Even Steven


Andrea licked his throbbing shaft as she stood, and then followed the strong guidance of his hands back to the couch. She started to sit, but he grabbed her hip to stop her, and then pushed on her leg. Kyle silently guided her to her knees, his cock twitching in anticipation in front of her, and then tugged on the back of her head until she was on her hands and knees.

Kyle took his cock in hand and moved in front of her, pressing it against her lips. Andrea eagerly opened wide to admit him, and moaned around his cock as it slipped into her mouth.

Kyle growled as he gathered her hair into a handle. He then leaned over her, lay his hand on her upraised ass, and fucked her mouth.

Andrea groaned as his thick cock stretched her lips, pumping in and out of her mouth. He kept his strokes short and slow, watching her lips slide over him, coating his cock in her saliva.

Andrea felt tense excitement — tinged with just a bit of apprehension — as his cock slid into her mouth. He was taking her, something she'd never experienced before. The dull pain of his hand tugging at the roots of her hair only seemed to fan the flames of her desire higher.

"Ah," Kyle sighed, and then squeezed her tight ass before standing up straight again. He pulled out of her mouth long enough to step out of his pants, and then pushed against her lips again. His cock pumped faster, and Andrea coughed around him as he hit the back of her tongue, gagging her.

Andrea curled her fingers around the base of his shaft in an attempt to keep him out of her throat. Kyle's other hand fisted into her hair, holding her still as he fucked her face. His hips moved ever faster, matching the pace of his breathing. Grunts and groans began to escape him, and Andrea knew that he was getting close.

If he noticed the occasional scrape of her teeth over his hard flesh, he didn't show any sign of it. Andrea could taste the pre-cum dribbling from him, filling her mouth with flavor.

Kyle's hips fell out of rhythm, the pumps of his cock into her mouth growing erratic. He growled, and then stiffened with a loud, deep cry, pulling Andrea's hair even harder. Andrea's eyes popped open when his cock erupted with hard spurts of cum.

Andrea moaned as he filled her mouth. She sucked him with short strokes of her lips, milking him of his viscous cream. Andrea swallowed without releasing him, feeling his cum slip down her throat to settle warmly in her belly.

Kyle tugged her mouth off his cock with a grunt, and Andrea licked her lips as she watched a final ooze bubble up from him, to dribble down the swollen purple head of his cock. He leaned against the couch to support his trembling legs a moment later.

Andrea sat back on her knees, watching him twitch and pant for breath. One hand slipped between her legs to tease her need as he settled down from erupting in her mouth.

Kyle smiled and watched her playing with her pussy, prompting her to break out into a coquettish grin. Andrea reclined on the couch, resting her head on arm, and spread her legs wide. She then parted her nether lips, giving him a good look at the wet, pink center.

As Andrea sucked her fingers to wet them, Kyle sat down on the couch to watch her masturbate for him.

"You came a lot," Andrea said as her fingers probed into her tight canal.

"You want me to eat that pussy?"

"Oh, god — yes." Andrea replied as she grabbed her knee to pull it up next to her face. She held it in place by curling her hand around her foot as Kyle leaned over her.

Kyle took a deep breath of her arousal, drinking in the sight of her, and then dived into her pussy.

Andrea's eyes closed tight as he spread her pussy lips and stabbed his tongue inside her. He absolutely devoured her, his tongue licking, probing, and flicking over her in a rapid caress. He suckled her folds, drawing them between his lips to tease them with his tongue.

Andrea's hands move to the back of his head, but he didn't let her take control. He teased and tantalized her, only giving her clit just enough attention to keep her slowly building toward an explosion. No matter how hard she pulled his face toward her, or lifted her hips toward his mouth, he stayed in control.

After what felt like hours, Andrea was on the edge. Her body thrummed with energy from the hot pressure of an impending orgasm. The tingling buzz in her clit had her panting — nearly hyperventilating. Just as she was about to tumble over the edge, Kyle pulled back with his lips closed around her hood, and let her needy flesh pop free of his lips.

"Oh no — don't stop," Andrea begged, her pussy afire.

Kyle breathed deeply of her scent and held her legs wide apart. When she tried to push past the final barrier between her and orgasm with her fingers, he stopped her from reaching her pussy by grabbing her wrist.

Andrea whimpered and pouted, but Kyle allowed only the warm kiss of his breath to stimulate her. Her fires cooled — at least enough to keep her from feeling as though she would burst if she didn't come now.

Then, his tongue assaulted her again.

Over and over again, he brought her to the brink of oblivion, only to deny her the release that she so desperately needed. Andrea's throat grew dry and hoarse from crying out, and her wetness ran in streams down her buttocks from her quivering pussy. Her vision dimmed as she ascended toward a peak again, expecting to be denied once more.

At long last, he let her come.

Andrea let out a long, ear-piercing shriek, one leg snapping down the floor to support her body as her back arched up from the couch. Her scream trailed off as she ran out of air, but she barely noticed the lack of oxygen for the ecstasy coursing through her. His rapidly moving tongue held her suspended — breathless and with her muscles as tight as a bowstring.

A noisy gasp drew air back into her starved lungs, and her ass fell to the couch once more. Her orgasm was far from done with her, however — and Kyle wasn't finished either. His tongue continued to dance over her, drawing sharp yelps from her as fast as she could suck in enough breath to voice them.

Her body shook as if from an inner quake, completely beyond her control. The entire world around her shrank to her tingling pussy, her tightly clenched womb, and the electric jolts of ecstasy shooting to every inch of her from them.

Even when Kyle sat up to clean her juices from his face, Andrea kept coming. Even the slightest swirl of air or twitch of her pussy lips caused another wave to pass through her. She could barely breathe, and she felt as if someone had lit a fire inside her.

Andrea went limp, her orgasm finally releasing her. Still gasping for breath, she forced her eyelids to flutter open, and found Kyle watching her, squeezing his half-hard cock.

"D-drink. Oh god," she stammered, still quivering from the aftereffects of her climax.

She didn't even realize that he'd left until he was standing next to the couch, holding a bottle of water near her. With his help, she managed to sit up, and then drink.

"That was good," Kyle said, still standing over her. "Never had anyone take it as long as you."

"I thought I was going to die," Andrea breathed, "but oh my god."

"Fuck, you are hot when you come. I love the way you scream." Kyle's fully erect cock danced before her eyes.

Despite still not having fully recovered her wits, the sight of his cock — hard and ready — left her feeling a void deep inside her. "I want you. I want your cock."

"Hand and knees," he growled, and then took the water from her to sit it down on the end table.

A final shiver from her previous orgasm shook Andrea as she moved to obey. Kyle wasted no time, moving in behind her as she rested her arms on the arm of the couch. One of his hands gripped her waist, while the other guided him inside her. His cock sank into her soaked pussy — balls deep with the first hard thrust.

Andrea groaned as his big cock stretched her, pushing through her resistance to knock at the entrance of her womb. The tip settled inside her for only a fraction of a second, and then slipped back out with hot friction, until the rim of his cockhead popped free of her canal. Then, he thrust again.

Kyle's fingers dug into Andrea's waist as he took her, hard and fast. He pulled back on her hips with each thrust, causing their bodies to collide with resounding smacks. His balls slapped against her with every stroke, the smooth orbs sending shocks through her clit.

"God, that pussy feels good," Kyle groaned as he fucked her.

"Oh, your cock's so good. Fuck me," Andrea begged in return.

One of Kyle's hands slipped from her waist, down to the juices dripping from around his fast-thrusting cock. Once it was slick, he answered Andrea's unspoken question by pressing his thumb into the puckered iris of her ass.

Andrea yelped in surprise and instinctively lurched her hips, but his strong hands held her in place. His thumb only penetrated to the first knuckle, but after the shock passed, Andrea discovered that it felt much bigger — deeper. It was the first time anyone had ever touched her ass, and Andrea now wondered why she had always stopped anyone who tried. If she had known how good it was going to feel, she would have begged for it.

Her arousal surged as his thumb stretched her ass and his cock pounded deep into her pussy. Andrea bent her arms to rest her head on them, the slight change in angle causing his cock to hit all sorts of new pleasure points, driving her even higher up her mountain of pleasure. Behind her, Kyle kept up his quick, powerful thrusts, grunting from a combination of effort and pleasure.

Andrea slipped one hand beneath her as the pressure of another orgasm swelled inside her. She could feel his slick shaft brushing her fingers as she rubbed her clit, and her erratically bouncing breasts caused her nipples to brush against the arm of the couch. She felt as if every inch of her was being stimulated at the same time — her mind a fog of perfect bliss.

"Faster. Harder. Take me," Andrea demanded as she neared the edge. A hot tightness deep inside her joined the electric buzz beneath her mound. She knew that she was going to come soon — come hard.

"Oh — hell yeah," Kyle exclaimed, increasing the strength and speed of his thrusts a little. "You are so fucking tight and wet."

"Fuck meee!" Andrea cried out, the word trailing off into a quavering squeal. "Ah! Ah! I... I'm gonna... Oh god! Gonna co..." A scream burst from her throat as Kyle suddenly pushed his thumb in deeper, driving her over the edge into orgasm.

"Oh yeah. You coming for me?" Kyle grunted.

"Oh god yes!" Andrea screamed. "C-c-coming!"

Kyle groaned from her walls squeezing tight around him, but pushed through the resistance to keep thrusting. Andrea continued to scream in ecstasy, her cries spiking in volume and pitch every time he drove his cock deep inside her.

Andrea was still coming when he buried his cock in her depths with the hardest thrust yet. His thumb popped free of her ass, causing her to yelp from the jolt of rapture it sent coursing through her. A second later, she moaned when his cock pulled free of her as well.

Kyle sat down, and then spun so that his legs were dangling over the edge of the couch. He grabbed Andrea's hips, and pulled the trembling woman toward him. His strong hands manipulated her like a puppet, pulling one of her legs to the other side of him as he slid his ass to the edge of the couch. She ended up sitting on his lap with his hard, slick cock nestled in the cleft of her ass.

Andrea gasped as he grabbed her waist and pulled her to lean back against him. As soon as she braced her hands on the couch behind her, Kyle lifted her ass and popped his cock back in front of her. He guided it back inside her, and then pulled his hand back through to grasp her hips. Andrea cried out as he pulled her down hard on his cock.

Even though she was on top, he was still in control. Kyle thrust up into her, using his powerful legs and abdominal muscles to drive his cock home. Though still twitching from her previous orgasm, Andrea could feel another building inside her with astonishing speed.

Andrea planted her feet beneath her, raising her hips to give him an even better angle to enter her. Her movements coordinated perfectly with his as she bounced her ass off him, taking him deeper inside her.

In less than a minute, Andrea was on the brink again. Her face burned as a knot of restrained energy coiled ever tighter in her depths. "Oh — fuck! Gonna... Gonna come again!"

"Do it. About to come," Kyle growled.

Andrea didn't know what summoned up the thought, but she instantly thought of Steven's relentless requests to come on her face. She'd never let him do it, but wanted it from Kyle now. "I want you to come on my face," she cried out.

"Fuck yeah," Kyle said in a tight, strained voice.

"Oh! Fuck! I'm coming!" Andrea screamed, and then tumbled over the edge into orgasmic bliss.

Kyle grunted with every movement of his hips as Andrea came atop him, obviously on the brink as well. Nevertheless, Andrea squealed in surprise when he pushed her off his cock. She caught her balance by putting her feet on the floor, and then slipped down onto her knees when Kyle wriggled out from under her. He took his glistening cock in hand and started to stroke it.

Still in the throes of her own orgasm, Andrea managed to gasp out, "Come for me. Come on my face." She licked the pussy-slick helmet of his cock, and caressed her folds to keep her climax going.

Kyle let out a groan that lasted for a dozen fast pumps of his hand over his cock, and then erupted into a growling scream as he sprayed her face with cum.

The first spurt filled her mouth with flavor, decorated her upper lip, and closed her left eye — reaching all the way to her hair. The next spattered her lips and chin. A final stream ran over her tongue and down her face, to hang suspended from her chin.

"Oh yeah," Andrea moaned as he panted above her. She tickled the tip of his cum-oozing cock with her tongue, getting another taste of his cream as a reward.

Kyle sat down hard on the couch and muttered, "Fuck, you are sexy."

Andrea wiped the cum out of her eye and sat down next to the couch. She rested her head on his leg and said, "God, I needed that."

Kyle stroked her cheek and let out a sigh. "Me too. It's been a while."

Andrea climbed back up on the couch, and he wrapped his arms around her. She cuddled up against him with a content sigh, pulling his cum to her lips and reveling in the tender embrace — such a wonderful contrast to how he'd taken her, opening her eyes to her submissive side.

Steven had never really cuddled with her afterwards, and she was starting to believe that catching him getting a blowjob from some slut was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

As if summoned by her thoughts, the door opened and she turned to see Steven standing in the doorway with the redhead, his jaw dropping toward the floor. He glared at both of them, and Andrea knew that he couldn't possibly miss her cum-covered face. She took advantage of the moment, and pulled another dollop of Kyle's cream from her chin to her lips.

Steven slammed the door shut a second later.

Andrea and Kyle both shared a laugh at the unexpected, but ironic intrusion.

"I guess we're even, Steven," she said to the closed door.

Kyle looked into her eyes and stroked his fingers over her cheek, apparently unbothered by getting his cum all over them. "I think I came out ahead, actually."

Andrea moaned and cuddled up close to him. "Me too."


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