tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEuropean Spa Performance

European Spa Performance


I checked into the hotel around 7 pm after a long flight. The hotel was similar to a Holiday Inn in the USA but definitely with a German flare. I put my bags in the room and then strolled downstairs to check out the facilities. There was a spa and indoor pool off from the lobby. I walked in to see how it was. Very nice. Unfortunately it closed at 10 pm and I had plans to meet some friends for dinner.

The next morning I woke at about 5:30 am due to the time change jet lag. Then I remembered the pool. I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed down. When I got to the pool I noticed through the window to the exercise room a very cute gal on the step master machine. She looked to be about 5'6" with short reddish hair and brown eyes. She was very cute with a hard body. She wore a sports bra and spandex shorts. She was sweating up a storm in there. Across the pool was another gal. She was also very attractive. She had longer hair and her maid's uniform on, but she still showed a lot of body. She greeted me with a smile and said good morning. I couldn't keep from watching these 2 and I was getting hard. I decided I'd go shower off in the adjoining spa.

I entered the spa and started stripping down to shower. There was no curtain, so there I was semi-erect and showering. A minute later the cleaning lady walked by. She stopped and stared at my cock for an instant then looked at me and said, "Towel?" I said, "Yes, please." I was so aroused by being naked with a complete strange woman. She cam back and put them on the bench in front of the shower. At that point, I was so aroused I started to do something about it. I slowly stroked my hard-on while relaxing in the shower. As I listened, I heard the cleaning gal just about 10 feet away mopping the floor in another section. As she got closer, I got hotter. My erection was standing at a good, thick 7 inches. My balls were swollen and heavy. I pumped the whole length of my shaft slowly hoping she'd see me there. Just then the exercise gal walked right by me.

I froze! Hard cock in hand. She just glanced at me and smirked. Then she stopped at the bench next to the one my towel was on and started stripping down. She already had her socks and shoes off before entering. So I watched her in awe as she pulled her sports bra off and then bent over, her ass staring up at me from 5 feet away, to remove her sweat soaked spandex shorts. When she turned to enter the shower I saw her breasts. They were essentially perfect. About C cup size, round, tanned and quarter sized nipples and areola. She stepped into the shower. The shower I should explain. It was essentially a locker room "gang" shower with 3 shower heads. She was at one end and I was at the other - a distance of about 6 feet. I couldn't stroke my cock one length or I would have cum right there. I just watched her in awe.

She began shampooing her hair and rinsed. I saw her smile right at me and then look at my cock then smile at me again. Obviously she didn't mind me beating off with her there. So I SLOWLY resumed my pumping. I watched her then lather up some soap and wash her breasts and hard stomach, her ass, her legs, feet, and arms. Then as she was rinsing, she was thoroughly cleaning her pussy. At that point she turned to me and played with her pussy right in front of me. This was just overwhelming! I watched this beautiful creature just feet away from me stroking her clit and fingering herself while I was naked pumping a hard cock. Not a word was ever spoken. Then there she went. She started cumming and shaking as her body convulsed. As she came she moaned something in German and let out a bit of a squeal.

Then she shut off the water and dried off right there in front of me. When she was done she threw her towel over her shoulder and grabbed her clothes and started to walk out. But she stopped. That's when I noticed the cleaning lady had been right behind me watching it all. They said something to each other and laughed. I assumed they knew each other and maybe she been performing for her and I was just in the crossfire. Then the beautiful, hot young thing made a gesture like "come on, do it." So I looked both of them in the eyes, started pumping harder (I had just turned the water off) and within seconds I felt it surge. I had so much cum in my balls and had been on the verge for so long that I knew it would be a powerful orgasm.

It was! As the first stream of jizz shot out, it felt like a cannon. It flew about 5 feet and actually hit my workout babe on the ankle. She kind of jumped but laughed. Then stream after stream went flying. A couple more landed near them on the floor and then the last few drops I milked out and let them run down my hand and drop on the floor in front of me. They both seemed to really enjoy it, then the cleaning gal gestured like she wanted me to mop up. I just took my hand with cum on it and licked it off. Her eyes popped out in disbelief. The other gal just laughed and lifted her foot up. I knelt down and lightly licked my cum off her ankle and foot. At that point she smiled, waved and left. The cleaning gal walked out with her. I just caught my breath and went to sit in the sauna for a while. When I left, they were both gone.

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