please fuck me hard," she begged him as her orgasm washed over her and somewhere off in the distance she could hear her own voice screaming from the incredible feeling he was giving her.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck," she panted as the fullness of his cock kept her cumming in a way she never knew was possible. He kept at her and then she watched him lean his head back and moan as he came deep inside her open womb. The feeling was like a pressure hose exploding in her and she gasped as another orgasm hit her hard and held her for what seemed like hours.

After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of her and told her to clean him up. She went for the tissues on the bedside stand but he laughed down at her and told her to use her mouth. Dee rose back to a sitting position and took him back into her mouth and licked and sucked his cock like she was worshipping him rather having just been raped by this stranger.

"Let's go see what the others are doing," he said as he started to walk to the bedroom door. Dee took her discarded bathing suit and began to put it back on when he spoke again.

"You won't need that, slut, you are dressed exactly the way you should be," he smiled as she dropped the garments and followed him down the hallway.

Dee was not prepared for the sounds and sights she witnessed when she went back into the living room. First, she saw so many more convicts than the three she had seen earlier, but what really shocked her was that they had her three daughters completely stripped naked and they were all being sexually violated by these men. For some reason she thought she would be the only sexual victim and they would use her and leave her girls alone. But as she observed, that was definitely not the case. None of the girls could see her as she entered the room because they were all side by side on their backs on the floor, with one black convict fucking them hard and another one on top of each girl fucking their big tits as well. Dee felt that she had just walked onto the set of some group sex porno film being shot in her own living room. But what surprised her most were the moaning and the words coming from all the girls. Just as she had behaved just a bit earlier, they were all enjoying the harsh treatment and the hard black cocks that were violating their cunts.

Dee was stunned by the events in front of her as she felt hands reach around her from behind, gripping her big tits and squeezing her hard swollen nipples. The combination of the lurid sex scene in front of her and the sensations of her tits being mauled by a strange set of black hands started her body on an inevitable course toward sexual arousal again. As she looked around the room she saw at least 10 or 12 black convicts with no clothes on and their hard big cocks standing erect and waiting their turn for the next willing white captive. Now she knew that this would be a long and sex filled night and maybe much more before it ended. As her nipples were inflamed and driving her crazy from the stimulation, she heard Diane cry out from under a big muscle bound black man.

"Oh, yes, that's it; fuck me with your big cock. Yes, make me cum you bastard. Fuck me hard," She was yelling as her eyes closed and her body convulsed in a mighty orgasm that kept her moaning and screaming continually. As this was happening and her attacker was filling her with his hot cum, she watched Diane get a face full of hot juice sprayed onto her by the man who was tit-fucking her. Diane's tongue darted out to lick the warm liquid and take it back into her mouth.

As she watched this happening, Dee was moaning from the sheer erotic moment unfolding before her and dropped a hand between her legs to begin to finger her own needy cunt. But as she did this, she was pushed forward and then placed on the big chair beside the large couch. Her knees hit the fabric and she reached out and grabbed the top of the back of the chair just as her legs were spread and a hard cock was roughly shoved into her from behind. This was every bit as big as the first cock that took her in the bedroom and she tightly clutched the chair to make sure she didn't fall. This convict was moving with long and powerful strokes inside her wet cunt and Dee gave herself up to the exquisite feelings that ran through her body. Her head turned to the right and she looked down as Dani pulled her shapely legs up and placed them on the back of the convict that was fucking her so hard.

"Yes, like that," Dani cried out, "do it hard. Hurt my cunt with your black cock. That's it, hurt me," she said with a voice that was trembling with need and lust. Dee's eyes met Dani's eyes and they both knew they were beyond the point of no return. They both needed to be used and fucked and they were both nearing their climax. Dee could feel someone just to her left and as she turned, a black cock was placed on her lips and she opened up to take it in her warm mouth. Her mouth was stretched to accept it and her captor took her hair in his hands and began to face fuck her. He drove back in her mouth and his cock entered her throat as he used her mouth like it was a cunt. Somewhere in her mind she thought she heard a doorbell ring but the sounds and sensations around her were just too much for her to focus on anything but her own primitive needs. The convict behind her was speeding up as he felt more lubrication flow and with every thrust Dee was forced further down on the cock in her throat. She felt like a rag doll being buffeted about between two huge forceful men.

Then Dee heard Dani scream out as she came on the ramming cock that was deep in her young cunt. Dani was moaning and whining as her orgasm took hold and held her captive much as these hard men had done. Finally when she stopped her loud wailing, another black stud took his place and Dani was climbing the ladder again and holding onto her attacker with locked ankles. Looking next to Dani, Dee watched her other daughter Danielle grunt at the man inside her and move her small hips in unison with his every thrust. Their eyes met and Danielle called out to her in her moment of passion and sexual excess.

"Mom, he's making me cum on his big cock. Oh, God, it's so good; it's so fucking good in my cunt. Mom, watch him fuck me. I'm cumming, oh God, I'm cumming," Danielle gasped at her mother in a throaty heated whisper. The man fucking her big tits exploded too and covered her face as she cried out from the orgasm and the flood of cum inside her pussy and on her beautiful young face. Then Dani's tit fucker did the same thing on her and pushed his hips forward so Dani could wrap her lips around his pumping cock as it emptied itself into her eager mouth. Dee watched as if paralyzed by the erotic sight in front of her as her own pussy was being fiercely abused and her mouth stuffed by hard black cock.

Dee was sucking the man with the death grip on her hair as if her life depended on it. Suddenly she felt his motion change and become spasmodic just before he fired his hot cum directly down her throat. Dee attempted to avoid gagging on the huge load and made sure she took all he had deep inside her eager throat. The convict behind her was also very close to orgasm and he took a hard hold of her swaying tits and gripped down as he came in her tight cunt. This set Dee off again and she cried out as she was overcome by her climax. Both Dee and her convict moved together as they ground into each other to extract the last amount of ecstatic pleasure from this moment. Just as Dee was released from the man behind her, she heard Diane call out. Instinctively, Dee looked back in her direction. She saw Diane on her hands and knees and taking a big cock in her cunt but her face was a mix of sexual excitement and alertness. She was moving her head to point Dee in the direction of the big sofa.

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