tagInterracial LoveEvan's Arabic Princess

Evan's Arabic Princess


Evan burst into the conference room, out of breath and an hour late, clearly catching the corporate propaganda presenter off-guard. This was Evan's first training session after joining North America's premiere bank and there was a distinct classroom-like atmosphere in the room.

Only classrooms were not usually uncomfortable for Evan. He easily worked his way through an MBA, as he was always in the professors' good graces, always on time, always well dressed, and always up-to-date on his readings. This, however, was a different story.

Flying into Boston from Toronto, he had no idea where he was going and had shown up late directly from the airport. He thought he'd have time to check into the hotel first, but didn't thanks to some jackass that somehow skipped security requiring everyone to be evacuated and sent back through the metal detectors.

He was late, his clothes were disheveled, and he hadn't shaved. About 40 pairs of eyes turned to stare at him. Everyone else was in formal business attire, freshly pressed, including the presenter he had just interrupted.

"I see our second Canadian participant has decided to join us. Please have a seat.... Mr Ray is it?" the woman was checking his name off a list on the podium.

"Yes, sorry ma'am," Evan replied.

"27 is years away from being old enough to be called Ma'am. You need to sit down and listen up," she quipped and returned to explaining the great future that lay ahead for them all with the company.

"This seat is available," whispered a seductively French-sounding woman to his left. Evan quickly took the seat and dumped his luggage on the floor to his right.

"Thanks, I'm Evannnnnnn....," he introduced himself as he turned from his bags on the floor to the woman who offered him a chair. Stammering and trailing off, Evan was caught staring into two of the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen in his life.

"My name is Elizabeth, nice to meet you. I thought I'd be stuck with all these Americans. Glad to see there's someone else from Canada here." She had returned her gaze to the front of the room. The way her "s's" sounded like "z's" and "t's" sounded like "d's" was so unexplainably sexy

Evan sat staring at this beautiful Arabian princess. Her long, straight black hair, pushed back behind her ears, falling softly onto her shoulders. From just about the cutest ear he'd ever seen, a gold hoop earring matched an expensive looking necklace that hung down on her caramel coloured chest. The blouse she wore showed just a hint of cleavage, classy, but hot as hell. The grin on her face, as she turned back to catch him eyeing her like meat nearly melted Evan's heart.

"Pay attention! You were late and she already doesn't like you!" She said pointing to the front of the room.

Evan did not reply, but turned briefly back to the bitchy blonde presenter. No slouch herself, she was hot and looked almost like one of those "nerdy" women in porno movies who ditch their glasses to become nymphomaniacs. Despite her good looks, Evan could not stop thinking about the goddess next to him. Not taking in a word the blonde was saying, Evan was biding his time until he could stare at Elizabeth again.

He leaned back in his chair and glanced at Elizabeth out of the corner of his eye. God, he could smell her perfume from here. That gorgeous smile... Jesus, he was getting a hard on just sitting next to this woman! This hadn't happened to him since junior high for God's sake. The skin of her cheeks looked so soft. He had to fight the urge to reach over and run his hand through her hair. Glancing down he saw she was conservatively dressed in a pants suit. Thank God, he thought, if she was in a skirt he would probably forget to breathe.

Totally intoxicated by these thoughts, Evan completely missed the point of the entire morning's presentations. He did remember the sexy blonde had talked for a while, then some old guy, and there were some slides. Elizabeth watched intently, as he was sure every other employee did, but he could think of nothing but her. Her every move was adorable. She coughed twice, yawned once, and ran her fingers through her hair a thousand times. Trapped in her purse, her cell phone had gone off halfway through the morning so she had leaned over to turn it off. Evan almost came in his pants when he felt her hair fall onto his lap as she had done so. He could just imagine running his hands through her hair as she took his hard cock into that sexy mouth, with those soft lips...

While caught in the middle of his x-rated reverie, the morning ended quickly and noisily as the new inductees were apparently scrambling to head out for lunch.

"Want to grab some... how you say... lunch?" Elizabeth asked flashing him her smile again.

"Yeah, I uh, I have no idea where to eat though." Smooth Evan, smooth, he thought to himself. "I'd like to eat you for lunch," he said, louder than he expected. A lot louder as he hadn't meant to actually say that out loud at all.

"Pardonnez moi?" Elizabeth said, confused. God, those beautiful eyes! He couldn't stop staring as she looked at him.

"Oh god, I uh, I'd like to meet you for lunch, meet you. But, I should take my stuff back to the hotel. The Hilton, I think it's pretty close."

"I stay at the Hilton aussi. We could take a cab, yes?" She asked, pointing to her own bags in the corner.

The pair assembled their luggage and made for the elevator. Not usually stuck for words, Evan tried to make casual small talk by asking a few questions. Elizabeth was from Montreal, graduated from McGill, and was married. The last revelation hit Evan in the stomach like a sucker punch. How could he have missed the huge rock on her finger? Probably because he had spent all his time gazing at her other amazing features.

The company had booked the two into adjoining suites along with the other out-of-town employees. Everyone was on the same floor, but the rest had apparently had time to unpack. Parting with Elizabeth in the hallway, Evan entered his swanky room and immediately fell back onto the luxurious bed.

"Fuck! A gorgeous, Arabic-French babe stuck to my side for a week and she had to be married. Damn it!" Evan's boyish crush had had him so excited all morning, more excited than he'd felt in a long time. Now that elation was dashed and he could barely stand to go to lunch with Elizabeth now. He should have been unpacking his stuff to go, but he couldn't find the motivation to even open his eyes.

His misery-filled reverie was quickly ended by a knock at his door. Elizabeth was ready for lunch and her promptings from the door were enough to get him up and moving. Gorgeous and bubbly as ever, which now annoyed Evan more than aroused him, she was eager to get something to eat and get back to the corporate HQ for their afternoon session.

In the midst of their food court meal, through which Evan had barely spoken, Elizabeth snapped up and dropped her fork. "Oh mon dieu, I know who you look like. Do you know Saku Koivu? From the Canadiens? You look just like him! God he's so hot if I ever met him I'd drop to my knees and suck his cock."

What an odd thing for a married woman to say, Evan thought and he said as much to her.

"Oh, do not be silly. I would not really do it. Why is it okay for a guy to say, 'Oh yeah, Pamela Anderson, if I met her I would fuck her,' but it's not okay for a woman!? That guy would probably just become a babbling idiot if he ever met her and certainly would not get anywhere with her!" The word "fuck" sounded so sexy in her French accent.

To that Evan had no retort. They finished the rest of their meal with Elizabeth chattering and Evan pretending to listen while flashing the occasional fake smile. God, even the way she ate was cute! Here he was, love at first sight with this awesome, exotic, beautiful woman and she is completely out of his league. It was so depressing.

The afternoon of slide presentation torture continued much as it had all morning. Evan took a second look at the blonde presenter. Nah, he thought. Why bother? She's probably got some big city boyfriend with a BMW and a huge house or something.

Thankfully, the afternoon coffee break came and Evan made a dash for the washroom to get some respite from Elizabeth. The corporate bathroom was an oasis of calm. Evan splashed water on his face and stared at himself in the mirror.

"OK. No big deal. She's not that hot anyway. Plenty of hot women in this town for a guy like me. Plenty. Ha!" His little self-pep talk complete, Evan exited the bathroom ready to get into this training session.

The vision of Elizabeth's sweet, round ass greeted him as he turned down the hallway to return to the conference room. Stopping himself, Evan took in the gorgeous curves of Elizabeth's body as she enjoyed a drink from a water fountain. "Sweet Jesus," Evan thought to himself, this was torture and it was only the beginning. The training was to last all week.

Finishing off, Elizabeth rose to see Evan standing behind her. She had seen him exit the washroom and knew he would be staring at her ass. He looked so sexy and had to be successful to have gotten here. Not like her deadbeat husband who had been without work for months, living off her signing bonus. They had married young, before Elizabeth had even started university. He was very traditional and also very sexist. He hated that she was smarter than him and more successful, which became glaringly obvious as they got older. He had recently become bitter and bordering on abusive.

It was hard for Elizabeth to "know her role" when she was the one bringing in all the money. And her traditional Lebanese family, God! All they kept harping on was her having a baby. When are you going to have a baby? She was so proud to have graduated at the top of her class and gained a slot at this incredible company. "Are you pregnant?" her parents had asked excitedly when she surprised them with news of her new job. "No, I'm just starting a $100,000 a year job with a top Fortune 500 company." They were actually disappointed! Elizabeth was enraged.

Now here she was with this gorgeous, successful, single guy drooling all over her. The look of shock on his face when she told him she was married almost broke her heart too. Evan may have thought he was sly, but he was obviously ogling her all morning. Her husband hadn't looked at her like that for years and had even started making fun of her "fat ass" which Evan had just been enjoying.

"Oh! Come on Evan I have to show you something!" Elizabeth chirped and grabbed his hand.

Evan allowed himself to be pulled into a meeting room with a massive glass window bordering one side.

"It is so beautiful, is it not?" Elizabeth said, staring out at the city abuzz with midday traffic. The oddly erratic nature of streets built for the horse and buggy was beautiful to behold on this sunny fall day.

"Oh yeah," Evan said dejectedly. Why was she torturing him like this? Before he could even finish that thought, Elizabeth turned and kissed Evan full on the lips. Still in shock, he stood there as Elizabeth broke off the kiss and turned away from him.

"Oh God, what am I doing? I am so sorry Evan." Tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Without waiting for a reply Evan turned her back to him and embraced her firmly. Leaning in to kiss away her tears, the two began making out like their plane was going down.

After longing for hours to touch her, to feel her body, this was a glorious release for Evan. Guilt and shame caused a seemingly physical pain in his chest, but lust had gotten the better of him. He knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't resist running his fingers through Elizabeth's long, dark hair as they kissed. Their lips danced and tongues dipped. Evan brought his hands from her hair to the soft skin of her cheeks as she plunged her tongue deep into his mouth.

Elizabeth was so ashamed, she felt like a whore, a cheating slut. Despite those feelings, she couldn't bring herself to stop. Evan's firm hands running through her hair and along her cheeks quenched her longing for such gentle caresses. His hard cock pressed to her thigh as she kissed him with abandon. It felt so much bigger than her husband's. She ran her hands over his rough, unshaven cheeks as Evan's hands began to wander further south.

Evan danced his fingers down her neck, onto her shoulders, and quickly removed her suit jacket. Elizabeth's arms were pinned in her half-stripped state, now wearing more of a straightjacket than suit jacket. Evan began to lightly grasp her full breasts. Spurred on by Elizabeth's acquiesense, Evan began unbuttoning her creamy white blouse.

Powerless to stop Evan, Elizabeth gave in to him. She was so horny, she could feel herself getting wet. Like Evan's boyish crush, she hadn't felt like this in years. So desirable, so sexy that Evan had to have her. Not a word passed between them as Evan peeled aside her now sweaty blouse. The gleaming whiteness of her bra accentuated Elizabeth's bronzed skin. Deftly unhooking her bra, Evan tore himself briefly from her lips and gazed at her nakedness.

"God, you are so sexy Elizabeth. I'm sorry, I can't stop," Evan looked into her gorgeous brown eyes. He took her wide grin to be an open invitation. Evan stooped to take her exposed breast into his mouth. Her dark nipples were erect, both due to the excitement and the unnaturally cool office air.

"We should not do thisssssss," Elizabeth trailed off as Evan licked and sucked her nipple. He was so gentle with her, Elizabeth knew she was going to let him do whatever his heart desired, her husband be damned.

Dropping to his knees in front of her, Evan began to kiss down from her beautiful breasts to her belly button. Elizabeth obviously didn't work out and her tummy was soft his touch. The clasp of her tight dress pants was easily undone and Evan ran his hands around her waist, pulling them down.

Elizabeth could feel her stomach tingling with excitement as Evan peeled her tight pants down to the floor. The smell of her sex was strong and she gasped as she saw her pretty white panties soaked with her wetness.

Evan eased her pants to her ankles as Elizabeth stepped out of them, her black high heels looking ever so sexy. As Evan was running his hands back up, along her thighs, Elizabeth was thankful she shaved before coming to town. Evan stood and took her visage in. Elizabeth looked absolutely gorgeous. A sexy, mischievous grin on her face, her beautiful dark hair cascading to her shoulders... Her curvaceous bust, smooth stomach, and wide hips presented an amazing hourglass figure. The slutty look of her soaking wet panties and black high heels caused his erection to strain against the flimsy material of his pants.

Elizabeth grinned as she saw Evan take her in. She felt so sexy in her new shoes, in fact she felt more desirable than she had in a long time. After giving Evan a few seconds to ogle her further, she was getting a little tired of sucking her stomach in and pushing her chest out.

"I think you are a little over-dressed for this meeting Evan," Elizabeth stated in the most serious voice she could muster. Kneeling on the carpeted floor, she began unbuckling Evan's belt.

"Oh god, you look so gorgeous Elizabeth. But.... we shouldn't do this...," Evan murmured reluctantly as his pants slid to the floor. His boxers quickly followed, but he began feeling more and more guilty.

"Oh my!" Elizabeth gasped. Evan's was the first white cock she had seen, the first cock that wasn't her husband's that she had seen in years. He wasn't huge, but at a swollen seven inches long, he was larger than both her husband and her expectations.

"What about your..... husba-ohhhh," Evan's guilty conscience was quickly subdued as Elizabeth began gently kissing and licking the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm," Elizabeth hummed as she slurped on the copious pre-cum covering the head of Evan's cock.

"Ohhhhh, Jesus Elizabeth. Yes, yes!" Evan could not believe the great release he felt as Elizabeth's warm, wet mouth engulfed his cock. He'd been dreaming of this for hours. He gazed down at this naughty angel at his feet. Elizabeth was kneeling, her high heels still on, with half his cock in her mouth and the other half being stroked by her left hand. Her glimmering diamond ring sparkled like the gleam in her eye when she caught him staring at her.

"Do you like what you see? Your big, hard cock between my lips? Hmmmmm?" Elizabeth couldn't belief how sexy she felt. She might be the one on her knees, but Evan was at her mercy.

The humming lips on the head of his cock and the excitement of the moment were getting to Evan. "Please, slow down Elizabeth."

"Awwww, is the big bad banker going to cummmmmm?" Elizabeth teased. She had been out of practice, but obviously knew what she was doing. Her husband had been such an asshole; she hadn't sucked his cock in years. Their love life had trailed off to the occasional romp after a few drinks. Elizabeth couldn't remember the last time they had had sex. Absorbed in her anger at her husband, she continued to stroke and suck harder and harder on Evan's cock.

"Please Elizabeth, please slow down!"

Ignoring Evan's plea, Elizabeth continued to stroke Evan's cock faster and faster. Grinning up at him, she continued her taunting. "Mmmmm, that bastard!" Her bitter comments were muffled by the slick penis on her tongue. It didn't matter, she didn't want Evan to hear her anyway.

"Elizabeth, I'm cumming, Please I... Slow down! I'm... I'm... AHHHHHH!" Evan begged to no avail as he felt his orgasm rising quickly from his balls and erupting from his engorged cock. "Ohhhhh God, Elizabeth.......," the rush of euphoria flowed quickly over Evan as the tension eased from his system.

Snapping Elizabeth from her rage inspired, vigorous fellatio, was the first shot of cum spurting from Evan's cock into her mouth. One spurt, then two, then three. Thick gobs of cum quickly filled her mouth before Elizabeth thought to release Evan's cock. Half choking on his cum, Elizabeth was shocked as Evan's twitching cock quickly smeared his cum over the soft left cheek he had caressed just minutes before. Coughing slightly, cum dripped from her mouth to her breasts.

As Evan's cum slowed from a torrent to a trickle, he gazed down at the perverted scene at his feet. There was Elizabeth, still holding his cock in her left hand. His cum coated her left cheek and was dribbling down her chin. Her firm, brown breasts were splattered with his cum, which looked ever so white against her dark skin. As she grinned at him, half in shock, cum flowed from the corner of her mouth. It was like his dirtiest fantasy had come to life at his feet.

"Evan, how could you!? Look at me!?" Elizabeth snapped, rising to face him. She knew she looked as slutty as she felt. At the same time, she felt better about herself sexually than she had for ages. She had this gorgeous guy (literally) in the palm of her hand, bringing him to orgasm in minutes and unable to control himself.

"Oh my God, Elizabeth! I'm so sorry. I, I warned you, you were so hot. I couldn't stop, I, I..."

As Evan turned from hunk to a humble idiot, Elizabeth had one more surprise in store for him. Gently shushing him with a finger on his lips, she stooped and removed her panties. Gently dabbing her chin and cheeks, like she would with a napkin in a fine restaurant, she then dropped it to the floor.

"Delicious," was all she said before sitting in the nearest chair and spreading her legs lewdly. "Now taste me."

Evan could hardly believe this was happening. This had to be the craziest sex he'd ever had. Elizabeth just gave him the most amazing blowjob, let him cum all over her face, and wiped it off with her own panties! Not wanting to disappoint her, he quickly made his way to her lap.

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