tagNonHumanEternal Ch. 05

Eternal Ch. 05


Hey all, Well chapter 5 is finally here. Had to submit it twice. LOL. Anyway a big huge thank you to my amazing editor Lioness_Queen who managed to get this chapter edited even during exam time. So THANK YOU. Don't forget to comment and vote. Hope you all enjoy this chapter.



The ringing phone woke Padrick at 7 the next morning. "Alpha, sir there is an Elder from the O'Shea pack here to see you." Roy said.

"Have you let them pass yet?"

"No Alpha he is still here with me at the main gate."

"Which Elder is it Roy?"

"It's Elder Craig sir."

"Alright have someone bring him to my office. But make sure they stay with him." Padrick said.

"Yes sir." As Roy hung up the phone he decided to instead have someone cover his post and he would escort the Elder himself. Besides this way he could sneak a peek at his little miss see how she's doing. He phoned the guard quarter's and asked for a replacement. Within a few minutes they were off. Once at the office he showed the Elder in then stood at the door waiting for his Alpha.

"Thanks Roy, go ahead to the kitchen Rosa is making coffee."

"Thank you sir. Is the little miss up yet?" asked Roy with a soft smile.

"I thought I heard movement as I was coming down the hall but with three new ones it's hard to tell who it was that..."

"Woy Woy" Rohaynna yelled as she saw him standing in the office door way.

"Well well if it isn't little miss." Roy said with a smile and caught her as she jumped at him. Rohaynna threw her head back squealing and laughing as he tickled her. It was then that he noticed the marks on her neck. "Still the dreams are happening?"

Padrick nodded his head and asked him to take her to the kitchen.

"Little miss what say you and I go get some food?" Roy asked the small girl in his arms.

"Yes, pancake day today. I'm so hungry that I could eat a gazillion. What's about you?" She asked as they walked away from the office.

Padrick walked behind his desk after shutting the door and sat down. Rosa walked in a moment later with some coffee and with a brief smile left the office.

"Coffee Elder Craig?" Padrick asked as he poured himself some. He looked up at the other man who nodded. He handed him his coffee as he walked back to his desk and sat down before he started to speak.

"So why are you here?" Padrick asked calmly.

"I'm here because Elder Simonè asked me to give you some papers, since she couldn't bring them herself." Stated Elder Craig.

"Did she also tell you why she couldn't bring them?"

"Yes she stated that she and the other Elder's where no longer aloud on your pack lands and they had been stripped of their Elder status. Is this all true?" he asked Padrick in disbelief.

"Yes. They lost that right when they decided that they had more power in the pack then the Alpha and that it was okay to punish a 5 year old child." Padrick growled.

"The child told a human about us. You know the law and that the Eld...."

"Before you go any further I would like to know if you were told when this "child" told the boy." Padrick bluntly asked.

"Yes of course, she told him when they were playing."

"Wrong. That isn't when he was told. Would you like to hear what has been happening and when the child was told?"

"How do you know who the child is even the Elders apart from your former 6 that is don't know?"Elder Craig said shocked.

"Oh, you mean they didn't tell you the child's name that you'd be punishing?" Padrick could feel his wolf coming to the surface. This was making no sense why where the Elders keeping the information a secret.

"No sir. If you don't mind my asking but who is the child?" Elder Craig had a feeling he wasn't going to like the answer.

"My daughter is the child." Padrick growled.


"Would you like to hear from her what happened?"

"Please Alpha if I could. It isn't that I doubt you it's just that this is making no sense at all. Why would your Elders vote to punish her? When did she have contact with a human child?"Elder Craig asked completely confused.

"Ah that is the most important part. She hasn't. I will have her come and speak to you after she eats if that's okay with you?"

"Of course Alpha. Why don't you start to read through the papers that Simonè sent while we are waiting?"

"Good idea." Padrick picked up the thick envelope and opened it as he quickly asked Rosa to send Rohaynna to him once she was done eating. As he pulled everything out a smaller envelope fell onto his desk. Reading his name on the front he recognized Simonè's handwriting. He looked up at Elder Craig and asked "Have you read this?"

"No sir. It was sealed when she asked me to put it in with all the other information that I had gathered for her. She had to hide to inside a clean robe. All she said was to get here as fast as I could. Also that I was to give it to no one but yourself or the Madame Alpha. Oh yeah or someone named Dantè Rys." He responded as he pored himself more coffee.

"Okay. Thanks"

Padrick pulled out the sheets of paper and quickly saw the marks indicating that it was from Simonè and that she and the pack where at risk. He was glad that the four of them (Dantè, Simonè, Rosa and himself) had come up with the small secret code years ago as a safety precaution. This meant that she hadn't turned on them.

It read as follows:


You can trust Craig he has been my friend since we met in training class together. He will help in any way he can. All I told him was that the information was important and that it had to get to you as soon as possible. You must explain everything to him starting at the beginning. It that regard you must also play him the original tape I made of Rohaynna speaking to me at my house. I know you think that you don't have a copy but I made one and hid it in the bust of your father in the living room. I had a false piece added to the bottom. Yeah yeah I know you would never have noticed it It's only there out of respect for the older pack members I know that's why I chose it.

Padrick paused laughing a little. "Excuse me for a moment please Elder Craig, Simone has hidden something in the house that you will need to listen to. Once I have it brought here I'll have my Beta Roy take you to the kitchen. My mate Rosa will get you a tape player to listen to it. If that's okay?" Padrick said politely not really asking him.

"Of course sir that's not a problem. Once your done let me know and I'll explain some of the information in the envelope."

"That's fine I have a meeting with the remaining Elders in a few minutes so if you want to wait for the tape then you can go."

"Sounds good."

Padrick opened a connection a connection with Roy.

"Roy are you still in the kitchen?"

"Yes sir.

"Could you go to the living room and let me know when your there."

"Okay I'm here sir."

"Is there anyone else there?

"No. What's going on?"

"I need you to go to the bust of my father, but make sure that no one see's you. Simonè has hidden something in it and it's actually a good hiding place."

"Just a minute please sir. Okay I have everyone looking for your nephews."

"What! When did they take off?"

"They didn't sir their upstairs. I told them that I needed them to help me drill the guards so they'll stay there until I call them."

"Good idea." Padrick said with a soft laugh. "Okay there is a false bottom on the bust. Inside is a cassette tape could you bring it to my office please."

"Of course Alpha I'll be right there."

"Thanks Roy. Sorry about that Elder Craig Simonè hid something in the house for you. I just had to guide Roy to where she had the tape hidden. He's going to bring...here he is now. Come on in Roy."

"Here you are sir." Roy said handing Padrick the tape.

"Thanks again Roy. Oh you may want to call off the drill too."Padrick laughed at the thought of his guards wondering around looking for the boys when they hadn't even left the house. "Oh and Roy on your way could you show Elder Craig to the kitchen please."

"Sure follow me Elder its right this way." Roy stated leading the way out the door.

Padrick went to the door and closed it so he could read the whole letter.

Letter continues:

Padrick my reason for all the secrecy is that I believe the Elders are plotting to over throw your rule. They know that if you were to lose Rohaynna that it would crush Rosa. That she would more than likely die. They are hoping that you to would die also because you are true mates that have mated.

The Elders here have not told the others who the child is or when she told the human boy about us. They also doctored the tape to ensure that her name was never mentioned and completely removed the part about her dreaming about him and when I asked her to tell me about when she told him. The only part they left in was me asking her if she told him and her saying yes. This is what they used to get the others to agree to punish the child. But the punishment is to be decided by your Elders here. I have no say in it however because they no longer listen to me at all. To make sure that I don't talk to the other Elders, they have told them that because I love to gossip that I have been giving the punishment of silence. I also have someone with me at all times. They don't talk around me anymore either because of my friendship with you. That's why they sent me to talk to you on the phone. They where testing me to see if I would tell you anything. I had to carefully write this in my room at night because they have someone posted outside my door. Thankfully Craig knows me well enough to not believe it.

But let me tell you though. You threw a good wrench into their plans by banning us from the pack lands. You should call the Elders council later today and inform them of the stripping of the Elder rights and the banning. It will take them a couple days to come up with a believable story. Please make sure that you send Craig beck here before sundown tonight or they will get suspicious.

Oh yeah, Mary and Ian are safe to trust to they knew nothing about this. They weren't even on pack lands when I questioned Rohaynna. They just got back last evening from being at the Sanctuary for a new Elder blessing. Remember the youngest and oldest from all surrounding packs must be here to present themselves and that combined with the ceremony takes 3 weeks.

Since I know you so well I'm going to hazard a guess that you have called an Alpha conference. You must get all the Alpha's to take back all saying power. They must remove the Elders power within the pack except for blessings, rituals and storytelling. If they don't it will happen again somewhere else. They might succeed at it then.

Lastly I have included all the information that the Elders had about what's been happening with Rohaynna. It's all very amazing, shocking and unbelievable. The explanation is also why they want her gone they fear her. I also found a major prophecy that you need to see. You need to ask Craig about the final prophecy of the seer Shiva. He is the only one that has ever really studied her prophecies. He can help. He knows the prophecy and can tell us if it is about Rohaynna. No matter if you disagree with him or not LISTEN to him.

Your loyal friend


Padrick sat at his desk reading and rereading the letter. His wolf was growling wanting to go and deal with the Elders that would try to destroy him for no other reason but power. He struggled to breathe slowly to calm his wolf. Final after 5 minutes he was under control again. With a glance at the clock see saw that he had kept the Elders waiting so he silently called for them to come in.

"Alpha you wanted to see us." Elder Ian said as they walked into the room.

"Yes Elder's I did. Please sit down. I have some questions for you and because the safety of the pack is in question along with my daughter I am ordering you're to answer me truthfully. Is that clear?" Padrick said infusing his Alpha into the statement.

"Yes, of course Alpha." The Elders replied looking at each other questioningly.

"Do either of you know the reason why the Elders went to the Sanctuary?"

Speaking quickly Elder Mary replied "To find out what is going on with the Alpha daughter sir."

Sir they went to speak to the other Elders also about if anything similar has happened in any of the other packs." Ian finished.

"What about my daughter telling a human boy about us what was decided about that issue?"

Looking completely puzzled Elder Ian said "Nothing Sir. It was decided that it was harmless, because it was a dream and that the boy probably wouldn't remember."

"Really then why did they the Elders council meet last night to decide her punishment for telling the boy." Padrick demanded.

"WHAT. No no no that isn't possible sir. We all what I mean is all our pack Elders decided nothing would happen." Mary began to visibly tremble. Elder Ian reach over and held her hand to reassure her even when he himself was scared. "Sir none of this is making any sense what so ever. It was decided weeks ago that nothing would come of this that there was no reason to be alarmed. As Mary stated earlier it was believed he most likely wouldn't remember it as anything but a dream." He stated a look of confusion on his face.

Padrick relaxed knowing that these two Elders where in fact unaware of the situation and most likely side with the pack. "Mary be at ease it's all right." Padrick said getting up and going to her. Crouching down and taking her hand in his he continued "I had to be sure that Simonè was right in her letter."

Mary took a deep breath letting it out slowly before she spoke. "If what you are saying is true it could mean that the Elders council corrupt. We must stop them before..."

"It's alright Mary it isn't the Council. Sadly it is our own Elders that have become corrupt and power hungry. I phoned the Sanctuary last night to see if they had any new information about what was going on with Rohaynna. There was another incident last night by far the worst one. Anyway I phoned and they were in a meeting. I ended up having to demand to speak to one of the pack Elders. Simonè finally came on the phone and started saying how they were talking about Rohaynna's punishment for telling a human boy about us. I lost control of my wolf." He said with a sigh.

Elder Ian leaned forward in his chair looking at Padrick "Sir you were reacting like a father should. That is one of the things that make you a good Alpha. You show that your mate and child come just ahead of the pack but only as long as the pack is not in any danger. Even with the problems you are facing with Rohaynna you have made sure that the pack was safe at all times. That is what the pack likes to see. They know that your family is your world but they also know that you would die to keep any pack member safe."

"Thank you that means a lot to me. I just hope that they will agree with what I did. I admit that I let my wolf have control but I agree with what he did." With a sigh he continued on telling them what he did "When I heard her say that I told her that if they thought that they were going to punish her then they could consider themselves pack less and banned from our pack lands. I have also stripped them of Elder status so they would only be able to join another pack as regular members." He grimaced as he finished and waited for them to respond.

"Good. That is exactly what should happen. Any other pack member that was caught doing the same thing would have either been killed or exiled from the pack. As for the Elder's Coun...Oh I just realized; sir does that mean you want us to leave as well?" Mary hesitantly asked glancing at Padrick.

"It is up to you both. Although I hope that you will remain with the pack and begin to train new Elders. You have both been pack since birth I don't want you to go but I will understand if you feel it is necessary." Padrick said honestly.

The Elders looked at each other and nodded to each other then Mary began to speak, "Alpha we would like to stay this is our home, we don't want to be anywhere else. We will gladly train any new Elders that need it." Mary relaxed for the first time since they had stepped foot into the office.

"Thank you both for your loyalty. Please go ahead about your day but talk of this to no one. I will be announcing it at a pack meeting this afternoon at 3 please be there. I fear that our pack will have great need for you." Padrick said.

"Alpha you know that you will have to take full control back. It hasn't been done that way for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Elders Council won't like it. You need to have the other Alpha's support behind you. Be sure that is what you want. You know the history as well as I the past Alpha's always said that it was much harder to be in complete control of the pack. They were glad when the Elder's Council took over some of the decisions." Reminded Mary.

"I know I have already called a meeting. As for previous Alpha's well we live in a different era. We won't know if we can do it or not if we don't at least try. If we don't take control back future Elders will just try again."

"True very true. Have a good day Alpha we will see you at 3." Ian said as they walked out the door.

Padrick stayed sitting for a few minutes then looked at the clock. With yet another sigh he saw he'd been in meetings since roughly 7:15 it was now 9 am. He was starving he still hadn't eaten. As he stood to leave the office Rosa walked in carrying a plate piled with food.

"Ah thank you my love I was starving. I was about to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. But I must say this is much better." Padrick said with a smile as he gave her a quick kiss.

Waving him back to his desk Rosa placed it in front of him and motioned for him to eat. "How did the meetings go? Are we in trouble? Why is Elder Craig here?" Rosa asked quickly.

"The 2 remaining Elders are with us. They knew nothing about what was going on. Simonè sent Elder Craig with a letter telling me that the other Elders where plotting to take over the pack. They knew getting rid of Rohaynna would kill you which in turn would have killed me." Padrick pulled Rosa onto his lap as she began to growl. "I know my love I know. But we know about their plan know and can deal with them. Elder Craig will be going back to the Sanctuary tonight with the copy Simonè made of her conversation with Rohaynna. The Elders Council only heard a doctored copy."

"Okay so what will happen to the Elders? Is Simonè safe have you let Dantè know that she is still loyal to the pack?"

"No I haven't spoken to him yet. If you want you can do that. Tell him that she sent a letter using our code. But that she is safe for now that the other Elders have no idea that she told us anything. Okay?

"Okay I'll do that. Now you finish eating I'm going to have to deal with a few of the females."

"Why what's going on? Anything I should be worried about?"

"Padrick you know that I deal with the females. But no there's nothing to worry about just usual petty squabbling."

"Okay my love I'll see you at noon for the Alpha meeting."

"Come on Padrick do I really need to be here for it?"

"Yes Rosa you do because I've asked for any that have mates to include them. Since this could ultimately affect any pack or pride. This way it only needs to be explained once. Besides they may have seen or heard something that we haven't." Padrick chuckled he knew Rosa hated dealing with all the Alpha crap as she calls it.

I had to silently agree with her though. Each Alpha wanted to lead the meetings all the time. It got to the point that about 5 years ago Remy Alpha of the Lantu Pride made a good suggestion. If an Alpha called for a meeting then they would lead it. When it came to scheduled meetings it was decided that the Alpha's would pair up. The oldest would pair up with the youngest and so forth. We had been making it work for 5 years now. At the end of the first year the oldest Alpha Seamus thought that it might be a good idea to switch every year though so that all The Alpha's learned to work together.

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