tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 07

Every Summer Ch. 07


When I woke up, Michelle was still sleeping. I watched her sleep, gently moving the sheet from her top, gazing at her absolutely beautiful breasts. Man, were they big and beautiful. I leaned down and gently licked the nearest nipple, softly sucking as much of the breast as I could into my mouth.

Michelle gave an "Ah" stretching out on her back with her arms over her head, pushing her two breasts up from her chest. They were so large they just rolled off to the side. She relaxed and reached up to kiss me. We kissed for a few seconds, looked at me, and tugged at my shoulders, "More? Please?"

I plunged right back into her pussy. Now I had thoroughly pounded and filled that thing last night going to sleep without any cleanup. I was afraid it was going be smelly or taste funny down there but I was pleasantly surprised to find it very inviting. Her pussy fur was a little matted but everything else seemed fine. Once again, Michelle began an orgasm with the first touch of my tongue. She kept going, building in intensity until she pulled me up by my ears and with one hand fitted me into her while her other hand was holding my head to her lips. We did the fast thump, thump routine for about four or five minutes before I swelled up and exploded. She did too, groaning very loudly.

We were basking in our juices when Mattie stuck her head in the door and said that breakfast would be ready soon. Michelle popped out of bed and strolled to the bathroom with gobs of our juices running down her leg. Mattie watched, looked at me then smiled, giggled and left.

I walked into the bathroom to find Michelle stepping into the shower. I shaved, brushed my teeth then stepped into the shower as Michelle was getting out. After drying I went to the closet wondering what I had left that was clean.

"Wow" All of it was washed, ironed and hanging up, except what I wore yesterday. Wonder who I had to thank for that.

I dressed and wandered into the sitting room to find Michelle sipping from a cup. She had poured me one so I sat with her and drank some coffee too, good stuff.

"When we go to breakfast there is someone I want you to meet. You will like her, and she is important to me," Michelle said this with a soft apprehensive look on her face.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"You'll see, come, let's go to the breakfast."

We strolled through the foyer, through the sitting room, into the lounge to see everyone already at the table in the dining room. The kids seemed very animated.

When we entered the dining room, a lady and a man stood with scrutinizing looks on their faces.

Michelle introduced us, "This is my Aunt Missy, Aunt Missy this is Charles Marshal, or Chuck as he likes to be called."

"Chuck this is Mr. Howard Monet. He is our family counselor."

I was too far away to shake hands so I said, "I'm very happy to meet you both." Then to Aunt Missy I asked, "May I call you Missy or is there a more appropriate name I should use."

"That would be fine. Please sit and eat."

We all sat and when Missy reached for her glass of orange juice signaling everyone else to begin eating. It was pretty much the same fare as the day before. All of it was really good. There was some conversation, most of it between Missy and the children.

When we were done, Michelle led me to the same seats as we were in yesterday when she gave me her history. Missy and Howard followed and we all sat around the small table. A server brought us cups and a large pot of coffee that was put on a warmer.

"It is nice to meet you Mr. Marshal, um, ah, Chuck." Missy said.

"I thought you were on the other side of the country, Missy?" I questioned.

"We were until Michelle called yesterday. We came quickly as she has never called us about a man before. She has never had a man stay with her more than an hour or so." You could tell she didn't know how to really put that.

It was then Michelle said, "Chuck has been with us two mornings now and has spent two entire days with the children and me. The children all seem to enjoy his company." With a suggestive smile she said, "I sure do enjoy his company."

Good ole' Mr. Monet seemed to be choking a little but came right back to what he was interested in. "What are your intentions Mr. Marshal?"

"Pardon me?" I asked. "I don't understand the question?"

"Now that you have serviced or have given Michelle what she wanted, what are you looking for in return?" He asked with a really severe look on his face.

"Um, look, I'm not looking for anything," I said a little defensively. "A couple of days ago I met this very nice lady with a bunch of kids. She said she wanted me to be with her for a little while. During that time she has told me quite a bit about herself and has told me multiple times that I could leave at any time and there were no strings attached. She did say she wanted me to meet her solicitor before I left. Is that you? The family counselor?"

"Yes, I am their attorney as you call it in the U.S. I have a paper for you to look over when we have a chance." He seemed to be relaxing a little.

Missy asked, "Why have you stayed over these two nights. Is there something you are staying for? Is there something you want?"


"Michelle?" I asked. "Tell them we have had a very good time together and have enjoyed being with each other." Then to the other two I said, "You two don't know me so you should not judge me. I like Michelle. Her life is a little different than most people, but we are all different. I think we need more time for us to get to know each other. I'm not in any great rush to get back to the Midwest so I have the time."

"Please excuse me for a few minutes." Michelle said rising. "I need to take care of the babies. I will be back as soon as I can."

As soon as Michelle was out of the room, Howard came alive. He reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a multi-page form. "This is a release for the possible offspring you may have helped create. It absolves you of all responsibility for the child."

I jumped in, "In other words I would be giving up my rights as a parent?"

"Yes," Said Howard. "A single man such as yourself I'm sure does not wish to be saddled with the responsibility of a child."

I was getting a little ruffled. "You don't know me Mr. Monet, or you Missy. I'm sorry I don't know your proper name. Isn't it premature for you to be kissing me off like this?"

"We know a great deal about you Mr. Marshal." Howard said taking out another piece of paper. "You are a divorced, teacher, a well thought of small college professor with a Ph.D. in economics, living in a very small apartment in St. Louis, Missouri. You were married for almost two years. You have been divorced several years and have not had any other long-term relationships. You have no arrest record. Your current salary is posted as being $74,000 a year due to your degree and longevity in your position. Your bank account is not that big but it seems you have some other holdings that may be worth something. Both of your parents are alive, as are all your grandparents. Your only medical problems have been with an urologist over the past five years. There is no record of you having a transmittable disease but it is curious that you are seeing an urologist for that long."

Stunned I said, "How in thehell did you find out so much about me, so fast? I only met Michelle a couple of days ago. And, ah, ah, why are you so interested in me?"

Howard started to speak but Missy put her hand on his arm. "I should answer that Chuck. Oh, my name is the same as Michelle's, La Fontaine, Michelle La Fontaine. My husband was Michelle's Father's Brother. Michelle was named after me. Her parents, my husband, and I were very close. I am a god parent. Call me Missy though as it is less confusing."

She shook her head and said, "Anyway Michelle has never shown as much interest in a man as she has you. This is the first time ever that a man spent the night with her. That is either very exciting or very alarming. Because I love Michelle so much as well as her children, I fear someone may come between us. Someone may take advantage of Michelle."

"You mean take advantage of her money right?" I asked. Not peevishly but it was a sincere question.

"Yes Chuck," Missy continued. "Michelle inherited tremendous wealth. Plus she has holdings in companies that are worth perhaps three times as much as she inherited. Anything I have, which is considerable will go to Michelle when I pass. Michelle doesn't care at all about how much she has; her only real interest is in her children. She has made up her mind to be a mother. And she has done it."

"It is nice that you guys have a lot of money," I said. "I don't care. I have all I need and with proper management and teaching I will have more than enough for the rest of my life. That you are wealthy is nice, I'm happy for you, but not happy that you feel that I want it. What I want is to get to know Michelle and her children more, to enjoy their company. Then I'll decide what I will do about us."

"Could you put that in writing Mr. Marshal?" Howard asked. Jeez this guy could get to you quick.

"See if you can phrase that without sounding too strange Mr. Monet," I said. "I will not give up my parental rights if there is a child. You see, I have always wanted to be a father. My ex-wife did not want children, just money. So if Michelle has my baby, in one way or another I will be around for it."

"Mr. Marshal," Howard began again. "I have an offer for you that should be interesting. Will you sign this release for say two million U.S. dollars? Ah, let's make that two and half million. Okay? How about it, is that fair?"

I started to raise out of the chair in order hurt this prick. Me, mister mellow and I was going to get physical, I was going to hurt him, bad.

Missy put her hand on my arm, staying me, "Please Chuck, don't be offended. It is Howard's job to settle these things as thoroughly and as fast as he can. Please understand he is just doing what he thinks he has to."

"Okay, okay, let's let this stuff go. Let me calm down a bit. I think I need to go outside and sit on the patio for a few minutes. It would probably be a good idea if you, Mr. Monet do not accompany me."

I walked out of the lounge through the dining room looking for a door to the outside. I found the kitchen where there were two ladies busily working. I walked through to a rear door and stepped out onto a screened area on the side of the house. I did find my way to the patio and found a seat and sat.

Man this is really getting complicated. What am I going to do? I like this lady but she lives really far away. Besides that she has seventeen kids. Damn! What the hell would I do with seventeen maybe eighteen kids? Holy shit, I have a job, a professional career. I can't just up and leave. Besides that, do I really want to hook up with some babe like Michelle? Is she all there or maybe a slice of bread short of a sandwich?

The answers to all of those questions were dawning on me. Yep, I really liked Michelle. Then I smiled to myself when I remembered how "I enjoy her breasts." But amazingly those beautiful mammaries were secondary to everything else. I really liked all the kids so far. Yep, I wanted to be a Daddy. I could probably get out of my teaching position as they were already complaining about my salary. But eighteen kids, seventeen now and maybe one on the way? That one would really be mine. No one was going to short change me on that one. I would be a daddy. Well shit, now I'm deeper than ever. What do I do from here?

Missy came around the house from about where the lounge was. In her hand she had two very tall glasses with a slice of lemon stuck on the side and two celery sticks, sticking out of them.

"Here, have a Bloody Mary. It's a little early in the day. I don't know about you but I need one." Missy said handing me one of the glasses.

"I'm sorry I got upset in there. I don't know what to do about all this," I said to Missy. "I don't know how to get out of my teaching position in order to be closer to the family. I don't really know whether Michelle would even be interested in me on a long-term basis. Darn, part of that isn't true. I already know that I could get out of my position in St. Louis. But I would have to do something up in Canada. I have to make a living. And isn't immigration to Canada kind of difficult?"

"You could and would keep your U.S. citizenship and not have to worry too much for that." Missy said brightly. "A teacher is always welcome in Canada. You may have some trouble with French but you would learn."

"But what about Michelle," I asked? "How does she really feel about me, about me staying around? This is really fast for her to be making up her mind like that."

"You forget Chuck," Missy said. "This is the lady who has chosen fathers for her seventeen children in less than an hour. She has done pretty well considering how healthy they all are. And look at them. They all look alike, all of them. Michelle has chosen men who have given her exactly the babies she wanted."

"You're right I guess. She seems pretty good at having made those decisions." I said, and then questioned, "How in the world has she gone out and just found men to knock her up and leave?"

"She flirted, teased and propositioned them," Missy smiled. "They acted as almost all men do and jumped at the chance to fool around with a good-looking buxom young lady. It was a quickie from heaven for them. Wham Bam, no questions asked. None of them took the time to know her or find out anything about her. They all just took her and left. Actually she took from them and shooed them away."

I just shook my head and sucked up more of the drink. I drained it then looked at Missy who had drained hers as well.

"Want another?" She asked.

"No, probably shouldn't. Don't need booze to cloud up my mind. I think I know what I'm going to do and I want to start, right now." I said standing.

I followed Missy back into the lounge. Howard was still there so I walked up to him and said, "Mr. Monet, I think what you need is some form of pre-nuptial agreement, perhaps a pre-suitor agreement. Whatever makes you feel secure. Get it together. I'll read it. If I agree to it, I'll sign it and then you can feel you have done your job. The thing you can't be assured of is will Michelle and I can work everything out to make something out of this."

Old Howard looked rightfully stunned. I turned and wandered off looking for Michelle.

Hearing lots of laughter up stairs, I followed the noise. In a huge room opposite the nursery from last night, the kids were doing all kinds of things. Two televisions were going. I think one had Barney on it and the other was some kind of movie. There were little boys with trucks, little girls with dolls, plus one of the twin boys and I think it was Marion were playing pool on what looked like a small bar type seven foot table. Michelle was sitting with the twin girls dressing some dolls. There were a couple of other little girls doing it with her too.

I went over to sit with the kids who were watching a movie. It looked to be one of the Disney movies. It was cool. The little girl, who had sat on my lap before on the bus, came over and sat with me, laying her head against me for a second then shifted her attention back to the TV.

Michelle touched me and said, "When I came back, you were outside with Aunt Missy. I didn't want to bother you so I came up to play with the kids. Are you done with Aunt Missy and Mr. Monet for a while?"

"Yep, all done. You and I need to have a talk though. Perhaps we can do it here with all the kids. They don't have to listen or be a part of it but they are involved," I said this, moving closer to Michelle.

She stood and led me to a dormer seat. The view was nice and the window was open letting the fresh air in.

"Michelle?" I started. "Good old Howard said some stuff that I need to make sure you understand. I don't need any money you have. I like all of your children. If you are pregnant with a baby I helped to create, I will be a parent with you. You and I have not had a lot of time to really get to know each other. But, if there were ever a thing called love at first sight, this has been it." With that I scanned her face for recognition but also checked out her bulging cleavage.

Reading my mind, Michelle teasingly asked, "You enjoy my breasts?"

Yep, there was that.

"What I'm trying to say Michelle is I want to be with you more. I want us to get to know each other more. I want your children to get to know me. Heck, I want to learn all their names. I want you. I want to be with you." With that I took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall of the dormer.

"I know," said Michelle. "When I met you, I knew you were to be the next father. But I knew I wanted you to stay and be a husband too. I don't know how I knew but I did. All of the children seemed to recognize that you were the one. You were going to be their father. Aunt Missy knows me and knows how I feel about you already. Forget Mr. Monet; let him go count money somewhere. The only important thing is how I feel and how the children feel about you."

Michelle leaned over and gave me the gentlest most passionate kiss I've ever had. The two older girls came over and gave me a hug and kissed my cheeks. The older twin boys Frank and Fred came and shook my hand. The little girl who had sat on my lap came and climbed up and said "My name is Sandy." The investigator twin girls Bonnie and Betty came over and said together "Think you can be my Papa?" Then they kissed me. All of them came to me and Michelle for touches, hugs, and kisses. The children had obviously been listening in. This was special.

Michelle and I were hugging with little Sandy on my lap when Missy came in. The kids swarmed her, telling her they had a new papa, a new father. Missy came to me and kissed my cheek, then with tears in her eyes kissed Michelle.

Three months later we had a wedding. Michelle was showing a little. My parents and all my grandparents were ecstatic. They had grand babies and great grand babies, a lot of them. Seventeen to be exact, going on eighteen, no twenty as Michelle was growing a triple-header. What in the world do you do with twenty kids? You know what the toughest part of all of it was, you to come up with three more names, three male, three female. And, Michelle still teases me with her luscious chest and asks, "Do you enjoy my breasts?"

Note: Glad I got that out of my system. This story has been rumbling around too long. It began while viewing a beautiful young lady with huge breasts nursing her baby in Victoria, Canada. It brought tears to my eyes but stimulated by muse. If you read the whole thing, thanks for sharing the story.

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