Every Dick Has Its Day


"Then, what's the problem?" she asked. Her sobs turned to sniffles.

He stood quietly and stared at the beautiful, begging girl.

She implored him sincerely, "Please!"

She saw him wavering. She added, "I'll suck your dick." She reached up to unzip his pants.

"No," he said too quickly. He thought, "If she gets in my pants the jig is up."

"What can I do to change your mind? " she pleaded.

"I have a Christmas frat party on Friday night. Be my date."

"Sure," she said agreeably.

"And I pick the position."


"Stand up."

She did. He helped her. He led her around to the back of the sofa. He said, "I want to do it with you standing and leaning over the back of the couch."

"Okay." She bent over and supported her torso by placing her hands on the seat cushions.

She said, "I'm wet and ready. You can fuck me. I've been aroused all night hearing the other girls scream and orgasm. And I've been playing with my pussy using my fingers and the vibrator."

He pressed up against her so she could feel the size of the fake dick in his pants.

She shimmed her sex against it and moaned, "Mmmmm. Momma likes." He pulled back and dropped his drawers. He knelt behind her and buried his face in her ass. He motorboated her butt cheeks, rimmed her anus and then settled down and licked her pussy.

"Ahhh," he groaned.

"Oh," she cooed.

"Eating pussy never gets old," he told himself.

He ate her delicious pussy. She rolled her hips and pressed her sex against his lips and face. They both loved it.

"Savannah, you're a beautiful girl and you have a delicious pussy. I'm going to fuck you."

He grabbed the dildo. He stuck it between her legs. He rubbed it against her thighs and then her sex.

"Oh, my God! That thing's huge," she cried out anticipating how good it would feel inside her.

He set it on the floor. Then, put a hand on her back to make sure she stayed down. He slipped a finger of his other hand inside her. He said, "That big dick will be in you in a minute. Let me make sure you're ready. I'll finger you a bit and give you some lube."

He pulled out his finger and sunk his puny cock into her. She was as warm, welcoming and wonderful as the other college women had been. He lasted longer this time. He calmly and leisurely stroked his manhood in and out of her sopping pussy.

He looked down at her fabulous ass and watched his dick slip in and out her vagina.

She barely felt his noodle and became impatient. "Enough foreplay," she complained. "Do me!"

Albert became scared not knowing what she'd do if he delayed giving her the huge phallus much longer. He quickened his pace and said, "One second. I need to put some lube in you."

His nervousness, her hot body and wonderful sensation of being in her, got him off. He jammed his cock into her and fired off for the fourth time. Not much came out. The well was running dry.

"What was that all about?" she asked as he slammed his body up against her ass.


He quickly withdrew, leaned down and grabbed the flesh colored dildo. He rubbed it against her dripping snatch to lubricate it.

"Oh! That's better. Yeah. I want that," she cooed.

He placed the tip against her opening and pushed. It went in hesitantly. Not because Albert was being extra careful, but because this woman even with all her prep was tight.

"Ow. Ow. Ow!" she cried.

"Shall I stop?" he asked concerned.

"No," she took a deep breath and released it slowly. She gritted her teeth and forced her ass back, claiming another inch of silicone. "It's okay. Momma's tight and you're huge, but I can do it. Stretch me, boy. Stretch me good."

Albert took her at her word. He slid more and more inside her vagina. She moaned and groaned, but managed to take three-quarters of it."

She was sweating and panting. Her body shivers. She said, "Enough. You're up against my cervix. Fuck me," she instructed him. "But don't go in any deeper. God! Your girth is fantastic."

Albert leaned over her and fucked her with the dildo. She moaned and groaned and soon was screaming and coming as loud and as hard as her friends. She lay exhaust over the back of the sofa.

Albert was worn out too, He sat on the floor and stared at her fabulous ass, her lovely legs, and her pretty pussy. His cum oozed out her vagina. He said proudly to himself, "I hit that and I made her orgasm. I made four beautiful women scream in pleasure tonight. Damn!"

She began to stir as she came out of her orgasmic coma. He out loud said,"Shit!:

He scrambled to his feet and pulled on his pants. He didn't have time to put on his underwear. He kicked them under the sofa. He grabbed his shirt and wrapped it around the dildo. He hid it just in time.

She turned to him. She stood on her tip toes and stretched. "Mmmm. That was great. Wonderful. Everything I imagined it to be."

She hugged him and said, "I look forward to our date this Friday. That'll give my poor, used and abused, pussy time to recover."

She kissed him hard on the lips. When she broke the kiss, she looked him in the eye and said, "I'll be ready for round two."

"Me too," Albert said and he smiled. To himself, he added, "I've got to go back to the sex shop and get me a dildo for the Secret Santa exchange. I'm keeping this one."

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