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Evelyn's Nude Awakening


My first venture into Romance. Send me your emails with critical points please. Oh, I hope you enjoy it as well.

Evelyn smiled with content when she felt the warmth of the morning sun on her bare skin. She stood on the back veranda of her secluded beach house and closed her eyes as she luxuriated in the peace and tranquillity of her surroundings. The sun's warm smile kissed her upturned face, and the cool breath of the sea breeze teased her walnut dark nipples to hardness. As she basked in the morning sun, Evelyn listened to the powerful sound of the sea as the rolling tide crashed against the breakwater a short distance away along the shoreline.

Evelyn had been very pleased to find her beach house. It had taken some doing; months of searching for just the right place; and now she was so glad she'd persevered. As she lay in her bed at night she would listen to the soft lullaby of the waves breaking over the sand when the tide was right. It was at moments like this, moments when she could move naked and free around the house and garden that Evelyn gave thanks for her good fortune.

She had been dreaming of leaving the city for a long time, and it had been Aunt Jane that had finally given Evelyn the chance to realise her dream. Her Aunt had bequeathed a considerable sum of money to Evelyn in her will, and as saddened as Evelyn had been by the passing of her beloved Aunt, the money had meant that Evelyn could choose the path she longed to follow for so long.

As soon as she'd found the beach house, Evelyn left her job without once looking back or a moment of regret. That had been six months ago, and now she was revelling in her first summer by the sea.

She spent her days idly exploring the surrounding area, and took long walks along the shoreline with Buster, her golden Labrador. She dabbled in paints; not because of any particular latent skill or talent, but simply because she found she was drawn to do so, and now that she had the financial freedom to indulge herself, she thought - why not?

Evelyn sighed and opened her eyes, then, starting at the broad swell of her hips she ran her hands over the soft, honey coloured skin of her body. She felt the softness of her belly with the tips of her fingers and then cupped her tight breasts in her hands. Evelyn dreamily fingered the stiff points of her nipples and savoured the gently insistent heartbeat throb that seemed to connect her puckered teats and her suddenly attentive clitoris. At the very moment Evelyn decided to move back into the house, perhaps to surrender to her carnal urges, she suddenly realised that she wasn't alone. There, standing by the small garden shed, completely immobile, stood an unkempt young man.

The shock of realisation burst across Evelyn's senses and she gasped involuntarily. She realised that she was perfectly framed in the doorway, and that the young man had observed her nudity and intimate caresses.

Even in the shock and surprise of the moment, Evelyn's mind jumped forward in a surreal moment of lucidity. She was aware of the man's pale eyes studying her intently, and even though he was an intruder and trespassing on her property, Evelyn felt no air of danger whatsoever. Somehow, she sensed that the man meant her no harm, and in fact the presence of his backpack on his shoulders indicated that she had probably caught the man by surprise just as he was leaving. It looked as though he had merely used Evelyn's shed as a shelter for the night, and was making his exit when Evelyn had framed herself so candidly in the doorway.

It was uncanny how the presence of the stranger caused Evelyn no discomfort at all, even the fact that she was stood on the veranda naked as the day she was born didn't feel like much of consequence to Evelyn.

Having made no noise during the night, or even given any sign that he was aware of the stranger on his territory, Buster the Labrador dog gave a belated 'chuff', and jogged over to the stranger with his tail sweeping from side to side in greeting.

The stranger spoke as Buster sniffed at his legs inquisitively. 'I'm sorry,' he said, and Evelyn found herself quietly mesmerised by the pale blue of his eyes. His eyes captivated her so fully that Evelyn completely forgot her nudity, and she merely stared back at the man mutely. The man unconcernedly ruffled the fur on Buster's head and held Evelyn's gaze for a moment. 'I'm sorry,' he repeated. 'I was only using the shed for a bedroom last night. I meant no harm and I'll... er... be on my way now, ma'am.' The young man stooped, picked up a battered guitar case, and with Buster dancing around his heels made his exit.

Evelyn stood transfixed for long seconds after the young man had gone. She had found him deeply disturbing, not for reasons of his trespass, but for the way in which Evelyn felt drawn to him. She felt as though he was connected to her somehow, as though there was some bond between them. The memory of his pale eyes pierced her, and it was only the feel of Buster's soft fur against her legs that finally roused Evelyn from her reverie. When she had returned to the here and now, Evelyn realised that she had exposed her completely naked body to the young man and that she had made no effort whatsoever to cover her nudity. Her face flushed beet red at the memory, and the flush crept down over neck and shoulders as her embarrassment deepened.

'Some bloody guard dog you are,' she scolded Buster playfully and then rubbed the top of his furry head when the dog returned from accompanying the stranger from the premises. Then, with the stranger's pale blue eyes in her thoughts, Evelyn walked back inside to begin the routine of her day.

*** Shit, Jason thought as he walked along the shore after leaving the garden. Shit, she was just so beautiful standing there in the doorway. The woman had caught him off guard, just as he was making what he hoped would be a clean getaway, she'd arrived on the back veranda with perfect timing. At first Jason thought he'd been caught and that the woman was going to threaten him with all manner of legal action, but then he'd noticed she was completely naked, and he froze on the spot.

Miraculously, it appeared as thought he woman hadn't even seen Jason standing against the shed, and he'd had those few precious moments to study her glorious, golden brown, symmetrical curves. He drank in the sight of her long, elegant, well shaped legs, the swell of her hips, and the inward sweep to her waist. He saw the teardrop shape of her high, tight breasts, and had noticed the tightening of her nipples in reaction to the cool sea breeze. Her pretty face looked entirely serene in the time before she noticed him standing there, and he was stirred by the picture of the woman's long blue/black hair as the tendrils gently caressed the upper slopes of her sweet breasts. He was also smitten by the image of her when he remembered how she'd run her hands in sensual appreciation over the curves of her body.

'Damn,' he whispered to himself and shook his head slowly from side to side. Jason felt the same attraction to Evelyn; as unbeknownst to him; was reciprocated by his mystery woman. It wasn't just her nudity that had caused such an emotional backlash within Jason's psyche, it was more the aura of the woman as she'd stood completely unguarded as she savoured the warmth of the sun on her exposed body. He recognised Evelyn's innate kindness, her genuine goodness, and although he couldn't put words to the feeling, he recognised that it was a connection on a spiritual level. 'You're going batty, mate,' he smiled to himself ruefully. Love at first sight? Pah! It was only because she was a looker and she was starker - Get over it! Jason moved his backpack around his shoulders, and then taking a firmer grip on the handle of his beaten and bashed guitar case, he made his way towards the town centre and tried to put the early morning image out of his mind.

He carefully counted he change he kept in the inside pocket of his old coat, and then was pleasantly surprised to find a forgotten pound coin in the lining. Must be my lucky day, he thought and decided to go the whole hog and to treat himself to a full breakfast, the providence of his find meant that Jason now had enough cash to buy the rare treat of a cooked breakfast.

Jason sat amidst the morning rush in the bustling café next to the railway station and sniffed the air appreciatively as his stomach awoke to the delicious scent of cooking breakfasts. He ate his meal with ravenous appetite and slurped the delicious hot tea from the huge mug that the young waitress banged down onto his table without ceremony.

When he could linger no more amongst the jokes and banter between the café staff and the obvious regulars, Jason reluctantly left the convivial atmosphere and ventured out into the warmth of the day. He set himself up in a position in front of the railway station and unpacked his guitar. He left the guitar case open as an invitation to passers by to show their appreciation, and soon the mystery nude was forgotten as he fingered the chords to his repertoire and sang along.

Jason stayed playing to the passing crowd until 10am and finally decided that he'd made all the money he was likely to make in that spot, and besides he was expecting the so far benign local police to move him on soon. Just as he was singing the closing lines to his final song, Jason looked up and noticed the woman from the beach house coolly appraising him, the faithful Labrador sitting patiently by her feet.

'Hiya, fellah,' Jason said to Buster, and then smiled across to the woman. 'Hello again,' he said shyly this time as she continued to stare at him.

'Well well,' she smiled after rousing herself from her apparent trance. 'It appears we're destined to bump into each other today.' She blinked rapidly several times when she realised the aptness of her words when compared to the strange feelings she'd had following their earlier encounter.

'Uh, yeh,' Jason murmured, slightly perturbed by the intensity of the woman's stare. 'Look, I'm... er, sorry about this morning... The shed thing and all, I don't mean you being...' He was going to say 'naked', but stopped the word just as it was about to burst from behind his teeth in an embarrassing bubble.

Evelyn's laughter caught Jason by surprise. 'That's ok,' she said, the amusement obvious in her tone. Then, with a sudden change in demeanour she became serious. 'Look,' Evelyn said in a low voice, 'I'm not sure why, but...' She faltered unsure of how to continue. 'Oh, God,' Evelyn sighed exasperated. She wanted to tell Jason how she felt. How she was inexplicably drawn to him. How she found the blue of his eyes captivating, and how she wanted to get to know him, but the madness of those thoughts overwhelmed her and her courage poured away. 'Shit,' she said vehemently, and Buster cocked his head towards her, a puzzled look on his fuzzy features. Evelyn looked directly at Jason, straight into those hypnotic eyes – 'Do you want to go for a coffee?' she asked finally.

Bemused by Evelyn's initial words, and surprised by the unexpected invitation, Jason heard himself saying, 'Yeh... Er, sure, that'd be great,' and the next conscious act he could recall was that he was following the mystery woman and her dog into the same café he'd been in earlier.

Jason's return was to be short lived. 'No dogs in 'ere, love, sorry.' The big man with the florid complexion called out from behind his counter. 'Not my rules, you 'unnerstand,' he shook his head as though saddened. 'If I 'ad my way... Well, dogs'd be no problem.' He gave a loud guffaw, 'And I reckon they'd be a damn sight more welcome than some I get in 'ere, but...' He shrugged his large shoulders and smiled apologetically.

Jason, Evelyn and the unfortunate canine stood outside the café. Buster, who didn't take offence at the foibles of humankind waited patiently for someone to make a decision, and eventually after several awkward seconds had ticked past Evelyn suggested that they return to the beach house.

'Are you sure?' Jason asked, surprised again by the way his fortunes were shaping that day.

'Well... Yes... Yes I am.' Evelyn replied, almost as if she was trying to convince herself. She nodded her head emphatically. 'Quite sure,' she affirmed. She was still a little doubtful however, surprised at her own suggestion really. What was she thinking of? Inviting a total stranger to her house, but she really was drawn to him, those eyes...

Fifteen minutes later Jason was sitting self-consciously in Evelyn's kitchen, Buster curled up at his feet under the table while Evelyn sat opposite.

'I must admit,' Evelyn began slowly, speaking as though she were thinking out loud and not to Jason. 'I have no idea why I asked you back here.' She paused and looked into Jason's face. 'It's just...' She struggled to find the words. 'It's just that since I saw you this morning, in the garden.' Evelyn blushed at the oblique reminder of her nudity at their first encounter. 'I dunno,' she shrugged, 'I was just... drawn to you.' Evelyn laughed then, more out of her embarrassment than amusement. 'Shit,' she sighed in exasperation. 'I can't explain it, I was drawn to you and then... There you were, outside the station, large as life...' Evelyn stumbled to a halt, unsure of what she was actually trying to say. The truth was that she had no idea herself, and she had hardly had time to analyse just what it was she actually felt.

'I sort of know what you mean.' Jason's voice startled Evelyn and brought her fully back to the moment. 'I felt something too.' Now it was Jason's turn to struggle for words. 'Not just 'cos you were naked,' he hurriedly said, immediately horrified by his perceived gaffe. He looked at Evelyn, his chagrin evident on his features. 'I mean... It's not... It's just...'

The look on Jason's face, the sheer desperation written all over his good looking, if slightly grimy features made Evelyn laugh and helped to break the tension that had built up unseen between them.

'It's ok, really,' Evelyn smiled at Jason's continued discomfort. 'I was nude. I know it; you know it, big deal.'

Jason grinned across the table, 'Oh, I know it alright,' he said with renewed confidence.

'So what?' Evelyn responded. 'It's normally quiet here, no trespassers,' she said pointedly, but with a smile intended to take the sting from her words. 'I often go naked. I find it so... liberating.' Jason sat unresponsive. 'So,' Evelyn said brightly as she changed tack. 'Tell me, what were you doing in my shed? Don't you have anywhere to stay?'

Jason regarded Evelyn with his disconcerting, pale blue stare. He began slowly, and then over the next half an hour told Evelyn his complete story. He told the increasingly enthralled Evelyn of how he had taken to the streets aged seventeen, three years previously, following a protracted and increasingly bitter feud with his father. It was the apparently common story of a teenager on the streets. He'd suffered at first, learned a few hard lessons, but eventually he'd adapted. He'd met some interesting people, and had some good experiences as well as the bad. Forever the optimist he'd surprisingly kept his faith in human nature. He managed to keep himself clothed, sort of, and fed, mostly, through a combination of entertaining people with his guitar and the occasional odd job. He'd seen quite a lot of life, but was remarkably unscarred.

When Jason finished his tale, Evelyn surprised herself by standing and moving to the young man who sat rather forlornly at her table. She kissed his cheek gently, and immediately noticed that Jason could use a hot bath. A sudden, unexpected flood of emotion caused tears to well in Evelyn's eyes. The poor boy, he'd been through so much compared to her comparatively easy life, and Evelyn felt sympathy for Jason overwhelm her already naturally kind heart.

'Stay here,' Evelyn said before she realised that the words were out of her mouth. .

'What?' Jason responded incredulously, not understanding.

'Stay here. Stay here with me – and Buster, for as long as you need. ' Evelyn repeated the invitation, finding the repetition sent a thrill of anticipation through her body. What was she thinking about to react in such a way? 'But,' she continued, ignoring the sudden burst of the thrill, 'you need a bath first. So please...' Evelyn smiled at Jason as she stood. She held out her hand and Jason rose slowly to his feet.

Evelyn led the young man to her bathroom and left him to bathe in private.

As Jason ran the bath, Evelyn prepared a quick, light lunch, and when he reappeared with a towel around his waist his eyes widened with pleasure at the simple fare waiting for him on the table.

When Evelyn saw Jason her heart swelled at the sight of his lean figure. The poor man, she thought to herself. So young, and yet he's been through so much... Once again the sudden onset of unexpected emotion caught Evelyn by surprise and she felt the hot tears bubble up under her eyelids.

'What's the matter?' Jason asked with genuine concern in his voice. He'd noticed the single, fat tear as it trickled slowly down Evelyn's cheek.

'I don't know,' Evelyn replied truthfully. 'It's a strange day, I can't explain.' The feeling of connection grew between them, both of them feeling the pull simultaneously this time. Jason regarded Evelyn levelly, and she returned his stare just as directly. The room was as silent as it could get. There was only the sound of the waves and Buster's mild snoring as he lay under the table in the cool. Then Evelyn whispered, 'Come here, hold me... Please.'

As if he was in a fugue, some kind of dream state, Jason walked slowly towards Evelyn and hesitantly closed his arms around her. He pulled her close and felt her firm yet pliable body mould to his. As they embraced, Jason could smell the soft scent of Evelyn's shampoo and he pushed his face into the shining hair and sniffed gently.

Suddenly his body reacted to the sensual overload. The feel of Evelyn's unfamiliar, firm yet pliable body pressing against him, the scent of her and the sudden vivid recollection of her nudity that morning caused a reaction within his own flesh. His penis stiffened with shocking speed and ardour, and Jason felt the almost overwhelming urge to kiss Evelyn surge through him.

Evelyn was just soaking up the comfort she felt from being wrapped in Jason's arms. In spite of having just met, she felt safe and secure as he held her tightly. She was thinking about how right it all felt, how he could maybe be the person with whom she'd want to spend some time with, to get to know better - a lot better. How could she feel this way after such a short time? The situation was both overpoweringly emotional for her, but wildly exhilarating at the same time. Then, she felt the bold, insistent push of Jason's sudden excitement against her body.

'Oh my God,' Evelyn exclaimed when she looked between their bodies and saw what was happening.

'I'm sorry,' Jason blurted, horrified by his body's betrayal. He pushed Evelyn away, his face burning, 'I couldn't help it... You're so pretty... You smell so nice... It's been a while since...' Poor Jason was at a complete loss. He floundered on the rocky shore of his chagrin and embarrassment.

Evelyn's mind was in turmoil. It wasn't that Jason's erection offended her, far from it; it was the reaction of her own body in response that caused her thoughts to whirl. The force of the lust that pulsed along her veins caused Evelyn's breath to catch in her throat. She felt her insides melt and her internal muscles clench. Her clitoris suddenly throbbed as her vulva grew oily, and her nipples puckered and then pulsed in time with the beat between her legs. It had been a long time since Evelyn had felt the animal power of a man, felt that power she could wield over a man as well, but it was more than the instinctive need which shocked Evelyn, she could have sworn that she actually felt drawn to Jason through a pull that went far deeper than her aroused genitalia, the attraction to him seemed to draw her through her womb.

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