tagIncest/TabooEvery Mother's Son Ch. 01

Every Mother's Son Ch. 01


All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


Robert Sheridan was home from college for the summer. He had lined up a good summer job at a local insurance company. He had hooked up with his old girlfriend and hoped that over the summer he might get her to go all the way. He had his mother's car (when she wasn't using it) and should have been looking forward to a great holiday. But he wasn't.

When Robert had arrived home in May he was surprised to find that his parents weren't getting along. In fact the atmosphere around the house was positively poisonous. Dinners were often passed without a word being spoken. Then, later in the evening there were plenty of arguments, harsh words, accusations and doors slamming. From what Robert couldn't help but overhear, his father Doug was convinced that Robert's mother was screwing around on him.

The very suggestion that his mother might be cheating on his father was completely unbelievable to Robert. When he talked to his mother and asked her what was going on, she just sighed and said that his father was really stressed at work and that he was getting all worked up about nothing and that Robert shouldn't worry about it.

But Robert was worried. Even though his mother was telling him that the issue between her and his father was no big deal, Robert could see that it was.

Doug was a senior corporate executive in a high powered job. He made a lot of money, worked long hours and traveled quite extensively. Robert's mother Kathleen had been a stay at home mom until Robert went into grade 5. Then she got her real estate license and she eventually was pretty busy with that.

Kathleen was 10 years younger than Doug. Robert's parents and got married right after Kathleen had finished high school and Robert had come along shortly after that. He had always been closer to his mom than to his dad. She had just been around more when he was growing up.

Kathleen Hanson had been the high school prom queen. With her lustrous mane of red hair and party attitude she had been one of the most popular girls in high school, at least with the guys. What Robert didn't know was that a certain amount of his mom's popularity was due to her reputation for sleeping around. She had christened the back seat of many a rusted out chevrolet with some trembling sophmore before she had finally hooked up with Robert's father. Doug was actually the older brother of one of Kathy's many high school boy friends. In her final term she had become Doug's main squeeze. There were a lot of girls at school who had a good giggle when they found out that Kathy Hanson had got knocked up just before graduation.

Now, eighteen years later, Robert's mom, with her hourglass figure and her dazzling smile still turned heads when she walked into a room. She worked out several times a week with a group of her friends and had kept herself trim and fit. She had a waspishly thin waist, long curvaceous legs and a generous chest. Even Robert's friends had remarked more than once that his mom was a fox.

Robert's parents had always got along before he went away to school. He couldn't believe that things could have changed so dramatically at home in the eight months he'd been away. He couldn't believe it until he came home early one Thursday afternoon.

The computer at the office had crashed just before lunch. By one thirty the techies were still huddled around scratching their heads and Robert's boss had told him to go home.

When Robert reached his house he was surprised to see an upscale Lexus he didn't recognize parked behind his mom's station wagon. His dad was away and Robert hadn't expected anyone to be home at that time of day.

When he walked into the kitchen, there was there was no one there and no one in the living room. Robert headed up stairs to his room to put on a pair of jeans. As he walked down the hall he could hear muffled voices coming from his parent's bedroom. The door to the bedroom was partially open. Robert just wanted to tell his mom he was home when he stopped there. What he saw in front of him made him catch his breath in amazement.

The bed faced the door at an angle. Robert saw his mother from the side and behind. She was on her knees on the bed, straddling a naked man and slowly fucking him. She was wearing a white satin blouse that was open and hiked up to her hips. Robert could clearly see the man's big cock impaling his mother's ovaled pussy. She was also wearing black nylons attached by straps to the garter belt cinching her waist. The taut straps and nylons framed his mother's ass as she rose and fell on the distended tool in her cunt, posting up and down on the top half of it in a slow and incendiary rhythm.

Robert thought the man might be one of his father's business friends but he wasn't sure. He couldn't help but hear the man moaning...

"Unnn!...Unn!...Uhh Hnnn!...Christ Katey!...That's so good!...I'm so close baby!...Don't Stop!...Please!..." and then..."Holy shit!...Who's that?..." he yelped as his eyes glanced past the red head who was riding him and noticed Robert standing just outside the door.

Robert's mom stopped her fucking motion just as she was at the top of the prone man's cock. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her son standing there. Robert looked at his mother in wide eyed disbelief. Kathleen looked at her son calmly for a long moment. Then she looked back down at the man lying beneath her. He was shifting his legs and struggling to his elbows, trying to disengage himself from her unmoving loins.

"What's going on Kath!...Jesus!...Let me up!..." the squirming man demanded.

"No Bill!...Don't!...Not yet!..." the sultry red head responded, stiffening one arm against the man's chest and forcing him back down on the bed.

"You're not done yet!..."

"But I can't!...Not now!...Not with...him... right there...!...Nahhh!..."

"Yes you can!..." Kathleen said quietly, resuming her slow fucking motion on top of Bill's rigid erection.

With hooded eyes she looked back across her shoulder at her son who stood rooted to the spot in the door, mesmerized by the lewd scene playing out in front of him. His mother was taking a little more of Bill's big cock inside her with every deliberate downward thrust of her loins. And she was obviously recapturing the distracted man's attention with her skilful fucking.

"Unnn!...Unnnn!....Oh Godddd!....Oh Kateyyy!..." Bill moaned, hesitantly reaching out for the sultry red head's hips and hunching upwards into her receptive pussy.

"Umm Hmmm!...That's it!...Umm Hmm!...Come on!..." Robert's mom encouraged, settling all the way down on Bill's up thrust cock. Robert could no longer see any of the big man's shaft, just his drum taut balls bulging under his mother's twisting ass.

"Unnn!...Unnn!...Ahhhhhh!..." Bill groaned, his legs stiffening as he bucked up under Kathleen's shimmying loins.

"That's it lover!...Finish!...Finish inside me!..." she murmured, letting one hand drift behind her ass and onto Bill's lurching testicles, her eyes once more locked on her son's. She straightened up and arched her back, her big tits thrusting arrogantly through her open satin blouse. A sly smile creased her lips as she looked at Robert's crotch.

Robert followed his mother's gaze and was shocked to see that his cock was erect and visibly tenting the front of his pants

"Come!...Come inside me!..." she urged, her eyes smoldering into her son's as she squeezed Bill's responsive nut sac.

"Mwahhhh!...Nahhhh!...Ahhh!...Godddd!..." the writhing man on the bed cried. With Kathleen's little hand warmly pressuring his balls, his come erupted in a pulsing torrent. He thrust up frantically into the red head's leeching cunt, his balls hammering in his groin.

Robert could clearly see his swollen testicles pulsing under his mother's prodding fingertips.

"Ummmm!...Yesss!...That's it!...I can feel it!...Unnn Hnn!...Unn Hnn!... Give it to me!..." Kathleen encouraged.

"Phwahh!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Oh Goddd!..." Bill moaned as his sperm gushed into Kathleen's molten center in wrenching spasms.

Robert couldn't believe the extent of his own arousal. How could his mother be so shameless!? He shouldn't even be watching this. She was his mother! But he couldn't tear his eyes away from the lewd coupling that was happening on his parent's bed. He could feel his own come building and it was all he could do to keep himself from grabbing his throbbing tool.

"Ummmm!...Unnn Hnnn!...You're making me come too!...Umm Hmm!...Ahhh!...." Kathleen hissed, her eyes returning to the man she was fucking. Robert watched as if in a trance as his mother's thighs grew taut and her loins began to shudder on the steely rod that was spewing inside her.

"Unnnnn!....Ahhh!...Goddd!...Don't stoppp!...Yesss!...Unn Hnn!... Unn Hnn!...Unn Hnn!..." were the groans and gasps that came from the two people that were heaving against each other in the throes of their mutual orgasm.

It was only when a stream of come began to seep from his mother's sodden pussy and trickle down over Bill's balls that Robert collected himself enough to stagger down the hall and into his own room.

He stood there, barely breathing as he tried to comprehend what he had just seen. Obviously his mother was screwing around on his father. He wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. But he had. And the vision of his mother's cunt stuffed with some stranger's swollen cock made him cringe with shame and unwanted excitement. How was he going to look his mother in the eye?

He was barely aware of the anxious, whispered voices coming from his parent's bedroom. The man was saying things like..."Who the hell is that?...What do you mean, he's your son?..." and..."If Doug finds out..." and his mother was saying..." He won't!..." and... "I'll take care of it!..." and..."Don't worry!..."

There was a little more muted conversation and shortly after that the back door closed and Robert could hear the car starting up down below and then pulling out of the driveway. He stood there for a little longer and then decided he need to get out of the house and get some air.

He had just left his room when his mother appeared at the top of the stairs. They both stopped and looked at each other. Robert's mind was full of confusion. If nothing else, he wasn't used to seeing his mother naked from the waist down, wearing only high heels, stockings and an unbuttoned satin blouse.

For her part, Kathleen regarded her son with calculating eyes. She noticed the way his eyes kept darting down to her exposed pussy and then back up to her face and she apparently made up her mind. With an amused grin curling the edges of her mouth, she sidled towards Robert as she said...

"You're home early..."

This casual remark was the last thing Robert expected. He didn't know what to say in reply. He just stared at his mother's approach with a look like a deer caught in the head lights. He found himself back pedaling down the hall as she advanced upon him. He finally had to stop when he backed up against a wall.

Kathleen stepped up very near to her apprehensive son and said...

"Well?...What do you have to say for yourself young man?..."

Robert found himself shifting around uncomfortably in front of his mother. He was acutely aware of her bare, conical breasts swaying seductively beneath her open blouse as she walked up to him. With her approach she brought a heady fragrance of perfume, sweat and something more sexual that surrounded Robert. She was standing so close, he could feel the heat of her freshly fucked body almost touching his. He couldn't help it as his balls began to tighten up and his cock stiffened once more in response to his mother's casually displayed near nakedness.

"Mom!...Who was that man?...You and he were...!...How could you... I mean, I never believed what dad was saying! ...I still can't believe it! ... And I saw you...you...with...that man...you were...together..and I... Oh Godd!...I don't know what to say!...What will dad say!...What will he do??!..." Robert stammered, practically in tears.

Kathleen reached out with one hand and slid her fingertips around the back of Robert's neck. Leaning closer to him so that her half bared breasts were lightly brushing his chest, she whispered in his ear...

"You won't say anything!..."

"But mom!...You were in bed with that man...You were doing it...with him!......It's not right!...It's not right for you!...It's not right for dad!..."

Kathleen leaned in even closer until her exposed cunt was pushing gently into her son's crotch and she whispered again..." Were you wishing it was you?..."

Kathleen's eyed were sparkling wickedly into Robert's as she watched his reaction to her obscene suggestion.

Robert was in total shock as his mother gently shifted her gently rounded crotch against his. He could distinctly feel the warmth of her pussy through his pants. He was terrified that she could feel his throbbing boner straining from his loins. But he knew she must. There was no way that she could help but be aware of his arousal.

Kathleen smiled to feel her son's erection pressing into her shifting loins. She knew exactly what she was doing. She had learned long ago that the best defense was a good offence. She knew how to get what she wanted from men and her son was no exception. She swayed back and forth on the balls of her feet, wantonly pressing herself into her son's trembling body. She turned her face to the side so that her scented hair enveloped his face as she whispered in his ear...

"We all have secrets!...Sometimes we do things that we know we shouldn't!... We know we shouldn't but we can't help it!...You feel like that sometimes, don't you Bobby?... I think you feel like that now, don't you?...There's something you know you shouldn't do...but..." Kathleen purred, shifting her stance a little so that she was straddling one of her son's thighs. At the same time she reached down and grasped his hands with hers and raised them up over his head. Then she began to grind on his leg just like some shameless hooker.

"Oh my Goddd!...Mom!...What are you doing?...Ahhh!...What are you saying?...We can't!...Don't!..." Robert gasped in response to his mother's lurid teasing. With Kathleen holding his hands pinned against the wall, it was obvious when he started humping back against her provocatively twisting loins. But he couldn't help himself. He was too excited. He could feel the wetness of his pre-come starting to seep into his shorts as he writhed into his mother's lewdly enticing pussy.

"It doesn't mean anything sweetheart!...Especially if no one knows!... And I won't tell Bobby!... I'll never tell!... It will be just between you and me! ..." Kathleen murmured, her tongue darting wetly into her son's ear.

"Nahhhh!....Noo!...Ahhh!...No!...It's so wrong!...We can't!... Ahhh!..." Robert groaned. But there was nothing that he could say or do that could deny the excitement that was racing through his groin. He was terrified he was going to come. His fingers curled over against Kathleen's as he tried desperately to hold it.

Kathleen could tell how excited her son was. She could feel it in the way his body was quivering like a bow string against hers. He would be embarassed to death to come like this in front of her. And that was exactly what she wanted. She turned her face so that her eyes were blazing into her son's.

"Show me I'm wrong Bobby!...We can stop anytime!... Whenever you want to!...Or we can do... whatever... you... want... sweetheart... anything!... You could just slip it in!... Just a little bit!... Until you come!... You'd like to come inside me wouldn't you baby?... Come inside mommy?..." she cooed, once more urging her seething cunt into her son's crotch and rocking it suggestively against him.

There was no way her fairly inexperienced son could withstand Kathleen's lurid seduction.

"Noooo!...I can'tt!...Ahhh!...I don'ttt!...It isn'tt!... Nahhhh!..." Robert cried, even as his balls kicked and he started coming against his mother's tempting pussy. Helplessly he shuddered against Kathleen's writhing cunt in time with his ejaculation.

"Ohhh!...You're coming aren't you baby?...Ummm Hmmm!...I can feel it!...I can feeling you shooting!...Umm Hmm!...You'd like to be inside your mommy right now, wouldn't you baby?...Wouldn't you?..." Kathleen taunted obscenely.

"Oh Goddd!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!..." Robert gasped, his come gushing in an almost continuous stream in response to his mother's pressing loins and her lewd suggestions.

The heat and moisture of her son's unwanted ejaculation pulsing against her pussy was causing a mini orgasm to sweep through Kathleen's groin. Once again she mounted his leg and closed her curvaceous thighs on his in a vice like squeeze.

"Ummm Hmmm!...That's it!...Goddd, I wish you were in me now!.." she groaned. She released his hands and grabbed her son tight as her groin shuddered and her own honeyed juices streamed onto Robert's quivering thigh .

"Naahhh!...Ahhh!...Nooo!...Godddd!..." the feverish young man gasped, grabbing his mother's shoulders for support as his balls continue to convulse against her jerking thigh.

"Oh baby!...You come so much!..." Kathleen whispered as Robert's orgasm started to wane.

"Nahhh!...Mom!..I!...I!..I didn't mean to!...Oh Goddd!...I'm sorry!..." Robert moaned, as the last of his fiery semen dribbled into his shorts. He couldn't even look his mother in the eye he was so humiliated.

"Don't worry baby!..." Kathleen murmured, taking her son's face in one hand as she stepped back away from him.

"I won't say anything!...And neither will you!..."

She puckered a teasing kiss at him then turned and went back to her room.

Robert went through the next few days in a stupor. He couldn't believe the whole incident he had seen and been a part of with his mother. She really was cheating on his father and there seemed to be no limit to her wanton perversity. She had practically seduced him right there in the hall when she had made him come in his pants. Robert replayed that whole moment over and over again in his mind and was in an almost constant state of arousal whenever he was with his mother. Would she let him get close to her again like that? Would she do even more? Of course not! She was his mother! He was imagining things! He had never thought of his mother in a sexual way before and now it was all he could think about. When he was at home and so was she, he was as nervous and excited as a teenager on his first date.

Kathleen was well aware of her son's sudden appreciation of her sexual allure. When they were together she made a point of behaving exactly as if he hadn't caught her in bed with her husband's boss. It had been easy for her to ensure his complicity with her little bump and grind in the hallway afterwards. She wasn't surprised that he had come in his pants so quickly in response to her lurid seduction. In fact she was pleased to know how excited she could make him. She wasn't particularly bothered by the fact that Robert was her son. He had turned into a fine young man and Kathleen enjoyed men. She had always used men to get what she wanted and she had no reservations in using her son too. Doug had become tiresome lately with his accusations and recriminations. She was going to use Robert as her ally against her husband and at the same time she was going to enjoy her son in a whole new way.

One night when Doug was home from a business trip, they were all sitting at dinner when Doug launched into one of his standard inquisitions with Kathleen. It was the same old stuff,...."Where were you?...Who were you with?...What time did you leave?..."

Robert had been sitting there watching his mother's tongue moistening her crimson lips and imagining those same lips descending towards his aching erection when she startled him by saying..."Well Robert and I dropped in on Ellen that evening, didn't we dear?"

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