tagGroup SexEva and Friends Ch. 02

Eva and Friends Ch. 02


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Eva walked naked to the bathroom via her bedroom, proudly swaying her round little ass as she went. She grabbed a towel and started wiping the cum off her face and tits. She looked in the mirror to make sure she had gotten as much of it off as possible. She smiled at her image, mouthing “You slut!” to herself. She threw the towel in the laundry basked and then proceeded to the shower. The warm water felt good against her skin as she entered.

But as the water rinsed off the traces of the naughty activities that had taken place previously during the evening, feelings of guilt and shame started creeping into her mind. There was no doubt this had been the most intense sexual experience of her life, but was it worth the consequences? These were three of her best friends, and no doubt would they see her differently after this. She had deliberately invited them over to fulfill her sexual fantasy. She had stripped in front of them, gone down on her knees and sucked their cocks, one after the other. During what was one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of her life, they had all sprayed their cum on her face. She had then made them take photos of her where she proudly posed with that huge facial. And as if that wasn't depraved enough, she had masturbated in front of them, making herself come again, still wearing the cum on her face and tits.

How could she ever look them in the eyes again after this? Sure, it was easy for her to see that she could be both a smart and independent woman, yet a wanton slut when she wanted to, but could she really expect the guys to allow her that freedom? It had felt so liberating and exciting to expose her desires to her friends, yet she now lacked control over how she were to be perceived and this made her stomach clench. Perhaps they would see her as nothing but a slut from now on. She had even made them call her that, so why wouldn't they? Could they still take her seriously after this, and respect her opinions as an equal like they had before? For a minute she regretted that she had actually involved her friends in this desire rather than just seeking out some strangers. However, she knew that would not have been safe so it was either this or nothing at all. And given how obsessed she had been with it the past week she doubted she ever could have got it out of her head without actually acting out her fantasy. She also had to admit to herself that the fact that it was her close friends she exposed herself to was a large part of what had excited her so much.

She washed her hair twice and then conditioned, deliberately taking her time. She wasn't ready to face her friends again yet. After a very long shower she got out and dried off with a clean towel and put on her white robe. As she proceeded to blow-dry her, she was sure her friends started to wonder why she took such time but she need to clear her head a bit more. What if they told others about what had happened tonight? Doesn't all guys brag about their sexual escapades? And this was sure one out of the ordinary. What would her female friends think if they found out what she had done? Her head was spinning with potential consequences of tonight’s actions.

She thought about applying some makeup, but at this point she didn't really care about looking her best. Instead, she started brushing her hair, more to avoid her friends than to straight out her hair. She looked herself in the mirror again. Once more she mouthed “you slut” to her own image, this time without smiling. This however seemed to trigger something inside here, and she suddenly got angry much like she would have if someone else had called her that, at least prior to tonight.

“Fuck you,” she said out loud to her own image.

She knew she had done nothing wrong and she was not about to feel bad about it. The events of the evening were her decision, and all these negative thoughts could just fuck off. No pressure from society about what a proper woman should act like was going to bring her down! In fact, anyone who had anything to say about her sexual desires could fuck off! She was just about to burst out to her friends and yell at them when she realized that she actually had no reason to be mad at them at all. It was at least so far all in her head, but she knew she needed to talk to them to set things straight.

She calmed down for a minute before opening the bathroom door. She had probably been gone for about 45 minutes and when she entered the living room her friends looked at her somewhat confused from where they were waiting for her in the couch. Immediately she knew why she had felt safe enough with these guys to act out her fantasy with them. Rather than looking at her as the sexual object she desired to be earlier, they were now looking at her with sincere concern in their eyes.

“Are you ok?” John asked.

“Yeah, I think so at least,” Eva replied with a somewhat nervous smile.”But I think we need to talk a bit.”

She sat down on the table in front of her friends, making sure that the robe was covering her properly. She needed their attention on her words and not her body now.

“Hey guys...,” she started. “I just wanna make sure that... well...” Damn it was hard verbalize what she was feeling.

“I think I know what you're after,” Daniel interrupted her. “You want to make sure that this doesn't effect the friendship, right?”.

Eva nodded.

“Yeah, I got a bit carried away when setting things up for tonight. We probably should have had a discussion about this beforehand. I guess I'm really worried this might ruin our friendship.”

“I don't think there is any need for that to happen,” Eric said, giving her a kind smile.

“Yeah, neither do I,” John continued. “I can see why your worried, but what is it specifically you think might happen and what can we do to avoid it?”

“Well,” Eva said. “I guess first off I think it would be real good if what happened here tonight stays between the four of us”.

“Of course,” Daniel said. “We even talked a bit about that while you were away and we all agreed none of us would tell anybody about it. Plus we got our own reputation to worry about, you know.”

Eva hadn't even thought about the fact that this might be a concern for her friends as well. She felt almost selfish that this hadn't occurred to her.

“Yeah, and like I said before,” Eric said as he picked up the camera. ”I'll leave the photos from tonight with you so you can be sure no one is spreading those around. Or if you want, I can erase them straight away.”

Eva was very relieved to hear this, but she knew she would regret it if she didn't look at the pictures. So she shook her head.

“Thanks, but I want to see them first. At least I think I do.”

“What else do you worry about?” asked John.

“I suppose I worry that you guys are going to think less of me now.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know... I've been acting like a total whore all night and I'm worried that that's how you'll see me from now on.” She wasn't far from tears as she spoke.

“Hey, we get it.” Eric said with a calming voice. “This all happened in one context and you're worried that it's gonna affect the context where we are just a bunch of friends hanging out, right? That we will no longer be able to to treat you as a just friend rather than a sex object.”

“Yeah, something like that,” Eva replied looking down at the floor.

“As far as I'm concerned, and I believe I'm speaking for all of us, that really isn't a problem,” John said. “I think we can all make it perfectly clear which context we're in.” The other guys nodded in agreement and Daniel continued.

“Yeah, and if you want us to leave right now and never mention this again, we will of course do so. But I actually think that would be more weird, to pretend this never happened.”

Eva thought about it and realized he was right. It's not like they could forget this happened. Damn, she didn't want to forget about it. It had been outright amazing and if she was honest with herself, she knew she was going to think about tonight every time she masturbated for the next year. And to be fair she had fantasized plenty about her friends previously so in that regard nothing was really that different.

“Yeah, you're right,” Eva said. “What we did tonight is not something you easily forget about. Nor do I want to...” she added and slowly she started feeling relaxed again.

“I suppose I can't deprive you of the memories of what happened tonight either,” she continued with a sly smile. “And I guess it doesn't necessarily change all that much either. To be honest I have fantasized about each of you from time to time anyway, and if that didn't interfere with the friendship, it probably means it still doesn't have to. Perhaps you fantasized about me as well occasionally?” she said, looking at them with queering eyes.

“No, never!” said John in a mock voice, making it perfectly clear that the opposite was true. Everybody laughed and it was clear that the tension was subsiding. The others added on.

“How dare you?”

“What kind of a man do you think I am?”

“But seriously Eva,” Daniel said. “You really need not worry about this. We've respected you as a good friend before and we still will. Unless you make it perfectly clear you wish to be treated as a sexual object, we won't.”

This was a very appealing thought to Eva. She liked the idea that if she decided to, she could make them see her as a sex object. For the first time since she went to shower, she actually felt a flash of excitement.

“Yeah, definitely Eva,” Eric continued. “Should go without saying, but it's probably good to be explicit about it. You've always been a good friend and this changes nothing.”

“And I for one feel real honored that you trusted me enough to include me in this,” John said as the other guys nodded in agreement. “I'm sure it took some guts to write that email to invite us here tonight.”

Eva was getting more and more calm, reassured that it would probably work out just fine. And as she relaxed she again started to view the events of the evening in the positive light it deserved. The naughty things she had done started reappear in her head, and now it made her feel warm inside again.

“Sorry I started to freak out a bit,” she said. “I should know I can trust you guys, I suppose I never would have gone through with this if not. I shouldn't have doubted you.”

She stood up and stretched her hands out.

“Can I get a hug?”

One after the other the guys walked over to her and embraced her. Because they were all at least a head taller than she was, she stood on her toes and stretched her arms around their necks. She felt notably small against her male friends, though not in vulnerable, need-to-be-protected kind of way. It was just an apparent physical contrast, and something inside found this appealing. Each time she squeezed herself tightly to her friend, she felt a slight tingle between her legs. The doubts about her actions were gradually vanishing, being replaced with an increasing feeling of excitement and a hope for more naughty activities.

“Hey, where's the camera?” she asked.

“Here you go,” Eric said and handed it to her.

She started flicking through the pictures, but the small screen made it hard to see.

“Could we get these pictures on the TV screen? I still kind of can't believe I did this tonight, so want to see the proof,” she said and immediately felt her cheeks get red as she realized what she had done. She had implied they should all just sit and watch pictures of her with cum on her face! The idea felt kind of humiliating, but admittedly also very hot.

“Yeah, sure,” Eric said. “I think I can connect it directly to the TV. Give me a few minutes to set things up.”

“Ok, cool,” Eva said. “While you do that, I think I'm gonna go and get dressed. Daniel, you can fix us all some drinks and John you'll sort out the music.”

“I believe the queen is back!”, laughed Daniel.

“She sure is,” Eva thought to herself as she walked to her bathroom. She again wanted to be the hot queen that her guests desired, so she applied some makeup. Again she could smile at her image in the mirror. She recognized feeling of anticipation, much like she would when she was putting on makeup for a night out with her girlfriends or in preparation for some fun party. And in some way, she thought to herself, this was kind of a party. But a very different one, and the evening would surely end differently to any other party she had been to. She realized that she wasn't actually sure how it would end, but she had a growing urge to cross some more lines. Would she really go as far as letting one of the guys fuck her? Considering what she had done before, it wouldn't make that much of difference, she justified. But she quickly realized that if she let one of the guys fuck her, it could make the others jealous and that could truly mess with the dynamics of the group. So obviously if one of them could fuck her, she should let them all fuck her... That thought really made her juices flow and she repeated the thought in her head: “I should let them all fuck me.” But she was getting ahead of herself. She finished off the makeup with some red lipstick and looked at herself in the mirror again. With a devilish grin, she mouthed a “slut!” to her own image and blew herself a kiss.

She went to her bedroom and let her robe fall to the floor. The thought of just walking out all naked crossed her mind, but she decided it was better to take things in steps. Besides, she figured that it is often more sexy to be suggestive than expose everything at once. Sure, they had all seen her naked an hour ago but she kind of felt the night was being rebooted now. She started fiddling through the clothes in her closet for something appropriate to wear and eventually picked out a sexy little black dress. She examined herself in the mirror after putting it on. It was quite short, exposing most of her thighs, and tight enough to hug her petite, yet feminine body. The straps were thin and she was pleased with how her shoulders were exposed. She had often thought to herself that this was very sexy part of the female body. The cut was also low enough to expose the top of her small tits.

She picked out a pair of black string panties, partly because they didn't create any visible lines through the tight dress but more so because she knew they would look sexy once she took the dress off. The thought that she would inevitably end up naked in front of her friends again made her body tingle with excitement. It had been such a kick to reveal herself to them. But for now, the focus was to look sexy in a classy way, and she put on some pearl earrings and a matching necklace as a finishing touch. “Showtime!” she thought to herself and proceeded to the living room.

There she found John and Daniel sitting on the couch and Eric was sitting on a chair next to them. She suspected that because she had been gone for so long, they had started to worry that she again regretted things. But when she entered the room, they could tell from both the way she was dressed and from the grin on her face that she was just fine. John stood up and handed her a drink.

“Wow, you look stunning!”

“Well thank you,” she replied. The stereo was playing some 60's soul and she couldn't resit a little spinning dance move to give them a chance to look her over.

“You are one hot gal Eva,” said Daniel and the other guys nodded in agreement.

She walked over to the couch and sat down between John and Daniel and started sipping her drink.

“If you still want to look at the photos, I've got it all set up,” said Eric.

Eva had just about forgotten about the photo viewing and the thought of watching them all together made her cheeks blush again. The photos were taken earlier that evening, so it shouldn't be worse to watch herself in them than to actually be in them. But while the mood was a bit flirtatious, the situation was much like a normal evening and they were just a group of friends hanging out. Well, except that they were about watch photos of her where she was posing with her friends cum on her face. She took a big sip of her drink.

“Yeah, of course. Let's do this.”

Eric had connected the camera to the TV and as he turned it on, there she was. She made an audible gasp at the image. On the screen was a photo of her, completely naked except for a pair of high heels, and she was pouring wine into a glass. But the most striking thing was that her face was plastered with white cum. She could hardly believe it was her in the picture.

Eric changed the picture, and in the next one she was looking straight into the camera with the biggest grin ever. She looked like the happiest woman in the world, with strains of cum dangling from he chin. It was sort of an out of body experience to sit there in her classy (but very sexy) outfit and watch herself on the screen in the state she was in.

“Wow, what a little slut!”, she said out loud.

The guys all laughed at her comment, which clearly was just her thinking out loud. It seemed to relieve some tension in the room and John looked at her with one eyebrow raised and said:

“Well, she is when she wants to be.”

“And then she's really, really good at it”, Daniel added.

“I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear that,” she said with a giggle and actually blushed slightly at the flirtatious comments her friends were giving her.

It was a slightly surreal feeling to sit there and talk about her own image in third person, but it also made her feel excited. She got to be part of the spectators, while she was also the object they were all looking at. That way she got to feel like one of the gang, but a slutty sex object at the same time.

Sometimes she noticed that the guys kept looking back and forth between the images on the screen and her face. She suspected they were comparing the classy woman next to them with the cum covered girl in the pictures and she recognized the naughty feeling of having her face treated as a sexual object of desire. She could feel the excitement building up in her body.

Eric flipped through a few more pictures of her looking into the camera, smiling from ear to ear and plastered with cum.

“She sure seem to be enjoying herself,” Eric said, looking slyly at Eva.

“I believe she does. She's obviously the kind of girl who likes to invite her friends over on a Saturday night just to cum on her face,” Eva replied, looking straight into Eric's eyes with a smirk on her face. There was a sense of satisfaction in her voice, signifying that she was comfortable and even proud of what she had done.

In the next picture, she could see both John and Daniel in it. She was standing there, still naked with a big facial, pouring wine in Daniel' s glass while John was fondling her. Seeing herself like that, completely naked while her friends were all dressed, excited her tremendously. Absentmindedly, she started to gently stroke her left nipple with her fingers. Her friends all noticed and when she caught them looking, she stopped and gave them an innocent “oops” face. This openly sexual behavior made them start to watch her in person rather than merely on the screen. It changed her status as part of the spectators and when the next image appeared on the screen, Eric said:

“You look real hot here, Eva.”

She was no longer being referred to in third person and she now had to answer wholeheartedly for the actions of the girl on the screen. It was a close up of her face, and you could really see the details of the cum that covered her face. Strains were hanging from her chin, and her face was glowing with excitement.

“Thanks, I felt real hot too.”

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