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Every 3000 Miles


As she endlessly waited in her car outside the auto shop, the leather of her car seat was beginning to stick to her thighs. It was hot, and Southern California summers were merciless. She had worn a flowy skirt, thinking it'd keep her cool. But she'd been watching the tan Cuban mechanic working on the cars in the garage, and she was starting to doubt that the heat wave was the only thing making her sweat.

It was like choreography, the fluidity of his work. Sliding in and out from underneath the cars, blindly grabbing the right tools, grease marking his strong arms where he'd rolled up his sleeves and streaks on his neck where he had wiped away sweat. She was mesmerized. She was out of sight, parked under the shade of the trees, fearlessly staring, gaping at his perfection. You are glorious she thought. He was diligently working, though every so often, he'd look up and say something apparently funny to the other mechanics. She couldn't hear, but more frustrating was that she could not see his face from so far. Turn around. Do it. Now. One...two...three. Go! Please! Look at me!! And then, he looked. Turned his head up from the hood of the car and looked. Straight at her, into her eyes. Into her SOUL. She had to check herself. Had she said that out loud? She was so flustered, she almost didn't notice him smiling at her. No, not a friendly mechanic smile, but a smirk. A sexy smirk. Okay. Two can play that game. She half smiled at him. He straightened up from bending over the car and started wiping his hands on his work towel, all the while smiling. She winked at him. She started laughing to herself. She was determined to have fun with him. Biting her lip, she waved. He flashed a look of surprise, and then looked at the other mechanics, checking to see if anyone had seen her. No, they had all already left for the lunch hour. Then he did the unthinkable. He walked out of the garage towards her car.

Uh oh. She fumbled with her seat belt and fixed her skirt, trying to move her thighs on the hot leather. She had barely unbuckled herself when he leaned down and tapped on the window. She rolled it down and mustered a somewhat alluring "Hi." She could see how attractive he was now. His eyes were hazel, almost green in the summer sun. And just looking at them, she knew he was up to no good. Good.

"You know, you really shouldn't run your AC when you're parked." She hadn't expected an environmental lecture, and definitely not from a voice that could melt butter. "There's a nice breeze today, you should leave your windows open."

"It's been so hot though." She attempted seductive. "A breeze just isn't enough, you know?"

He smiled again. Oh, what a smile.

"Yeah, I definitely know. So what are you in for?" He saw the sticker in the corner of her windshield. "Ah, your chart says an oil check."

"Whatever you say doctor." She couldn't stop smiling, his smirk was infectious. And her skirt seemed to be slowly sliding up her legs all on its own. He glanced down and saw her soft skin in between her thighs. He cleared his throat.

"Well looks like we're on a lunch break, but I think I can take care of that for you. Why don't you step into my office?"

He guided her to move into the garage. She felt her senses were hot like the heat of the afternoon. The purr of her car pulsated to her bones. As she pulled in, she realized her thighs were wet from more than just global warming. Her underwear was damp and she could feel her pulse between her legs. She stopped the car and was about to get out, but he casually strolled back to her door, pushed down her lock through the window.

"Hey, I need to –"

"I thought you'd wanna watch me work," he simply stated, elbows perched in the open window. Then he smiled again, and she stayed put. He reached his arm through, brushing his hand along her thighs and down her leg, looking to pop open the hood. He brought his arm back up, following the same trail with his fingers. She had goose bumps all over, and the leather seat was wet with her. He was looking into her eyes as he slowly moved his hands up her knees, his palm pressed against her inner thigh. She saw him aroused through his pants. She spread her legs wider, wanting him to feel how wet she was. He took a slow breath as he cupped her through her damp underwear. His hands were warm, and his fingers were blindly searching for an opening through her cotton panties. Pulling them aside, he was greeted by her moist lips to her secret opening. He groaned, a sigh of satisfaction of his discovery and a moan for more. Her hips lifted up and enveloped his fingers into her welcoming cunt. His fingers were sliding so slick, in and out. The sound was enough to make her back arch. His thumb began simultaneously massaging her clit, playing and teasing. All the while he was looking at her. She would have liked to close her eyes and throw her head back, but the hungry look in his eyes held hers. She was mesmerized. She could hear herself panting and feel her thrusting her hips into his hand. The tingling was building up, starting small in the valley of her waist, then growing stronger, until it was an overwhelming pounding of sensation in her entire lower body. She moaned with a final wave of pleasure throughout her body and sat back, spent. Pulling his arm back through the window, he wiped his hands on his work towel, and pulled a marker out of his back pocket.

"She's running nice and smooth now," he said, almost out of breath, as he changed the date on her sticker in the corner of her windshield. "We'll see you in a few months, miss."

"See you then," she breathed. She started her car and slowly pulled out of the garage, her legs shaking as she accelerated away from the auto shop. Of the many times she'd been there, he always managed to forget to check her oil...

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by Anonymous11/12/17


What kind of rubbish car need 3000 mile oil changes?

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